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Juice up Your Electronic Accessories With 5 Best C Batteries

  1. EBL Rechargeable 5000mAh C Battery
  2. Rayovac Ultra Pro Alkaline C Battery
  3. Duracell Copper Top Alkaline C Battery
  4. Energizer Premium Alkaline C Battery
  5. Buyer's Guide

Almost everything we use in our daily routines has an electronic input. Whether it's a flashlight, a toy, or your TV's remote control, all these devices require batteries to operate. And to make sure that these devices function properly and last longer, the batteries you put in them matter a lot. So, for your convenience, we've compiled a list of the best C batteries in 2022 and a buyer's guide so you make the right choice.

C batteries may not be as popular as AA but they still play a significant part of our everyday lives. But as frequently as we use them, not all of us know how to buy the right ones. Remember: these batteries are used in some of your gadgets and electronics.

What Is the Best C Batteries of 2022?

EBL Rechargeable 5000mAh C Battery - Best Overall

The best C batteries out there are by EBL. Firstly, let's appreciate the packaging and design of these batteries. Though it's not the most critical aspect of these products, it's worth appreciating: the white exterior and color choices are commendable. That being said, these ready-to-charge 5000mAh C batteries come in a pack of 6, and you also get a storage box, which is a bonus. These batteries are great for your everyday devices producing up to 12 volts of charge. In addition, they feature around 1200 rechargeable cycles, offering high performance and excellent quality for many uses in the battery's lifetime.

  • Durable and convenient storage case
  • Ideal for devices with higher power demand, like digital cameras, toys, MP3 players, flashlights, LED candles
  • Environment-friendly
  • Inconsistent and variable capacities

Rayovac Ultra Pro Alkaline C Battery - Honorable Mention

Rayovac batteries offer 1.5 volts of current with outstanding performance. It comes in two packs: a bundle of 6 and 12 batteries. The professional and durable design prevents leaks and ensures long life. This particular battery brand is specifically engineered for professional use, including wireless devices, flashlights, and other heavy-duty electronics. If stored, these Ultra Pro C batteries can last up to 10 years without leaking, rusting, or damaging. And last but not least, although you won't seem them very often when in a device, these batteries have a chic grey exterior with yellow, black, and white details, exhibiting aesthetics with quality.

  • Resealable packaging ensures safe storage
  • Ideal for video games, MP3 players, and portable CD players
  • Don't last as long as the competition

Duracell Copper Top Alkaline C Battery - Contender

Most of us are very familiar with Duracell since it has been around for quite a while now. Of course the C batteries by this brand are also top-notch. They come in three packages: with two cells, four, or eight. These alkaline batteries provide 1.5 volts and are ideal for different household items, like flashlights, remote controls, and toys. Duracell batteries are preferred for their workmanship, material quality, and longevity. They also come with replacement, repair warranties, and a 10-year life guarantee in storage. These batteries are also very long-lasting and provide excellent performance for a considerable length of time.

  • Reliable, well-known, and reputable brand
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Available in different sizes
  • Slightly expensive compared to other options

Energizer Premium Alkaline C Battery - Also Consider

Last but not least, Energizer C batteries are famous for their durability, quality, and performance. These batteries are also available in three packs: four batteries, eight batteries, and a combo pack. These alkaline batteries offer an impressive 1.5 volts and work for any everyday-use device, including remote controls, clocks, toys, flashlights, etc. The new Powerseal Technology is a highlight of the product. It offers durability, reliability, and excellent performance. When in storage, these C batteries can last for around ten years without damage.

  • Economical batteries
  • Long-lasting, powerful performance
  • Higher priced than others

Buyer's Guide

Despite the list being narrowed down, it can still be hard to choose one product if you don't know what you're looking for. Hence, here is a complete buying guide to give you the relevant information about C batteries and their optimum performance.

What Is A C Battery?

C batteries are standard-sized dry cell batteries generally used in everyday applications and devices that require medium power. They are great for musical instruments, flashlights, toys, audio players, and other routine gadgets.

Types Of C Batteries

Generally, there are two types of C batteries:

Non-Rechargeable Standard C Batteries

As the name suggests, these standard batteries cannot be recharged or reused; they are single-use batteries.

Rechargeable C Batteries

You can reuse rechargeable batteries many times, which is why they are a more sustainable choice. They are further subdivided into three categories: nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium, and lithium-ion batteries.

Factors That Matter When You Are Buying C Batteries

Selecting the best C batteries can be intimidating, but if you keep the right criterion in mind, the selection won't be that difficult. Here are some factors to consider when selecting C batteries.


Do you want reusable, sustainable batteries or single-use ones? Keep this specific characteristic in mind when you are shopping.


Check the specifications, like the voltage, recharge cycles, and other things marked on the battery. They will help you determine how outstanding the performance is and what you can use the batteries for.


While certain batteries claim to be reusable and long-lasting, they are far from durable. Against the mighty claims, they may leak, corrode, or not be able to hold a charge. Therefore, always check the exterior, the packaging they come in, and expiration date. It will help you determine how long these batteries will last when installed and when in storage.

Price Tag

Last but not least, if you are getting C batteries for everyday use, you don't want them to be too expensive. Look at the price tag and check the number of batteries you get at that cost. If it looks unreasonable, it probably is. Move onto something more appropriate to your budget.

Tips To Extend Your C Battery's Life

We all want to get the most out of our batteries because let's face it, we spent hard-earned money on them, didn't we? To make sure you get your money's worth, here are some ways you can extend the life of your C batteries.

Remove the batteries if you're not using the device

We all have devices and gadgets in the house that we seldom use, but they always have batteries installed. From old toys to Halloween decorations and lights, there is always something in the house that does not need batteries but still has them in. Take out these batteries and store them somewhere cool and dry. You can use them later or put them in a gadget that you use more frequently.

Recharge the battery before it runs out

Rechargeable C batteries tend to last longer if you recharge them often. In contrast, if you only recharge these batteries once they are fully depleted, their overall lifespan will shorten over time.

C Battery FAQ

Q: What should I do with a leaking C battery?

A: If you find your C battery leaking, make sure you remove it from the device or the storage container and dispose of it via electronic waste. Do not try to wash it, clean it, or reuse it. Next, clean the device or the storage container. Lemon juice and white vinegar are mild acids that can neutralize the alkaline. So, dab some of it on there before wiping it off.

Q: Do C batteries last long?

A: Yes, C-batteries have a long lifespan. However, the lifespan of this battery type is dependent on the device’s power consumption and manufacturing quality.

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