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Start Your Car from a Distance with the Best Remote Car Starters

  1. Viper Remote Replacement 7756V Remote Car Starter
  2. Avital 7143L 1-Way 4 Button Replacement Remote Car Starter
  3. Directed Electronics 474T 434 MHz Remote Car Starter
  4. Bulldog Security Vehicle System with 2 Remote Car Starter
  5. Viper Replacement 7656V Remote Car Starter
  6. Buyer's Guide

Though keyless door and trunk systems have been factory standard features on cars for years, the capabilities of remote car operations have increased drastically. With a remote car starter, you can not only start your vehicle from a distance, you can even activate your heater or air conditioning.

Whether you live in a sun-baked climate or frigid tundra, these devices give you the ability to regulate the environment of your car from your couch. Most systems today have two-way communication between the transmitter and remote telling you whether the car successfully started, your alarm just engaged, or the trunk opened because you sat on the remote.

We've chosen the best remote car starters in 2022 that offer reliable performance with at decent range and good basic features such as keyless entry. Some of our higher end picks even include two-way functionality with displays allowing for monitoring information such as the interior temperature of your vehicle. All of our selections are from trusted manufacturers, and we've included picks to meet every price range.

Start your engine with ease with the best remote car starters on the market in 2022

Viper Remote Replacement 7756V Remote Car Starter - Best Remote Car Starter Overall

The Viper 4706V remote start system incorporates a two-way remote with a display, and a one-way remote with five buttons. These remotes are rechargeable and extremely slim with Viper claiming they’re the slimmest display remotes on the market.

The system can be paired up with two cars and includes standard features such as remote door locks and a trunk release. It also allows you to check information such as the temperature inside the car, as well as set a timer so you can decide how long you want to leave the car running.

Avital 7143L 1-Way 4 Button Replacement Remote Car Starter - Runner Up

As a budget-friendly option from a reputable company, it's no surprise that the Avital 4103 is a popular choice. This remote start system covers all the basics, with two compact four-button remotes and plenty of features.

Although it's usually best to get these systems professionally installed, this remote start system is favored by professionals, who say it’s simple to install and works very well. Features include keyless entry, trunk release, timer mode, and a panic mode. Although basic, this affordable remote start system comes from a good company offers excellent value.

Directed Electronics 474T 434 MHz Remote Car Starter - Honorable Mention

The Python 4106P is an excellent remote start system from one of the leading manufacturers of car alarm systems. This remote starter comes with two one-way remotes, each with five buttons and slim in design. This system has multiple features beyond the basic remote start functionality, including multiple functions for remote start itself such as timer start.

Other features include keyless entry, trunk release, car finder, and the option for progressive driver's side unlocking. The Python 4106P remote starter system is compatible with manual transmissions, comes with three auxiliary outputs, the functional range is decent, and it’s reasonably priced.

Bulldog Security Vehicle System with 2 Remote Car Starter - Consider

The Bulldog RS1100B remote start system comes with a single four-button remote, with dedicated start and stop buttons and multiple features. Essential features include programmable runtime, keyless entry, trunk release, and a "pit stop" feature which allows you to leave the car running while you exit it briefly without the risk of theft.

This affordable system comes with installation instruction video with the goal of helping you to save money by doing it yourself. However, installation can still be a bit difficult if you're not familiar with these system types. Although the starters range is fairly short at around 400 feet, this is a solid choice for a basic remote start system.

Viper Replacement 7656V Remote Car Starter - Best Remote Car Starter

This entry-level remote start system from Viper sacrifices range and fancy remotes in order to be budget-friendly. The Viper 4105V remote start system comes with two four-button remotes that are simple to use, and basic features such as keyless entry and SmartStart compatibility. A trunk release feature is missing, but if you simply want a very basic remote starter, this is a good choice to avoid having to pay extra for all the bells and whistles.

Buyer's Guide

Newbies to the world of car starters may not understand what causes the price variations in these devices. Regardless of your reasons for wanting a clicker, the one you opt for may be more expensive than the other. However, there is a lot of things you should consider before you buy a remote car starter. This guide will show you some key pointers that should help simplify your search for the best remote car starter.

What is a remote starter?

The remote car starter is a secure and more accessible way to start your car from a distance. These starters come in three distinct forms: some may be integrated into your car's original equipment manufacturer, some come as aftermarket fobs that you may put on your key ring, while the others come as apps that can work with your smartphone.

Factors to consider before buying a remote car starter

Here are some tips that should help you buy the right starter for your car.


If you live in a moderate environment and want to kick-start your car on your way from your flat, you need a remote for that. What you must know is that all car starters come in different price ranges depending on the cost. When deciding, ensure you consider the distance between your home and the car and think of where you spend the most time.


Although these remotes are pretty sophisticated, you should have a manual backup option in case technology disappoints. Before you buy the remote starter, ensure it comes with a cut-off switch beneath the hood. With this provision, anytime the car's hood is opened for any repair or maintenance, injuries can be avoided by manually switching the starter in advance.

The installation process

Before you buy the starter, make sure you check the device to ensure it is compatible with your car. Also, we recommend that you engage the services of an expert technician to get this job done. Note that most warranties dictate that an expert should do the installation.

One way or two ways

The way remote systems work is by relaying signals from the key fob to a module linked to the car's ignition system. With a two-way system, your vehicle will be able to send alerts to the fob. The communication between the key fob and car may indicate that the successfully started. A two-way system may be the best option if you don't want to find yourself in a helpless situation with your remote key.


Some remotes can help you achieve more than just keeping your engine functional. Also, they can close or open windows, activate the rear defrost and start cooled/heated seats. Most of the mechanical features with electric controls can be activated using the auxiliary channels of the remote. Before buying, make sure you think about which functions will serve you best and only buy a remote with the correct number of aux channels.

Security features

While it may be safe to start your car remotely, certain remote systems also serve as security systems. Proximity and shock systems can trigger the alarm when the need arises, while the engine kill switch system may be helpful when someone is trying to run off with your car. Also, you may find systems that are cable of reporting threats to your smartphone app or key fob, thus giving you enough time to react.

How does a remote car starter work?

To enable your remote key starter to work effectively, a small box, the remote starter itself, must be set up in the car. The box should be connected to multiple wires in your cars, such as the power wire, ignition switch, and ignition wire. Once the user-controlled remote gets activated, all the switches will be activated, thus making the engine start and vital controls begin working.

How much is a remote car starter?

With the incredible benefits of using a car starter, their perk is quite expensive. Depending on the quality and value proposition, it would help if you got them between $50 and $200. This is asides from the cost of installation.

Benefits of using remote car starters

Aside from the advantage of allowing you to start your car from a distance, these tools also have several unique benefits. Some of these benefits include:

Pre-cool or Pre-heat

With the car starters, you will be able to pre-cool or pre-heat your car, which means you don't have to wait until the car condition is favourable.

It helps boost your engine life

You should warm your car engine before you hit the road, especially if the weather is cold. Remote car starters will allow you to do this ensure the engine is warmed up before hitting the road.

Better car security

Many premium remote starters out there have alarm functions that start the sound as soon as someone attempts to steal the car.

It gives your car good resale value

If you reside in an environment that experiences extreme temperatures, you can price your car higher if you want to sell it with this device.


Q. What differentiates between 2-way and 1-way systems?

A. The 1-way remote systems are designed to send a signal from the key fob directly to your car, but they cannot receive the signal back. They are very effective when your car is closer to you. On the other hand, two-way systems are better because they help send signals when the car engine starts, and they can communicate more information and work longer distances.

Q. What is the farthest distance I can control the system?

A. Most of the remote systems out there come with an operating range of up to a mile. However, if your car is always close, this may not be relevant. However, if you want to start your car when it's a fair distance away, a key with a longer range is ideal.

Q. Can I install a remote starter on any car?

A. cars such as ones with manual transmissions and hybrids often need more components. Ideally, you should check the installation procedures of the key or call an expert before buying.

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