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Upgrade Your Bike with the Best Bike Seat

When it comes to road bike seats, or what we call “saddles,” there is no way to tell someone what will work for them. Your body is unique and finding a saddle that is comfortable for you will be a matter of choice and at times trial and error. What feels good to me may leave you feeling the pain and depending on the saddle you may not feel the pain until much later.

A new saddle is one of the easiest and at times the least expensive way to upgrade your bike. Although choosing a new saddle is a personal decision, these lists were compiled to take some of the guess work out of narrowing down your choices.

These lists will give you a great starting point, your local bike shop will help you find the proper fit for your riding style and body type. They can also set up your saddle in the exact positioning you need for the most comfortable ride and the greatest performance.

Whenever possible, always opt for checking out your choices up close and in person. You put a lot of thought into what bike to buy; your saddle is just as important.

For more information on what to look at in selecting the best bike seat in 2021, We have listed below the best bike seat available for you to help you decide what product is best to buy.

Best Bike Seats Worth Considering in 2021

best gel bike seat

Specialized Expedition Gel Bike Seat - Best Bike Seat Overall

The Expedition Gel is comfortable right out of the box. The patented Body Geometry design has a V-design for keeping the pressure off all those critical areas where blood flow is key. This saddle is perfectly designed for a beach cruiser or commuter hybrid with a more upright seating position. The gel padding adds even more comfort to your ride. This seat is an extremely inexpensive upgrade to your bike. Around a $40 price point, this is affordable to most anyone. More padding doesn't always equate to more comfort, but the Specialized Expedition Gel is the perfect amount of padding to keep it just right as you roll out for your next leisurely ride.

Serfas RX Cruiser Saddle Bike Seat - Runner Up

Like a few of the other bikes on this list, the cut-out design is perfect relief from unwanted pressure on soft tissue. The base is a dual-density construction with equal parts foam and gel. This construction equation will keep the seat from creating a foam wedgie after long hours in the saddle. Like most any comfort saddle, it is designed for an upright position and most any comfort bike. This seat has a higher price than some on this list but generally speaking, comfort seats all tend to be budget friendly and worth the price you pay for a comfortable ride on your cruiser or hybrid.

Bikeroo Bike Seat Cushion - Easy to Install

We urge everyone to push themselves to the limit and enjoy their indoor cycling session or outdoor bike ride without becoming exhausted or uncomfortable. The adventure begins with Bikeroo's adaptable seat cushion, which adapts to your specific demands. Saddle pain is not an issue for mountain bikers or recreational riders alike. Discomfort and agony after riding might make you want to give up your hobby. Convenience should never be neglected, regardless of your riding style! At Bikeroo, high quality meets intelligent design: enjoy the benefits of gel cushion technology, which includes a pressure release channel for added comfort. Senior riders of all types and sizes will appreciate the difference this bicycle seat cushion can make in leading a healthy active lifestyle. These plush seat cushions can help you get your body moving for a healthier, happier life. Bikeroo is the choice of bikers!

best Electra Ergo Bike Seat

Electra Ergo Bike Seat - Honorable Mention

Electra bikes have a great retro look and feel. The same can be said for their saddles. If you are looking for a seat that is comfortable and has classic styling, the Ergo is a seat to look at. It is worth looking at any of the Electra line if you simply want to smile. These seats are comfortable and fun. As with most comfort saddles, the Ergo is great for hybrids and cruisers. As the name would imply, it is ergonomically designed for a more upright seating position. Electra uses elastomers and not springs to add to the shock absorbing comfort. This seat is a bit more pricey than the top pick on the list but still comes in as budget friendly at around $50.

Planet Bike A.R.S. Classic Bike Seat - Consider

Not every manufacturer pays attention to the anatomical issues that can create problems when you ride on a comfy seat with added cushioning. Planet Bike cares and they make a men's and women's version of this classic. The Anatomic Relief Saddle has a full length recess to keep pressure off those critical areas where blood flow is crucial. You might think that all that technology and comfort has a higher price tag, not so. The A.R.S. Classic comes in at an extremely budget friendly price. This saddle will fit most any comfort style bike.

Planet Bike A.R.S. Road Bike Seat - Best Comfort Bike Seat

Another great option from Planet Bike, the Comfort Gel has a recessed center and not a full cut-out but will still keep the pressure off soft tissue. Unlike the A.R.S. that has SuperSoft padding the Comfort Gel has the SuperSoft padding with the addition of gel for added cushioning. The generous 6-inch width and 10-inch length make it ideal for most anyone. This seat will also fit most cruisers or hybrid style bikes. The Comfort Gel is also easy on the wallet with a $30 price tag.

Specialized Henge Expert Bike Seat

Specialized Henge Expert Bike Seat - Best Mountain Bike Seat

You want a saddle that can handle the ride and keep you as close to pain free as possible. The Henge Expert features the patented Specialized Body Geometry design and has been lab tested for blood flow to these crucial areas prone to injury from long hours in the saddle. The anti-snag, rounded tail keeps your baggies from getting caught up in the seat. The carbon reinforced shell gives you just the right amount of flex and the EVA cushioning is great for longer rides. Ultimately a bike saddle is a personal choice and depends on your body. The Henge Expert is great for XC and All-Mountain riding and the size works for most body types.

WTB Volt Bike Seat - Best Mountain Bike Seat

WTB bike seats are for the budget minded rider who still wants a seat that won't leave them feeling the pain. The Speed V's indented design feature reduces pressure in all those places that you need the blood flowing. The gel padding throughout means you'll be sitting comfortably. It has hollow Chromoly seat rails to keep it light. The synthetic cover is not as good as some of the others on the list but for the price it is a good buy. The price-tag makes it an appealing option for the budget minded rider.

Serfas E-Gel Road Bike Seat - Best Mountain Bike Seat

The Serfas Stinger appeals to the rider who is looking for a clean, simple saddle. This saddle has a cut-out design for added pressure relief. It comes in all-black and looks great on any bike. The titanium rails make it strong and lightweight. The mid-length and mid-width of this saddle will keep you comfortable while out on the trail. If you are looking for a saddle upgrade that won't break the bank and will give you a good seat for the money, the Stinger may be it.

Fizik Open Performance Bike Seat - Best Mountain Bike Seat

Fizik is best known for their custom "Spine Concept" saddles. The fit is based on the kind of rider you are. The Gobi XM is a Chameleon fit. Chameleon type riders are able to adapt and will instinctively adjust to the proper position for body weight and comfort. The titanium rails will absorb some of the vibration. The slight up-sweep in the rear keep it comfortable on uphill climbs. The nylon carbon reinforced shell gives you the flexibility you need. The Gobi XM has a long, comfortable profile.

Selle Italia Flite Bike Seat - Best Mountain Bike Seat

Selle Italia doesn't make the cheapest saddles on the market but if price isn't the objective they make saddles worth looking at. The price you pay for this may be worth it if you consider the durability and how many years use you can get out of it. Lightweight titanium rails absorb some of the vibration. The leather cover is more durable than most synthetics and there are no uncomfortable stitches or raised lettering.

Specialized S-Works Toupe Bicycle Saddle

Specialized S-Works Toupe Bicycle Saddle - Best Racing Bike Seat

The S-Works Toupe is the best of the best from Specialized. The patented Body Geometry design is lab tested for maximum pressure relief on soft tissue. This saddle features the patented FACT carbon shell that offers the stiffness you need for the race. It has a flat profile and thin padding that make it perfect for explosive sprints to the finish. The cutout design is just one more bonus for keeping the blood flowing to all critical areas. It comes in two sizes and you would have a tough time finding a saddle that is lighter. Quality and performance comes with a price. At around $300 this seat isn't for riders on a tight budget. It is however worth the price for those who have the money to spend.

WTB Valcon Carbon Saddle - Best Racing Bike Seat

The Valcon is one of WTB's top racing saddles. It is designed to be rider friendly with a cutout to protect soft tissue. It was designed with the race in mind. It is shaped for max pedal performance with a narrow quickly tapering nose. It has a carbon composite shell for added stiffness and the carbon rails keep it lightweight. Add it to your list for comparison shopping.

Selle Italia SLR Tekno Flow Road Bicycle Saddle - Best Racing Bike Seat

Selle Italia has been making high quality saddles for more than a century. They have some of the lightest saddles on the market. The Selle Italia SLR Tekno Flow has an all carbon shell for racing stiffness and the carbon rails add to the lightness. The large flow cutout is perfect for protecting soft tissue and making sure you have proper blood flow where you need it. The Lorica cover provides durability and water resistance.

Specialized Romin Pro Road Bicycle Saddle

Specialized Romin Pro Road Bicycle Saddle - Best Racing Bike Seat

If you are looking for a Specialized saddle with a smaller price-tag than the number one pick on this list, take a look at the Romin Pro. This saddle is the perfect example of why it isn't always the padding the makes the saddle comfortable. This is one rock hard saddle but don't let that scare you away. The Body Geomtry design and shape provides a surprising amount of support and comfort for the seasoned rider. If you are new to a racing saddles, this may not be where you want to start. If you have been riding for quite some time, you will want to check this one out. The Romin Pro is available in four sizes and will save you $100 over the number one pick and still give you a great saddle.

Planet Bike A.R.S. Competition Bicycle Saddle

Planet Bike A.R.S. Competition Bicycle Saddle - Best Racing Bike Seat

This list wouldn't be complete without something for the budget minded cyclist. The A.R.S. Competition saddle is priced for any budget. Don't let the price fool you, this saddle will give you great value for the price. You get a narrow line, rear gel pads for comfort and although it doesn't have a complete cutout it does have a full length recess and partial cutout. If you are looking for a new saddle but you are on a tight budget, you can't beat the price.

best Specialized Toupe Expert Bike Saddle

Specialized Toupe Expert Bike Saddle - Best Road Bike Seat

Everyone in the cycling world knows that Specialized makes top-notch bikes. They put just as much research and forward thinking design knowledge into their saddles. The Toupe Expert saddle is a sleek, ultra-lightweight, performance saddle. The hallow titanium rails are durable and absorb road vibration. The EVA padding provides just enough added comfort for longer rides. The cut out in the saddle keeps the blood flowing to all those sensitive areas. The patented Body Geometry technology makes this a perfect road saddle. All that knowledge and technology comes with at a price. At around $130 this saddle is an investment that will pay for itself in pain free rides.

Brooks B15 Swallow Titanium Bike Seat - Best Road Bike Seat

This list wouldn't be complete without a Brooks saddle. Brooks England has been making saddles and bags since 1866. You either love a Brooks saddle or you hate it. I ride a Brooks and love it. There is a definite break-in period with these quality leather saddles and the Swallow is no different. The B15 Swallow Titanium is perched on titanium rails to shave some weight but if having the lightest saddle on the market is your goal, Brooks is not the brand to be looking at. The longer you have a Brooks, the sweeter they become as they take on your exact shape. The quality is tough to beat and they will last for years on end.

Fizik Antares K:IUM Bike Saddle - Best Road Bike Seat

The Fizik Antares is the newest in the newest addition to the road line and falls between two of Fizik's top sellers. The Antares saddle provides a larger platform and the perfect amount of flexibility in the carbon reinforced shell. The Antares doesn't have a cut-out in the center and has a flat profile. If you have ridden a saddle without the cutout, you know it is simply a matter of knowing how to position yourself for the best ride and most comfort. It is super lightweight with Fizik's patented K:IUM rails.

Terry Fly TI Gel Bike Saddle - Best Road Bike Seat

The Terry Fly TI Gel Saddle has been around since 1999 and has plenty of loyal riders. Coming in at just over 9 ounces, it is super lightweight. It is completely cut away from nose to mid-section for the most complete comfort on soft tissue and no numbness after a long day on the bike. A quality leather cover will mold to your unique shape. The injection-molded foam and a thin layer of gel gives you more cushioning in the areas you need it most. This is not for the budget conscious shopper but if money isn't as important as comfort this is a seat to test.

Selle Italia Turbomatic Bike Seat - Best Road Bike Seat

If you live and ride in an area where the roads aren't always smooth sailing, the Turbomatic is a saddle you should be looking at. The built-in Elastomer suspension at the nose and rear of the rails will soak up some of the rough spots and make it easier on your body. Add to that the gel layered on top of foam and the anatomical cutout and you are looking at comfort for the long haul. The Turbomatic also comes with a durable leather cover. It isn't the lightest saddle on the list but if you are looking for comfort on the rough roads, this is a great saddle.

Buyer's Guide

You can have the best road bike in the world but it would still not be comfortable enough if you don’t have the right bike seat for yourself. A seat is an important component of any bike, as it determines the level of comfort that you can expect while riding your bike. An uncomfortable bike seat would ruin your bike riding experience and you certainly do not want that.

Bike seats come in various types, designs, and options. Different bike seats suit different body types, body weights and heights, which is why it’s really important to understand how to find the right bike seat for yourself. While choosing the best road bike seat might not be as easy as you think it is, this guide lays everything out clearly for you to be able to understand and choose one of the best road bike seats in 2021.

Which is the Best Cushioning that You Can Get for Your Road Bike Seat?

Cushioning is one of the most important things that you need to consider while looking for the best road bike seat. The cushioning is responsible for providing you with a comfortable riding experience and appropriate cushioning will ensure that you do not get tired even while travelling for longer distances. There are multiple variations that you can opt for while selecting a cushioning for your road bike seat and you can choose the one that suits you the best.

Zero Cushioning

Some people prefer absolutely no cushioning at all, which means that it’s just the frame of the saddle and a cover made of leather/cotton over it. Riders claim that new saddles without any sort of cushioning are likely to adjust according to the shape of the body over time, which makes them more comfortable to ride. Moreover, bike seats with no cushioning also tend to stay relatively cooler and would make you sweat less. While this type of saddle might not work for everyone, it comes down to personal preferences and subjective comfort.


Foam is one of the most popular types of cushioning that you can get for your road bike seat. It is quite comfortable due to the adjustable nature of the material, which also provides a lot of support while riding the bike. Foam is also preferred for longer distances as it is sturdier and its shape does not get compromised that easily.


Gel cushioning is also quite popular due to the sort of comfort that it offers. It’s arguably the most comfortable cushioning that you can opt for, given the nature of gel. While gel is more likely to lose its firmness, it is preferred for shorter rides.

Bike Seat Pad

A bike seat pad is an additional layer of padding or cushioning that you can place over the seat if you believe that the existing cushioning is not working out for you. While a bike seat pad does allow you to add or remove the additional layer whenever you want to, it is also important to consider that a bike seat pad would not be stable enough as there would be nothing to firmly hold it in place.

Which is the Best Road Bike Seat Cover Material? Another one of the most important components of a bike seat is the seat cover. The cover is the surface that is going to come into contact with your body, hence it is important to understand which material would be the most suitable for you. While each material has its own pros and cons, the choice depends on your preferences, requirements, and needs.

Leather Cover

Leather is a commonly-used material for road bike seat covers. As discussed above, leather is often used for seats that use no cushioning, as leather is capable of adjusting according to the rider, making it comfortable to ride. Leather is also sometimes preferred due to the look and feel that it provides.

On the other hand, leather lacks water resistance/proofing capabilities, which means that it can get damaged due to moisture if not cared for properly. Leather would also not be the most suitable material if sweat is something that bothers you during road riding.

Cotton Cover

Cotton is another material that is often used for road bike seat covers. Cotton is more stretchable and relatively more comfortable compared to leather. It also adjusts according to the rider’s weight and height quicker than leather does, which is why some people prefer cotton over other materials.

Synthetic Material Cover

Synthetic is one of the most popular materials that are used to make bike seat covers. It is easy to produce, lightweight, and easy to maintain, making it the go-to choice for a lot of riders.

Which is the Best Road Bike Seat Rails Material?

Road bike seat rails are amongst the most important things that you need to consider while purchasing the best road bike seats. These rails can be made of several materials and you can choose the one that suits your requirements.

Carbon is one of the best materials that you can opt for due to its lightweight and better shock absorbing capabilities; however, carbon is usually expensive and would not be feasible for all price ranges.

Alloy is one of the most popular options that are used to make bike seat rails, followed by steel and titanium. While steel is quite strong, it is also very heavy at the same time, which is why people prefer alloy over it. Titanium is quite suitable for the best road bike seat rails but it is also very expensive.

Are Non-slip road bike seats worth it?

Some people find bike seats really slippery, which makes it difficult for them to ride, especially over longer distances. If you do not have a good grip over your saddle, you will not be able to ride comfortably and it might also become dangerous if it gets too slippery.

Consequently, you can opt for non-slip bike saddles that come with some sort of gripping mechanism to make it less slippery and easier to grip. Non-slip bike saddles are quite easy to find. All you need to do is look for what you want, try it out, and you’re good to go.


Does more cushioning mean more comfort?

Not necessarily. Excessive padding can also make your ride unformattable, which is why you need to find the right type and amount of cushioning for the best road bike saddles.

What is the difference between Men’s and Women’s Road Bike Seats?

While most saddles are unisex, some of them are designed specifically to suit a specific gender. In our opinion, gendered saddles aren’t exactly perfect for you, as there are a large number of different body types, weights, and heights that fall under a single gender, which is why it’s better to try it out and choose the one that is comfortable enough.

Do the best road bike saddles come in different sizes?

The width of a road bike seat is important and you should certainly consider it while buying one. The seat should be wide enough to provide sufficient support to your body, otherwise your ride would become uncomfortable.

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