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Best Radios for Any Music Lover

  1. Eton Ultimate Camping AM/FM/NOAA Radio
  2. Ambient Weather Survival Emergency Radio
  3. Midland Midland Wr120 All-hazard Weather Alert Radio
  4. Kaito KA500 5-way Powered Emergency Radio
  5. Vondior Pocket Radio
  6. AcuRite Wireless Weather Station w Bonus Portable Lightning Detector Radio
  7. Vondior Weather Radio
  8. ION IPA80S Stadium Bluetooth Tailgate Radio
  9. DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Radio
  10. PORTER-CABLE Bluetooth Speaker & Radio
  11. Makita LXRM03B Lithium-Ion Cordless FM/AM Jobsite Radio
  12. Sangean FB-100 Fatbox Rugged Industrial AM/FM Radio
  13. Midland XT511 GMRS Two-Way Emergency Crank Radio
  14. Ambient Weather WR-089 Emergency AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio
  15. Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 Digital Solar/Dynamo AM/FM/LW/SW & NOAA Weather Emergency Radio
  16. Safe-T Proof Emergency Radio
  17. Eton American Red Cross Microlink FR160 Red AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio
  18. Grace Digital GDI-IRC6000R Wi-Fi Music Player
  19. Sangean DDR-63 All-in-One Table Top
  20. Grace Digital GDI-IRC7500 Stereo Wi-Fi Music System
  21. C.Crane Orphan WiFi Internet Radio
  22. Sangean WFR-28 Rechargeable Portable WiFi Internet Radio
  23. Sony ICFS79W AM/FM/Weather Band Digital Tuner Shower Radio
  24. Jensen JWM-120 AM/FM Shower Radio with Splash Resistant Cabinet
  25. Abco Tech Portable Speaker System
  26. Pyle PSR7 Water Resistant AM/FM Radio
  27. Sangean H202 AM/FM Shower Radio with Bluetooth
  28. Sony ICF-S10MK2 Pocket AM/FM Radio
  29. Sangean PR-D7 FM/AM Compact Digital Tuning Portable Radio Receiver
  30. C.Crane CCRadio-EP AM/FM Radio
  31. GPX Inc. R602B Portable AM/FM Radio
  32. NAXA Electronics NPB-256 Portable AM/FM/MP3/CD Stereo Radio
  33. Sirius XM Onyx Radio with Home Kit
  34. Tivoli Audio Model One Tabletop Radio
  35. Wolverine RSR100 Retro Table Top Radio
  36. Sangean WR-11 AM/FM Table Top Radio
  37. Tesslor R601SW Stereo Tube Radio
  38. Buyer's Guide

Quite possibly the second most popular entertainment appliance behind the television, the radio is often the go-to solution for music and information whether you're on the move or hanging out at home. With so many different types to choose from, it's really a matter of deciding on the reason why you need to buy a best radio in 2022. If you're looking for something to listen to in your home or office, you're probably going to want to consider a good table-top model.

These often plug into the wall (though many certainly run on batteries as well) and they remain stationary on a table or desk, supplying hours of listening pleasure. If you want something to take with you; portable radios are small, compact units that get good reception and can broadcast your favorite station from the pocket of your coat or even the palm of your hand.

Perhaps you want something for your morning routine, then a shower radio can give you all the news and music programming along both ends of the AM and FM dial in a compact unit that fits right on your showerhead. These are waterproof products that can withstand the steam and wet conditions of any bathroom.

Maybe AM and FM aren't your thing and you prefer something that gets you internet channels as well, there are radios for that, offering alternative programming whether it be from a subscription service or just a signal that can be picked via Wi-Fi. Jobsite radios go even further; built for rugged, high impact work environments, these units offer full AM/FM fare in addition to a list of other uses like charging phone and power tool batteries, AC power outlet availability, and compatibility with MP3 players and mobile devices for more sound source options.

Weather radios are similar to a jobsite radio in that they too can power and play alternate devices, but these radios come equipped with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) band stations that provide up to the minute weather alerts and safety notifications to keep you informed in the event of a major emergency.

Whichever kind of radio you're looking for, we've got five of them that we feel are the products worthy of your hard earned dollar. Check out these lists below to read more about what's available and why it's the best there is at the moment.

The Best Radio Models of 2022 in Detail

Eton Ultimate Camping AM/FM/NOAA Radio - Best Radio Overall

When you’re stuck out in the middle of nowhere, almost every possible thing you’d require is here on the FRX3. First off, you’ve got four ways to keep your weather radio ready to go at all times. You can use the hand crank (one minute of crank time equals about 15-20 minutes of juice to power the unit), solar power, rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, and of course, traditional AAA disposable batteries. The unit has full spectrum AM/FM and NOAA weather bands with digital display and you can even set an alert function to broadcast any emergency reports that come up.

But we know radios are also for fun and entertainment. This model not only lets you listen to terrestrial radio stations for talk and music, but you can plug in any mobile devices that play music through the auxiliary port. Keep those devices charged as well by plugging them into the included USB port so you have them to use for the duration of your trip.

Using the FRX3 in the dark is a cinch because it not only contains an LED flashlight to light your way through the night, it also has a red LED beacon in case you get stranded. Best of all, you can easily find the unit under the cover of darkness with the attached glow in the dark locator.

Ambient Weather Survival Emergency Radio - Runner Up

The WR-335 contains everything you might need to get you through a major crisis. In this compact unit you get an NOAA weather alert radio, a flashlight made of 3 high-beam LED's, charging capacities for smartphones, iPhones, Amazon Kindle, and a list of other portable devices. The WR--335 has the ability to offer long-lasting functionality through a hand crank, AC power, DC power via car charger, 3 AAA batteries or the power of the sun via a solar charging panel.

Radio bands are varied, from the full dial of options on AM and FM bands in addition to a digital 7-channel weather band and a shortwave radio capable of receiving frequencies between 2.300 and 23.000 MHz. This is particularly useful for picking communications across the world.

You can also set weather alerts to your preferred specifications with both audio and visual alarms. All of this comes in a rugged outer cabinet that can take the abuse inherent with high stakes emergency conditions as wells as a rubberized finish to minimize impact.

Midland Midland Wr120 All-hazard Weather Alert Radio - Honorable Mention

The WR120 features Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) localized reception technology. This allows you to program the radio to sound up to 80 different event codes and multiple county codes to send up-to-the-minute weather alerts pertaining to specific regions where you or loved ones reside. It also comes with up to 25 available programmable counties so you can select the alarm type whether voice, tone, or display alerts.

The display is easy to read and features large digital letters and numbers with a continuous backlighting option so it can be seen in low-light or dark areas. All you need are a pair of AA batteries to keep it working, in case you lose power. When things aren't so grim, it also doubles as an alarm clock with a snooze option. You also get 7 NOAA channels with warnings for all types of natural disasters.

Kaito KA500 5-way Powered Emergency Radio - Consider

This radio from Kaito will always be ready to take on any emergency situation. The unit can be powered from one of six available options including hand crank, rechargeable battery, AA batteries, AC power, USB, and solar panel. AM/FM NOAA radio comes with phase locked loop crystal control circuitry for stable reception to prevent drifting of the station you're tuned into and minimize static interruption of a clear signal.

You also get two shortwave dials and the ability to set weather alerts to sound whenever a new warning is issued. Flashlight options are plentiful on the KA500, with a five LED reading light good for use when you're trying to read in the dark, a pure white LED flashlight to light the way ahead, and a red LED for use in emergency situations.

Vondior Pocket Radio - Consider

If you need a handy, dedicated radio for yourself or for a senior that’s special to you, then this is for you. Built on old-school transistor technology, this radio is built rugged and eliminates some of the issues with modern ‘high-end’ radios. First, it features a collapsible long-range antenna that operates over FM and AM signals. This radio is truly pocket-sized with 4.7’’ x 2.75’’ x 1.1’’ dimensions and is lightweight at 3.2 oz. It comes with an old-school analog channel selector display, a built-in FM/AM switch, and a rolling tubing knob. This radio runs on two readily available AA batteries that give up to two weeks of playtime, thanks to its unparalleled efficiency. It also comes with a large front speaker that sounds great. And if you want a more personalized listening experience, its built-in headphone port allows you to listen to your radio with your favorite wired earbuds or headphones. It comes in an overall silver finish and costs $15.

best wireless radio

AcuRite Wireless Weather Station w Bonus Portable Lightning Detector Radio - Best Weather Radio

This weather station from AcuRite features a handheld unit that sits in a power dock clock radio with full digital display offering a wealth of urgent information. Self-calibrated forecasts, outdoor temps, humidity readings, barometric pressure, clock, calendar, it's all there in large backlit boldy type.

NOAA National Weather Service alerts give you all any regional emergency broadcasts for breaking weather updates, disaster alerts, and any other pertinent public announcements. S.A.M.E. technology makes sure you only receive the relevant information for your chosen area.

PLL digital tuning helps ensure the station you're tuned into is fully locked so you don't drift in an out while trying to hear what's going on out there in your world. Just hang the sensor outside in your backyard or off the porch and AcuRite's weather radio will give you the latest forecasts over 12 and 24 hour periods, using strong wireless signals that can transmit through heavy walls and over long distances, with signal penetration at an enhanced 433 MHz.

Vondior Weather Radio - Best Weather Radio

This emergency weather radio is a must-have for outdoor explorers and people who live in disaster-prone areas. It is first a radio, but then more. This NOAA weather radio picks up AM/FM, and seven NOAA weather channels via its collapsible antenna. One of the best things about this weather radio is its four-way power. At its heart is a powerful rechargeable 4000 mAh Li-ion battery that will last for hours on end. But its uniqueness is revealed when the battery runs out of juice. It comes with a built-in flip-up solar panel, a built-in hand-cranked generator, a USB input port, and an AA battery hub for replaceable batteries you can have on hand. In addition to its versatile power, it includes two flashlights, one under the solar panel and the other in front that gives four illumination levels together. But that’s not all, should you be stranded anywhere a built-in SOS signal light and alarm will help emergency services locate you more easily. This emergency radio can also serve as a security device with its built-in motion sensor that will automatically turn on the lights if a moving object comes within range – a great way to stay alert for animals around. A USB output port allows you to charge your mobile device up to 60% full so that you can stay in contact with the rest of this world when you need it the most. All these goodies are packed into a unit that costs $36.

ION IPA80S Stadium Bluetooth Tailgate Radio - Best Jobsite Radio

The Job Rocker is quite aptly named, boasting a powerful 50-watt speaker housed in a durable wooden cabinet accented by heavy chrome plating and protective bumpers. There’s also rubber covers on all the areas that shouldn't get dust or other jobsite contaminants in them, such as the dual AC outlets that can provide electricity for power tools, battery chargers, and the like.

This is a wireless radio, powered by a built-in rechargeable battery offering up to 50 hours of use before it needs more juice. It’s also equipped with Bluetooth for wirelessly streaming music from iPods, iPhones, Android devices, and any other compatible music sources. If you don't happen to have any sort of devices to play music, or you just want to listen to live sporting events, the Job Rocker has an AM/FM tuner for checking out your favorite station. Six preset buttons let you store your preferred channels for quick and easy access during your shift.

DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Radio - Best Jobsite Radio

Edged in sturdy black roll bars and a high-impact plastic cabinet, the DeWalt DC012 can charge all 7.2 to 18V battery packs. Just plug the unit into any typical AC outlet and the radio will power up Li-ION and Ni-Cad of any voltage in about an hour. What's great about this set up is that the radio also comes with outlets of its own, for extra power around the job site.

As far as the radio is concerned, it's equipped with a digital FM tuner giving you 15 preset channels to program your favorite stations and a 3.5mm auxiliary port to plug any iPod, smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices into the radio. Sound quality is quite good although it favors the low-end frequencies most, providing thick bass with some of the middle and high-ends getting lost in the output. This radio thumps and it can get real loud with little to no distortion, even when it’s cranked all the way up. You're going to hear it no matter what you're working on or where you're doing it in the shop.

PORTER-CABLE Bluetooth Speaker & Radio - Best Jobsite Radio

Porter-Cable's radio has been wrapped in a sturdy plastic roll cage with weather-resistant, 4 inch coaxial speakers that deliver good quality sound despite some low and mid-range frequency loss. They do have the ability to get nice and loud though and there's even a bass boost function to bring the low end up if you prefer.

You get many of the expected features with this jobsite radio including a fully digital AM/FM radio tuner with 10 preset stations for each band, and compatibility with mobile devices and MP3 players through the 3.5mm auxiliary input port. There are also two 120 volt AC outlets which can provide power for other electrical equipment when the radio is plugged into a wall outlet of its own. The PC18JR runs on many of Porter-Cable's 18V batteries, but unfortunately, the radio cannot charge those very same batteries.

Makita LXRM03B Lithium-Ion Cordless FM/AM Jobsite Radio - Best Jobsite Radio

This wireless radio works on a rechargeable battery for up to 16 hours of continuous use with Makita's18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery; you get half that time on the standard 18V compact version. While there are no wireless streaming capabilities here, you do have a wealth of options for the types of devices that are compatible with the LXRM03B.

The built-in dock works with most older and newer iPod and iPhone models, not only playing music but charging the device while it's seated within the unit. If your Apple device won't fit on the dock or you have an Android or other music source instead, it's cool as there are two auxiliary ports.

The radio features two 3 inch, side-firing speakers delivering a full spectrum of sound along with a loudness button which lets you boost the bass and volume as you see fit. The outer cabinet is water-resistant and durable enough to hold its own in rough conditions, and even with all of its protective accoutrements, the Makita weighs just ten pounds with the battery attached.

Sangean FB-100 Fatbox Rugged Industrial AM/FM Radio - Best Jobsite Radio

The real selling point on the Sangean is its reliability in unpredictable conditions. There's a roll cage to protect the radio but it's also been built out of durable, high-impact plastic to make it everything-resistant. Hot days in the sun, excessive work dust, surprise thunderstorm; the Fatbox excels in these environments. It's rated water-resistant at JIS4, making it splash-proof at its surface. It's impact resistant as well so you can drop the thing off the back of your pickup and it'll still keep playing with no problem.

Sound quality is a big selling point here with two 6 1/2 inch high-powered speakers that are also protected from the elements. There are six equalizer settings, each designed to finesse the lows, mids, and highs, as well as a Dynamic Loudness setting.

The Sangean comes with a digital AM/FM tuner and a highly sensitive multi-directional antenna that can lock in even the weakest signal without much interfering static, with the help of phase lock synthesization. The unit can run via AC power or eight D batteries and offers a 12 volt DC-in socket, backlit LCD display and 12 memory presets to store your favorite radio stations.

Midland XT511 GMRS Two-Way Emergency Crank Radio - Best Emergency Radio

The XT511 is the most versatile and functional unit on our list. No matter what kind of emergency you find yourself in, Midland's easily portable crank radio will help you through with NOAA weather alerts for the latest emergency notifications. This radio also lets you call out for help along 22 channels with up to 121 privacy codes for up to 3144 channel options. There's even a USB connector to charge all of your mobile devices when they get low.

Five call alerts, a built-in flashlight, and three voice activation sensitivity settings round out the functionality advantages of the XT511. A keypad lock lets you lock in your preferred settings so this radio is ready to perform at a moment’s notice when things are at their worst.

Ambient Weather WR-089 Emergency AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio - Best Emergency Radio

There's nothing more un-nerving than the power going out around you, but what's even worse is the battery running out on your cell phone. With the WR-089, you have a multi-tasking miracle which is a rotary dial AM/FM NOAA weather radio that can also charge just about any mobile device imaginable. The WR-089 powers up via five possible methods, including the USB port from any computer, a manual hand crank, solar panel, as well as AC or DC power. When it's time to power up your iPhone or tablet just plug them and the unit does the rest.

The AM/FM radio gives you the full spectrum of available stations across each dial and a 7-channel weather band gives you access to all National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration stations. When it's time to charge the radio back up and there are no electrical sources available, just crank it up for one full minute and you'll have an immediate 20 minutes of available power and if you need more, just keep cranking. The rubberized outer cabinet makes the WR-089 splash-proof and impact resistant, so it's ready to take the abuse of any crisis, An integrated LED flashlight will make sure you're never stuck in the dark.

Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 Digital Solar/Dynamo AM/FM/LW/SW & NOAA Weather Emergency Radio - Best Emergency Radio

The KA600 features 6 options for recharging including hand crank, rechargeable battery, AA batteries, AC power, USB, and solar panel/ AM/FM NOAA radio comes with phase locked loop crystal circuitry for stable receiving power, resulting in a firmly locked station every time. There's no drifting or static interruption of a clear signal on this radio.

You can set weather alerts to break in whenever a new warning is issued and there’s 100 memory presets across all bands to lock in your most trusted information sources for easy access at any time. Two light sources are installed on the KA600, one of them a five LED reading light good for use when you're trying to read in the dark and a pure white LED flashlight to make your way through it.

Safe-T Proof Emergency Radio - Best Emergency Radio

This Safe-T-Proof radio has three main methods for charging the unit; solar power, hand crank and batteries with the solar option being particularly advantageous if you happen to be outdoors. The hand crank option won't fatigue you either with just a minute or two providing the charge needed for extended periods of use.

The analog AM/FM radio will keep you tuned in to the latest news and weather reports and the built-in flashlight will guide you through the dark. Of course, this unit will charge your mobile devices and it can also help notify others of your location with a flashing beacon and a high-pitched siren. The bright yellow cabinet isn't a bad feature either, making it easy to locate in any situation.

Grace Digital GDI-IRC6000R Wi-Fi Music Player - Best Wi-Fi Internet Radio

The Mondo GDI-IRC6000 is Grace Digital's fully inclusive Wi-Fi radio giving you high-quality, streaming radio access from just about anywhere in the world with 50,000 available stations across the spectrum of music, talk radio and more. Just hook it up to an 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi wireless router with an Internet connection or via Ethernet dongle and in minutes you're able to listen to hours of on-demand content.The Mondo also gives you access to music services like Pandora, Spotify, IHeart Radio, even Sirius XM with a subscription.

The 3.5 inch full color LCD display lets you search through menus for the kind of music or podcasts you want to hear as well as accessing your favorite stations with ten preset channels and a "Station Folder' that stores up to 100 other channels. You also get multiple external jacks to plug in and play music off of anything from a PC or Mac to smartphones, MP3 players and thumb drives through the included USB port.

The Mondo is portable and comes with a remote control for total access to the unit from far away. Sound quality here is among the best on our list with warm and vivid musical reproduction from a three inch woofer and one inch tweeter which work together to provide equal amounts of low-end and high-end for full-bodied output. Best of all, the Mondo is designed for portability, so you can take your music with you anywhere there's an available WiFi connection.

Sangean DDR-63 All-in-One Table Top - Best Wi-Fi Internet Radio

The DDR-63 offers access to 15,000 Internet radio stations in addition to a full FM-RBDS spectrum of stations. Listen to digitan FM radio with complete information about the station, song, and artist on the easy to read LCD display at the front. The unit comes with a 30-pin iPod dock that lets you play music from your mobile devices while charging them at the same time.

This radio is compatible with SD cards and USB drives, so it can read a variety of file formats such MP3, AAC, and WMA, with even a CD player located above the front display. Streaming services like Pandora are also available on the DDR-63, so you pretty much have every possible way that exists to listen to music. Of course, if your sound quality needs to be adjusted, you have a full EQ with which to adjust the quality of your sound precisely how you like it.

Grace Digital GDI-IRC7500 Stereo Wi-Fi Music System - Best Wi-Fi Internet Radio

The Encore offers many of the same great features as the Mondo, with 50,000 available stations, streaming service access, and the bright LCD display. Connectivity is easy and versatile, making the unit compatible with just about any type of router. This radio also makes it simple to hook up to your PC, Mac or NAS for streaming your playlist from any of those external sources.

You get the same control options with the included remote control, or any smartphone or tablet, allowing you to compile and access file folders, skip songs, tune into up to 110 preset stations; the full spectrum of navigational control is at your fingertips.

The Encore's sound is second to none, thanks to a class D amp and a pair of 3 inch front-facing speakers which work with the  internal subwoofer to produce quality audio output. The Encore can also be connected to your home system via RCA outputs or use any set of premium headphones to enjoy your music. The Encore is a stationary unit meant to occupy one area of your home or office for hours of listening enjoyment.

best C.Crane Orphan WiFi Internet Radio

C.Crane Orphan WiFi Internet Radio - Best Wi-Fi Internet Radio

The Orphan CC will work from just about any Broadband connection or you can hard-wire it into an Ethernet port and you've got access to the full spectrum of Internet radio from across the globe. With so many stations to choose from, the Orphan has 40 presets to keep track of those you want to re-visit.

You'll find every genre and sub-genre of music with this unit, be it Top 40, classic jazz, house, or oldies from the 50's and 60's. Even talk radio can be accessed here, just search for the name of your favorite show and the Orphan will not only find which stations carry it, but what days and times it airs.

You can search by category, whether sports, entertainment, or podcasts, and the radio will search accordingly to present a full array of programming. Listen to the FM tuner as you would on any other typical radio or you can hookup external devices to listen wirelessly via Bluetooth. The Orphan even offers the ability to play your music files from your PC.

Sangean WFR-28 Rechargeable Portable WiFi Internet Radio - Best Wi-Fi Internet Radio

The WFR-28 offers a full array of Internet content with over 13,000 channels available to you at any time. There's an FM band for listening to terrestrial radio and the unit also does triple duty as an audio media streaming device capable of playing MP3 and WMA files. If those aren't enough options for your music source needs, there's an auxiliary port for connecting an iPod, iPhone, MP3 or CD player.

You can also get a USB port for plugging in a thumb drive for added MP3 compatibility. Radio Data System (RDS) capability tells you track and artist information across an easy to read, backlit LCD display and you have total command over equalization of your sound output. Tweak the bass and treble controls or choose from a range of preset equalization effects to achieve just the right balance in your audio.

Sony ICFS79W AM/FM/Weather Band Digital Tuner Shower Radio - Best Shower Radio

Getting your morning started has never been more fun than with this shower radio from Sony. This splash-resistant unit was made for hanging in your shower or you can even use it poolside. A simple user interface lets you access your local weather forecast, find your favorite AM/ FM radio stations and store up to 20 preset frequencies at just the touch of a button.

There's an easy to read digital display to give you the time and tells you which radio station you're currently tuned into. You can even set the radio to shut itself off in the event when you're running late.

A unique countdown timer also lets you set an alarm for a preset duration so you can track how long you're in the tub, the sauna, or anywhere else you’re relaxing. All you need are three C batteries and this radio is good for over 80 hours of use.

Jensen JWM-120 AM/FM Shower Radio with Splash Resistant Cabinet - Best Shower Radio

Measuring just under nine inches in size, this little radio from Jensen is a simple little unit that you can hang anywhere in the shower or bathroom. The waterproof Mylar speaker housing offers good sound but it's nowhere near as richly layered as the other speakers on our list. It comes with an AM/FM radio and that's about it.

You can check out your favorite terrestrial radio stations with just a turn of the dial while you get ready in the morning, however there are no other connectivity options for mobile devices or other music sources. Reception is pretty clear if you adjust the station dial carefully enough to tune in the station you want. Some consumers may just need something to make noise in the morning while they prepare to head out for the day, and for under $20 that's what they're going to get with this offering.

Abco Tech Portable Speaker System - Best Shower Radio

First and foremost, the sound quality coming out of this unit is spectacular; sharp, good low-end, crisp detail. You get plenty of convenience here with built-in FM radio with 10 presets, a  bright backlit LCD screen clearly displaying which station you're tuned to and a straightforward, clearly labeled button control at the top of the unit.

Abco Tech has also included Bluetooth 3.0 capability which allows you to connect mobile streaming devices to the unit wirelessly and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology lets you pair up the unit with any compatible device by merely tapping them to one another. The convenience doesn't end there, as you can use the speaker as a hands-free speakerphone for cell phone calls. Just attach it to any surface by way of the equipped suction cups and you're all set.

Pyle PSR7 Water Resistant AM/FM Radio - Best Shower Radio

The PSR7 is small enough to take with you in the woods, the pool, on the boat, it can even handle inclement outdoor weather conditions. Splash-proof rated at up to IP44, this radio can handle splashing water but don't completely submerge it.

Pyle's handy little mini shower radio uses two independent rotary dials to control the volume and tuning of the radio. Positioned one inside of the other, the inner thumb dial is used to control how loud or soft you want the radio while the outer dial is for fine tuning your favorite station.

The attached strap lets you secure it just about anywhere you need it to hang in a cinch. Audio output gets the job done but lacks the multi-layered depth of a high-quality speaker, although it can certainly get loud if you want to crank it up.

Sangean H202 AM/FM Shower Radio with Bluetooth - Best Shower Radio

The Sangean H202 comes with a waterproof cabinet and water-resistant speakers, rated at a JIS7 waterproofing standard. It features an integrated antenna capable of clearly receiving both AM/FM radio stations, as well as all seven NOAA weather channels. With this radio you can receive up to the minute alerts on any major crisis conditions or inclement weather warnings.

While many shower radios on the market may have some trouble picking up clear signals because they're just not powerful enough, Sangean has built this unit to receive loud and clear. The convenient station seek feature is very similar to that found on any standard car radio, and can skip through to the strongest stations on the dial.

A bright LCD front display gives you the current time and frequency of the station you're tuned into and the H202 is also Bluetooth equipped for streaming music wirelessly. There are 20 presets for when you want to listen to the radio along with 10 FM, 5 AM, and 5 weather bands available.

Sony ICF-S10MK2 Pocket AM/FM Radio - Best Portable Radio

The Sony's ICF-S10MK2 keeps things extremely simple. Rotary analog AM/FM radio is all that this diminutive unit offer; while it’s mall enough to fit in your back pocket, the radio gets terrific reception using a telescopic antenna for the FM signals and a built-in ferrite bar antenna for the AM dial. Both of them combine to make this a very sensitive receiver that can find weak signals with ease.

Sound quality is monaural through one 2 1/4 inch speaker focusing best on the mid-range and offering little in the way of sweetening or finesse. An earphone jack lets you plug in external or personal use headphones that can improve the sound output based on their quality.

Sangean PR-D7 FM/AM Compact Digital Tuning Portable Radio Receiver - Best Portable Radio

The PR-D7 has everything you want in an ideal portable radio. Digital AM/FM tuning enhanced with a Phase Locked Loop (PLL) receiver to bolster and strengthen the signal of any frequency you tune in, so there's no slip and you'll have less static interference. Ten presets (five AM, five FM) let you store your favorite channels and there's also an alarm feature that lets you wake up to your chosen station or you can set it to the HWS (Humane Waking System) buzzer function.

HWS offers an alternative to those harsh, loud alarms that some of the other units have. Here, the buzzer starts to sound quietly, then gradually increases in volume for a more civilized and peaceful way to start the morning. If there's an alarm, then there must also be a snooze feature. The sleep function also lets you set a time for the radio shut itself off.

All of these sounds are heard through a single, 2.5 inch speaker which may be small but provides a full spectrum of sound with a satisfying balance between the highs and lows. The PR-D7 can be powered via rechargeable cell with a convenient level indicator alerting you when it's running low, or you can use standard disposable batteries.

C.Crane CCRadio-EP AM/FM Radio - Best Portable Radio

The CEP is a portable radio in every sense of the word. Equipped with a flip-up handle, this 4.5 pound unit is easy to carry and comes with a simple rotary analog AM/FM radio. There are no presets nor any LCD display or a clock, just a light up dial and needle that clearly shows where you're tuned in. The radio has a single, five inch speaker delivering better than expected audio quality which can be fine tuned with bass and treble dials within the limitations of the amp powering it.

The low end is deep but nothing you'd qualify as heavy bass, while the high-end is crisp. You can even tweak the speaker for music and voice specific content to further adjust the equalization which is primarily designed for use on the AM dial. You also have the choice of using an external mobile device through the included auxiliary jack.

GPX Inc. R602B Portable AM/FM Radio - Best Portable Radio

GPX's AM/FM radio comes with digital tuning and display to show you the time or which station you're listening to in large, easy to read font so even those with poor eyesight can see what station they've got on at the moment. A large switch lets you access between AM and FM dials but if you'd rather stream your own playlist, just plug your favorite mobile device into the integrated auxiliary port. There's even a headphone jack so you won't bother those around you.

For the price, the radio offers adequate sound quality without too much depth or richness but it gets the job done in the volume department when need be. It's portable by the built-in handle at the top and runs on three "C" batteries or simply plugs it into a wall outlet.

NAXA Electronics NPB-256 Portable AM/FM/MP3/CD Stereo Radio - Best Portable Radio

Sporting a sleek curved aesthetic and folding handle, this boom box from Naxa gives you a lot of options. There's the AM/FM radio with rotary tuning and loads of presets to remember your favorite channels, a top-loading CD/MP3 player lets you play CD's, CDR's and MP3 discs, and an auxiliary port gives you connectivity with mobile devices.

But that's not all, there's also a USB port for jumpdrives and memory card slots to access music from your SD card. A simple interface features just a few buttons along the top let you control all of these features with ease. The blue backlit LCD display will give you song and artist information from MP3's as well as radio frequency numbers and function alerts. Four speakers, two woofers and two tweeters, deliver a smooth combination of deep bass and sharp treble with just a little bit of mid-range to round out a balanced audio palette for some of the best output on the list.

Sirius XM Onyx Radio with Home Kit - Best Table Top Radio

The Onyx is Sirius XMs most popular radio unit, good for use at home, the office, or even in your car with an optional accessory kit. Offering literally hundreds of satellite radio stations, Onyx gives you music, talk, sports, and more across a range of radio genres. Many consumers have moved on from terrestrial radio and it’s easy to understand why since satellite offers commercial-free music programming, national talk radio, live game broadcasts from all the major sports leagues, the NCAA, and even NASCAR.

Satellite radio requires an annual subscription cost starting as low as $14.49 a month and some subscription levels allow you to listen to online programming. The Onyx radio unit comes with an easy to setup kit that easily attaches to your home stereo. You can also purchase the radio unit with a speaker dock which may also come with a car kit hookup for hitting the road.

Ten preset channels are available for one touch station access and a large backlit display gives you the channel number, artist name, song title and program information in large font. The Onyx is even customizable with six display colors to choose from.

Tivoli Audio Model One Tabletop Radio - Best Table Top Radio

This stylish conversation piece comes from the mind of renowned audio engineer Henry Kloss, a pioneer in the development of high-fidelity audio. You might think the elegant aesthetics are what define the Model One, but the hand-lacquered wood cabinet isn’t merely for show. The wood enclosure improves the sound quality of the unit, designed to provide an accurate audio reproduction at both the high-end and low.

Like many of the other radios on this list, a single 3-inch speaker handles monaural output. However, this radio also delivers a richer multi-stage sound presentation. This radio is not meant for high volume output and won’t be incredibly loud as it’s built to preserve the rich acoustic properties of the sound quality at normal volume levels. The unit has AM and FM radio bands, analog tuning and user-friendly knob controls to access every feature available. Much like the Crosley, this unit also has a plug-in for other portable mobile devices such as iPods, smartphones, tablets and more.

Wolverine RSR100 Retro Table Top Radio - Best Table Top Radio

With its attractive, retro appearance Wolverine's multifunctional radio is one of the best looking options on our list. Featuring a handmade wooden cabinet, this radio looks like something your grandparents might have huddled around back in the day; however, the sound quality is definitely for today's audiophile.

The modern refinement shines in the radio's multiple technological capacities, including Bluetooth capability for wirelessly connecting mobile devices for streaming music through the unit's heavy-magnet, long-throw 2 inch x 2 drivers. If your device can't play via wireless option, the 3.5mm aux jack lets you connect just as easy. The AM/FM radio features a digital tuner and eight presets for keeping your favorite stations at your fingertips.

Sangean WR-11 AM/FM Table Top Radio - Best Table Top Radio

The Sangean WR-11 looks and functions much like the Tivoli unit. Featuring AM/FM dial and digital rotary tuning, this tabletop radio is equipped with a backlit LCD/VFD Dial Scale display that recalls the old tabletop units of yesteryear. Much like our other picks, the wood cabinet housing complements a 6.5 watt amplifier and full-range three inch, 7 watt monoaural speaker to provide warm and accurate audio reproduction.

There aren't many bells and whistles beyond a 3.5mm auxiliary jack for plugging in mobile devices such as an iPhone, Android, or mp3 player. An included audio out port also lets you connect the radio to recording equipment or a high fidelity receiver component. Soft, precise tuning of the dial makes sure you're locked into your favorite station and rotary controls adjust the volume and switch between AM or FM frequencies.

Tesslor R601SW Stereo Tube Radio - Best Table Top Radio

The Tesslor R601SW isn’t cheap, but then this isn't just any normal radio. It offers many of the same features and functions as the others on our list, such as Bluetooth V3.0 streaming and auxiliary connectivity for compatible devices, an AM/FM radio, RCA connections, and a beautifully detailed vintage visual aesthetic.

What makes this radio stand out from the rest, however, is the quality of its audio output. The high-quality sound from the Tesslor R601SW is the result of a combination of a precision microprocessor stereo receiver and 6N2 tube-based pre amp. They work in concert with a final amp with two 6N1 tubes and 5 inch x 2 pc -4 ohm finely tuned speakers.

This package makes for some of the warmest lows and detailed highs for a lush sound palette that doesn't require a lot of volume to deliver rich, room-filling sound. With the R601SW Tesslor, it’s easy to see Tesslor has put a lot of thought and design into the building of these hand-made units.

Buyer's Guide

A radio is any device that can receive or pick up the electromagnetic waves in a field either by an antenna or other material and translate this wave to a sound that is then heard through this device. The basic function of a radio is to convey information from one place to another through some media like air, space, or non-conducting materials. Radios pick up signals from radio stations to deliver sound to users in their homes, offices, or any other place. Aside from this function, astronauts can also use radio to communicate from space to the earth. Navigators also use it to communicate with people at the station. Radios now come with some other functionalities like alarm, torch, MP3 player and so on. There has also been an improvement in the audio for better clarity in the sound produced. Our review of the best radios has given you a glimpse of the quality radios available in the market. Considering the abundance of quality on display, choosing one may not be easy. This buying guide will help you to simplify your selection process by pointing you to the things to consider when buying a radio as well as the likely budget. The guide also has a FAQ section for answering common questions about radios.

What are the Types of Radio?

In the past, radio devices were very small in number and are specifically built to transmit information. The types of radios are discussed below.

Analog Radio

Analog radios have been around longer than digital radios – they are the precursors to digital radios. They operate on two modulations – Amplitude Modulation (AM) and Frequency Modulation (FM).

AM radios are designed to pick up AM signals. In AM radios, the amplitude is varied. They operate in a low-frequency range between 535 and 1705 kHz. The sound quality on AM radios is not as good as FM radios.

FM radios pick up FM signals. Changes in amplitude also occur in FM radios; however, they are negligible. They operate between 88 to 108 MHz and generally have better sound quality than AM radios. Some radios are able to receive AM and FM signals. These analog radios are called AM/FM radios.

Digital Radio

Digital radios were developed to build on the gains of analog radios to provide a seamless listening experience. However, analog radio is still much useful in communication technology. The digital radio provides several advantages over the analog. Digital radios have increased channel capacity, longer range, clearer audio, longer battery life, GPS, and other advanced features. The digital radio uses the same mode of operation as the analog type. However, there is an extra layer of encoding between the voice signal and the carrier wave. The sound here is encoded in binary packets of ones and zeros.

What are the Things to Consider When Buying a Radio?

It is important to consider some key factors when buying a radio. Some of the few things to consider are highlighted below:


It is important to take note of the size of radio you intend to buy. If you are constantly on the move and need to have your radio by your side, it is important to choose a smaller one that can be carried around with ease. This characteristic is important for both the analog and digital types.

Power source

The radio’s power source is very important when choosing a radio. A radio’s power source is mostly either one of alternating current or dry cells. Some radios can be powered by both. Suppose you are the type that stays in an area with an epileptic power supply. In that case, it is advisable to get a radio that runs on batteries instead of an alternating current system. In an area where there is a constant supply of electricity, getting a radio that uses only electricity is not a problem. If you opt for a battery-powered radio, it is important that you check out the specific type of battery it uses to ensure it is one that you can easily find in your locale.

There are also some types of radios that run on rechargeable internal batteries.

Sound Quality

Radios are sound only devices hence the quality of sound they produce should be given utmost importance before buying one. The quality of sound is usually dependent on the quality and size of the speakers inside the radio. A good radio should produce clean audio that reduces static sound to the barest minimum.

Extra Feature

These days radios are built with additional features. Radios are now equipped with MP3 player devices, lamps, calculators, and so on. Choosing a radio with extra features depends on what else you need from the device, apart from the radio. Depending on the number of additional features the radio has, you could be carrying up to four devices around in a single radio set.

How Much do Radios Cost?

Depending on the size and power source of the radio, the price of a radio device ranges between $5 and $300. Radios within the price range of $100 and above are considered high-end. It is important to note that radios with additional features tend to be more expensive due to other features found in them.

Radio FAQs

Q – What radio frequency is harmful to humans?

A – The restriction of whole-body exposure is in the frequency range of 30-300MHz, so watch out for radios in this frequency range.

Q – Is radio still relevant??

A – Yes, radios are still relevant. Despite the advancement in television, radios are still the go-to media channel in terms of reach as more people listen to the radio.

Q – What is an internet radio?

A – It is the type of radio that needs internet connectivity to access it; they are tuned into via a website or a mobile app that leads to the frequency.

Q – Can you listen to the radio on your phone?

A – Many mobile phones are equipped with built-in FM/AM radio receivers. Smartphones with an internet connection can also be used to access internet radios. However, they may not perform optimally since they are not primarily made for this purpose.

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