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  • Although there are tech advancements every day, whiteboards are an invention that may never go out of existence. Not only are they used in visual learning, but they also provide a definite shape to a stream of thought. While some prefer having a whiteboard on their refrigerator, others use it as a teaching aid for their kids. Whatever reason you have, we’re here to introduce to you the best dry erase whiteboards in 2021. Dry-erase whiteboards function like oversized paper sheets, but can be written on over and over again. They are made in different sizes to serve various functions. Commonly built with steel or melamine, these are integral parts of learning. The best part is they stand the test of time and your budget!We have carefully selected dry-erase whiteboards that stood out the most to us in the market. Read below to find out about these products, and browse our buying guide to further help you in making the best decision.
    May 24, 2021
  • Standing desks have become more popular among modern workspaces, particularly in home-based work environments. They appeal to those who either dislike the sedentary lifestyle associated with a desk job or to those who wish to stay as healthy as possible at all times. Here are five benefits that standing desks provide for those that use them.
    April 21, 2021
  • Video conferencing is a popular way for business groups to stay connected, even when there are hundreds or thousands of miles separating team members. While the most basic setups utilize consumer-grade webcams to get the job done, the best solution for video conferencing is to invest in dedicated equipment designed to function in such an environment. Our best video conference cameras in 2021 recommendations are based on ease of use and overall audio/video capabilities. Though they're not the most affordable options around, each one is designed to excel in the most common video conferencing scenarios with minimal attention or maintenance required for reliable performance.
    March 25, 2020
  • Standing desks have become incredibly popular in recent years thanks to the ergonomic benefits they offer. Essentially, a standing desk can remove the possibility of slouching or bad chair posture. Though they come in many different shapes and styles, the best standing desks on the market offer easy adjustability and enough weight capacity to reliably hold your equipment. While hand-cranked units exist, we feel that the added convenience of power operation more than justifies the additional expense. Here are the best standing desks in 2021 (with one converter) on the market today.
    March 20, 2020
  • The digital pocket scale is perfect for a wide variety of uses, though they seem to be most popular in the kitchen, the jewelry shop, and with small businesses. These diminutive scales often measure weights of up to 11 pounds, and can shift between various units of measurement from the commonplace, such as grams, pounds, or ounces to the more specific like pennyweights or fluid ounces.You want your scale to have tare capabilities, which allow you to reset the scale to zero to accommodate external surfaces or multiple elements on the same surface. You also want an easy to read display that breaks your readings down to simple increments.If you're in the market for a digital pocket scale, give these five picks for best digital pocket scales in 2021 a look, each chosen along the following criteria including size, units of measurement read, amount of weighing modes, functionality, ease of use, ease of calibration, extra features, and price.
    November 25, 2014
  • The fax machine may be a fading technology, but there's still a steady demand for them in the marketplace. These once prevalent office appliances were capable of sending documents over phone lines, it was faster than the mail and cost a lot less than overnight delivery. But with the rise of email, smartphones, and tablets; the fax machine started to take a backseat to the new methods of communication and the gadgets that came with them. There are still a large array of fax machines available on the market from many of the same manufacturers that put them on the map in the first place and you can find them at all the major retailers. But a majority of the machines that are most sought after by consumers are those "all in one" style units that do a variety of jobs in addition to faxing. In fact, almost all fax machines can make copies but the newest models are capable of scanning and printing, most of them compatible with inter-office networks through Ethernet. These are usually wireless units that will even allow multiple users to fax directly from their PC, a Mac, and even an IPhone or Android powered smartphone. So while faxing documents from one place to the next has grown somewhat obsolete, the machines that can do the job are getting more versatile and sophisticated. Don't worry though, you can still find a basic telephone and fax unit without the fancy bells and whistles or the price that comes with it. You'll find lists for the best fax machines in 2021 on the market below. Give them a look and you'll see that we've found fax machines that can fit every budget and every environment; from large commercial offices to small businesses that may even be run out of the home. If you're thinking about buying a fax machine, chances are one of these will be the one for you.
    November 21, 2014
  • The pencil sharpener. What's there to know? You'd be surprised. The most obvious distinction between best pencil sharpener in 2021 is whether you want manual or automatic. You probably remember the manual versions from your childhood days of grade school. Stick one end in, start cranking, and out comes a finely sharpened writing instrument. Not much has changed since, though they have gotten stronger boasting sharper more resilient blades and many of them can accommodate various pencil thickness sizes. Electric sharpeners offer a little more variation in their designs. They're all run by electric motors and operate in much the same manner; just stick your pencil in and the machine does the rest. But here you have more options, like units that prevent from oversharpening, become inoperable when anything else but a pencil is inserted into the device, and come with heavy-duty helical blades that can cut through multiple sizes and diameters of pencil. Some of these units are designed for heavy volume use, incorporating fans and coolers to keep them from overheating while remaining sharp and ready for use time after time. 
    October 29, 2014
  • Numbers never lie. But sometimes you need to double-check what they tell you, which is why we have calculators. There are all kinds of calculators designed for a myriad of applications, from basic models to advanced graphing or financial calculators that support Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) and complex algorithms. Sure you could do that in your head, but you're human...you make mistakes. Calculators don't. We've gathered a selection of the best calculator in 2021 based on format, with extra emphasis placed on how well they perform at their intended task.
    October 28, 2014
  • The smart pen is a recent advancement in communication technology, used primarily in the business and government sectors. But now, the consumer market has been granted access to this amazing new device which is still evolving even today. These pens are electronic and write in the very same manner as your standard ball-point Bic. The difference however, is that these pens can remember what you wrote and even record audio of those speaking around you, making transcription easier and worry-free.Just upload the digital data to the software provided and in seconds it will translate your writing into a clean MS Word or PDF file that looks as if you typed it on your computer instead of scrawling it free-hand. Then you can email it or save it on your hard drive or do with it whatever you wish. Some of these pens even communicate with PDA devices and other organization programs as well.If you think this is something that would greatly benefit your daily routine, we've found some of the best smart pens available right now. This is a technology that is still in its infancy, so there aren't too many on the market at the moment, with only a few companies blazing the trail with their products. Take a look at what we have on this list, each of best smart pen in 2021 chosen for their ease of use, set up, features, accuracy, memory size, and price.
    September 24, 2014
  • The paper shredder. The last line of defense against identity fraud, information theft, and state secrets falling into the wrong hands. There are all types of shredders available to handle any size job with various degrees of sensitivity. When looking to buy a good shredder, the first thing to consider is the cut type. Often times, the question isn't what you're shredding, but how much you're shredding it. The purpose of any good shredder is to grind up your documents or electronic information into a format where it is irreparable and entirely illegible. Lost to the world for good. Cut size is important, and since there are a few types to choose from, you want to take into consideration what it is you'll be destroying. The smaller the cut, the higher the security. Most common shredders used to be strip cut, turning sheets of paper into thin, spaghetti-esque strips; cross cut has become more popular now, turning documents into confetti-sized particles. Micro-cut and high-security cut pulverize your material to even smaller sizes, but unless you work for the NSA or CIA this type of security may be overly excessive (meaning expensive) for your needs. Most shredders can also destroy CDs, credit cards, and other thicker sensitive materials if need be, and many shredders should be able to take more than a few sheets in one pass without getting jammed. Most units have anti-jamming devices and indicators to help prevent you from feeding the entry slot with too much paper and if you do, there are often multi-directional motors to help you reverse your way out of the situation. Safety measures to keep foreign objects like loose clothing, jewelry, and fingers might also be something to look for, depending upon where the shredder will be in use the most. Paper Shredder come in all shapes and sizes; whether for commercial use in high-traffic environments for heavy-duty jobs or home use for the occasional bank statement or expired credit card. Whatever type of shredder you're in the market for, take a look at the lists of the best paper shredders in 2021 below and see if there's something that fits your needs.
    August 26, 2014
  • Who wants to lug around a thick, dusty old dictionary? Be it hardcover or paperback, most reference guides weren't designed with portability in mind. With an electronic dictionary, you have a conveniently portable wealth of knowledge.Most e-dictionaries provide the three big essentials including dictionary, thesaurus, and grammar usage. However, many also loaded with additional reference materials and vast word banks to offer an exhaustive overview of the English language. Many of the best electronic dictionaries in 2021 offer extra features including games, spell check, calculators and even personal organization software. This list spotlights five of the best electronic dictionaries you can find on the market right now, each chosen based upon criteria including their generous amount of word and knowledge references, their ease of use and functionality, practical special features, and value for their price.
    May 02, 2014