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Best Copy Paper for Photos and Documents

  1. Just Basics Brightness Copy Paper
  2. Boise Paper Multi-Use Copy Paper
  3. Relay Multipurpose Copy Paper
  4. iQ Multipurpose Copy Paper
  5. Buyer's Guide

Copy paper is usually heavy-duty paper that will never let your photos and documents fade or become blurry. When choosing a paper, consider the size, material, and durability. Here are some of the best copy paper in 2022 for you to consider.

Best Copy Papers of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

Just Basics Brightness Copy Paper - Top Pick

This letter-size copy paper is the perfect choice for any busy office worker. It’s highly durable and can withstand the office’s demands for quality work and high-efficiency. This copy paper can be used for everyday printing and copying. The acid-free paper resists fading and comes with 500 sheets in each ream to help stock your office. Just as their name implies, Just Basics is what you need and nothing more.

Boise Paper Multi-Use Copy Paper - Runner Up

This paper is ideal for everyday use and is great for school projects, presentations, and home-schooling. This acid-free paper is made in the U.S., so it’s guaranteed to be jam-free for up to 10 years. The 8.5” x 11” letter size has a brightness of 92 and 20 pounds with smoothness of 170 and opacity of 91. Boise is a leader in the industry and it shows in their quality. There are multiple sizes and configurations to choose from as well.

Relay Multipurpose Copy Paper - Honorable Mention

This copy paper is heavy and durable, and the sturdy spine makes it easy to write on. Like others on the list, it's made in the USA, is 92 bright and acid-free so you won't have to worry about fading over time. You have multiple choices to choose from such as 1, 8, and 10 ream, or you a full pallet. Good luck trying to get that through your front door.

iQ Multipurpose Copy Paper - Contender

If you need to add a little color to your prints, look no further than iScholar's iQ Multipurpose Pastel Colored Paper. It comes in the standard 8.5" x 11" size and is of course acid and lignin-free. Within the 100 sheets you get, there are five colors which are great for printing flyers, bulletins, or other notices that grab your attention.

Buyer's Guide

Best Copy Papers Buying Guide

Choosing a copy paper for your home or office can be daunting if you don't know much about it. As there are countless options available to overwhelm you, you might invest in the wrong pack and pour your money down the drain. That’s why we have created this comprehensive buying guide to help you pick the best copy paper that meets your requirements and provides value for money.

What Is A Copy Paper?

Copy paper is a kind of printer paper specially made for printing projects. It is different from the ordinary paper you find in notebooks or copies. Furthermore, it is thin and lightweight with 75% opacity. It is also coated with matte so that it can quickly dry after printing. These papers are widely used for office and school projects because of their versatility and lower prices. This is why you always see a large pile of them beside printers.

What Are The Different Paper Sizes Available?

Copy papers are available in different sizes, allowing you to pick one that suits all your stationery needs. Be it a business card or a large architectural plan, there is a specific paper size to accommodate individual requirements. Basically, you can find three paper sizes, including:

8.5x11 inches

This is the most commonly used paper, also known as letter-size paper. It goes well with most of the printers. Standard documents like catalogs, letters, magazines can be formed using this paper. Hence, if you choose this, you will never go wrong.

8.5x14 inches

This is known as legal-size paper and is a bit longer than standard-size papers. It serves the purpose of contract papers used in legal or real estate professions.

11x14 inches

There are some figures and diagrams that cannot be represented on small paper. For instance, CAD drawings and architectural figures do not fit in regular sheets. Hence, this size paper is used in such cases.

Which Factors To Consider While Buying A Copy Paper?


A ream is a bundle of 500 sheets in one pack. A product may come in a pack of 2 or more reams. Some copy papers also come in reamless cases where you can get 100-2000 sheets individually.


Paperweight decides the sturdiness and durability of the paper. It can be measured in gsm (grams per square meter) or sometimes in pounds. The higher the weight, the better the paper. 80gsm is ideal for everyday requirements, while 100 plus gsm is suitable for premium documents. In the case of pounds, a lower weight like 20 to 24 pounds is great for day-to-day multipurpose needs, while a higher weight will be better if you want photos or images to look unique.


This factor will decide how much light the paper will reflect off. The more it reflects, the printed content looks more vibrant. Brightness is measured on a scale of 100. If you want only plain text on the paper, you need optimum level brightness in the range of 80-92.

Acidic or Acid-Free Paper

Check if your paper is acid-free or not. If you put an acid-free paper in water, it dissolves to make a neutral or basic pH solution. It is made of cellulose fiber and can be preserved for many years. Also, it prevents the yellowing of the paper over time. Therefore, make sure that your copy paper is acid-free.


Opacity indicates how transparent a sheet of paper is. For instance, a see-through tracing paper has 0% opacity but a greeting card has 100% opacity. Go for 90% or above opaque papers for best results.


Most of these copy papers come in white color. But to accomplish a creative project, you need various colors to grab attention. For instance, if you want to create printing flyers, bulletins, or notices, have a copy paper available in different colors.

Is A Copy Paper And A Printer Paper Same?

A copy paper is thinner and less costly than printer paper. If you have to print text, then both do the job with the same efficiency. However, if you need a lot of images to print, you can opt for high quality copy papers.

Which Type Of Coating Is The Best In Copy Papers?

Copy papers are coated with different finishes to produce different results. You should select the coating as per your printing needs.

No Coating

A paper with zero coating has no finish or coated layer on it. It works best for text documents as it makes the paper easy to read due to no glare surface.

Matte Finish

When a copy paper is lightly coated, it becomes smoother than a non-coated one. Thus, for making images and photos look unique with a bit of contrast, this kind of coating serves well.

Gloss Paper

As the name implies, this coating provides a smooth and glossy texture to the page. Furthermore, these pages are commonly used in brochures, posters, and other marketing papers to highlight the colors of the images.

Copy Paper FAQ

Q: Is it essential for a paper to be lignin-free?

A: Lignin is an organic component found in wood pulp, a self-occurring acid that makes paper acidic. So a paper should be acid-free as well as lignin-free if you don’t want it to become acidic over time. Moreover, if a paper has lignin, it can cause discoloration of texts or images on the page.

Q: What does a three ream paper mean?

A: A ream indicates the number of pages bundled in one pack. Generally, one ream contains 480-510 sheets, or precisely 500. Therefore, three ream papers will contain around 1500 copy papers.

Q: How to store a copy paper?

A: Place the copy paper on a flat surface rather than an uneven surface to avoid distorting its shape or jamming the paper. For instance, you can keep it in a cabinet or shelf instead of on the top of the printer. Also, avoid placing it on the floor as it will absorb moisture.

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