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Best Baby Walkers for Active Babies

  1. Delta Children Lil Drive Baby Walker
  2. Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Baby Walker
  3. Chicco Lil Piano Splash Baby Walker
  4. Chicco Little Driver Baby Walker
  5. Buyer's Guide

Though a baby walker won't teach your baby how to walk, they can certainly provide your little one with entertainment and plenty of giggles while they're in the process learning how to get around on their own two feet. While it’s always best to check with your pediatrician before deciding if a walker is a good choice for your baby, we’ve taken the guesswork out of getting a good buy with the following selections. These best baby walkers in 2022 made our list because they're all outfitted with interactive toys to entertain and stimulate little minds, they're designed with  removable padded seats that are either machine washable or can be washed by hand, and the height can be adjusted to accommodate your growing baby.

Best Baby Walkers of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

Delta Children Lil Drive Baby Walker - Best Baby Walker Overall

Car enthusiasts will love the Delta Children Lil Drive Walker. Shaped like a bright red sports car, complete with wheels, this walker is loaded with fun interactive elements that your child will love, including a honking horn that honks and blinking lights. Additionally, the walkers electronic toy tray is filled with a variety of interactive lights and sounds to keep baby entertained. When it's snack time, the walkers toy tray can be removed, providing a surface to place your child's favorite snacks on. With a totally of three adjustable height positions, this walker can be easily  accommodate your growing baby. In a matter of a few seconds, you can fold the walker down when it's time to either stow the walker away or take it on your travels with baby. This walker is also certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association to give you added peace of mind your child is situated in a safe product.

Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Baby Walker - Runner Up

The Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker introduces your child to the sights and sounds of the jungle while he or she is practicing those walking skills. The removable activity bar features fun, safari-themed interactive toys to keep your little one engaged and it also plays upbeat melodies they're sure to enjoy listening to. With three adjustable height positions, this walker will be able to grow with your child rather than quickly needing to be replaced after less than a year. It also quickly folds down with minimal movements, making it more compact for easy storage and travel. The surface of the machine washable seat cover also makes cleaning much more convenient in the event baby decides to make a mess of things.

Chicco Lil Piano Splash Baby Walker - Honorable Mention

The Chicco Little Piano Walker Splash is outfitted with a DJ tray, which features a keyboard, drums, buttons, lights sounds and rattles. With so many entertainment options your little one will love walking along to the music and rhythm that this walker provides.The walkers padded seat seat is removable for convenient hand washing for those time when baby makes a mess during feeding time. As with our other picks, this walker features three height settings which allow this walker to grow with your baby. Additionally, this walker conveniently folds flat for when you're ready to stow it away or take it with you on a family outing. Babies safety is also assured thanks to six separate brake pads which prevent falls down stairs so parents will have added peace of mind.

best Chicco Little Driver Baby Walker

Chicco Little Driver Baby Walker - Consider

Your baby will love being behind the wheel in this interactive baby walker. The Chicco Little Driver Baby Walkler features an interactive activity tray, which comes complete with a steering wheel, a horn that beeps, a gear shifter and more! It also plays tunes to offer a multi-sensory experience to keep little minds stimulated. The walker adjusts to three heights to accommodate those growing legs and mom and dad can fold it flat for storage or to take it on the go. Parents will also love the added security that the brake pads offer which prevent falls down stairs.

Buyer's Guide

Baby walkers don’t only get babies walking. They keep them entertained and double up as a chair and table. Baby walkers can also be handy for keeping your little one from crawling out the door by themselves.

A baby walker can be a fantastic tool in your baby’s early years. When buying a baby walker you want to make sure it is safe and durable. In this guide, we outline everything you need to consider when buying a walker for your baby.

Types of Baby Walkers

There are 2 main types of baby walkers.

Traditional Baby Walker

A traditional baby walker has a center seat built into a wheeled frame. This way your baby can sit with her feet touching the ground and push herself around. At the same time, the walker has a tray table and some toys surrounding it. This means you can use the walker for your baby to walk, eat, and play.

Push Walker

A push walker does not have a seat. It is a walking frame with wheels. The walker serves as support only for the baby to use her own strength and stability to learn to walk. Push walkers also come with a variety of entertaining activities and toys built into the frame.

Things to Consider When Buying a Baby Walker


It is no surprise that safety is first on the list. Your baby is finally getting some freedom to roam, so you need to make sure he or she is safe. A traditional baby walker should have a seat belt. It is also best to get a walker with an automatic gripping mechanism to avoid riding over steps.

Choose a walker with wheel locks. If you need to look away for a moment and don’t want your child straddling away, this is essential. Wheel locks allow the walker to be used as a stable seat. Some walkers come with an adjustable table which makes them ideal for feeding and playing.

There should be a clearly displayed safety warning sticker or label on the walker. If it does not have this, look for a walker that does. Compromising the safety of your child for a substandard baby walker is not worth it.

Choose a Broad Base Baby Walker

A walker with a broad base prevents tipping, tripping, and falling. It provides a stable base of support, especially since your baby is still learning to walk. If the walker is very wide, it can prevent your baby from being able to walk through doorways. This allows them to move around freely but still be confined within the safety of a certain area as long as they’re in the walker.

Weight and Mobility

A baby walker that is too heavy will not be very mobile nor much fun for your baby to spend time in. You also want to check for smooth mobility. Check that the wheels move smoothly. The wheel of the baby walker should be at least 50 mm in diameter. Friction can cause accidents and prevent mobility. Give the walker a push around before buying it. If it requires some force to move, choose another option.

Check for Non-toxic Materials

Paint, plastic, and other materials used in the manufacture of baby walkers come in toxic and non-toxic variations. Check the packaging or manufacturer's label for this information. There is no doubt that your inquisitive baby will be tasting objects and toys on the walker, and even the walker itself. Keep it safe and toxin-free.

Design and Size

You want to ensure that the baby walker is the right fit for your baby. Look for a walker that supports your baby’s weight and that fits snuggly. Make sure that on sitting, your baby’s feet make contact with the floor completely.

If you travel often you will want to consider a design that allows you to fold the walker, making it easy to transport. Collapse the walker before purchasing it to make sure that all the folding mechanisms work well. Also unfold it again into the correct position.

Check the Finishes

Before your baby gets into the walker, check for sharp pieces, rough edges, and loose components. Make sure there are no gaps where tiny fingers can get caught. Your skin is tougher than your baby’s. Make sure it is safe and comfortable without any potentially harmful obtrusions.

Baby Walker FAQ

Q: What age should my baby be to use a traditional baby walker?
A: Walkers are designed for babies within the age range of 4 and 10 months.

Q: Are push walkers a good option for babies?
A: Push walkers are only suitable for slightly older babies at least 9 to 12 months old. Push walkers offer support for babies who are not ready to stand or walk completely on their own. Holding onto a push walker will help build strength and balance. Make sure to keep a close eye that your baby only uses the walker around flat surfaces without any steps.

Q: Can you use a baby walker on carpet?
A: Yes, baby walkers can be used on carpets, wooden-, and tiled floors. Moving from one surface to another can slow down or speed up their mobility. Always keep a watch over your baby even while they are in the walker.

Q: Where should a baby's feet be in a traditional baby walker?
A: Both feet need to touch the ground flat on the floor. Do not allow your baby to use the walker for mobility if only their toes can touch the floor. Wait until they grow a little more.

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