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Best Shave Brushes for That Classic Shave Feel

  1. Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shave Brush
  2. Vulfix Pure Badger Hair Brush
  3. Silvertip Badger Bristle Shave Brush
  4. Parker Safety Razor Shave Brush
  5. Escali 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush
  6. Buyer's Guide

Shaving is a rite of passage. Something that all men must take up at some point to look their best for dates, meetings, interviews or just the daily grind. While some men just rush through this part of their daily routine without a second thought, there are others who have adopted the old school methodology and take the act of shaving just a little more seriously. By applying the right shave soap with a high quality shave brush you can turn the simple act of shaving into something more than just a part of getting ready. Applying your shaving cream thoughtfully with your shave brush can not only be almost meditative, it can also help you get a closer and more comfortable shave. The right brush will help lift your whiskers and help properly prepare you for a close and lasting shave. Based on factors like cost, ease of use and effectiveness, we have put together this list of the best shave brushes in 2022 available today.

What are the best shave brushes of 2022?

Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shave Brush - Best Shave Brush Overall

When it comes to old school shaving, Edwin Jagger is one of the first companies that comes to mind. While their shaving equipment does come with a heftier price tag than some of the alternatives, the quality of their products is unparalleled. The Edwin Jagger all natural badger hair brush makes lathering up for a close shave incredibly easy. With just a little work this top quality brush will work your favorite soap into a rich lather that will fully prepare your face for a close and comfortable shave. This brush is beautiful, easy to use and vastly improves your morning ritual of shaving.

Vulfix Pure Badger Hair Brush - Runner Up

Vulfix is another company with a long standing history and solid reputation for producing top quality shaving equipment. Their Super Badger Brush is an excellent all around shave brush that helps turn your daily shaving ritual from a habit into a pleasure. For starters, the Super Badger Brush is incredibly comfortable to use. This top quality brush is made to fit properly in your hand for the most comfortable shaving experience possibly. Regardless how long it takes you to work up and apply your lather, this brush never seems to feel anything less than perfect in your hand. This brush makes working up a good lather easy and can instantly help take your shaving experience to the next level.

Silvertip Badger Bristle Shave Brush - Honorable Mention

GBS has managed to produce a silvertip shave brush that stands out from the crowd. This top notch shave brush has a number of positive attributes but tops on the list would have to be comfort and appearance. The GBS silvertip badger brush makes it super easy to generate a full, rich lather from your favorite shave soap. What helps set this particular brush apart from many of the competitors out there is that it feels so good in your hand while you are working up and applying that lather. Another big asset is the handsome look of this top caliber shave brush. This brush is a highly useful tool that also serves as a great accent piece in any style bathroom.

Parker Safety Razor Shave Brush - Consider

People who are looking for high quality shaving tools and accessories to fit within their budget often turn to Parker Safety Razor. This company has become well known for delivering the highest quality shaving gear at prices that are relatively easy to afford. Their 100% Black Badger Bristle Shave Brush fits the bill nicely on both accounts. This brush is built to last and is very comfortable to use. It makes working up a nice lather easy, it looks good and comes in at a very reasonable price.

Escali 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush - Best Shave Brush

Escali may not have the same reputation as Edwin Jagger or Vulfix, but that hasn’t stopped them from producing a super high quality shave brush. This top notch shave brush is easy to use, very comfortable and works well to produce a lather that will help you get a cleaner, closer shave. The 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush from Escali feels good in your hand as you work up your lather and apply it to your face. It quickly produces a thick, rich lather that ensures you will get a close and comfortable shave every time. And, maybe best of all, it delivers all of these attributes at a price that is far below the majority of the competition.

Buyer's Guide

Best Shave Brush for a Smooth, Even Shave Every Single Time

Many people prefer to use their hands when putting shaving cream on. But there is a reason why the shaving brush came into existence.

Here are the reasons you need to invest in a quality shave brush and things you need to consider when buying one.

- Shave brush helps in creating a warm and smooth leather by incorporating air into the soap/cream
- It helps in exfoliating the skin by getting rid of dirt and dead cells
- Using a shave brush for applying the cream instead of your hand allows the skin to soften and hair follicles to open up. This makes shaving smoother and more effortless
- A shave brush lifts the facial hair, which leads to a smoother and better shaving experience without giving any nicks or cuts

Things to Consider Before Investing in The Best Shave Brush

Some of the most important things to keep in mind when getting a shave brush include the following.

Types of Shave Brushes

Shaving brushes are manufactured from horse, badgers, or boar hair, as well as synthetic fibers.

Horsehair Brushes

are, as the name implies, made from horsehair. They are soft and fine and come in many colors to choose from. They come in normal price ranges, making them a favorite among people who do not want to spend too much on shave brushes yet wish to opt for quality brushes.

Badger hair brush

has been in the market for over two centuries. They are divided into four grades; pure, best, super, and silver tip. Pure badger hair shave brush is the most affordable. Available in brownish grey or black color, these brushes have flexible hair with coarse texture. They easily last 2-3 years.

Super badger grade

is very soft to touch and does not scratch the skin. They have whiter tips and black bands. They are more expensive as compared to the pure grade and can easily last ten years.

The silver tip is the best of the four types of boar hair shave brushes. However, they are costly, can last more than ten years, and have a luxurious feel. It is almost like you are massaging your face with a sponge.

Boar Brushes

are manufactured from badger hair and are quite coarse. They tend to scratch the skin if not used appropriately. However, people prefer them because they quickly create an excellent lather and soften with time to make for an easier shave. They are very inexpensive and can be bought from any ordinary store.

Synthetic Brushes

are made from nylon bristles that aren’t very comfortable because of their harsh, unnatural material. But many companies nowadays are coming up with high-quality synthetic fibers that are not only exceptionally soft but give a smooth, even shave. They come in a variety of price ranges, and you can pick whichever best suits your budget.


The best shave brush is one that has perfect balance, is comfortable in your palm, provides good grip, and is the right size. All of this is what makes your shaving experience ideal. The handle is made of many different materials like wood, metal, horn, and synthetic. Opt for a shave brush that you think comes in your affordability and comfort.

Hair Shedding

Shave brushes shed hair. Surprised? This happens to new brushes mostly, but rest assured the process stops after 10-15 shaves. You can get rid of this issue by washing your brush with soap multiple times so that it settles and starts giving proper lather. Keep in mind that brushes that are too low quality will continue to shed even after regular use and care.

Knots & Loft Height

The knot and loft height is what makes your shaving experience a comfortable or a horrendous experience. Longer and thicker hair groups will feel soft on the face. Shave brushes that have bigger diameter knots and high lofts are the ones that are high quality and more expensive.

So which brush should you get? The one that makes you feel best when shaving. This would mean that you may need to try a few before finding the best one.

Tips for the Best Shave Brush Experience:
- When beginning to shave, start by dipping the brush in warm water and then gently shaking off all the excess. Make sure the water is not scalding, simply warm.
- Now apply shaving cream on top of the brush but don’t overdo it. Apply small amounts and use more if needed
- Apply to your face and rub in gentle motions so that thick, creamy lather forms. The better leather you are able to make, the better and smoother your shave will be. Make sure all the hair and smaller stubble is covered evenly.
- Once you have shaved, clean the brush in warm water to get off all the cream or soap. You would have to rinse it 2 to 3 times for proper cleansing.
- Gently squeeze the bristles of your shave brush to get out all the water. Store in a way that the brush is left standing.

Best Shave Brush FAQs

Q: Why use a shaving brush at all when you can use your hands to do the job?
A: A shave brush covers the hair on your face and stubble properly. It lifts the hair from the face, which results in an even and smooth shave. A shaving brush also exfoliates the skin leaving it smooth, clean and soft.

Q: How to know it’s the right shave brush?
A: You can only find out once you start using the shaving brush. Give it at least a month to settle before coming to any conclusion. A brush sheds hair the first few times and takes a little time to become soft. Eventually, you get a brush that gives you the kind of shave you wish for.

Q: How long can I use the same shave brush?
A: This one's going to be a long-term investment, so you can be a little generous and get your hands on the best shave brush. A shaving brush generally lasts five years or more. Premium brushes last more than ten years. Synthetic ones work for only a couple of years. Your brush will last longer if you take care of them and clean them regularly. If you invest in a good quality brush, it will last long enough.

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