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Review: Best Bidet

A growing number of Americans are finding bidets more refreshing and sanitary to use than just toilet paper. Broader environmental awareness about the vast number of trees cut daily and huge water requirements in toilet paper production is also causing many homeowners to switch to bidets. A more recent example is the toilet paper shortage induced by panic-buying during the early months of 2020, but we won't discuss that any further.

Bidets come in different forms, from hand-helds (shower and travel bidets) to bidet seats and attachments, which are either manually or power-operated. We're sharing five attachments from the non-electrical—also called mechanical—segment to help you decide on the best model for your home. Here are some of the best bidets in 2021.

What are the best bidets of 2021?

Luxe Toilet Attachment Bidet

This attachment features a single wash nozzle that lowers itself when activated and retracts after you wash. The device has a self-cleaning function and plastic guard to ensure that your water source remains sanitary. Its upper knob controls the water pressure while the lower knob allows you to turn on the nozzle for washing or to activate the self-cleaning feature.

  • Plastic wrench and Teflon tape included for installation
  • Braided stainless-steel hose with metal-ceramic inner valves
  • Brass T-adapter and washer
  • Bidet raises rear end of seat so you might need a toilet seat riser
  • No warm water option

Brondell Toilet Bidet

This bidet is constructed out of ABS plastic and measures just 0.2 inches thick, so it won't create stress points on the toilet seat that can lead to it cracking in the middle. It has a retractable, self-cleaning nozzle with a nozzle guard to protect the surface when not in use. Turn the control dial to the right to activate the washer and control water pressure. Meanwhile, you can allow water to wash over the nozzle by turning the same dial to the left.

  • Single dial control
  • Braided metal hose with anti-leak SafeCore ceramic internal valve
  • Metal T-valve
  • Single bidet nozzle
  • No warm water option

BioBidet Toilet Attachment Bidet

This attachment's control panel makes it easier for you to turn it on when it's time to wash. The dual nozzles are retractable, and there's a splash guard feature to ensure a robust rear wash and a gentler frontal wash without making a mess. Due to its SlimEdge construction, the attachment creates a very minimal gap between the toilet and seat.

  • Bidet attachment has an internal metal frame
  • Single dial control
  • Brass T-valve and inlet
  • Not self-cleaning
  • Sensitive water pressure controls can lead to sudden, strong sprays

Greenco Toilet Attachment Bidet

This high-quality plastic bidet features a lever for adjusting the nozzle angle, allowing you to control the direction of the water spray where you need it. Its variable water pressure settings let you manage the retractable nozzle’s output.

  • Bidet frame has adjustable sliding brackets for mounting under the toilet seat
  • Includes washers for main water supply adapter and bidet's water inlet
  • Step-by-step instruction manual with illustrations
  • Not self-cleaning
  • Plastic hosepipe and supply adapter

Veken Toilet Attachment

This attachment's dual nozzle system includes a gentle frontal spray that's ideal for women. The upper dial controls the wash pressure while the lower dial activates the self-cleaning feature of the retractable nozzles. This bidet comes with 3 extra bumpers that you can stick beneath your toilet seat to compensate for the additional gap after you install the product at the rear of the seat.

  • Braided stainless steel hose
  • Brass T valve adapter
  • Teflon tape
  • Manual adjustment for nozzle angle change
  • Water from bidet nozzle can get through the gap
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