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Keep Your Pores Clean with The Best Cotton Pads in 2022

  1. Greenzla Reusable Cotton Pad
  2. Cliganic Organic Cotton Pad
  3. Rael Facial Sponge Cotton Pad
  4. Organyc 100% Organic Cotton Pad
  5. AnnaLisa 100% Pure Combed Cotton Pad
  6. Beauty By Earth Cotton Pads
  7. Buyer's Guide

Cotton pads are made from natural cotton that is extremely soft and flexible. Cotton pads are also known as rounds and are used primarily for makeup removal or application but are also used in the medical field. We've scoured the internet to find the best of the best, and now present to you a list of what we believe to be the top seven cotton pads on the market now. Check out our reviews, as well as our accompanying buying guide to help you make the right choice for your skin!

Our Top Six Cotton Pads

Greenzla Reusable Cotton Pad - Top Pick

Made of 100% organic bamboo cotton, these reusable makeup remover pads are an eco-friendly way to remove your makeup while also reducing single-use waste. Thanks to the included mesh bag, once you've used a few of the pads, just put them in the bag and throw them in your washing machine. Depending on your detergent and other factors such as the water temperature, the pads may not look exactly as they did brand new, but they are completely safe to reuse again and be just as effective. Greenzla approximates around 20 uses per pad.

Cliganic Organic Cotton Pad - Runner Up

The organic cotton rounds by Cliganic are very easy and comfortable to use. You won't have to worry about having a reaction to them since they are hypoallergenic. These pads are also lint free, so no need to be picking lint off your face after using the pads. The pads are one-time use. Although we would like them to be reusable, the organic cotton is a plus as they are super absobent. That comes in handy when applying toners or other cleansers to your face or skin.

Rael Facial Sponge Cotton Pad - Honorable Mention

These cotton pads from Rael look and feel a little different than your typical cotton pad. First off, they are square and resemble a sponge. The next thing you'll notice is that they are a lot thinner than your typical pad. Some might see this as a negative but it's better for the environment to use less, especially if you don't need all the extra layers. These pads are lint free and are great for people with sensitive skin.

Organyc 100% Organic Cotton Pad - Contender

Like the others on this list, these pads by Organyc are 100% organic cotton. They are one-use pads and are great for people with sensitive skin. Organic cotton pads are grown in a way to help reduce waste and the impact on the environment. Organyc takes it one-step further by making the packaging biodegradable as well. These pads absorb liquid well and are soft to the touch.

AnnaLisa 100% Pure Combed Cotton Pad - Consider

If you're not concerned with environmentally-friendly packaging or reusable pads and are just looking for a great cotton round, the AnnaLisa cotton pad is our pick. Made in Italy, these pads are soft against the skin and very absorbent. Each pad is thicker than the average round and much more durable. While a generic pad fell apart, these held up quite well with heavy use. Each pack contains 240 rounds at a great price.

Beauty By Earth Cotton Pads - Best Environmentally Friendly Pads

These cotton pads are super soft, highly effective, gentle on your skin, reusable, and very simple to use! The best part? They’re made up of organic bamboo and cotton weave, making them both thick and durable. They’re contoured for your face and perfectly sized for facial cleaning. We’re in love with these babies and so will your skin and wallet - we’re pretty sure about that! Why? Well, they are made to lightly exfoliate your skin, will not cause irritation, are reusable, only cost $10, and give you absolutely nothing to lose but only beauty to gain! Moreover, the set includes 14 eco-friendly circular pads, 1 cotton, and a drawstring laundry bag for seamless washing every two weeks!

Buyer's Guide

Makeup has become a requirement for women to wear when they leave their homes these days. Putting up the cosmetics of a person's choice takes a long time. However, once you get home, it's just as crucial to remove your makeup to protect your skin in the long run. Makeup removal pads are readily accessible. However, choosing the best one is not easy.

No one wants to end up buying rough or low-quality cotton pads as glowing and neat skin is, for obvious reasons, preferred. For this reason, we have compiled this detailed guide so that you will invest in the right product for you.

What Are Some Important Features of the Best Cotton Pads?

Absorbency rate

When purchasing cotton pads, opt for those that have an absorbent pattern. Cotton is naturally absorbent, but certain beauty pads are thicker, bigger, or quilted, making them better at absorbing cosmetics than others. This means you won't need as much product and will see more of the results on your skin.

A good 100% cotton pad can absorb pollutants while also removing makeup without smudging it all over your face. The absorbency of a cotton pad is determined by the material's quality.

Smooth texture

Some cotton pads have a smooth surface on both sides, making them excellent for daily use and for people with sensitive skin. Other choices include one smooth side and another side that is slightly textured. The smooth side may be used to remove eye makeup and apply various skincare products, while the rough side can be used for exfoliation or removing stubborn nail polish.

What Factors Should I Consider When Buying Cotton Pads?


When selecting cotton pads, one of the most crucial elements to consider is the material. Choose cotton pads with a delicate feel that are gentle on your skin. All skin types will benefit from the ones made of 100 percent cotton.


The safety of your skin depends on the quality of the cotton pads you use. Soft cotton pads absorb pollutants off your skin quickly and without causing irritation. As a result, look for a brand that uses soft fabrics that can absorb moisture efficiently.


If you're always on the run, cotton pads that last a long time may be necessary. Make sure to use pads with a high absorbency so that each one can remove the most amount of makeup in a single swipe.


Because you'll be utilizing these cotton pads frequently, make sure the company doesn't employ any chemicals in the manufacturing process. To avoid any negative effects on your skin, choose natural cotton pads. Also, look for any ingredients that could cause an adverse reaction.

Reusable vs. single-use

The majority of cotton pads on the market are designed to be used only once. Even if they aren't overly expensive, using one or more per day might add up. "Cut each square in half to make them last longer," Dr. Engelman recommends.

Investing in reusable pads, on the other hand, can save you money in the long term. Furthermore, washable alternatives are better for the environment.

Amount of pieces

Each set may have a different number of pieces. This is entirely a matter of personal preference, and you must determine whether it provides good value for money. You can use it as a test to determine if it has a smaller number of components. Some of it may incorporate a headband to make it easier to use.

How to Use Reusable Cotton Pads

The procedure for using reusable makeup remover pads is the same as with any other cotton pad or makeup wipe you've used before. If you're still unsure, we've put together a step-by-step instruction below.

Step 1: Select a makeup remover liquid

You'll need a liquid makeup remover on hand to wipe away your makeup look with a reusable makeup remover pad. You can use a standard eye makeup remover or a modern alternative, such as micellar water.

Some reusable makeup remover pads may be used merely with water-based products to remove makeup—seriously. For the best results, always follow the directions for the product you're using.

Step 2: Soak your reusable makeup pad in water

Using your makeup remover of choice, saturate your reusable pad. The procedure is the same as with a disposable cotton pad.

Step 3: Gently wipe your face with the pad

You may remove your makeup by gliding your reusable makeup remover pad over your face after it is wet and ready to use. To remove a full face of makeup, you may need to use a new corner or pad, depending on the size of the pad you're using. Continue to saturate and wipe until you've removed all of your makeup. It's finished!

What Are the Different Ways to Use Cotton Pads?

Cotton pads are designed to remove makeup, but they can also be used for other aspects of your skincare routine. Here are four occasions when you might want to use one.

Facial cleansing

Applying no-rinse cleansers like micellar water with a reusable makeup remover pad is a good idea. You can soak the pad and slide it over your face to wash, just like you would when removing your makeup.

Using toners

It should come as no surprise that cotton pads can also be used for applying toner. To do so, soak your reusable cotton pad with toner before wiping it across your face.


Makeup remover pads can be used as a sort of mechanical exfoliation because they need to be carefully wiped over your face. You can improve their exfoliating qualities by using one instead of your hands to apply a face scrub.

Taking off a face mask

Instead of showering your face with water, try removing a face mask with your makeup removal pad. When the timer goes off, wet the pad with lukewarm water and clean your face with it. It's as simple as that.

Some Cotton Pad Buyers Ask

Q: Why are cotton pads preferable to wet wipes?

Wet wipes are soaked in a cleansing solution that is chemically based and frequently contains alcohol. These products may cause adverse reactions in those with sensitive skin. They may also be unsuitable for use in delicate places such as your eyes. The wipes are not biodegradable or environmentally friendly. Cotton pads, on the other hand, are mild on the skin and allow you to apply any substance you like.

Q: Are cotton pads safe for the environment?

Cotton pads are single-use only, even if they are biodegradable, chemical-free cotton. As a result, you end up purchasing more plastic packets. The solution is to find a brand that employs biodegradable and reusable pads and packs or you can simply switch to reusable pads.

Q: How long reusable cotton pads last?

Most reusable pads, cloths, and mittens will last you years if properly washed and cared for. Up to 500 or 1,000 washes are possible.

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