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Protect Your Glasses With The Best Glasses Holders In 2022

  1. Fintie Plush Lined Eyeglass Holder
  2. CO-Z Leather Multi-Pair Eyeglass Organizer
  3. 30 Watt FACE Plant: Novelty Eyeglass Holder
  4. Juvale Plush Eye Glass Holder (2 pack)
  5. Nirvana Class NIRMAN Nose-Shaped Eyeglass Holder
  6. Buyer's Guide

There was a time when people forgot about glasses holders. But lately, they’ve come back with a bang. Sellers have been reintroducing them to the market with enticing designs and shapes that are simply irresistible. If you want to keep your glasses in a safe place, read on to find out about some of the top glasses holders on the market.

Our Top 5 Holders For Glasses

Fintie Plush Lined Eyeglass Holder - Best Overall

Featuring a magnetic base, Fintie's glasses holder has a cute soft furry lining to it. Not only does this look appealing, but it also safeguards your glasses from getting nicked. The holder works like a charm for standard size glasses or sunglasses and will also prevent the arms of your glasses from bending or breaking. The base is flat and wide, allowing you to place it anywhere you want like on a desk, your bedside table, or even the kitchen counter. Now, you don’t need to spend countless hours searching for your glasses; with this holder by your side, you’ll be unstoppable!

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Enticing design and look
  • Protects glasses from scratches
  • Lining can get dirty over time

CO-Z Leather Multi-Pair Eyeglass Organizer - Runner Up

If you're looking for something heavy-duty, then check out the CO-Z multi-sunglasses organizer. Made with leather and transparent acrylic, this organizer wouldn't draw a second glance if it was used as a display case in a retail store. The product features 8 or 12 compartments, depending on which version you buy, which is more than enough to store multiple pairs of glasses. It's useful for more than just glasses - you can even conveniently store watches or small accessories in them for safekeeping. The organizer is made of moisture-proof PU leather with contrast stitching accents on the exterior, along with a soft lining in the interior that protects against scratches. This provides it with a graceful and luxurious look. You can place it in your room, on a table, and you’ll immediately get compliments from guests. The organizer has a transparent acrylic top that makes it see-through; plus, since the organizer is lockable, you can even store your precious jewelry in it.

  • Multiple storage compartments
  • Organizer is lockable
  • Attractive interior and exterior
  • Stitching may be a bit off

30 Watt FACE Plant: Novelty Eyeglass Holder - Honorable Mention

Next up is a ceramic vase that is ideal for holding glasses, succulents, or small plants, or even all three at the same time if you're feeling creative. The planter has a cozy feel to it, and the basic design will look attractive in any room before you add your own touches to it. You can place a plant inside the pot, and the vase will keep both your glasses and the plant safe. And since it's made of ceramic, you can expect the plant to stay cool during the day. It comes with a drainage hole that allows excess water to flow freely from below, and the vase's built-in nose and ears make it very unique. You don’t find planters and glasses holders like this every day. This holder is perfect if you’re bored with the look of standard sunglasses holders. You can use dry-erase markers to draw a new design on the vase, making this product an ideal gift for your friends and family.

  • Cute and attractive
  • Unique planter and sunglasses holder
  • Ideal for gifting
  • Does not include a bottom tray for water

Juvale Plush Eye Glass Holder (2 pack) - Contender

What’s better than one eyeglass holder? Two! Our next pick features a pack of two premium quality holders from Juvale that have a soft plush lining and a luxurious synthetic leather exterior available in black and brown. Both of these colors are attractive and look amazing with all types of glasses. The base is non-slip so your glasses won't be falling to the floor any time soon. With this, you can conveniently place your eyeglasses or sunglasses and forget about forgetting where you put them. The upright construction of the holder will prevent your expensive glasses from incurring any type of scratch, and having two to put anywhere you want, you can easily remember exactly where your glasses are at.

  • Material is soft to touch
  • Two for the price of one
  • Sturdy eyeglass holder
  • Can be easily knocked over

Nirvana Class NIRMAN Nose-Shaped Eyeglass Holder - Consider

Our last pick is unique in every way way. Featuring an eyeglass holder with a nose shape, the NIRMAN will stand out even in a messy room. This design is exclusive, which means you won’t find it in many places. Manufactured using sustainable Indian wood, the holder walks toe to toe with the modern era. Since it's a funky addition to any house, this would be the perfect gift if you're looking to surprise your friend or family. It is handmade, so the holder is very durable, and will easily fit in with any aesthetic that you put it in.

  • Unique and funky design
  • Excellent to gift family/friends
  • Made from handmade sustainable wood
  • Does not sit straight up

Buyer's Guide

We understand if at this point you’re wondering why you would require a guide to buy a sunglass holder. But people who have had sour experiences with eyeglasses holders will realize why this buying guide is necessary.

Features You Should Look Out For When Buying An Eyeglass Holder

We’ve compiled a couple of things that you should look for when buying a glasses holder to keep your trusty spectacles safe. This applies even if you're planning to give a case to your loved ones or a friend.


There’s no denying that when you enter the eyeglass holder market, you can expect to see holders with a huge variety of different price tags. From premium options to ones that cost hardly anything, it all depends on you at the end of the day. But in all honesty, you don’t need to empty your wallet for a sunglass holder. While you don’t want to compromise on the quality of the holder, you don’t want it to cost you an arm and a leg.

Before deciding on one, ask yourself whether the price tag is worth the value the product brings. Sellers know how to make their product sound premium, which justifies the price in your head. But remember that you only need it to look good and to work as a glasses holder should.


We’ll get to what we mean by reliability, but first things first, when was the last time you forgot where you put your glasses? People with spectacles know how easy it is to lose their glasses in their own house. So if you're investing in a glasses holder, it should work without fail.

Some products out there go all out when it comes to looks, but they don’t sit upright, or they don’t hold the glasses too well, or perhaps they easily cause damage to the spectacles. All of these reasons destroy the purpose of an eyeglasses holder. So what you should be looking for is a holder that can stick with you for a long time. Even with wear and tear, the product should not lose its original shape or form.

Styles and Designs

In this modern age, it's difficult to not find stylish spectacle containers. You can go for trendy ones with an attractive cloth wrapped around the holder, allowing the holder to have a luxurious feel to it. Plus, this will keep your glasses from getting scratched. Or you can go for funky designs that feature a holder with a face, giving it more of a humorous and unique look.

The style and design are up to you, but at the end of the day, don’t compromise on the structure for the appearance. If the holder doesn't hold the glasses too well, then it's not worth it.

Buyers Also Ask

Q: How do you keep eyeglass holders in good condition?

A: This depends on the type that you buy. Standard holders require little to no cleaning. In case the lining looks dirty, just clean it with a wet cloth and leave it to air dry.

Q: Are glasses holders with planters worth it?

A: They might cost you a little more compared to normal holders, but yes they're worth it. You can make your room greener while also keeping your glasses secure.

Q: Should I go for huge organizers?

A: Unless the majority of your house wears glasses, it's not wise to purchase organizers. But if you have a wide collection of glasses and sunglasses, then you can go for it. It makes it convenient to store any loose jewelry you have, as well.

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