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Keep Your Coffee Warm in the Best Coffee Carafes

  1. VONDIOR Large stainless steel Coffee Carafe
  2. CRESIMO Insulated Coffee Carafe
  3. Cresimo 68 Oz Stainless Steel Thermal Coffee Carafe
  4. GiNT Stainless Steel Thermal Coffee Carafe
  5. Sumerflos Double Walled Stainless Steel Coffee Carafe
  6. Buyer's Guide

Brewing coffee is an art. It takes patience, skill, love, and the perfect carafe. Don’t get me wrong, the coffee beans and coffee maker are just as important, but every die-hard coffee drinker knows, you need the right coffee carafe to take your brew all the way. Imagine this: you make the perfect brew and pour it into your coffee carafe, only to come back an hour later to cold coffee that has lost its flavor. Horrifying, isn’t it? To make sure that doesn’t happen, we have brought you the best coffee carafes in 2023.

There are many coffee carafes on the market, all of them promising to keep your coffee hot and flavor intact. All of them, (because with a coffee carafe, size does matter) claiming to be the right size for you. Well, our list of thermal coffee carafes is perfect for your coffee needs. So, if you haven’t already, hold on to your coffee mug.

Here are the best coffee carafes of 2023

VONDIOR Large stainless steel Coffee Carafe - Best Overall

Designed with double-walled vacuum insulation, the Vondior Coffee Thermal Carafe can keep your coffee hot for 12 hours and cold for 24. You'll never have to worry about flavorless coffee because this carafe will lock it the aroma as well as the heat. Its sleek shape and design make it perfect for your home kitchen counter or office so you always have a warm, fresh supply of coffee nearby. It also pours easily and quickly and can serve up to 12 cups of coffee when filled to the top.

  • Its sleek shape and design make it a beautiful gift
  • Its strong, stainless steel material makes it easy to clean and hard to break
  • It locks in and preserves your coffee's flavor
  • The lid may trap coffee
  • It’s not recommended for dishwasher use

CRESIMO Insulated Coffee Carafe - Runner Up

The Cresimo 3L Thermal Coffee Carafe has a double-wall reinforced design that maintains the temperature of your beverage. It can keep your beverages hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours if you add ice. Its large-mouth opening makes filling and cleaning effortless and its pump lever allows for an easy pour, eliminating the worry of spilling as you don't need to lift the carafe to pour your coffee. Also, if you have an impromptu — or planned — family gathering like a picnic or camping, its large size can cater to the whole family’s beverage needs.

  • Its simple pump lever for pouring prevents any spill or mess
  • Wide opening will make pouring in coffee and cleaning it a breeze
  • It’s resistant to condensation and, no matter how hot your drink is, you won’t feel it through the carafe
  • The 3-liter capacity may be too large for daily use as it is more suitable for larger gatherings
  • You may have some trouble cleaning the lid

Cresimo 68 Oz Stainless Steel Thermal Coffee Carafe - Honorable Mention

This is the second Cresimo on our list. The Cresimo 2L Thermal Coffee Carafe may not hold as much coffee as the 3-liter, but much like it, it is double-walled and capable of keeping your beverage as hot or cold for a long period of time. Keep your hot or iced coffee at the ideal temperature so you always have your favorite beverage ready to be poured. Its wide opening also makes filling and pouring convenient and the outer body is condensation-free, staying cool to the touch. It also features a push-button mechanism, allowing for an easy single-handed pour without spilling. Even if it holds less, we do prefer if it had a carrying handle like the 3L.

  • Can be used with ice for cold beverages
  • The wide opening makes for convenient cleaning and filling
  • Suitable for a wide range of hot and cold beverages
  • It will retain coffee in the lid after a while
  • The lid might dribble after pouring

GiNT Stainless Steel Thermal Coffee Carafe - Contender

This 1-liter, double-walled coffee carafe is your convenient, everyday coffee carafe. The GiNT Thermal Coffee Carafe has a nice, compact design and will keep coffee hot for 8 hours straight. It is the perfect size to keep within arm's reach on your desk or countertop to supply you with coffee throughout the day. To better keep your beverage hot or cold, the lid has strong silicone rings to prevent leakage and heat from escaping, even when pouring. The lid also has a secure pinch-stopper design that keeps the lid in place and prevents it from becoming loose.

  • Perfect choice for a one-person carafe
  • It can hold ice for cold beverages and keep it cold for 20 hours
  • The push-button makes for an effortless pour
  • Suitable for only one person
  • It only keeps your coffee hot for 8 hours

Sumerflos Double Walled Stainless Steel Coffee Carafe - Consider

The Sumerflos Thermal Coffee Carafe features a sleek, elegant design that will sit pretty on your kitchen counter or workspace. It comes in three pastel shades — blue, green, and pink — or silver, if you prefer a more subdued color option. It will hold 2 liters of any hot or cold beverage you want. With a U-shaped spout, you get a nice, smooth pour with little splashing or dribbling. And, the spout has a push button top that is secured with silicone to allow for a tight seal. The ergonomic design of the handle looks clean and elegant and also makes for comfortable pouring as well.

  • It will keep your beverage cold for 24 hours without frequent opening
  • The elegant design looks great when left out on the counter or table
  • The pastel colors set it apart from typical stainless steel carafes
  • The lid may need to be pushed down for a tight seal
  • The lid is made of plastic

Buyer's Guide

If you need several cups of coffee to get through the day, then no doubt a coffee carafe is something you need. It’s an essential item that you will not be able to do without once you get one. Picking the right one can be daunting, especially with the many choices on the market. This guide will help you make the best choice for yourself, or someone else if you're looking for a great gift.

But first, just in case you were wondering:

What is a coffee carafe?

A coffee carafe is an insulated container used to preserve the temperature and aromatic flavor of the coffee. It is often used in large gathering places like a coffee shop, breakfast bar, family picnic, or at the office. It’s also used by anyone who needs to keep their coffee close, hot, and transportable.

Carafes can also be used for holding other drinks like milk, juice, lemonade, iced tea, or any other beverage. Carafes that are designed for coffee are insulated and made of metal. They are double-walled and often have a vacuum seal between the walls to reduce the heat transfer. You can also keep other hot beverages, like hot chocolate or tea, warm in a coffee carafe.

What are the types of coffee carafes?

There are two types of coffee carafes: thermal coffee carafes and glass coffee carafes.

Thermal coffee carafes

Thermal coffee carafes are often made from stainless steel. They are also double-walled, which is done to reduce heat transfer. However, thermal coffee carafes can also be made from a combination of stainless steel and plastic or stainless steel and glass.

Besides keeping the coffee hot, thermal carafes are also designed to lock in the flavor of the coffee and prevent the coffee from turning stale. Many coffee drinkers prefer the thermal coffee carafe for just that reason. They are also strong and are less likely to break if dropped.

However, thermal coffee carafes aren’t transparent. Which, for some people, is a deal-breaker because it’s impossible to know how much coffee they have left in the container. Thermal carafes can also be heavy because of the extra insulation and heavy base that prevents them from easily tipping over.

Glass coffee carafes

Glass coffee carafes are often included with a coffee maker. Unlike thermal coffee carafes, it’s not convenient to transport a glass coffee carafe from one place to the other. It’s prone to breaking and doesn’t have the benefits that a thermal coffee carafe does.

You’d rarely, if ever, find a standalone glass coffee carafe. They are not designed for convenient mobility and they are often used in formal settings. However, they are much cheaper than thermal coffee carafes. But if you want a coffee carafe that works on the go, price is not a substantial enough reason to buy a glass carafe.

Also, unlike a thermal coffee carafe, a glass coffee carafe needs a hot plate to keep the coffee hot. That can lead to accidents. For instance, if the glass carafe is left on the hot plate too long, it could get too hot and be dangerous to touch. Also, leaving the glass carafe on the hot plate too long will give your coffee a burned taste.

What should I look out for when buying my coffee carafe?

Before you buy your thermal coffee carafe, consider the following questions:

Is it easy to clean?

Not all thermal coffee carafes are dishwasher safe; in fact, the majority aren’t. So, when you buy one that you can’t throw into the dishwasher, you need to consider how you’ll keep it clean. A dirty coffee carafe is the fastest way to lose your coffee's perfect flavor. It’s also a surprisingly easy way to get sick.

When buying, get a coffee carafe with a wide opening so you can easily reach into it with a brush for proper cleaning. Look for one you can easily clean with dish soap too. Also, don’t get one with too many nooks and crannies. That might present a problem when it’s time to clean. You may need a special brush to get to all the areas, so look to see if the carafe comes with a brush to make your job easier.

How many people will I be serving?

Some thermal coffee carafes can serve up to 15 cups, some 12 cups, some way less. If you’ll be sharing your coffee with other people, it’s important to get a carafe that can accommodate everyone - especially if you’ll be using it at a family function.

Even if you won’t be sharing it with other people, you should consider your coffee habits. How often do you drink coffee each day? How many cups do you need to get jazzed up in the morning? These are important questions to consider before “adding to cart.” If you are not a coffee addict, but you still like your coffee, then get a small-sized carafe — that will do just fine.

How long do you want your coffee to stay hot?

Some thermal coffee carafes can keep coffee hot for 12 hours, some for 8 hours, and even a few can keep liquid hot for up to 24 hours. If you are okay with a hot cup of coffee in the morning, then you don’t really need a thermal carafe. But, if you like your coffee hot throughout the day, then you definitely need one that has the ability to retain heat for hours.

Also, coffee isn’t the only thing you can put in your carafe. You can fill it up with milk or juice if that’s more your style. You can also fill it up with water. This works because some carafes can hold ice for long hours and with the ice still in it, you can replace the water as you drink. Consider how long the carafe can keep beverages cold, as some can keep liquid cold longer than hot. If you like iced coffee, this is an important feature.

Are you particular about the flavor notes?

If you love to taste your coffee, and by taste, I mean aroma, flavor, and all, then go for a thermal carafe. Most of them are specifically designed to lock in the aroma and flavor of the coffee for hours. Glass carafes cannot do that.

Also, if you can taste or sense the metallic taste in your coffee, from a stainless-steel carafe, then go for one that’s a combination of glass and metal. If the inner wall is made of glass, it will prevent the metallic taste from getting into your coffee. However, those are not as strong as thermal carafes made of complete stainless steel. So, if transporting, you’d have to treat it as precious cargo.

Coffee Carafe FAQ

Q: How does a coffee carafe work?

A: To use your coffee carafe, clean it, pour in your coffee, and make sure the lid is on tight. That should keep your coffee hot for hours. It's important to make sure the seal is tight so heat doesn't escape. Check the manufacturer’s instructions before you use it.

Q: What is a coffee carafe used for?

A: A coffee carafe is used to keep coffee hot for long periods. It can also regulate the temperature of other beverages. Whichever beverage you prefer, a coffee carafe can be used to keep the temperature hot or cold for many hours, often up to 12 or 24 hours.

Q: What are coffee carafes made of?

A: Coffee carafes are often made of stainless steel. Some are also made of glass or a combination of stainless steel and glass. However, stainless steel carafes are the most preferred because of their durability and superior insulation properties.

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