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Safe Bathtime: The Best Baby Bath Tubs

  1. 4moms Cleanwater Baby Bath Tub
  2. Primo EuroBath Baby Bath Tub
  3. Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub
  4. Blooming Bath Baby Bath Tub
  5. Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling 'n Seat Baby BathTub
  6. Buyer's Guide

Rub a dub dub, time to put baby in the tub! As any mom of a newborn knows, bathing babies can sometimes be a slippery situation, but a baby bath tubs can help. Designed to safely and securely position squirmy little ones, the best baby bath tubs make bath time comfortable for little ones and convenient for moms. Here are our top picks for best baby bath tubs in 2022 based on their design features, ease of use, and online parent reviews found on Amazon and manufacturer websites.

Comparing the Best Baby Bath Tub for 2022

4moms cleanwater tub.jpg

4moms Cleanwater Baby Bath Tub - Best Baby Bath Tub Overall

Although this 4moms infant tub is one of the pricier baby baths on this list, it comes with some extra features that really put it in a category all of its own. To begin with, this infant tub comes with a built-in digital thermometer, ensuring bath water will be the perfect temperature for your little one with no more worrying about the water being too warm. It’s important to note that the thermometer on this tub is battery-operated, which means that there’s a little more work (and expense) involved to operate it.

This baby bathtub comes with a built-in reservoir that holds clean water to make rinsing easier than ever thank to the included refillable cup with no more turning on the faucet in the middle of bath time. This infant tub scores starred reviews from parents, who say the thermometer feature is the best thing about it.

Primo EuroBath Baby Bath Tub - Runner Up

The PRIMO EuroBath gets top ratings from online reviewers because of its smart, simple, anatomically shaped design. This tub comes equipped with built-in support for baby’s back, arms, and legs. Little ones can rest safely and comfortably without extra support so parents can use both hands to bathe baby.

The PRIMO EuroBath is designed with a built-in drain and soap holder, which reviewers say make bathing extra convenient. This baby bath is also one of the largest on the market and can safely and comfortably accommodate toddlers up to 24 months.

Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub - Honorable Mention

Not all babies love bath time, which can be stressful for parents. But the Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Tub was designed with those little ones in mind. The vibration feature can make bath time more comfortable (and less scary) for fussy infants. In fact, online reviewers say this tub recreates a Jacuzzi experience for babies leaving them calm and relaxed.

This infant tub also comes with a removable insert that safely positions newborns and keeps them securely in place while being bathed. This tub also has its own hook that can be attached to a shower rod, making drying and storage more convenient.

Blooming Bath Baby Bath Tub - Consider

Online reviewers gush over the Blooming Bath Baby Bath and say that it gives their babies a super soft, super supportive bathing experience. This award-winning, beautifully designed baby bath scores points for being so innovative and unqiue. The bright, plush petals are designed to cushion and support baby, making bath time ultra-comfortable.

This bath is designed for babies up to six months, meaning parents will eventually need to invest in a larger tub. It’s also one of the priciest baths on this list but most reviewers love the fact they can use the Blooming Bath to bathe baby at the sink, and this baby bath can be thrown right into the dryer for a quick and easy clean-up.

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling 'n Seat Baby BathTub - Best Baby Bath Tub

The Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub was designed especially for infants and toddlers and can be used at the kitchen sink or inside of an adult-sized bathtub. Moms love the adorable whale design of this tub, which they say makes bath time more fun for babies.

Parents of infants also give this tub rave reviews because of its specially designed “baby stopper” and soft foam padding. These features help keep little ones from slipping and sliding in the water. Once your baby is old enough to sit up on his own, the infant insert can be removed. The tub can comfortably accommodate toddlers weighing up to 25 pounds, making this a versatile tub that can be used from day one to year one.

Buyer's Guide

Do you really need an infant bathtub?

Having an infant bathtub is not considered a necessity. There are several other alternatives, such as bathing together, regular bathtubs, and a kitchen sink. But, an infant bathtub makes the job easier on many levels.

The infant bathtub, designed especially for small cute humans, makes handling simple and safer. Newborns are very sensitive and fragile. They cannot support their head and back, which means you need to hold them carefully at all times.

Bathing together or using the sink may be an alternative. However, cleaning the baby while handling makes it all difficult. There is no proper support to rest your baby on as you clean.

Also, new moms find standing beside a baby bathtub more comfortable than sitting down. The position not only makes accessing bathing products convenient but eases the discomfort during early days too.

Another benefit of using baby bathtubs is less prep time. When bathing in sinks or regular tubs, one has to scrub the surface thoroughly before every use. Although you do have to clean baby bathtubs, it takes nearly half the time and effort.

What type of baby tub is best?

Generally, the best type of baby bathtub is one with a contoured design and side supports. The bathtub should be comfortable for both the baby and you.

But, baby bathtubs come in a diversity of forms and styles. You will find collapsible, 2-in-1’s, portable, and whatnot. All these variations can make selecting the ideal one difficult. Here is a brief overview of the most common baby tubs in the market:

Bathtubs with Mesh Support
These tubs have a frame covered in mesh lining that provides support to your baby when bathing. Often, these are removable for easy cleaning.

Collapsible Bathtubs
Also called foldable, the collapsible bathtubs allow you to fold them once bathed. These have a flexible and soft structure. You can open and place them in a regular bathtub or a sink that provides support.

Spa Bathtubs
These innovative bathtubs come with various cool features for your kid to enjoy. Some spa bathtubs have a water-swirling or bubbling feature. Meanwhile, some have lights, music, or vibration mode to make bathing a soothing experience. These tubs come at a premium price.

Factors to consider in the best baby bathtub

Although deciding the type of baby bathtub is the most important factor, you must also consider other features to make it the ideal pick. These include:


Many people will recommend you to buy a bathtub according to the baby size. But, we all know how quickly a baby becomes a toddler. You don’t want to purchase a new baby bathtub every month, now do you?

And so, you must examine the dimensions carefully. Most baby bathtubs last from the newborn stage to around 6-months. But, you may even find one that lasts much longer.


Some bathtubs can be extremely slippery that will make handling your baby difficult. Your baby can also slip, especially newborns. Hence, choose bathtubs that either offer some sort of support or come with a non-skid surface.

Temperature Control

Babies have sensitive skin that can make too warm or too cold water harmful. So, purchase a baby bathtub that comes with a temperature control feature or thermostat. It will prevent the water from reaching extreme temperatures.


If you’ve storage issues in your home, you can always opt for a small and collapsible baby bathtub. These fold into a compact structure that you can store in a cabinet or cupboard.


Once done bathing, you’ll have to clean the tub thoroughly to prevent germs. Look for bathtubs that feature a built-in plug. It will make emptying the dirty water easy. Also, ensure any additional parts, like mesh lining support, are removable. It will make cleaning all corners easier.

How do you bathe a baby in a bathtub?

Bathing a baby can be a challenging experience for new moms. You need to be quite gentle, patient, and most importantly, vigilant. However, after some practice, bathing can also be a great connecting activity for babies and parents.

Once you’ve bought a baby bathtub, you need to get special bathing products too. Purchase a quality shampoo, soap, towels, moisturizer, and other relevant tools.

Begin by filling the bathtub with some warm water. Keep it a few inches only as too much water can be dangerous. Also, maintain a constant moderate temperature.

When prepared, hold your baby gently and lower him into the tub. Ensure water does not enter the mouth or nose in any way.

Gradually, wipe the face using a sponge. Wash his body with a washcloth and soap. Then, take some shampoo and wash the baby’s hair. Make sure no water runs down the face, especially the eyes.

Once done, dry the baby using towels. Do not let the skin stay exposed to the air for long as it can reduce moisture. Pat him dry, and apply some moisturizer.

Best Baby Bath Tub FAQS

At what age can a baby sit in the bathtub?A baby can support his head and back at the age of 3 to 6-months. Until then, mums can bathe their babies in a proper infant baby bathtub. At the age of 7-months, you can clean a baby in a standard bathtub too.

Where should I place my baby's bathtub?

You can practically place the baby bathtub almost anywhere. However, ensure that the tub is on a stable straight surface. It should not be near the edges or too high from the ground. Also, the surface must be sturdy enough to support both the bathtub and the baby.

What can I use instead of a baby bathtub?

Although baby bathtubs are the best option, these aren’t necessary. You can use other alternatives like a big bowl or bucket. To make things simple, you can wash your baby in a bathroom or kitchen sink.

How often should babies bathe?

Ideally, you must bathe your baby twice or thrice a week. In case your little one enjoys bathing, there is no harm in doing it every day. But, keep the bathing time short as too much water and drying can reduce moisture.

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