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Best Cat Foods to Keep Your Pet Satisfied

  1. Innova Dry Kitten Food
  2. Wellness Complete Canned Cat Food
  3. EVO Canned Cat Food
  4. Buyer's Guide

Cat food manufacturers are constantly inventing new recipes - wet and dry, holistic, natural, grain-free, and organic - nearly all of which claim to be specially formulated to meet your feline's dietary needs.  While any type of ingredients can be combined to produce a product with the appropriate protein level, they are not all the same.  Many veterinarians now recommend canned foods over dry due to their high moisture content which helps compensate for the feline's low thirst drive.  It will be up to you to decide which level of quality you expect from the ingredients.

Natural cat foods are made with ingredients produced by nature (not in a laboratory) and subjected to minimal processing.  These recipes, although indeed natural, may contain meat by-products, grains, soy, or other fillers.

Grain-free cat foods do not necessarily contain high quality meats and may contain other starchy fillers like potatoes or vegetables.  They are merely grain-free.

Holistic recipes believe the inclusion of fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient dense ingredients are the best way to nourish an animal from the inside out.  Some recipes include grains and protein quality may vary as there is no requirement to use natural or organic meats in holistic recipes.

Organic cat foods are made from ingredients grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, added growth hormones, antibiotics, by-products, or bio-engineering.  They can be made from any combination of ingredients (including grains), as long as they are organic.
Whether you decide that price, protein quality, or the mix of ingredients is the most important factor when choosing a cat food, these lists will guide you to the best cat foods in 2022, highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of each recipe.

Here are the best cat foods of 2022

best Innova Dry Kitten Food

Innova Dry Kitten Food - Runner Up

Innova dry kitten food was formulated to match the nutrient profiles recommended by the AAFCO for cats at all life stages and contains DHA to enhance cognitive and visual development. The recipe contains a minimum of 40 percent protein and 22 percent fat, a maximum of 10 percent moisture and 3 percent fiber, including some brown rice. Innova is the most affordable high protein kibble on the market. It is available at most pet stores and often recommended in online chat rooms by other pet owners as the way to save money without sacrificing nutrition. The irony is that cats do not need carbohydrates in their diet and the cheaper price is likely made possible by substituting brown rice in place of additional high quality protein. However, the carb contentremains much lower than many brands, making Innova a good option for kitten parents who need to save a few dollars per bag.

Wellness Complete Canned Cat Food - Honorable Mention

Wellness Complete Health canned kitten food contains only 1 percent less protein than the Wellness CORE canned kitten food and is available in a 3 ounce size which is more suitable for single servings. The recipe contains a maximum of 78 percent moisture, a minimum of 11 percent protein and 7 percent fat, and was formulated according to the recommended nutrition levels for growth established by the AAFCO. It is widely available and just what your carnivore needs to compensate for a naturally low thirst drive. If your cat will tolerate leftovers, you should opt for the higher quality CORE line which is free of GMOs, byproducts, wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, but only sold in 5.5 ounce cans.

EVO Canned Cat Food - Consider

EVO cat and kitten canned food is a grain free recipe made with high quality meats and added antioxidant vitamins. It contains a minimum of 12 percent protein and 8 percent fat, a maximum of one-half percent fiber and 78 percent moisture, and is formulated to meet the nutrition levels established by the AAFCO for cats at all stages of life. The smallest size available is 5.5 ounces, which is too large to be a healthy single serving for a kitten. If you are willing to seek out this less available brand and your feline can tolerate leftovers, this moderately priced canned food can help blossom a healthy life for your kitten.

Buyer's Guide

Cats are adorable, cuddly, and can live for a long time if you take care of them. Picking the best food for your cat is a pretty important thing. Just like humans, they need proper nutrition in order to stay healthy and happy.

With the various cat food offered, picking the ideal one for your kitty can be pretty challenging. Every cat has different requirements based on its age, weight, and health conditions. So, how do you know which food is the most suitable for your cat?

We have put together this buying guide so that you can make the best choice possible about what food will be the best for your fluffy friend.

What Are The Most Essential Tips On Cat Food?

  • When switching to new cat food, do it gradually by adding little amounts of the new food in with the cat's current food.
  • Be sure to reassess your cat's needs from time as his age, weight, activity level, or health change.
  • If your pet has a pretty sensitive tummy, then you will have to pick pet food very wisely.
  • Be sure to buy cat food that comes from an animal source because cats digest animal protein better.
  • Avoid giving out a lot of treats or human foods.
  • Adjust the amount you feed to keep your cat's shape – don't overfeed or underfeed.

What Should You Consider When Buying Cat Food?

Life Stages

Kitties and adult cats have different food needs. So it is pretty crucial that you read the cat food label and look for a life stage description. For example, if the label says "balanced for all stages of life," that means that it is completely safe for an adult cat or kitten. But if it says "adult maintenance," then this cat food is meant only for adult cats.

Activity Level

When picking food, it's necessary to examine how active your cat is to make sure it is getting enough calories.

If you have an energetic, strong cat that likes to run around outside, then an adult formula would be the best option.

For less active cats who mainly stay home, look for an indoor formula. Indoor formulas have lower fat content and can help prevent your cat from getting overweight.


Another important factor you should put into considerations is the ingredients. You may want to pick a product that has at least 30% protein. So here are some ingredients that you should look for:

  • Meat: Cats are meat-eating animals, so the main ingredient you should be looking for is meat, and you should avoid carbohydrates.
  • Fat: Fat should also be listed as one of the first ingredients.
  • Fiber: Cats require a large amount of fiber–found like brown rice–to maintain proper digestive health.
  • Taurine: is quite essential for your cat. The lack of taurine might cause blindness, heart problems, or even death.
  • Allergen-free: Grains, chicken, wheat, and soy are allergens, so avoid these ingredients if your cat is allergic.


There are different packages, so try to pick a size that will fit your cat's needs for at least a week. It is good to take food in small packages so that it remains fresh. But if you have more than one kitty, consider buying a larger quantity of food.


You need to know that there are multiple brands to pick from when it comes to cat food. Be sure that you stick with a genuine and reputed brand because they will provide a completely balanced cat food that is backed with a lot of testing and experimental research.

What Is The Price Range of Cat Foods?

The price can vary depending on the brand, packaging, and ingredients. On average, you can expect to pay around $50 per month for your fluffy friend, which isn't a lot. Cat food usually runs from $10-$40 per packaging, but there are even expensive ones that can be up to $200.

For example, a 20-lb bag usually will cost you around $19. and will last for 20 days. So you will be spending only $1 per day on your cat's food.

What are the different types of cat food?

Dry cat food

Packed in bags or boxes, this food appears in the form of pellets, chips, or biscuits. It has a long shelf life and is one of the cheaper options for cat food. Choose dry food with the largest amount of protein you can.

Wet cat food

This type of cat food contains high moisture content and is usually stored in pouches or cans. Wet food contains more fats, protein, and water than dry cat foods. But it can be a bit more expensive than dry food, and it is less easy to store and serve.

Raw cat food

Raw food can be incredibly nutritious for your pet if done right. It is mostly composed of meat, vegetables, grains, and any extra supplements combined for health benefits. This type of diet imitates a cat's natural diet.


What you feed your cat can impact how long it lives. High-quality foods improve the quality of life. You should always pay attention to the first five ingredients on the label of the cat food. Picking food that is rich in protein is pretty important, so be sure that you use this buying guide in your next hunt for cat food.

Cat Food FAQ

Q: Dry or wet cat food?
A: Most of the cats have personal preferences, so you will see how they will react to the cat's food. Vegetarians recommend that cats should have a mix of wet and dry food. Cat's don't drink a lot of water because of their origins, so by giving them a mix, you will ensure a balanced and complete diet for your cat. But remember that, while the dry food can remain in a bow for the whole day, wet food should be thrown away after 20 minutes.

Q: Should I change my cat's food from time to time?
A: Changing the cat's food is completely up to your cat's needs. Most of the cats will be pretty happy to eat the same food for a long period. But if you want to change it up, you can purchase different flavors of the same food.

Q: Can my cat eat human food?
A: You can give your beloved pet some human food, but you shouldn't do it every time. Giving your cat food from your plate increases the risk of you supplying them with something poisonous.

Q: Is my cat overweight?
A: You can check if your cat is overweight by simply running your hands along their chest side. You should be able to feel their ribs easily but not actually see them. And if you're not able to feel their ribs, then we would advise you to go to the vet.

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