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Organize Your Workspace with the Best Desk Pencil Holders

  1. MaxGear Premium Mesh Metal Desk Pencil Holder
  2. Poeland Desktop Storage Organizer
  3. WAVEYU Stand Desk Pencil Holder
  4. NIUBEE Acrylic Pen Holder
  5. Houtingmaan Bamboo Rotating Desk Pencil Holder
  6. Buyer's Guide

In addition to making it a challenge to find your favorite pen, a messy workspace makes it hard to concentrate and get things done on time. Pencils rolling off the edge of your desk, paperclips strewn about, and pens all out of ink make for a poor work environment. Especially with the shift to many work-from-home jobs, you’ll need the tidiest office space to allow you to work efficiently, whether in a cubicle or in your home. To keep your pens and pencils neat and tidy, you’ll need one of the best desk pencil holders in 2022.

These handy organizational tools will keep your writing utensils separated, upright, and easy to grab. Below, you'll find an overview of some of the most popular pencil holders that are perfect for your desk. A detailed comparison of desk pencil holders is provided in this article, as well as information diving into what you should consider before purchasing.

What are the Best Desk Pencil Holders of 2022?

MaxGear Premium Mesh Metal Desk Pencil Holder - Best Overall

This basic 3-pack is perfect for any office. These pencil holders are made of metal mesh, making them sure to stand up to plenty of use. Because there are 3 in a pack, you have loads of organizational possibilities. Use these pencil holder cups to store highlighters, pens, pencils, scissors, and other office supplies within arm’s reach. The cups aren’t bulky or too large, so they don’t take up precious space unlike larger pencil holders or organizational items. Perfect for a couple of pencils or a large collection of colored pens, this 3-pack of pencil holder cups is ideal for every desk.

Poeland Desktop Storage Organizer - Runner Up

This pencil holder is modern, simple, and highly functional — it is perfect for those who want one space for all of their writing utensils. There are two rectangular sections with two cubbies each. While the pencil holder can have each section divided equally, you can adjust the size of each section to accommodate all of your pens, pencils, or other desk materials. The tiered design allows you to see the items in the back easier, and the front section is also detachable in case you need to move it. It takes up very little desk space while providing plenty of room for organizing.

WAVEYU Stand Desk Pencil Holder - Honorable Mention

Looking for an aesthetically pleasing, yet practical addition to your desk? Look no further than these marble pencil holders. Made from ceramic, they have a faux marble design that looks stylish and trendy. There are 4 colors to choose from: classic gray marble and green, blue, and pink marble. Each pencil holder has gold detailing along the edge. These pencil holders are also octagonal in shape, making them stand out from those basic circular or square options. Plus, because it is made from durable ceramic, it will stay in place and won’t tip over easily.

NIUBEE Acrylic Pen Holder - Contender

With four compartments, this acrylic pencil holder offers a good deal of organizational space. The clear acrylic material is not only stylish, but it allows you to see what’s inside each section, too, perfect for storing even small office supplies. Keep pens, pencils, highlighters, and other miscellaneous items in their own designated section to maintain a tidy desk. Measuring 3 inches wide and 9 inches long, it doesn’t eat up too much desk space either. In addition to the clear acrylic style, you can choose from black, white, or transparent acrylic with gold trim to match your other desk items.

Houtingmaan Bamboo Rotating Desk Pencil Holder - Also Consider

This is the perfect pencil holder for those with loads of items that need a designated space on the desk. There are 7 sections of various sizes that you can easily reach by rotating the entire pencil holder. With this, you can hold everything from your typical writing utensils to colored pencils, whiteboard markers, and more without compromising on space. This pencil holder has the ability to hold over 350 pencils. Plus, the bamboo wood used to make it is very strong and durable and is a great eco-friendly alternative to plastics or metals.

Buyer's Guide

So you’ve decided you need a bit of desktop organization, but how do you know what to choose? There are loads of pencil holders and organizers to choose from, making it quite overwhelming. In this buyer’s guide, we’ve broken down the key details you’ll have to think about before you buy the right pencil holder that is ideal for your workspace. Check out the qualities below to help with your search.

Size of the Pencil Holder

The first, and possibly most important, thing you need to consider is the size of the pencil holder. How many pens or pencils do you have that you want to keep within arm’s reach on your desk? Do you want them to be separated or organized in any way?

Single pencil holder cups are the perfect place to store just a few writing utensils. Larger organizational items are great for keeping pens and pencils tidy and in their correct places. The size of your pencil holder directly depends on how many items you have and how you want to organize and store them.

Design of the Pencil Holder

There are plenty of designs on the market for pencil holders. They can range from a standard mesh look to trendy marble or an array of fun colors. Ultimately, the choice is yours as to what design works best for your desk and whether you want to follow a theme or just pick a color that suits you the best.

Which Material is Used

Pencil holders are found in several types of materials, including wood, plastic, and aluminum, among others. All of these materials are durable for pencil holders, as pencil holders don’t get much damage. A key thing to consider, however, is how stable the material is — you don’t want to fill your pencil holder only for it to easily topple over and spill your items everywhere. A pencil holder with a firm base, and perhaps even a rubber bottom to help it stay in place and prevent scratching your desk, is ideal.


Keep all the factors including size, material, color, number of compartments, and other requirements in mind before settling on any random product. No matter how many guides one provides at the end of the day, your selection ultimately depends upon your budget and work requirements. So, you should choose a desk pencil holder that appropriately complements your workspace and provides ample space for your necessary office supplies.

Desk Pencil Holder FAQ

Q: What are the key features of a good desk pencil holder?

A: A nice pencil holder must have sufficient storage space without cluttering up your desk environment. It should also be sturdy and made of quality material so it lasts you a long time. Look for a pencil holder with the most compact design that will still fit all of your pens, pencils, and other things.

Q: What other things can I keep in a pencil holder?

A: You can keep loads of things in pencil holders, like highlighters, colored pencils and other art supplies, scissors, USB drives, and large erasers. Pencil holders are much more versatile than they may seem.

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