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Bake Perfect Loaves with the Best Bread Pan

  1. USA Pan Pullman Bread Pan
  2. Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Bread Pan
  3. Lodge Bread Pan
  4. Norpro 8 Piece Mini Bread Pan
  5. Wilton Long Loaf Pan
  6. Buyer's Guide

Bread pans, sometimes called loaf pans, are a must if you're hoping to make a fresh loaf of sandwich bread or quick bread. Though most bread pans are in a traditional loaf shape, some are specially designed to make baguettes or individual-sized loaves. The best bread pans in 2022 are made from a high-quality metal that ensures even cooking and that doesn't develop hot spots that could burn the bread. They are also strong and durable and made to last for years. When choosing the best bread pans, we looked for pans that were long-lasting, made of high-quality materials, and highly recommended by home bakers. Here is our list of our favorite bread pans along with a handy buyer's guide for your bread-making needs.

Detailing the Best Bread Pans of 2022

USA Pan Pullman Bread Pan - Best Bread Pan Overall

The USA Pan Pullman Loaf Pan tops our list as the best bread pan. This pan is made from a commercial grade aluminized steel, a material prized by professional bakers because of its unmatched ability to transfer heat. This allows the pan to heat up and cool down quickly, which decreases baking time and helps prevent burning. The surface of the pan is corrugated and coated with Americoat, a silicone-based substance that provides a superior non-stick surface. Additionally, this pan comes with a cover, which makes it easy to store a loaf of bread once it's baked.

Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Bread Pan - Runner Up

The Chicago Metallic Commercial II Non-Stick Perforated Baguette Pan is one of the best bread pans you can buy. With its "diamond-quality" non-stick coating, this pan releases perfectly every time. It's also made from heavy-weight aluminized steel that heats up quickly and evenly. The pan is covered with small perforations, which allow an excellent crust to form all the way around the baguette or sub-sandwich loaf. If you're looking for a traditional loaf pan, Chicago Metallic also makes these in regular and miniature sizes.

Lodge Bread Pan - Honorable Mention

The cast iron Lodge Loaf Pan makes loaves of bread that have incredible golden crusts. Cast iron heats up very well and holds its heat for a long time, a quality that many cooks prefer because this allows an excellent crust to form. There's also nothing that even comes close to the durability of cast iron, and many families pass their iron cookware down for generations. Though the flavor of bread that comes out of this type of pan can't be beat, the downside to using cast iron is that it can stick to food so it needs to be oiled before use. It also requires a little extra care as these pans must be gently washed by hand and cannot be soaked or put in the dishwasher.

Norpro 8 Piece Mini Bread Pan - Consider

If you love to bake quick breads and send them to neighbors and family as delicious gifts, the Norpro 8 Piece Mini Loaf Pan is the perfect bread pan for you. This pan can be used to make eight small loaves at a time, each one 4.25-by-2.5 inches. The surface of the pan is covered with a high-quality non-stick coating that allows finished loaves to slide easily onto the cooling rack. Underneath this coating is a strong steel core that won't warp or bend. Though this is a great pan for making lots of individual loaves of bread, Norpro also makes bread pans that will bake four small loaves, or one regular-sized loaf.

Wilton Long Loaf Pan - Best Bread Pan

The problem with making a fresh loaf of sandwich or banana bread is that it disappears almost as fast as you can bake it. Fortunately, Wilton solved this problem by manufacturing a Long Loaf Pan. This pan measures 16-by-4 inches, and is 4 1/2 inches deep, which makes it the length of about one and a half standard pans. Since it's made from aluminum, the pan transfers heat very well, reducing the risk of burning the crust. It's also covered with a non-stick coating that allows finished bread to slide easily out of the pan.

Buyer's Guide

There are few things that people can universally agree on in this world, but one of them is that the smell of freshly baked bread is totally delicious. Quite frankly, there is something special about homemade bread— making your own loaf can become a culinary tradition with your kids or grandkids. Heck, it can also be a sure-fire way to impress a date.

If you want to start making your own bread, but you do not know what kind of bread pan you need for the job, you have come to the right place!

There are a variety of bread pans that are particularly suited to making certain types of bread. To help you find the right one, we have compiled this handy buying guide that covers everything from materials, features, and the average price.

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Why bake your own bread?

There are several reasons why you should try baking your own bread.

Baking bread is therapeutic

Baking is a relaxing and rewarding hobby. It can be just as creative as any other art form if you don’t follow a recipe. If you do follow a recipe, it can be just as relaxing as a paint by numbers. When you make bread, You engage your fine motor skills and enjoy multiple sensory stimulations, such as kneading the dough and smelling the ingredients.

You can add things to make specific flavors

If you want to find a tarragon and mustard loaf in a grocery store, the chances are likely that you’ll come home empty-handed. However, by making the bread yourself, you can add whatever flavors you want, specific to your tastes.

You can make a healthier bread

You can make a healthier version of your favorite loaf at home. You would be surprised how much salt and oil goes into a store-bought loaf. When making your own loaf, you know how many calories, salts, and carbs go into the mixture, which you can then take into account if you are on a diet.

You have allergies

A major benefit of making your own bread is that you can adapt it to your dietary requirements. For example, if you are allergic to nuts, you can be 100% certain no nuts have accidentally gone into your loaf. Similarly, if you are coeliac, you can try out different alternatives to wheat flour and make a bread you love.

You save money

Making your own bread will save you money in the long run, unless you always buy the cheapest loaf on the shelf. Once you have gotten the hang of making your own bread, it will taste just as good as the highest quality bread you can buy from a store - and you can enjoy it hot out of the oven!

Things to consider when buying bread pans

Bread pans come in a variety of sizes and materials. To buy the best bread pan for your baking needs, consider the following factors:


To choose the right size bread pan, check your bread recipe for instructions regarding bread pan size. If your recipe doesn’t say specifically the type of pan, or you would like to use a different sized pan anyway, there are a few ways to figure out what size will work best for you.

For a full loaf of bread that doesn’t leak over the edges of your pan, you need the batter to go two-thirds of the way up the side. You can also determine the right size by using a pan size chart. You can use this chart to weigh up common pan volumes and decide which is best for your recipe. There are many pan-size charts available for download online.


You may have a specific look in mind for your loaf that involves right-angled corners. However, if you don’t mind a rounded edge to your loaf, a rounded edge bread pan is much easier to clean.

Materials used

Glass bread pans are not only long-lasting and durable, but they are usually dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe.

Bread pans with non-stick coatings may lose their coating over time, but they are easy to clean.

Most metal pans are not dishwasher safe and need to be hand-washed.

If you feel that a bread pan is sometimes too heavy for holding comfortably, consider buying a silicone bread pan. They are lightweight and easy to store and clean. They are also easy to unmold. Unfortunately, they can absorb odor over time.

Heat conduction

Pans made from stainless steel or aluminum will heat faster than those made of silicone or glass. Certain types of bread require a fast heating bread pan to create a fast-rising effect at the start of the baking process. Dark metal pans will create a darker crust because they conduct more heat.

Bread pan price range

You can purchase a bread pan for as little as $10 and as much as $80. If you want a set of bread pans, you will undoubtedly pay more.


Q. Can I open the oven when baking bread?

A. When baking bread, the oven door should remain closed until the bread is done. This is because carbon dioxide created by the yeast causes the dough to rise. If you open the oven door before this process is complete, you let the carbon dioxide out, which will cause the dough to fall.

Q. What is the healthiest type of bread?

A. Bread made with sprouted whole grain is one of the healthiest loaves of bread you can buy. When wheat flour begins to sprout, it has over six times as much folate as regular flour. Folate is an important nutrient that is an imperative component in making healthy red blood cells.

Q. What is the most popular type of bread?

A. The most popular type of bread in the US is naan bread, followed by pitta and french bread. Surprisingly, all of these types of bread do not require a bread pan!

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