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No More Cat Hair With The Best Cat Brushes

  1. FURminator deShedding Cat Brush
  2. JW Pet GripSoft Wood Double Sided Cat Brush
  3. HappyDogz Anshar Cat Brush
  4. Love Glove Grooming Mitt Cat Brush
  5. Ultimate Touch Gentle Slicker Cat Brush
  6. Buyer's Guide

Whether your cat has short or long hair, they can benefit from regular brushing. A good comb or brush will remove dirt, grease, and dead skin cells which feline grooming cannot reach in addition to simulating blood circulation and reducing the possibility of hairballs. As cats age, they aren't able to clean themselves as well as they once did and need your assistance. Introducing them to the regimen at a young age can make it easier to assist them with their grooming habits later on. Long haired cats can develop matted hair and other issues easily if not brushed regularly. Choosing the right brush and starting the habit while your cat is still a kitten will make the act a bonding experience akin to a mother brushing her child's hair. The best cat brushes in 2022 on this list were chosen because they feel soft on your pet's skin yet be strong enough to remove dead hair and dirt from the undercoat.

What are the best cat brushes of 2022?

FURminator deShedding Cat Brush - Best Cat Brush Overall

The FURminator comes in four sizes, large and small for both short and long haired cats, and effectively removes the dead undercoat hiding underneath your feline's fur. Although it is not a razor, it is a bit rough for some cats and it removes enough hair that you might not believe there isn't a knife beneath the bristles. The manufacturer claims that the FURminator eliminates up to 90 percent of shedding with just one brushing session per week and guarantees it will reduce shedding better than any other brush or comb. It also comes with the patented FURejector button which helps you remove hair from the brush easily. The FURminator is the best cat brush on the market because it is specially designed to keep long-haired cats' fur smooth, sleek, and clean, yet soft enough for medium and short-haired cats who cannot properly groom themselves.

JW Pet GripSoft Wood Double Sided Cat Brush - Runner Up

The GripSoft Double Sided Wood Brush doubles the chance your cat will enjoy the grooming experience by including both soft and pin bristles. The sturdier side of the brush is used to remove mats, tangles, and dead hair nestled underneath the surface of your feline's coat while the soft bristles are designed for gentle daily grooming. The ergonomically designed, non-slip handle sits comfortably in the pet owner's hands throughout the brushing session. The GripSoft Double Sided Wood Brush will help keep your feline's coat looking beautiful while reducing hairballs and shedding and is suitable for all breeds.

HappyDogz Anshar Cat Brush - Honorable Mention

If you don't have the correct equipment, grooming your pet may be a major pain. Luckily, you don't need to worry about this with the HappyDogz cat Brush. This product will assist in removing your cat's dead hair on time while causing no discomfort to your cat. The cat brush is safe and will not harm your cat. At the very least, it will offer them a great deal of comfort by eliminating excessive hair and making them appear neat. Consider using this product if you like grooming your pets at home rather than at an expensive pet salon. It provides expert grooming that leaves your pet's coat gleaming for weeks. This cat brush is simple to clean and will not take much of your time.

Love Glove Grooming Mitt Cat Brush - Also Consider

The Love Glove is a mitten covered with brush bristles which remove dirt, dust and dead hair from your cat as you pet them. It can be purchased with either rubber or metal tips to fit your grooming needs and is also an effective way to remove cat hair from furniture and carpets. The lightweight neoprene glove contours to your cat's body the same way your hand does when petting which makes the grooming experience more comfortable. Although it claims to be great for both long and short-haired cats, the bristles are likely not as effective as a sturdier brush for removing mats and tangles from long-haired cats. It is also unfortunate that the glove only comes in a right-handed version, making it difficult for left-handed people to enjoy.

Ultimate Touch Gentle Slicker Cat Brush - Consider

The Ultimate Touch Gentle Slicker for cats is a popular wire brush. It is designed to remove dead hair, dirt, and grease without irritating your cat with overly sturdy bristles. The brush has a professional non-slip grip handle which is comfortable to hold. It's wide, square surface can brush your entire cat in a few strokes and is recommended for cats with sensitive skin and delicate coats. The Ultimate Touch Gentle Slicker is guaranteed to last for 3 years.

Buyer's Guide

Best Cat Brushes Buying Guide

Cats are excellent groomers on their own, which should come as no surprise. However, when it comes to maintaining their furry coat clean and shining, they still require assistance from humans. When shopping for a brush for your long-haired cat, keep in mind that the length of the bristles is very important. Furthermore, you must ensure that the brush is soft and comfortable to handle - without exerting excessive pressure.

Grooming your cat on a daily basis will help you maintain hair clean and healthy, strengthening your relationship with them. Below is a buying guide to choose the best cat brushes for your cat.

What are the types of cat coats?

Long and semi-long coat

You'll need to know what sort of coat your cat has before you can start looking for the finest cat hairbrush. A cat's coat might be one of five different kinds. This coat is categorized as having a length of more than 1.5 inches, although it may reach a maximum length of five inches. Brushing your long-haired cat every few days is essential. Pin and slicker brushes, as well as a comb, are suitable brush types for long hair.

Curly and wavy coat

Curly and wavy coats are gaining popularity among cat lovers, and it's easy to understand why. These kittens are very cute. A slicker brush is an excellent option for cats with these coats. Cats having curly or wavy coats can be heavy shedders; thus, a de-shedding tool might be beneficial.

Short coat

Short-haired cats have coats that are no longer than 1.5 inches long. Slicker and soft bristle brushes are the most suitable ones for short-haired cats.


Finally, there are hairless cats. These elegant felines require no introduction and do not require grooming. These cats are low-maintenance and hypoallergenic due to the lack of fur.

What are the types of cat brushes available in the market?

Now that you know what sort of coat your pet has, you can pick the brush that will maintain it shiny and free of knots.

Bristle brush

All sorts of cats benefit from bristle brushes. Bristle brushes are best used as a finishing brush for cats with longer hair.

Pin brush

Pin brushes are ideal for eliminating knots and tangles as well as preventing matting in the future. Pin brushes are suitable for cats with long or semi-length hair, but they may also assist in removing tangles from curly or wavy hair.

Slicker brush

No matter what kind of cat you have, a slicker brush is an excellent option to have. Slicker brushes can help your cat get rid of knots, smooth their coat, and spread natural oils throughout their hair. If your cat has long hair, excessive brushing might cause hair breaking, which you should avoid.

Comb for cats

A comb is an essential element of any grooming equipment for long-haired cats. To ensure that all of their extra furs are removed, use a comb in conjunction with a slicker or pin brush.

Tool for deshedding

Any cat that sheds a lot should be introduced with a deshedding tool. This gadget guarantees that your cat is in good health and your sofa is free of cat hair. If you use this on a short-haired cat, be aware that it may scrape their skin.

What are the factors to consider while buying a cat brush?


You must constantly ensure that the teeth of the brush must be evenly spaced. They shouldn't be too close together or too far apart.

If your cat has thin or short hair, a brush with closely spaced teeth is advised. If you have a long-haired cat, on the other hand, choose a cat brush with teeth that are spread far apart. You can ensure that it combs all of your cat's hair, even down to its innermost regions, by doing so.


Make sure the cat brush is of higher quality than normal brushes. A high-quality cat brush should work effectively and feel pleasant and soft on your cat's skin. Even if you believe you'll save a lot of money by using low-quality brushes, you'll never be satisfied. Buying a product, after all, is all about striking a balance between visual appeal and, most crucially, performance.


Knowing the brand of the brush allows you to ensure that it will perform well. Though most people believe that marketing only determines a brand's identity, this is not the case every time.

Knowing the brand allows you to determine whether the goods, in this example, the brush, is worth purchasing. If you know the brand, you'll be able to tell if it'll perform well. If the brush's creator isn't well-known, you might ask other individuals who have used it to know what they think of it.


It's all about the aesthetics since you don't want to utilize anything that looks awful. However, it's not only about the design; it's also about the whole user experience.

By ensuring that the brush's design is nice, you're ensuring that you'll have a simple experience while using it. That is something you must always keep in mind.


The pricing is the final but surely not the least essential factor to consider when selecting an excellent brush for the cat. The pricing will determine whether or not purchasing the brush is justified. This does not imply that you must select the one with the highest price because of its ostensibly superior quality. Be mindful of the fact that there are several high-quality brushes available at reasonable prices.

What are some of the tips for cat grooming?

Do not brush them too much

While short-haired cats may be brushed once a week, dealing with a long-haired cat necessitates a different strategy. It's because you'll have to brush them several times over the week. Their hair is readily matted and tangled, and when this occurs, their shedding is disrupted.

Know when to stop brushing

Stop when you can't get any more hair from your cat. If you keep brushing, you'll most likely scrape their skin, scarring your furry partners in the process. To keep this from happening, always remember to stop when you can no longer extract more hair from them.

Know when to bathe your cat

It isn't always enough to brush them; you must also bathe them. You'll ensure that they're cleaned as thoroughly as possible by doing so. This also ensures that your cat is adequately groomed. Some filth will not be eliminated by just brushing it away. Grime, oil, and other sticky substances are difficult to remove, and bathing is the only way to do it. Don't bathe them if they still look and smell good. If you over-bathe them, they will most likely develop dry skin and become ill.

Best Cat Brushes FAQs

Q: Is it appropriate to brush a cat on a daily basis?

A: Although there is nothing problematic with brushing your cat on a regular basis, you must be careful not to overdo the grooming, as this may irritate your cat over time.

Q: Can I brush my cat with a normal brush?

A: Although there's nothing inappropriate with using a regular brush on cats, using that as your major combing tool on a routine basis may cause long-term damage to your cat's sensitive skin.

Q: What is the ideal way to get rid of cat fur from my home?

A: The most convenient technique for removing pet hair from your house is to use a vacuum cleaner. Brushing your cat properly, on the other hand, lowers shedding and may considerably reduce the quantity of pet hair in your home.

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