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The Best Cable Covers for Cords in Your Home

  1. D-Line Raceway On-Wall Cable Cover For Cord
  2. EVEO Wall Cable Cover For Cord
  3. A+ Electric 32 Pcs Connectors Cable Cover For Cord
  4. Delamu Raceway Kit Cable Cover For Cord
  5. Yecaye Channel Concealer Cable Cover For Cord
  6. Buyer's Guide

Cable covers for cords are widely used across the world in many different settings. The primary aim of these tools is to protect people from potential hazards created by wires and cables around the house or office. You may use cable cords to protect newly installed cables from any damage, or you can use them to cover up already damaged cables. You can also use them to keep cables tidy.

With so many applications of cable covers, it is important to choose the right one for your home or workplace. This is why we bring you the best cable covers for cords in 2022 that you can use in multiple settings successfully.

Here are the best cable covers for cords of 2022

D-Line Raceway On-Wall Cable Cover For Cord - Best Overall

This D-Line white cord cover is a half-round cover that can easily blend with home decor and paint colors in most houses. It is a great way to neatly hide all cables and wires on walls and the floor. This one-piece design with a hinged lid gives you easy access to all cables you're trying to conceal. This is an easy-to-install unit that anyone can manage. The D-Line cord cover is available in several different colors. However, it is also paintable, so you can paint it to adjust to the paint job in your house. The cable cover is made of high-grade PVC and can be cut to adjust to the size of your cables.

EVEO Wall Cable Cover For Cord - Runner Up

This set of cable covers is ideal for about 300 inches of cable in your home. It contains all the necessary components that you need to hide and cover cables and wires in your home. The fine finishing of the cable cover makes it easy to fit in with all the other appliances in your home. The steady structure of the components ensures longevity and durability so your cables can stay secure for a long time without the cover falling apart. You can use tape or screws to install the cable cord concealer. Installation is really easy and will take up to 15 minutes depending on how much cable you're trying to conceal.

A+ Electric 32 Pcs Connectors Cable Cover For Cord - Honorable Mention

This is another great cable concealer for hiding and covering multiple cables in your home, and it comes with a generous 315 inches worth to ensure you won't run out. The kit comes with all the necessary components that you will need to conceal cables and wires with a professional look. The set is really easy to install and perfectly blends in with your furniture and other home equipment. You can use it across or down walls, on the floor, or near decorative moldings. The adhesive on the cord concealer is strong enough to stick to any surface.

Delamu Raceway Kit Cable Cover For Cord - Contender

This Delamu cable cover kit contains ten cable management channels that you can use to conceal unruly wiring jobs. You can easily cover exposed wires and cables to give a clean look to your home or office. The ten PVC channels also come with nineteen connectors, twenty screws and anchors, and a self-adhesive, so you're unlikely to find a situation where this kit won't work. You can use the screws and anchors to fix the cord concealer or self-adhesive to stick the cable covers on any surface. Both methods are really easy to implement; however, we don't recommend trying to install these cable covers on textured walls.

Yecaye Channel Concealer Cable Cover For Cord - Also Consider

If you're tired of messy cables or bunches of unprotected wires sitting idle in your home, then this cord channel cable concealer is the right product for you. This cable cover is specifically made for a single cord that needs to be covered, such as anEthernet cable, coaxial cable line, or a power cable. A small connector helps you cover the cable and enclose it safely. The set comes with eight such wire concealers that you can use to cover small cords like lamp cables. The total length of the channels is 125 inches. The channels come with a strong adhesive tape that can stick to any surface easily. However, these channels are not made for textured walls.

Buyer's Guide

Now that we've looked at several great options of cable covers, let's look at how to find the best ones. There are several things to consider before you buy a cable concealer. This buying guide will discuss all such requirements and guide you on how to buy the best cable covers for your home.

Why do you need cable covers?

Cable covers can be extremely useful for households and offices alike. They provide a neat way to organize wires and cables to protect them from any damage. They also house bunches of unorderly wires that can make your house look messy. You can easily conceal these wires and get a cleaner look for your home with cable covers. However, the most important use of a cable cover is that it protects you and your family from damaged and unprotected wires. With cable concealers installed in your home, you will no longer be at risk of getting electrocuted by these wires or tripping on them.

How to choose the best cable cover for cords

You will need to consider the following attributes to choose the right cable covers for the cables and wires around you.

Type of Cable Cover

Several types of cable covers are made specifically for a certain surface or area. These include wall cable covers, outdoor cable covers, heavy-duty cable concealers, floor cable concealers, and cable mats. All of these are made for specific surfaces and should be used accordingly. For example, if you need to hide TV cables and HDMI cables, a wall cable concealer would better suit you. Similarly, if you wish to cover a thick patch of wires, a cable mat will be better than the other options.

Size of Cable Cover

You can find cable covers of different sizes. These include both thick, thin, long, and short cable protectors. You should choose a size for your cable protectors that would be suitable for the wires that you're trying to conceal. If the wires are really long, you need to look for a correspondingly long cable cover. Likewise, if you're covering up a bunch of thick wires, a broader cable cover would be more suitable for that application.

Installation Options

Easy installation should be a priority when investing in a cable protector. This is because you will most likely be installing the cable cover on your own. An easy installation process means a cleaner finish on your end. Most cable covers either have self-adhesive for sticking to walls or door frames, or they come with screws and anchors to firmly attach the cable cover on any surface. It helps to decide which installation method would be better for you before you choose a cable cover.


When you buy a cable cover, you're looking for an option that will provide maximum protection for you and your cables. This means that you need a durable and long-lasting cable protector that won't fail unexpectedly. This is why you should check the quality of the materials used in making the cable cover and how long their warranty is. A year-long warranty would be the best to get so you can rest assured that your cables are protected for a longer time.

Cable Cover FAQ

Q: Can I use cable covers on the floor?

A: There are many different types of cable covers. These include cable covers for the floor as well. You should check whether your cable covers are meant for the floor or not. However, most cable concealers work just fine on a floor and can cover wires there. You can also get a floor cable cover for your specific need.

Q: Can I paint cable covers?

A: Cable covers generally come in colors that go well with home appliances and the general theme of a house. However, if you want to paint your cable covers for any reason, you can paint them. Most cable covers are open to a paint job, but you must check the product before putting anything on it. If the material is not absorbent, you may cause a mess while painting.

Q: Are there any flat cable covers available?

A: Flat cable covers look better than their alternative, which is why most people prefer flat cable protectors wherever they can use them. However, flat cable covers are only for thin wires that you can put together in a flat cover. If the wires are thick, chances are a flat cable cover will not be enough for them.

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