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Review: Best Window Tinting Film

Tinting your car windows provides a lot of benefits -- a more stylish look, lower interior temperatures, and more privacy. But there are several different types of window tinting films on the market, and each one has its own set of pros and cons. Check out our list of the best window tinting films in 2021 below to help you make the best decision depending on your application, budget, and desired look.

We definitely recommend professional installation for best results. That said, if you're determined to try installing window tint yourself, you'll need a basic tint installation tool kit to start. You can find DIY window tint films on Amazon, too.

The Best Window Tinting Films in Detail

best classic window tinting film

FormulaOne Classic Window Tinting Film

Though owned by LLumar, FormulaOne is known separately for making extremely high-quality window tints. The Formula 1 Classic series is a metal-free dyed film window tint, and comes in a variety of shades. The Classic tint offers a neutral, non-reflective appearance paired with a deep shade that can cut down on visible light rejection for more privacy.

The Classic line also offers class-leading heat rejection qualities, so the interior of your car can stay cool even in the hot summer months. When installing window tint, be sure to check you're in compliance with your local laws and ordinances.

best tinting film

Llumar Window Tinting Film

LLumar is a leading brand when it comes to window tint, popular amongst those who are willing to pay for high quality. The LLumar ATC metal-free dyed film window tint offers privacy and UV protection without the drawbacks usually associated with metallic window tints.

This window tint is long-lasting, resisting fading and maintains a stable color over time. LLumar ATC is durable and scratch-resistant, and will even keep shattered glass together. This dyed film window tint is popular for a reason, and makes for an excellent overall choice.

best automotive tinting film

Madico Automotive Window Tinting Film

Madico's Charcool non-metallic dyed film window tint is a solid all-around choice, offering privacy and heat reduction for your vehicle. In keeping interior temperatures lower and protecting against UV rays, this window tint keeps occupants comfortable and protects the interior of your vehicle.

The film is offered in multiple darkness levels, although be sure to check with your local laws and ordinances to be sure you are in compliance with regulations. Madico's Charcool tint is also durable enough to help keep the window from shattering, increasing safety.

best tint films

Solar Gard Supreme Window Tinting Film

Solar Gard’s Supreme Window Tint is good if you’re more interested in keeping your electronics functional when inside your car than having the higher solar energy rejection that a metallic film can offer. However, the Supreme line of dyed film window tints still offer high heat rejection levels in order to protect the interior of your car from sun/heat damage.

Supreme tint is offered in several darkness levels, although it’s up to you to find out what’s legal in your area before installation. Best of all, you can count on this high-quality tint to last throughout the years instead of fading, peeling, streaking, bubbling, or any other unwanted behavior that you get from cheaper, lower-quality tints.

Johnson Ray Guard

Johnson Ray Guard

Johnson's Ray Guard non-metallic dyed film window tint offers high quality and durability at a more affordable price point. This window tint provides a charcoal look while offering UV protection and heat and glare reduction.

Multiple shades offered allow you to choose the style and level of privacy you prefer, although it’s always a good idea to first check with your local laws. Johnson Ray Guard tint is durable, scratch-resistant, and designed to last without the fading and bubbling seen on other cheaper window tints.

Huper Optik Select Series Car Tint

Huper Optik Select Series Car Tint

Window tints from German manufacturer Huper Optik are often much more expensive than competing products, because they’re designed to perform at a high standard for years. Window tint UV rejection is 99 percent, and infrared light rejection is similarly rated at 98 percent.

Though this dye-free tint may be constructed of metal films, the appearance is surprisingly neutral with very little reflectivity. If you have any doubts about this window tints high price and promised quality, Huper Optik stands behind their products with a lifetime warranty which includes protection against discoloration.

Madico Onyx Window Tint

Madico Onyx Window Tint

Madico’s Onyx tint is a fully-metalized, high performance window tint containing no dyes. The tints construction allows for high levels of solar energy rejection, as the rays tend to bounce off the metal surface instead of being absorbed in the film itself.

This product is also very durable, which provides some anti-glass shatter benefits while UV and infrared transmission levels through the tint are reduced to near-zero levels. The Onyx window tint is available in several different darkness levels, though some may not be legal in your area.

Johnson Executive Window Tint

Johnson Executive Window Tint

Though Johnson markets this tint towards owners of executive cars, it is suitable for use by anyone who wants the outstanding performance of this fully-metalized film. The Executive window tint is slightly reflective in appearance, though the color is very neutral. This tint boasts high levels of solar energy rejection and glare reduction, along with a 99 percent UV reduction rate.

The manufacturer warranty covers any defects in this tint which include discoloration, bubbling, and streaking. The Johnson Executive line of window tints is offered in different darkness levels, but be sure to check with your local laws before you apply any tint to your vehicle.

Huper Optik Ceramic Window Tint

Huper Optik Ceramic Window Tint

Huper Optik is a German company specializing in high-quality window tint for all applications and their Ceramic line one of the best ceramic window tints available. This tinting product is capable of heat rejection levels that only a darker non-ceramic tint can match, and doesn’t interfere with electronics operations.

It’s appearance is simply that of a darker shade on the window, so there’s none of the shiny reflective look of a metallic window tint. Unlike traditional tints, ceramic window tinting allows for clear visibility even at darker levels thanks to the advanced technologies involved. This is easily among the best window tints you can get today, and the high price tag will reward you with performance ahead of its class.

Johnson Insulatir Automotive Window Tint

Johnson Insulatir Automotive Window Tint

Johnson’s range of high-quality window tint films are constructed from Titanium Nitride, offering excellent glare reduction and heat rejection even when compared to darker competing tints. The tint blocks high levels of solar energy including infrared light rejection and almost zero penetration of ultraviolet light.

Thanks to the metal-free ceramic construction, this tint won’t interfere with your electronic devices. As with all ceramic tints, the Insulatir tint is highly durable and won’t fade, discolor, oxidize, or deteriorate unlike cheaper tints. With this tint you “go big or go home”. If you can afford it, Johnson Insulatir offers excellent, high-performance automotive window tinting.

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