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Best Cribs for Your Growing Baby

  1. Da Vinci Furniture Convertible Crib
  2. Lotus Everywhere Crib
  3. Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib
  4. Orbelle Trading The Tian 3 in 1 Portable Crib
  5. Buyer's Guide

There are many crib options depending on the needs of your family and your baby. Whether you need something that is easily moved from destination to destination, or one that is stationary, you will find one easily on our lists of best cribs in 2022. Options range from small portable beds that weigh under ten pounds to beds that will convert to a toddler bed and then on to a full-sized bed as your child grows. There are many different finish options from natural pine to mahogany to coordinate the crib with other furniture in the house.

The Best Crib Models of 2022 in Detail

Da Vinci Furniture Convertible Crib - Best Crib Overall

The DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Crib features a vintage design that parents who love timeless elegance will love. This crib transitions from a crib to a toddler bed, and later to a day bed, which means it will last you well through the toddler years. It also adjusts to four different mattress levels which makes the crib even safer for babies and provides parents with lasting peace of mind. This crib is made of sustainable New Zealand pine while the crib finishes are all non-toxic to ensure baby’s health isn’t affected in any way. The metal and spring mattress support provides exceptional support. The stationary sides and the slats are extremely durable for added security.

Lotus Everywhere Crib - Runner Up

The Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib sets up in just 15 seconds which means you’ll have a safe and comfortable spot for baby to sleep in no time when you’re on the road. The sides are made of a breathable mesh which allow for complete airflow so your baby will be extremely comfortable while inside the crib. The plush mattress provides a comfortable sleeping surface for baby and when your little one wants to play, this portable crib serves as a playpen, complete with a side that can be unzipped so that parents can easily access the inside of the crib. When you’re on the move, this mattress takes about two minutes to fold down and store in its handy backpack carrying case. And since it weighs only 11 pounds, this selection definitely won’t be a burden to travel with.

Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib - Honorable Mention

Whether you’re traveling or you are limited on space at home, you’ll love the Delta Children’s 3-in-1 Portable Crib. Constructed of solid cherry wood, this crib uses approximately 35 percent less space than a full-size crib, making it easy for travel and obviously great for use in small spaces. When it’s set up, the crib offers two different mattress support heights which allows you to use it as a bassinet, a changing table or a playpen, in addition to a crib. The one inch waterproof mattress serves as a comfortable sleeping or playing surface for your little one and when the crib is folded down, it is just six inches wide and weighs only 34 pounds, making it easy to store and transport.

Orbelle Trading The Tian 3 in 1 Portable Crib - Consider

Constructed of New Zealand pine, the Orbelle Trading Tian 3-in-1 Portable Crib not only serves as a crib when you’re away from home, but it can also be used as a changing table and a playpen. The two shorter edges feature a curved design, adding beauty to this functional portable crib. All sides are stationary, ensuring your child’s safety and it can be adjusted to two different heights. This portable crib comes with a comfortable one inch thick mattress, providing your child with a comfortable surface to sleep or play on. Weighing 37 pounds and folding flat when not in use, this portable crib is easy to travel with anywhere.

Buyer's Guide

Don’t be jealous, but your baby will spend most of the early part of their life in bed. Therefore, it is important to buy a crib that will survive the escape attempts of a baby, and keep your baby safe and secure. If you buy wisely, one crib should be enough for your little one.

However, there are a variety of designs and features to consider before making a decision. Read on for a list of things you may wish to consider when choosing between cribs.

What is a crib?

A crib is a children’s bed with barred or latticed sides. It is predominantly used for children up to the age of 3 and a half. There is no specific age for a child to transition to a bed, but parents have found that the younger the child, the more difficult they find the transition.

The cribs as we know them today were created in the 1950s. Safety regulations for the construction and design of cribs came about in the 1970s. As we have transitioned into the 21st century, cribs are becoming more and more impressive by the day.

Different Types of Crib

Standard Issue Crib

The standard-issue crib is the one most people think of when they think of a stereotypical crib. They are normally rectangular and come painted in many colors and designs. Originally many standard cribs had drop-down sides. For safety reasons, downsides are no longer legal. New builds will only have fixed sides.

Convertible Crib

Convertible cribs can be used as a crib. As your child grows, convertible cribs can be transformed into a bed. They are initially more expensive than a standard crib, but will definitely save you both time and money as your child transitions towards sleeping in a normal bed.

Mini Crib

A mini crib is perfect for those who want to take a crib on holiday or know they will need to move it regularly for some reason. These cribs can be taken apart and put back together easily. They are lighter and smaller than most traditional cribs - a great option for people with a small living space.

Portable Crib

A portable crib is made for parents on the move. These products are built with wheels, so you can easily move them from room to room. They can also be easily taken apart and put back together again.

Crib and Changer Combos

These cribs are combined with changing tables making them a great space saver. They are also a good time saver as you won’t need to travel far for night-time changing. Many crib and changer combos also come with drawers under the changing table. These cribs are more expensive than a standard crib, but with a newborn baby, you will appreciate the convenience of having everything close to hand.

Canopy Crib

These cribs don’t really offer any benefit other than their appearance, but they do look fabulous.

Things to consider before buying a crib?

There are so many things you may wish to keep in mind before deciding which crib is right for you and your baby. You may want to consider some of the following advice to keep your baby safe and ensure you don’t have to buy several beds until you find the perfect one.

Crib Bars

As a rule, you don’t want to buy a cot if you can fit a can of soda between the bars. This would pose a safety risk to your child. Drop-down sides are known to be unsafe and it is no longer legal to manufacture them. Don’t take the risk if someone offers to give you a second-hand crib with this feature.


The mattress should not leave any gaps between its edges and the bars of the crib. The mattress also needs to be firm so your baby's head is supported. If it dips with your baby’s weight, it is too soft. A crib should have a function where you can raise or lower the mattress. The rail should be a minimum of 26 inches above the crib mattress. As your child grows you will need to adjust its proximity to the bar.


Don't be afraid to get hands-on with your crib. Give it a shake and see if it is still sturdy. Your baby will certainly attempt worse. You should also check for any loose screws or peeling paint.

If you opt for a portable crib, make sure the wheels lock, regardless if they are on a wood or carpeted floor.


Don’t buy headboards with embellishments or sharp corners for your baby to hurt themselves upon.

Paint job

If you chose to paint your baby’s crib, you need to buy nontoxic paint. Your baby will explore the world with their mouth and that includes tasting the crib.

Cribs price range

Cribs vary in price. Some of the most ornamental cribs can cost up to $4000. On average, a reasonable amount to spend on a decent standard crib would be between $200 and $500. Convertible cribs and crib and changer combos will cost more. You will also want to set aside between $50 to $150 for a crib mattress.


Q: What are some of the most popular crib brands?
A: There are many companies that make cribs. These include:
DaVinci Kalani, Babyletto Hudson, Delta Children Canton, Dream On, and Babyletto. You will find more with a simple Google search. That being said, this list is certainly not exhaustive. You can find excellent cribs from a variety of lesser-known crib makers as well.

Q: Can twins sleep in the same crib?
A: The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that twins should sleep in separate cribs but in the same room. There is a lot of advice on the internet that contradicts this but it is always best to follow the advice of professionals.

Q: What is the best position for a baby to sleep in?
A: You should always put a baby on their back to sleep. This is known as the supine position. It is safer than placing your baby on its front or side, as this can affect their breathing.

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