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Best Belly Butters to Reduce Stretch Marks

  1. BELLA B Tummy Belly Butter
  2. Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy Belly Butter
  3. TriLASTIN Prevention Cream Belly Butter
  4. Mustela Stretch Marks Prevention Cream Belly Butter
  5. Belli Elasticity Belly Butter
  6. Buyer's Guide

When it comes to the best belly butter, we have a few favorites. Some of these butters are organic while others are made with natural ingredients like coconut oil and sunflower seeds. So which is the best belly butter in 2022 for you? Check out our top picks below to help reduce stretch marks when pregnant.

Best Belly Butter Worth Considering in 2022

BELLA B Tummy Belly Butter - Top Pick

Formulated with a blend of organic ingredients, this belly butter leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple. The BELLA B Tummy Honey is great for anyone with stretch marks on the skin before or after pregnancy that needs extra hydration. It has a pleasant cocoa butter scent and won't leave your skin greasy.

Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy Belly Butter - Runner Up

This hydrating lotion works well for preventing and treating stretch marks and it is dermatologist recommended. It also keeps the skin nourished thanks to its proprietary blend of ingredients. Dermatologists swear by this brand's stretch mark-preventing cream, which they say is gentle on skin but still provides serious hydrating benefits.

TriLASTIN Prevention Cream Belly Butter - Honorable Mention

TriLASTIN has created a great stretch mark cream that can be used during the early stages of pregnancy all the way up to post pregnancy while breastfeeding. It blends shea butter and other oils and extracts to keep your skin smooth and nourished. Another plus is that it is made in the United States.

Mustela Stretch Marks Prevention Cream Belly Butter - Contender

The Mustela Stretch Mark Prevention Cream formula contains avocado peptides to keep you hydrated and to reduce stretch marks, even during pregnancy. It’s gentle on the skin and is suitable for all skin types. This cream is safe from the beginning of your pregnancy to the end. It's also alcohol and paraben free.

Belli Elasticity Belly Butter - Consider

Belli’s Elasticity Oil is a dermatologist-recommended blend of oils that moisturize and protect your skin. This oil is specially formulated to offer immediate and long-lasting skin-tightening benefits for both men and women and unlike other creams where you have to scoop it out, the Belli oil comes with a pump top.

Buyer's Guide

Belly butter and stretch mark creams are of high importance as it is no secret that pregnancy brings a lot of stretch marks with it. While some people are not conscious of these marks, others may feel very uncomfortable. However, the best belly butter in 2021 can solve your problem.

When shopping for belly butter during pregnancy, you need to consider ingredients, skin types, and many other key points to make your decision. Furthermore, you will likely be using the cream more than once a day, so you need to consider the cost as you will be buying a lot of it. There are various types of belly buttercreams, and they vary from super thick cocoa butter formula to completely liquid oil. Hence, it can be hard to make your pick, so we are here to sort out all the information you need to purchase the best belly butter in 2021.

Most Vital Things to Consider Before Buying Belly Butter


When buying belly buttercream, you need to check the ingredients carefully not to cause any harmful reactions. Hyaluronic acid is a vital ingredient as it makes the stretch marks less noticeable. Apart from the key ingredients required in the cream, you should also take care of the ingredients you should avoid. Tretinoin and retinol are two of the best ingredients to avoid, and later we will discuss these in detail.

Some ingredients like oil and nutrient-rich butter are required for moisturizing your skin throughout the pregnancy. Similarly, Shea butter, thick moisturizers, coconut oils, and balms trap moisture in your skin.

Skin Type

Stretch marks or striae are resting under the skin, so it is important to choose the belly butter carefully to ensure that it does not harm your skin. It is difficult to treat stretch marks as they are lying under the skin, but they pop up as you gain weight during pregnancy. Initially, these marks are of a prominent red hue, purple, or pink colour but slowly with time, it starts to fade and matches the skin colour. Hence, as time goes by, stretch marks will improve.

During all this process, when you start using belly butter, you will want to make sure that you are not harming your original skin in any way. If you have sensitive skin, you should avoid creams composed of artificial fragrances and ingredients. It is best to stick with hypoallergenic products that are fragrance-free so you can avoid allergic reactions and irritation. Similarly, if you have a dry skin type, you can opt for a belly butter with a high ratio of moisture in it.

Why do you need a Stretch Mark Cream?

During pregnancy, stretch marks can show up on various parts of your body. While there is not much research on the efficiency of topical treatments, you can avoid stretch marks if you take measures before they fully form. It would not be wrong to say that it is easier to avoid stretch marks than to minimize them after they have formed. Thus, you can start applying stretch mark cream or belly butter as a preventative measure when you find out what you are expecting. You can continue using it till the birth of your child.

It is also possible that the cream cannot prevent or eliminate the stretch marks, but it can help make them less noticeable and pronounced. Furthermore, it helps to improve the smoothness and elasticity of the skin.

Features Necessary to Check

There are certain features that you should specifically check before making the final purchase, as they can directly affect your health. Pregnancy is already a sensitive stage in a women's life, so you do not want to complicate it by choosing the wrong belly butter cream. Following are the must-check features of the best belly butter:

Safe for use

Each product has a listing of the ingredients, so you should carefully check if they are safe to use during pregnancy. If you are unsure about any ingredient or do not have a clear knowledge about what is unsafe for you, then you should check the product from your ob-gyn. Your doctor is the perfect judge for the best belly butter as they know what ingredients can affect you and which you can use safely.


Usually, people believe that hydration is necessary for dry skin types only, but that is not the case with belly butter. The humectants found in moisturizers are the perfect way to improve your skin's elasticity.


One of the common symptoms during pregnancy is a heightened sense of smell. Thus, even products with a mild smell may feel appealing and powerful for you. It is best to avoid belly butter with an intense and overpowering smell as it may be too much for you to take.

What Ingredients should you avoid?

Earlier, we talked about the products that you should check in your belly butter but now let's look at those ingredients that should never be a part of your stretch marks cream. Vitamin A is one of the ingredients you need to avoid because it is listed as a retinoid used in skincare products to treat wrinkles, scarring, and discolouration. Research has proven that retinoids are linked to congenital disabilities if you consume them orally. While there is no strong evidence or study on the harmful effects of using retinoid topically, it is best to avoid it as a precautionary measure. Hence, if you are looking forward to treating your stretch marks, avoid any cream labelled as containing retinoid or vitamin A; you can use them after your baby is born.

Belly Butter FAQ

Q. When should I start using belly butter?

Ans. You can use it to figure out that you are pregnant and can continue till your baby is delivered.

Q. Is bio-oil effective in removing stretch marks?

Ans. Bio-oil is effective in reducing and minimizing the appearance of stretch marks.

Q. How is cocoa-butter useful for stretch marks?

Ans. Cocoa butter does not remove the stretch marks, but it is useful for moisturizing your skin.

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