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Best Bike Travel Cases for Your Next Vacation

Active vacations are becoming more popular each year. Many companies offering organized active vacations will provide you with equipment you can use, but anyone who rides a bike knows that there is nothing more enjoyable than riding your own bike. It has been fit for you, you know all there is to know about it, and you have broken in the saddle.

Whether you are participating in an organized trip, planning your own active vacation, or maybe even moving a long distance, you need to protect your disassembled bike. The easiest, most effective way to do that is with a travel case. Travel cases, come in many shapes and sizes and almost as many price ranges. You can buy a hard case, soft case or something that is a combination of the two.

Buying a case is a personal choice and will depend greatly on what kind of travel you are doing, the method of transport, how often you will be traveling, and how much you have to spend.

The list of the best bike travel cases in 2021 cover a wide variety of needs and come in a variety of styles and prices. They were chosen for their ease of use and protective factors.

Compare The Best Travel Cases Of 2021

Biknd Helium Bike Travel Case - Best Bike Travel Case Overall

When you unpack Biknd Helium Bike Case the first thing you will notice is the air bags. Great protection for your frame and wheels. This case offers storage for 2 sets of wheels. You can take a training set and a race day set. The Helium comes complete with padding for the fork, stem and the frame. It has a chain-guard. The frame secures to an internal frame, there is protection to keep the wheels from getting crushed. The air bladders are easy to fill with the included pump. There is a padded pocket for any extra parts you may have taken off the bike.

Trico Iron Bike Travel Case - Runner Up

The Trico Iron Bike Travel Case offers triple foam protection. A pull strap and wheels add mobility once it is packed with the added weight of your bike. You may only need to remove, the seat, pedals, and wheels from your bike, not a guarantee, this depends on your bike. Certain bikes will require removal of the handlebars. The Trico Iron Bike Travel Case does provide storage for your helmet, handlebars and a few optional pieces that you may want to bring. This case weighs in at 31 pounds when empty.

Serfas LT-FR1BK Ark Expandable Bike Travel Case - Honorable Mention

The Serfas Bike Transport Case has a simple two piece design and three pieces of foam to protect your bike. This case complies with UPS shipping standards so if you want to ship your bike to your next destination it will be a breeze and won't break the bank. The exterior shell is made of a tough Polyethylene and it comes equipped with two casters for easy transport. No matter how you are transporting your bike, the size of this case will make it an easier, less expensive process.

Pika Packworks Standard Bike Travel Case - Consider

Pika Packworks manufactures a range of soft-sided cases to fit most any bike style. The Standard case will fit most road bikes and small to medium mountain bikes. It is a lightweight option for the cyclist who wants to protect the bike but doesn't want the cumbersomeness of a hard shell case. This case comes with a shoulder strap and handle so it can easily be carried through an airport, train station, or just to your car.

Buyer's Guide

You should carry umbrellas, repair tools, and other such necessities with you wherever you go. Bike bags are an excellent travel companion for carrying all of your essentials while cycling.

There are numerous options for cycling bags available on the market. When shopping for bike cases, consider your requirements and the condition of your bike before making a purchase.

What are different bike travel case types available?

Frame packs

The idea behind the frame pack was to allow storage within the bike's triangle – the area bounded by the top tube, seat tube, and bottom tube. A set of velcro straps is usually used to fasten it.

While each bag should be custom-made to perfectly fit a particular bike's frame, some commercially available bags are universally sized and will work with virtually any bike.

Frame bags are great for storing heavier items because they keep the weight low, but smaller frames and those with full suspension will have fewer storage options. It's possible to get half/partial frame bags if you still want to be able to mount two water bottle cages on your bike.

Seat packs

A seat pack may seem strange to the uninitiated, but it's an essential part of a bike packing bag kit. Occasionally, the conical or missile-shaped body is secured to the seat post and squeezed between the saddle rails. Most seat packs have a volume ranging from 5 to 14 litres, depending on the model.

Wind resistance is one advantage of seat packs over traditional panniers. Such seat packs alleviate the need for a rack or panniers. The cherry on top is that seat packs don't make irritating noise when riding off-road.

Unlike panniers, seat packs won't catch on your legs as they do on hike-a-bikes, which are bound to happen. Our team believes that purchasing a seat pack is a wise decision when putting together your bike packing gear.

Handlebar packs

The most natural place to store gear is on the bike's handlebars. Since bicycles were invented, people have been attaching bags to handlebars.

Specifically-designed handlebar packs go one step further by including rugged handlebar connections, anti-abrasion patches, and additional accessory pockets to help prevent damage from things like gear levers and other moving parts. The general rule of thumb is to keep your bike's front load as light as possible to avoid poor handling.

Top tube bags

You can also use the top tube of your bike to attach a bag. While the amount of space is limited, the ease of access makes a top tube bag an extremely useful accessory, particularly for small items like snacks, phones, or cameras.

Stem bags

Soft bags for bike packing can be difficult to quickly access while on the road. Use an accessory bag to expand your kit's packing capacity. To fit the stem and handlebars of a bicycle, manufacturers have created stem bags that look like small cans.

They're commonly known as 'feed bags' because they're convenient for carrying around snacks while on the go. To store snacks or other small items that need quick access, use top tube bags. The steerer tube and top tube are attached to these, forming a tank-like structure. The list of possible additions is endless, so feel free to experiment!

Which factors of bike travel cases are worth considering?

Shell type

For a long time, the best way to transport a bike was in a hardshell case. However, manufacturers and engineers at bike manufacturing firms are thinking orthodoxically and inventing new versions of hard shell bike cases. These updated versions are protective, weigh less, and often have removable ribbing so that they can be neatly rolled up for storage.

Weight of empty case

Bike travel cases are bulky even before you load them up with your gear, thanks to the plastic base, wheels, and internal skeleton they're made of. In most cases, airlines will allow you to bring 23kg (50lbs) or less of carry-on luggage before charging you an excessive overweight baggage fee.

If your bike travel case weighs 12kg when empty, it will become overweight even if you pack a pair of shoes, a track pump, or some other accessories.


Are you planning to travel solely on your road bikes, or will you also bring your mountain bike? Are you using TT bars or aero road bike handlebars? Do you have an XL frame on your bike?

Consider all of these factors before purchasing a bike travel case, as some more compact models are insufficient for bikes with certain frame sizes and styles.


The majority of bike bags require some level of disassembly and mechanical know-how to get your bag out of the bike. No matter which type of bike travel bag you choose, you will need to remove the wheels at the least. However, for some versions, you will also need to remove the saddle and handle ports.

Handles and wheels

Bike travel cases, which are intended to make it easier to move around with your bike in tow, are surprisingly difficult to transport. Even if you're not planning on walking far after landing, having wheels is a must-have if you don't want to end up with a back injury.

Some people even use easily replaceable roller blade wheels to accomplish this. To make hoisting your bag onto a conveyor belt or into a car easier, you might wish for including as many handles as possible.

Bike Travel Case FAQ

Q: Is it dangerous to go biking while backpacking?

A: While leaning over in the riding position, any load heavier than a camelback or similar water bottle will cause discomfort over time. In that position while riding the bike, your back can hurt badly while supporting those kinds of loads.

Q: When riding a road bike, how do you transport a laptop?

A: In order to keep your laptop safe from other items in your bag, invest in a protective sleeve made of padding and/or neoprene or even bubble wrap. If you drop the bag or fall from the bike, the padding will protect it.

Q: Do messenger bags have any drawbacks in terms of comfort?

A: With a messenger bag, your belongings will be slung to the side. If you walk for an extended period of time, such as to and from the train station or a parking garage, you may feel the lack of weight dispersion, especially if you are carrying textbooks or other office supplies.

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