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5 Best Clear Purses for Women: Embrace the Style!

  1. Vorspack Crossbody PU Leather Clear Purse for Women
  2. May Tree Bag Stadium-Approved Clear Purse for Women
  3. iSPECLE Stadium Bag with Adjustable Strap Clear Purse for Women
  4. GreenPine Adjustable Shoulder Strap Clear Purse for Women
  5. SharPlus Gold Chain Strap Clear Purse for Women
  6. Buyer's Guide

Are you someone who finds themselves constantly updating their wardrobe and accessories? Fashion is always evolving, and the list of new purses hitting the market never seems to end. Sometimes, it can get a little overwhelming trying to keep up with the latest bag trend. But don't stress — we're here to help you discover a rising star: clear purses.

We cannot count the amount of time we've spent digging through our purse trying to find what we're looking for — sometimes getting so frustrated we have to empty out the entire bag. Clear purses eliminate that struggle entirely. If designed and styled right, they are the perfect addition to any closet — not to mention they make getting through security a breeze.

While this trend might be here to stay, there are some factors you should consider before making your next purchase. From what material to look out for to how to determine excellent quality, our guide will help you navigate through this journey with ease.

Top Picks for Women's Purses in 2022

Vorspack Crossbody PU Leather Clear Purse for Women - Best Overall

Starting our list is a stylish and unique mini clear purse designed to stand out. The Vorsepack Clear Crossbody Purse is durable and stylish. It has one compartment that all your belongings can comfortably fit inside. It has sleek leather components that elevate the look. The material is high-quality, and it is very light so it won't hurt your shoulders. This clear cross-body bag is ideal for concerts or other similar events. Not only will it complement your outfit, but it will also pass the security requirements at most venues. In short, this bag is minimal, chic, and one of the best clear purses for women on the market in 2021.

May Tree Bag Stadium-Approved Clear Purse for Women - Runner Up

The second item we've selected is a 90 percent PVC, 10 percent polyester clear bag that is stadium-approved. It is lightweight, and the divisions are very accommodating. The size is 12" x 6" x 12", and it also comes with a mini bag inside it for fragile or small items. The material is very durable and sturdy and can last a lifetime with the right care. Because of the outside pockets and compartments, this bag will keep all of your belongings safe and in place.

iSPECLE Stadium Bag with Adjustable Strap Clear Purse for Women - Honorable Mention

The iSPECLE Clear Purse is the ultimate and premium option when it comes to stylish and durable clear purses. This bag is stadium-approved with sturdy material that will last you a long time. There is enough space inside so you don't have to worry about leaving any of your essentials behind. From the bag itself to its zipper and straps, it is made with careful attention to detail and high-quality elements. This clear purse can be used as either a cross-body bag or a shoulder bag. It is minimal and it is versatile. It can be paired with just about any outfit, and saves you time passing through security because of its size.

GreenPine Adjustable Shoulder Strap Clear Purse for Women - Contender

Another one of the stylish, unique, and best clear purses for women that offers features and style is this mini clear cross-body purse. It has all the features we look for — making it our premium choice. It is made of durable, high-quality material and ideal space inside. It also has adjustable straps attached to it with a hanging loop wristlet. The common theme with all of our choices is the stadium-approved component. All of these clear purses let you pass through security with grace and minimal time. It also saves you the hassle of carrying around a tote bag or a shoulder bag that takes forever to empty and dig through. The minimal and unique design make it a go-to option when searching for a new bag.

SharPlus Gold Chain Strap Clear Purse for Women - Also Consider

Last, but certainly not least on our list, is the ultra stylish acrylic box clutch clear bag with a golden chain and detailing. Carrying a clear purse might be a requirement at some venues, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. Who says it can't be chic at the same time? This bag defies what you might think of when you envision a clear purse. The gold chain and acrylic body help you make a statement and adds character to any outfit. With this bag, you don’t have to worry about your style or security — it takes care of both for you. All in all, we recommend this product as one of the best clear purses for women in 2021!

Buyer's Guide

Considerations for the Best Clear Purses for Women in 2021

While you might think all clear purses look the same, it doesn’t mean each of them will be the right pick for you. There are a lot of factors you need to consider before finally making the purchase. Want to know about those essential factors? Read on!


Quality material is a top priority when you are searching for clear purses. The material matters the most because the item you are paying for should pay you back in quality and durability. For clear purses, what matters the most is the high-quality polyester, plastic, and leather. You should pick a material that will not wear out and live a long life in your wardrobe.


Size of the purse matters depending on where you plan on taking it.
Too small and it will not able able to fit all your necessary items — too large and you risk it looking hollow or messy from the outside. The ideal size falls somewhere in the middle and should be spacious enough to carry everything you need.


From concert halls to sports stadiums, many venues have bag policies requiring a clear bag for entry. Clear purses not only make it easy to find what you are looking for but also allow you to pass through security with ease. Whether it is a shoulder or crossbody bag, it should have minimal compartments and durable zips and straps to ensure its contents are visible.

Style & Design

The best clear purses are as stylish as they are functional. While they are a mandatory requirement for certain events, that does not mean you have to compromise on your look. Keep an eye out for unique detailing — it will help spice up your bag and make you stand out against the rest.


Clear purses should have a large enough capacity to fit all your belongings. From your phone to wallet to sunglasses, it should hold all of your items perfectly. However, if you are using this bag for a stadium requirement, make sure to check the allotted sizing for your event beforehand — there is nothing worse than arriving only to find out your bag cannot make it inside with you.


We have searched from high to low to compile this list to help you decide on the perfect bag. All of our listed items are convenient, stylish, budget-friendly, and unique. We have done the hard part for you — all you have to do is read and decide (even though we'll admit making a final decision is challenging too).

Clear Purse for Women FAQ

Q: What do you put in a clear purse?

A: When you head out to an event or run an errand, you can place your keys, phone, sunglasses, headphones, and necessary items in your clear purse. All your daily use items should fit right inside.

Q: Are clear purses trending?

A: Yes, clear purses are certainly rising in popularity. With holographic and 3D color additions, clear bags are very much in trend.

Q: Why are clear bags even required?

A: Several places such as stadiums, casinos, sporting events, and parks require the members and visitors to carry their belongings in a clear bag for security purposes for easy visibility inside it.

Q: How do you know if a clear purse is of good quality?

A: You can tell a lot about the quality of a purse by the stitching and finishing. Look for smooth zippers and adjustable straps with durable finishings to determine how well it was made.

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