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Small Kitchen Appliances

  • Breaking a cork while opening a wine bottle can dampen your celebratory spirit. After all, it wouldn’t be fun to drink wine that has cork crumbles in it. Using an electric wine bottle opener can help prevents this from happening. It makes opening bottles effortless and quick.If you’re looking for a new wine bottle opener, here are some electric variants that are worth considering.
    March 01, 2021
  • A growing number of people are interested in healthier, cleaner diets to reduce their risk of diseases, maintain a healthy weight, and increase their lifespan. Fried food may be delicious, but it’s high in fat and linked to diabetes and heart disease. Fortunately, you don’t have to cut out favorites like French fries or fried chicken wings with an air fryer. The Best Air fryers in 2021 allow you to make healthier versions of popular food items without the guilt. If you want to find a reliable, sturdy air fryer to use, there are a few top choices to consider because of how well they work.
    February 22, 2021
  • The three main types of coffee grinders are blade, flat plate, and conical. Conical burr grinders are the original type of grinders and use burrs placed at a near vertical orientation which spin at a low speed so there’s no burn taste. These provide the most consistent coarse grounds used in French press or pour over coffee but will also make good medium to fine grinds as well.Next, you have blade grinders which use sharp cutting blades spinning at very high speeds to cut and chop coffee beans to grounds. The least expensive option, they work best for medium type grounds ideal for drip machines and percolators. Because of their operating speed, they can sometimes burn the beans and slightly alter the taste of your coffee. Unless you grind beans very infrequently, we recommend skipping this type of grinder altogether.Lastly, you have flat plate burr grinders which turn slower than blade grinders so there’s less of a chance the coffee will burn. They use horizontal burrs on a flat plate (hence the name) which do a credible grinding job for all coffee grinds, but they excel at finer grinds like espresso and Turkish blends.We've listed the best coffee grinders in 2021 as we’re concentrating on electrically powered grinders because they grind larger quantities of beans faster and easier, especially when you’re making more than one cup of coffee. Every one of these grinders will be easy to take apart and clean which is helpful if a bean gets caught in the mechanism, the blades gum up from very oily or flavored beans, or if a foreign object accidentally gets into the grinder.
    April 22, 2016
  • The french press is a manual coffee making system where you add the coffee grounds into a container then pour pre-heated hot water over the top. You then let the grounds brew for as long as you desire, understanding that the longer the brew,  the stronger the coffee. Finally, you’ll strain the grounds from the liquid resulting in freshly brewed coffee that some consider the best that can be made.The following best French press in 2021 will have a press strainer which is tightly sealed along the edges. Lesser presses may make good coffee, but if the seal isn't tight you’ll have bits and piece of grounds escaping into the coffee brew. Each of our picks will also be capable of making at least eight cups of coffee, making them as versatile as a drip or percolator coffee machine. If you’re like to use fine ground coffee, then consider those types with multiple strainers.All of the strainer mediums will be made of metal as well; while plastic or nylon strainers will keep the grounds out as effectively as metal, their overall durability is in question. Honestly, do you really want bits and pieces of degraded plastic (or strings of nylon) infesting your coffee and spoiling the brew? Although every plastic French Press maker on this list will be BPH free, we’ve offered all-metal options if you’re concerned about plastic chemicals leaching into the brew. Lastly, each of these picks will come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty unless otherwise stated in the description.
    March 28, 2016
  • You may want to think of these as modern tea kettles, but in these modern times, these kettles are capable of doing so much more although you'll always have hot water ready when you need it. While they work great for making tea, the water gets hot enough in some of these picks to be used for a variety of tasks such as sterilization, unblocking clogged drains, or even pouring over ant mounds to rid your property of ants in a very eco-friendly way. So, you might think tea kettle here, but there are so many more uses.If you particular about the exact temperature of the water, look for those with temperature control features. You'll also have your choice of different materials in construction such as glass, stainless steel, plastic, and hybrids that use a combination of these materials. You can choose the type that best fits your personal taste in kitchen décor.All of the electric kettles we’ve chosen for this list will have at least 1000 watts of power which ensures faster boiling times than doing this manually on the stove. The power comes from a detachable base so that every kettle is cordless when you pour it. All of the plastic used in the construction of these kettles will be certified BPH free, so although you may have to spend a bit more for the units on this list, your health should be worth it.These best electric kettles in 2021 list have also been constructed with anti-slip handles and an auto-shut-off feature, so when the water is done you won't have to worry about boil overs. These kettles won’t burn the water which may sound funny, but lesser kettles can impart a burnt taste, greatly detracting from the hot beverage you are trying to enjoy. Lastly, each kettle will come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty unless otherwise stated in the description.
    February 26, 2016
  • Food choppers are one step above a regular knife, generally giving the same performance as a manual knife in terms of chopping performance, but they do it faster and more efficiently. These basic appliances are all going to be manually activated, because any motorized unit takes away from the simplicity of the design. Plus, motorized units begin to blur the line between a food chopper and a miniature food processor, and choppers are what this list is all about.These list contains the best food choppers in 2021 and are all made for quick and easy food vegetable preparation, therefore all of them will store easily in a deep drawer or virtually any cabinet space. All of the cutting parts and the bowl will be dishwasher safe, so once you have finished chopping, you can literally place them in a dishwasher with no muss or fuss. Although some may have plastic components, the cutting blades will all be made of stainless steel.There are several different ways to power them including pump action, crank handles, and pull cords. You'll have to decide which type is right for you. Each of these will also come protected by a minimum one year limited manufacturer’s warranty, unless otherwise listed in the description.
    February 25, 2016
  • People have been grinding their own meats since the pioneer days because of the basic necessity and now in the modern era because it offers more benefits than pre-packaged meats. People choose to grind meat because it’s safer, produces better flavored meats, offers a better texture, and saves you money in the long haul.Meat grinders all consist of the same basic parts, from the hopper, the pusher that presses the meat down into the hopper, an auger, and a cutting blade. You’ll have your choice between an electrically powered meat grinder or a manually powered type so choose which type suits your lifestyle better. However, we will not feature any meat grinder attachments that come as options for various mixers and food processors. The only thing on this list will be dedicated meat grinders that are stand alone or types that bolt on to your counter.All of the items in this list is being considered as the best meat grinders in 2021 and will have a metal cutting blade. Granted, there are some grinders that have heavy-duty polycarbonate blades, but when they grind gristle or hit an errant piece of bone, they will degrade and lose their edge, and they will all have a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty unless otherwise stated in the description.Remember also to keep the crank and the auger ends lubricated for durability and a longer life span. Use a few drops of cooking oil at these points every time you use them, and you'll keep bearing wear at a minimum for the lifetime of the unit.
    February 25, 2016
  • With the price of food always going up, consumers are continuously looking for ways to save money at the grocery store; one way is to buy meats and cheeses in bulk. In most instances you can buy bologna, ham, turkey, or beef and lamb whole, and use a meat slicer to cut it up into individual portions as you need them. This can potentially save you a lot of money spent on prepackaged meats and cheeses. Not only that, but a quality meat slicer can also make short work of potatoes and other vegetables, slicing them thin enough to make chips or garnishes for salads.To start, we’ve chosen these best meat slicers because they’re all commercial models. Not that there aren't some good household types, but all household meat slicers are essentially downsized and therefore compromised commercial models. No household type will have the power, be as effective, or function comparably to these selectionsThese meat slicers were also chosen because of their incredibly precise thickness adjustments, thanks to fine toothed gearing and bearings on their adjustment shafts. Most household adjustments are simple sliders with coarse plastic gears for basic thickness adjustments gauged on rudimentary thickness markings. They’ll easily slice up cooked meat, fresh meat, and even frozen meat so you don’t have to thaw an entire side of beef every time you only want a couple of slices for dinner.All of these are the best meat slicers in 2021 which were made primarily of metal meaning they’re and not particularly portable, but this means they’re staying planted during slicing tasks. Every one of these picks will break down relatively easy for cleaning after virtually every use or you run the risk of salmonella poisoning from bits and pieces of decaying meat caught in the nooks and crannies.Unless otherwise noted in the description, these picks will all come with a manufacturer’s limited one year warranty.
    February 16, 2016
  • A skillet is essentially a shallow frying pan with a lid. Unlike griddles which are open topped, a skillet will cook food more efficiently by keeping the heat contained in addition to containing food splatter inside the cover. They’re also available in different dimensions including round, square, rectangular, and oblong shapes to suit the types of food you cook most. Good for preparing a variety of meals, their electrical power source means not relying on a stovetop burner to get them heated up.  We’ve narrowed down these best electric skillets in 2021 because they all have variable temperature settings instead of just "hi", "medium", or "low" settings. This makes our picks very versatile in the kitchen since you can to choose the perfect temperature for any meal; none have any "hot spots" which could potentially burn or overcook a meal. Their handles are also manufactured to be heat resistant so you won't need a dish towel or kitchen gloves to pick them up.Additionally, each skillet will be at least two-inches deep, giving you the option to simmer foods like stews and soups. They will all have non-stick surfaces, but the composition of each may be different, so again, choose which non-stick works for you. Unless mentioned otherwise, each of these selections will be covered by a minimum one year manufacturer’s warranty.
    February 10, 2016
  • Faucet water filters are a simple and inexpensive alternative to a more extensive under-counter water filtration system. They offer the convenience of filtered water right away when you turn on the tap without having to keep track of filling up pitchers or dispensers, not needing tools or expertise to install and affordable to purchase and maintain.However, they’re not a perfect solution as faucet water filters are prone to leaking with improper installation/age and water flow from the tap can be slowed down considerably by needing to pass through the filter, Additionally, filters often need changing quite frequently, especially if one forgets to switch off the filter before using hot water which damages the filter and shortens its lifespan.The best water filters in 2021 do their best to overcome these potential downfalls, although no single system is perfect. We've selected the best faucet water filters that have a switch to allow for choosing between filtered water or regular tap water to extend the life of the filter, as well as good water flow so filling up a larger item doesn't take an excessive amount of time. Our selections also need to be easy to install and use without requiring tools or knowledge of plumbing, as well as being affordable to purchase with all of our picks available through online retailers for under $50.
    February 01, 2016
  • With the upcoming winter holidays approaching quickly, everyone will be looking for the most efficient (and delicious) way to prepare their turkey. Deep frying turkey is a unique idea to make a mouth-watering meal, plus it saves you time in the kitchen since a 12 pound bird can be cooked in about 45 minutes.Many people find deep frying their turkey is superior over the traditional roasted method, since it makes the turkey crispy on the outside and super juicy on the inside. Always remember to put a well thawed bird into the fryer, because a frozen bird will cause a potential cataclysmic oil eruption that may cause a fire reaction if the oil bubbles over the side and contacts the burners.Turkey fryers come in both electric and gas models, so you'll have to choose the one that's right for your needs.We’ve chosen the following best turkey fryers in 2021 on this list because they feature a non-stick interiors for easy turkey removal as well as convenient cleaning after you’re done using them. All of these fryers offers adjustable temperature settings for cooking your turkey to perfection as well as providing high BTU ratings to heat up the oil quicker and keep the temperature recovery at a minimum when the turkey is put inside. Additionally, each unit will come with a minimum one year, limited manufacturer’s limited warranty, unless otherwise noted.
    November 20, 2015
  • Portable ice makers come in handy during hot weather, entertaining a large crowd, youth lemonade stands, lively bars, church socials and family gatherings. These appliances are easy to transport to local pot lucks or even to a garden style party; all you'll need is water and an outlet to plug them into. Most ice machines are capable of making a large quantity of ice in a small amount of time and some units have the option to be hooked into your water line to supplement your freezers ice making abilities.We’ve chosen the following best portable ice makers in 2021 because they’ll produce a minimum 20 pounds of ice per day. These ice makers are also exclusively top door access because with side door models you run the risk of spilling out all of the ice cubes. Additionally, these ice makers are designed with a side drain so no meltwater remains within the unit. This is especially important because if even a little bit of water can't be drained or readily wiped out of the unit, the standing moisture has the potential to create mold.All of these units will feature a minimum one year manufacturer’s warranty, unless otherwise stated within the description, they will have, and remember to always wash them out thoroughly before you begin making any ice.
    November 19, 2015
  • Soda originated from mineral water, and was originally bottled for consumption due to its health benefits. In the late 1700's, carbon dioxide (CO2) was infused into water by dripping sulfuric acid onto chalk to replicate the "fizz" that mineral water has, allowing the gas to penetrate water when the liquid was agitated. Initially, plain water was consumed as a health drink, but flavors like ginger for ginger ale, birch bark for birch beer, dandelion and sassafras for root beer, and finally fruit extracts were added. This created a fruit flavored drink that eventually evolved into modern soda pop.We’ve chosen the best following soda makers in 2021 which allow you to choose whatever flavor you desire, either in concentrated forms offered by the manufacturer, or your own flavor that you can add in yourself. Each of these soda making machines are all economical to use, meaning they’ll cost less to use for making your own soda over the long run versus purchasing canned sodas from a store. They’re also environmentally friendly to use so long as you use the same bottles over and over again. While ach of these soda makers will need CO2 carbonation added in the form cartridges or a bulk carbonator filled gas, they feature air-tight seals so none of the CO2 escapes and mechanisms so the actual process of infusing liquid with CO2 is fast and uncomplicated.
    November 02, 2015
  • In days gone by, true pizza chef’s utilized wood or coal fire to heat cast-iron baking ovens for making traditional pizzas. Most commercial pizzerias still use a similar setup with ovens manufactured with steel components and either electrical or gas fired. Of course, having an oven like that isn't really practical although the best home pizza ovens can mimic those baking conditions in a variety of ways. Since there are both gas and electrically powered pizza makers available, you'll also have to decide which type is right for your lifestyle.Any dedicated pizza oven will consume less energy than your regular kitchen oven. This is especially appealing if you throw pizza parties, have a large family to feed, or have simply have kids who enjoy a couple of pizzas per week. The more pizza baked, the greater the savings over using your kitchen oven to cook them in. Whether you’re preparing a frozen pizza, one you make from scratch, or a take-and-bake type, you’re likely to end up with a perfectly baked pizza with one of our following picks we’ve chosen.Making pizza should be as hassle free as possible so we’ve ensured each of these pizza ovens will either have a non-stick surface if it’s a plate-type pizza maker, or a removable drip try if it’s modeled after a more traditional oven. Each pizza maker will be capable of reaching 400 degrees or higher to ensure baked crust, perfectly melted cheese, and fully cooked toppings. These picks of the best pizza makers in 2021 are also all portable and depending on the type, you'll be able to set them up on a counter top, a patio, take them camping, or to even to the ball game for tailgating. Their portability also ensures that when you’re finished making pizza, you'll be able to store them in a convenient, out of the way place.
    October 20, 2015
  • Electric grills are related to the old electric burger makers that were so popular during the 70's. They are heated on one or both sides of the top and bottom, the food is placed on them and the cover is placed down on top of the food. Depending on what style you desire, you can get a flip-up grill or an actual grill type with a cover. Either way, these indoor electrics make some of the finest steaks, burgers or kabobs which can equal the best restaurant fare.These types of grill take far less electricity to use when cooking, as opposed to heating up a stove top or an oven. If you use them on a regular basis, that presents the potential to save money on your energy bill every month. No appliance cooks faster when it comes to burgers, dogs or steaks, and they can be a regular part of your cooking regimen that will give a good account of themselves with every meal or snack made on them.The best indoor electric grills in 2021 we’ve chosen for this list all feature designs which channel away extra fats and oils, and by doing so, they provide a heart healthy alternative to regular pan frying. They’re also equipped with variable temperature control/output so you can actually perform precise cooking tasks like searing meat. These are all portable options as well, so you can use them on virtually any counter top and perfect for smaller spaces like dorm rooms and RV's; because of their smaller size, they’re easy to store under cabinets or other limited spaces.
    October 16, 2015
  • One of the handiest appliances to have in your the kitchen is an electric griddle. These flat appliances are versatile enough to make a full range of breakfast food, including pancakes, eggs, and sausage. They’re also great for heating grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, and they are capable of cooking burgers, steak, or tempura vegetables for dinner.Griddles are made to heat evenly on top of the entire face, so such food items as French toast, scrambled eggs, pork chops and hash browns always come out golden brown on all sides. If you are cooking two completely different types of food, look for griddles with separate temperature controls which control both the right and left side of the grill. You'll be able to fry eggs on one side while keeping your breakfast sausage warm on the other side.Each of these best electric griddles in 2021 we’ve chosen for this list will have a drain that conveniently allows grease or oil to drain off into a drip tray, they’ll all have a non-stick cooking surface to simplify cooking and cleanup, and they’ll all be light enough so that you can move them around freely around your countertop or into storage without much hassle; light weight also contributes to the ease in which you can clean them as well.
    October 12, 2015
  • A rotisserie is a versatile appliance to have in your kitchen and in these health conscious times they’re  valuable as fat-reducing cooking appliance. The principle is incredibly easy to understand as they simply rotate meat, fish, or veggies over or next to a heat source. Granted, this has been done for millennia over camp and cooking fires, and the basics of heat transfer into the food are exactly the same.The heat source in a modern interior rotisserie are electric coils placed strategically under and/or around the rotating shaft, commonly called the "spit”. This evenly distributes heat which cooks the food completely and thoroughly, while the undesirable fat drips away, usually into a pan at the bottom. Although there are variations on this setup, they all work on much the same principle.Each of these best rotisseries in 2021 we’ve selected are designed with dishwasher safe materials and break down easily including the spit and holding forks when you’re done cooking. They will all have a dedicated drip pan or spout for easy removal of the grease and/or oil, as well as having exterior surfaces  that can be wipes clean with a damp cloth. Additionally, their heating sources are positioned to make these picks countertop friendly, so you won't have to worry about burn marks.
    September 22, 2015
  • If you are familiar with counter top grills, then you pretty much know what a panini press is. The main difference between the two are the addition of a floating hinge. This hinge allows you to stack up a large sandwich onto the grill, and when closing the lid, you won't crush the sandwich. The hinge will automatically adjust to the thickness of the sandwich so that it will gently rest on the bread layers, while toasting them and warming up the insides. That automatic hinge adjustment is why it is called "floating," because it literally floats over your sandwich. You can technically use any countertop grill as a panini press, and many regular hinged grills will advertise that they are panini presses, but without a floating hinge, they are falling short.To that end, all of the machines listed here will have a floating hinge. They will also have a genuine handle to lower the upper plate slowly and carefully onto the top slice of bread. There are panini presses out there that don't give you this luxury, which can lead to squashed bread, and burned toast. Each one will have easy-to-clean, non-stick grilling plates, and for best results, all of these plates will have to be seasoned first, which means wiping them down with vegetable or olive oil after every washing, so be aware of that. Many types of panini presses have removable grill plates, which makes overall cleaning a bit easier, so if you want the easiest to clean units, look for those types.Most genuine panini sandwiches are made by using ciabatta, rosetta or other types of Italian bread, but the reality is you can use any type of bread. There may be a bit of trial and error to get your panini toasted correctly, but once you figure that out, there is no sandwich that is tastier, by far. And remember, many can also be grills, so even though your main reason to make this purchase is for great tasting toasted sandwiches, if you want this to be an indoor grill as well, look for the most versatile types. Each of these best panini presses in 2021 will have a minimum one year limited warranty, unless otherwise stated in the description, and they will also come with basic accessories like a cleaning tool and recipe booklet.
    September 11, 2015
  • Nothing beats a chocolate fountain at a parties, weddings, or any get together for that matter. They're the most showy way to make a treat with universal appeal. Prepare some fruit slices or unwrap some marshmallows, skewer them on a toothpick, and dip them in the running chocolate. This type of decadence used to be found only at the most exclusive of events, but with these consumer friendly priced units, virtually any gathering can enjoy a chocolate treat that is second to none.All of the best chocolate fondue fountains in 2021 on this list were chosen because they're made with durable, stainless steel lower components, many of which are easy to clean and dishwasher safe as well.You also don't want to be fumbling around in a party situation trying to make one work, so these picks are designed so adding in the solid/melted chocolate is an easy process. Each pick will come with all the necessary accessories like fondue sticks so you're ready to go, especially convenient if you pick one up on the day of a party. Additionally, every unit will come with a one year limited warranty unless specified otherwise in the listing.
    September 11, 2015
  • Steamers are some of the healthiest ways to cook food, primarily vegetables. Boiling removes water soluble vitamins and nutrients while steaming traps these essentials inside of the food. And if you have a multi-tiered steamer, cooking becomes very efficient and economical. There are several different types of steamers, from fully enclosed electrical types, stove mounted types, and traditional kinds that will allow any chef (or chef wannabe) to make food appetizing and healthful by using steam as the cooking method.Each of the best food steamers in 2021 on this list will be easy to clean as well as built for durability. Steam penetrates everything because of the high heat and water vapor, which can corrode parts and/or have an effect on electrical systems if it is a plug-in model. If you plan on doing a lot of steaming, you'll want one of these steamers that will be there for you in the long run. so durability matters. Each of these steamers will have a minimum of a limited one year warranty, unless otherwise stated in the description. Of course, depending upon your lifestyle, you'll have to choose the best steamer for your needs. There are simple designs for occasional steaming and digital electronic designs that are able to steam entire meals, day after day.
    September 09, 2015
  • Before there were microwave ovens, there were pressure cookers. These were the fastest means of cooking, provided you had a water base. Anything that you would normally boil on a stove, you could pressure cook and have food cooked in 70 to 90 percent less time. Plus, boiling evaporates as it cooks and with this evaporation goes many vitamins and minerals in the food. But since a pressure cooker is sealed, all of the health benefits in the food remain as well as better taste since none of the flavor molecules can evaporate either.All pressure cookers work on the principle of using high temperature steam. In a sealed container, as water boils it gives off steam; since the steam has nowhere to go, it raises both the pressure and the temperature inside of the vessel. A higher pressure compresses the steam tightly against anything being cooked, which enhances heat transfer and a higher temperature ensures cooking goes faster.There are many types and sizes of pressure cookers available, and this list of the best pressure cookers in 2021 will comprise the many best cookers for a variety of situations. Smaller 4 to 6 quart sizes are best used for a couple or a small family, 8 to 12 quart sizes are family sized units that can also be used for light canning duties, and big-dog 20-plus quart sizes have enough capability to feed a large group of people, or are capable of doing the fall harvest canning chores. Choose which type would best fulfill your needs, and although pressure cookers are made to last, check the individual warranties included in the listing.Every pressure cooker on this list will not have a non-stick coating since many studies have indicated that under pressure, non-stick coatings gradually flake off and into your food. Each of these pressure cookers will also be capable of reaching between 9 psi and 15 psi, which is the ultimate pressure for optimum cooking, they will all have a quick release pressure valve for safety, and they will all be manufactured with long-lasting, stainless steel or similar durable materials.
    September 09, 2015
  • It used to be the only way to cook rice was pour it in a pot, add the correct amount of water, and pray. Not enough cooking time and the rice was hard and crunchy. Too much cooking time and the rice ended up gummy. Getting perfect cooked rice depended more on luck than anything so companies began manufacturing automatic rice cookers to give you the perfect pot of rice every time. They do this by supplying the correct amount of heat over the correct amount of time, thereby eliminating the guesswork.All of the best rice cookers in 2021 on this list were chosen because they provide quality rice with the perfect texture every time, meaning no browning or undercooking. These are also the most efficient rice makers, meaning they’ll cook your rice faster than other options out there. These units are also easy to clean thanks to all having removable rice cooking bowls and can be damp wiped for cleaning. Lastly, all of these rice makers will feature a minimum 1 year limited warranty from the manufacturer unless otherwise specified within the description.There is some concern in the cooking industry that rice cookers which use non-stick Teflon that may leach chemicals into the cooked rice. If you want to avoid Teflon, we have also featured some stainless steel options which will be highlighted in the appropriate reviews
    May 29, 2015
  • Slow cookers have been around for centuries, but not quite the way we envision them. Back in the day, a simmering cast iron pot full of food was the best way to tenderize tough meat. Later on, purpose-made Dutch ovens were all the rage with their capacious pot-like bottoms and high-hat tops. You could effectively say these were the first modern version of a slow cooker. They could cook enough food for a very large family and as long as the stove top was kept heated, they would keep on cooking. Slow cookers also go by the name of crock pots. These units are self contained with either a built-in heating unit that surrounds the entire crock or a heated base the crock rests on. They all heat up to a minimum of 200 degrees with some heating higher for faster cooking but even the lowest temperature is easily hot enough to kill salmonella bacteria.Since slow cookers are considered family cookers, these selections of the best slow cookers in 2021 will have at least a 4 quart capacity since the larger the crock, the more efficient it cooks since less heat is lost over the long run. This occurs because more ingredients inside store heat instead of releasing it. Smaller crocks bleed heat, so they run longer on the heating cycle and waste energy to compensate. Each of these slow cookers will give you a superior cooking ability since they evenly heat your food and maintain a precise temperature throughout, and all of the crocks themselves will be removable unlike outdated designs where the base and crock is one solid unit.  Lastly, all of these slow cookers will feature a minimum one year, limited manufacturer’s warranty, unless otherwise stated in the description,
    May 27, 2015
  • The main benefit of a freestanding or countertop water cooler is the convenience of having cold drinking water when you want it, without the fuss of remembering to keep water bottles or pitchers in the fridge. It’s especially useful if you live in a hot climate where ground water can be quite warm out of the tap. It can also save you money if you pay for metered water, since there's no need to run the tap for several minutes waiting for cold water.A water cooler dispenser is not a purifier or filtration system though there are some models (none on this list however) that include filtration features. Their primary function is to dispense chilled and hot water. Dispensed water temperature can also vary, depending largely on the size of the compressor or type of refrigeration used.We've chosen the best water cooler dispensers in 2021 that reliably and consistently dispense both hot and cold water, while being simple to set up and maintain. These models are also quiet when operating, except for a faint hum from the condenser or the occasional bubble of water in the bottle. These quality water cooler dispenser promise consistently good water flow to quickly fill up a cup or bottle, in addition to also having drip-free systems so there's less waste and cleanup required.
    May 14, 2015
  • Conventional hot plates are traditionally made from a cast-iron plate which heats up using electricity. While this durable design is very effective, it can be rather slow to heat up and inconsistent at maintaining precise temperatures preferred by serious cooks. While nduction burners are generally more expensive, but they're capable of fast, precise heat without heating up the cooktop surface. However, induction technology requires the use of specific cookware and will not work with glass, ceramic, or copper materials. Induction burners can also be noisy due to their internal cooling fan, but there's no denying they cook food quickly and consistently.These picks for the best hot plates in 2021 are varied, but they all offer the convenience of a single burner that can be used as a supplementary, emergency, or portable burner. These selections are able to perform essential tasks such as boiling water in a reasonably fast amount of time, and are built with durable materials for long lasting performance.
    April 14, 2015
  • Waffle irons mold the waffles as the batter flows and when heat is applied, the batter hardens into a crisp and delicious artistic pancake. There are many styles and types of waffles, some specific to their original country, but the electric waffle irons here will all be capable of making standard square or round waffles and they’ll all have a non-stick coating for ease of waffle extraction.All of the units on the list of best waffle irons in 2021 were also chosen because they’re easy to use and maintain, allowing you to capture the art of making waffles. You'll have to choose a style or particular type that works best for you or your kitchen setting, but each of these picks will turn out quality waffles. However, if you use lower quality ingredients or the ingredients aren’t mixed correctly, you will get inferior waffles regardless of which waffle iron you employ.
    February 25, 2015
  • Kitchen trends come and go, but certain appliances like the microwave have made an indelible mark on American culinary culture. The best microwave ovens in 2021 range from basic, no-frills appliances to feature-heavy models boasting convenient features and cooking options. The following lists will help you narrow down your options based on cooking needs, available space, and budget. You'll also find a microwave oven buyer’s guide below to help you with your purchasing decision.  
    February 04, 2015
  • Manual can openers are the most basic tools to open up a tin can. Virtually any metal tipped tool will work, from a screwdriver to a hacksaw to a dull thick knife, but those would only be acceptable when absolutely nothing else was available or you were in a survival situation. All manual can openers have to incorporate some type of blade to pierce the metal of the can. Once that is done, it has to be capable of following the edge until the top, or the lid has been removed. This is the action that makes a can opener successful.Every can opener we've chosen for the best can openers in 2021 list will be manufactured solid and sturdy enough to open the tops of multiple cans over the course of weeks, months and years. That might sound strange, but lesser can openers may only work one or two times before they dull or break, making them useless. These picks will also be easy to use so that you can snap or place them onto a can and open it up forthwith, with no guesswork and no hassle. Plus, each of them will be ergonomically designed for maximum leverage to open up a can as quickly and easy as possible.
    November 21, 2014
  • Baking bread at home is an exciting and rewarding task, but it can also be quite time consuming, labor-intensive, and challenging. A quality bread machine helps to alleviate the effort that goes into the bread making process, allowing you to enjoy fresh homemade loaves at any time with minimal effort and frustration. We've narrowed down the best bread makers in 2021 on the market, ranging from basic and budget-friendly up to feature-laden investments that you'll want to hang on to for a while.
    November 21, 2014
  • Ice cream has been a decadent dessert loved by people all over the world for centuries. Originally ice cream was created using what was called the pot method, a very hard concept to create a large batch of this decadent dessert. All this changed when a brilliant inventor named, Nancy M. Johnson of Philadelphia, patented the first ice cream maker.  This invention called the 'artificial freezer' had the basic elements of what we still use today, including a tub, a cylinder, a lid, a dasher, and of course a crank.  New innovated technology keeps advancing all of the time, and this helps all of us who adore this delicious creamy dessert. The newest Ice cream machines boasts features that take the work out of making ice cream. So whether you want to make ice-cream the old fashioned way like grandma, or you prefer the machine to crank it for you, either is not a problem. There are even machines out there which are designed to allow you to do both. The best ice cream makers in 2021 from this review are dedicated to highlight the machines with the best features, so you can decide what ice cream machine is right for you. 
    October 29, 2014