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Best Boomboxes for Jamming Out in 2022

  1. Sony Portable Heavy Duty CD Radio Boombox
  2. PHILIPS PX840T Bluetooth Boombox
  3. Magnavox MD6972 Portable Top Loading CD Boombox
  4. TENMIYA 30W Portable Bluetooth Boombox
  5. Buyer's Guide

You may think the boombox went out of style with neon tube tops, breakdancing, and big hair. But you'd be mistaken; the boombox never really left...it's just gotten a makeover. Today's boomboxes offer more than just AM/FM radio and big sound. Gone are those cassette tape decks- instead, you have your choice of CD players, mobile device connectivity, even USB ports, and memory card slots that can play your content over high-quality speakers. Some of these boomboxes can even play DVDs, and many of them are built with rugged waterproof housings that are suitable for any type of environment; be it a job site, the mountains, or the local park. If you're looking to relive those days of strutting down the street with your tunes playing on your shoulder, check out our list of boomboxes. Each one is chosen based upon the following criteria; portability, sound source options, functionality, audio quality, additional features, and price.

Our Top 4 Boomboxes

Sony Portable Heavy Duty CD Radio Boombox - Best Boombox Overall

The ZSH10CP is ready to hit the streets. Designed to withstand even the toughest customers who don't know the meaning of the word "delicate", this boombox can handle just about anything you can throw at it. Take it to the jobsite, the beach, a tailgate party; wherever you want to hear crystal clear sound, with digital AM/FM tuning and a CD player with ESP anti-shock protection so your music won't skip. You get ten AM and twenty FM presets to remember your favorite stations and there's even an auxiliary jack for hooking up any MP3 player or other mobile device that streams music. It will also play your MP3's from a disc if you don't own a mobile device and the four-line LCD display up front will give you artist and song information on every track. Crank this sucker up for distortion-free volume with good low-end response, and if you want to feel the drums even more there's Sony's Mega Bass option that adds deeper resonance to your music.

PHILIPS PX840T Bluetooth Boombox - Runner Up

Unmistakable by its bright orange, high-impact plastic housing; this boombox from Ecoterra is completely waterproof at IPX7 which means you can fling it into the drink and you won't damage any of its components. A pair of three inch diameter waterproof speakers deliver high-quality audio reproduction along the entire spectrum of EQ frequencies. While there's no AM/FM radio here, there is an airtight compartment where you can plug in any MP3, iPhone 4, 4S or 5, Android, Windows phones or Blackberry device to stream music or Internet radio with up to 25 hours of playback time on C batteries. That special compartment is also big enough to carry your keys, wallet, credit cards, cash, anything you need to keep safe from the elements and retrieve at a moment's notice. A heavy nylon belt strap and caribiner clips let you attach it to just about anything in order to keep it safe from falling or just to hang it overhead.

Magnavox MD6972 Portable Top Loading CD Boombox - Honorable Mention

Not to be confused with Panasonic or Magnavox; the Magnasonic brand may not be as well-known as those other manufacturers but they do make a unique boombox that provides hours of multimedia entertainment in a portable radio unit. Obviously, its most alluring feature is the 7-inch full-color widescreen display that can show DVD's in addition to MPEG4 videos and JPEG photos in sharp clarity. Screen brightness in outdoor environments can pose a problem but watching movies indoors or in shaded areas is a cinch. The MAG-MDVD500 plays CD's just as easily as DVD discs as well, with all of the function controls located on the boombox itself and on the infrared remote control that comes with it. Add to that an analog AM/FM radio, a high-speed USB 2.0 port, and a slot for SD/SDHC/MMC memory cards and this boombox can play just about anything you need it to. There's also an auxiliary port for mobile device connectivity and you can even turn this unit into a full Karaoke machine, complete with a microphone jack so you can belt out the lyrics to your favorite songs as you read them on the front display.

TENMIYA 30W Portable Bluetooth Boombox - Consider

iHome's iBT4 is a combination FM radio and wireless portable speaker that takes the classic design of those old boomboxes we grew up with in the 80's and packed them with all of the modern advancements of today's technology. First and foremost, it features Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream music from any Bluetooth enabled mobile device such as iPhones or Android devices. But if your device isn't appropriately equipped, you can always hook it up to the box via auxiliary jack. Digital FM radio can be picked up through a telescoping antenna and a pair of up and down buttons to tune in local and faraway stations alike. The iBT4 is fully portable, complete with a folding handle and lithium-ion rechargeable internal battery. Sound quality here is good, not great, considering you've got just one speaker to work with. Volume gets loud enough but there's just a little bit of distortion when you get it all the way up and the SRS Bass enhancement feature fattens the low-end of your music with extra bass. But considering the price range, and all of the features you get here, the iBT4 definitely deserves it's spot on our list.

Buyer's Guide

A boombox is indeed a game-changer and can enhance your music listening experience. After discovering the best options, you might face overwhelming confusion when choosing one product. To help you overcome this problem and get the most suitable item, we have compiled a detailed buying guide comprising all the information along with crucial factors to look at when buying a boombox.

What Are the Factors That Should Be Considered While Purchasing a Boombox?

Sound Quality

A good boombox comes with commendable sound quality. It should be able to give a perfect pitch sound, as too loud or high pitch sound can ruin the music. Some boomboxes also come with customizable sound settings that allow you to set different music effects like bass system, theatre sound, concert sound, and more. You can also control the volume according to your preference in almost all boomboxes. Therefore, don't forget to examine the sound quality of the boombox before making your final purchase.

Control Display

Another crucial factor to focus on for getting your hands on a high-quality boombox is its control display. Some items have LCD control displays that show all the details and modes of function, including the music name, volume, lyrics, and more. In addition, you can use some devices in karaoke mode in which it just plays music and displays lyrics on the screen for the singer. On the other hand, some boomboxes have colorful LCD screens that look good with a tint of disco lights, making the overall music experience more enjoyable.


Boomboxes are designed to listen to music wherever you go. So, make sure the device you invest your hard-earned dollars in is lightweight and highly portable. Also, look for the dimensions of the product you choose as a small boombox occupies less space in the room and can be set up easily in any area.


Most boomboxes are durable and made from solid materials. A solid body saves the internal parts of the item from getting damaged by external factors like dust and moisture. Moreover, some boomboxes are waterproof and ideal for carrying at swimming pool parties and beach parties. You can also find some sturdy and unbreakable boomboxes that function even after falling from a great height. Hence, examining the durability of the boombox can help you get your hands on one that'll last for years.


Do you prefer a dull color or a poorly designed boombox in any corner of your home? Of course, you'll prefer the former. A beautifully designed boombox adds a classic touch to your room even when it is powered off. On top of it, a decent-looking boombox can be a nice gadget to show off at the park, dance class, or any other place. Most boomboxes are also manufactured in multiple vibrant color options. Don't miss out on the design and look when choosing which boombox you want!


Good boomboxes have long-lasting batteries that make them capable of playing music for long hours. Some items can function up to 25 hours after complete charging. Moreover, the battery charging time of a top-quality boombox is usually less than 3 or 4 hours. Most products are equipped with lithium cell batteries and can be charged with standard C-type chargers. As long as you check the battery and power features of the boombox before buying it, you should be good in this aspect.


The manufacturing company of the boombox plays an essential role in providing a superior music listening experience. Besides, reputable companies ensure a good customer care service, and hence you do not have to face any difficulty using the device. You can also get a good warranty or guarantee period on a reputable brand boombox. Therefore, make sure to get your hands on a boombox from a reputable company.

How Much Does a Boombox Usually Cost?

A successful purchase is made when you get a satisfactory product at a wallet-friendly budget. However, when there are tons of different boomboxes available in the market, finding a perfectly priced one becomes a hectic task. To save your time, we conducted research and found that the highest-quality boomboxes cost somewhere in the range of $100 to $180. The final price range may vary depending on the design and sound features of some boomboxes. Hence, if budget is your concern, make sure to invest in a product reinforced with the most features at a decent price.

Which Devices Can Be Connected to a Boombox?

Most boomboxes can be connected with all the latest technology devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, iPad, iPhones, and more. You can also insert SD cards or memory cards in some speakers for playing music. Furthermore, some boomboxes can function as radios and can receive the satellite signal, allowing you to play music without any other device connection. You can also connect your boombox via USB cables in case the Bluetooth connection is not supported in it.

What is the Shelf Life of a Boombox?

Most boomboxes are functional for four to five years. Some companies also provide a warranty for 3 to 4 months on the device. However, it would be best if you take care of the speakers for durable maintenance. You are also advised not to use the gadget with a very low battery. Avoid overcharging the boombox. However, most products are durable and don't require additional maintenance charges.

Some Buyers Also Ask

Q: How can I connect my boombox to a TV?
A: You can connect a boombox with a TV or any other device using the Bluetooth connection mode. You can also use a USB cable if the Bluetooth mode is not supported in any of the devices.

Q: Can I play karaoke on the boombox?
A: Yes, some boomboxes support karaoke mode. If you buy a boombox that does not showcase the song's lyrics, you can connect it with a smartphone or other device with the music tune already installed with lyrics.

Q: Are boombox waterproof?
Yes, some boomboxes are waterproof. However, they might get damaged if they completely drown in water, but you can still use them in moist environments like swimming poolside or beachside.

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