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Review: Best Diaper Bags

Diaper bags are an absolute necessity when it comes to toting your baby gear around. In addition to holding diapers, wipes, and a changing pad, a diaper bag is also a catch-all for bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups and snacks. Plus the best bags will help keep you organized while on the go.

There are hundreds of diaper bags on the market, but we've selected some of the best diaper bags in 2021 based on functionality, added features, and parent reviews. From traditional diaper bags to backpacks, stroller bags, and even diaper bags designed for dads, the bags on this list offer a variety of practical and convenient features and are also backed by top-rated reviews.

Comparing the Best Diaper Bag

Thermos Foogo Backpack Diaper Bag

The Thermos Foogo Backpack Diaper Bag and is extra roomy with multiple pouches and pockets so it’s easy to find anything whether it’s a blanket or a bottle. The easy-care fabric is both durable and resistant to stains and since the bag is fully insulated, drinks and snacks will always be the perfect temperature for baby. This diaper bag is self-standing, which makes it convenient to use, especially with squirmy toddlers. In addition to being one of the cuter bags on this list with its colorful design, the Thermos Foogoo backpack is also one of the most affordable.

Children 'n Us Stroller Organizer Diaper Bag

This Children ‘n Us Stroller Organizer stands apart from other options on this list because it was designed by parents, for parents to help keep their baby gear organized and accessible. It’s a really versatile because it can be attached not only to strollers, but also to bikes and car headrests.

Online reviewers love the size of the bag, saying it’s roomy enough for plenty of baby gear, but not so bulky it gets in the way when pushing the stroller. The practical design of this bag also scores major points with features such as insulated pockets, a binky pouch, and external diaper pockets. This bag is also one of the most affordable options on this list and comes with a money-back guarantee.

JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag

This JJ Cole Satchel Bag gets high marks from online reviewers for being one of the more stylish bags available on the market. This satchel is large and roomy, so it will easily hold all of your baby essentials. Seven exterior and four interior pockets make it easy to stay organized and keeps your baby’s essentials handy. Since the exterior is made of a laminated polyester, this bag wipes clean easily.

With two padded shoulder straps and a variety of modern prints to choose from, this is a great option for moms seeking an alternative to traditional diaper bag designs. It also comes with stroller attachments and an optional messenger bag strap for a variety of carrying methods. At just over $50, this affordable bag will comfortably take you through baby’s first years.

Skip Hop Duo Diaper Bag

Priced right around $50, the Skip Hop DUO Diaper Bag is big on organization with a total of ten pockets to keep your diaper gear organized. The exterior pockets come with magnetic closures for easy access can be used to store mom’s essentials like car keys and cell phones. This bag is designed for versatility with tote handles, a shoulder strap, and shoulder clips which allow this bag to be carried in a variety of ways. In addition to being extremely roomy and comfortable to carry, this bag is available in a variety of stylish colors and patterns.

Buyer's Guide

If you’re a soon-to-be parent, it’s very normal to be at the receiving end of mixed emotions, a spectrum of emotions with supreme gratitude at one end and twitchiness at the other. And before you know, a batch of accessories will become invaluable salvation to your wits. Especially when you’ll be out and about with your little one, needing everything on the go, extra diapers, pacifiers, wipes, you name it. Just like your fancy collection of handbags, you will also be needing a couple of totes, or backpacks, ideally two of them. A small one when you’re heading out for a quick run to the store and another that’s large enough to fit everything except the bathroom sink. As handy as these bags can be, choosing a sturdy one out of the lot isn’t always a piece of cake. Therefore, we’ve put together this buying guide to throw a plethora of useful information your way, so you can be informatively-equipped, out of the pre-purchase haze, and able to choose the best diaper bag for your tot, one that best suits your lifestyle!

Why Do I Need A Diaper Bag?

Being a parent is all fun and games until your baby decides to poop while you’re next in the line at the grocery store. And don’t get us wrong, holding your baby in your arms, witnessing your little one’s smile after a long day at work, or just being able to smell your baby after a long tiring day, they’re all wonderful gifts of parenthood and few of the most beautiful feelings in this world.

However, what many soon-to-be parents aren’t ready for is that just in a few days, they’re going to be responsible for a whole human being – a little version of themselves, basically. Just as you were eating for two while you were pregnant, you will now be carrying for two as well! Plus, this new little bunny will rely on you to carry more than a few things for him/her. From everyday clothes, napkins, wipes, and feeders to nappies and diapers, you’ll be lugging it all around in a diaper bag or two.

The bottom line: Kids are incalculable, just when you believe they’re full, they’ll end up asking for a snack the very next minute. If your baby had a nice morning poop, it’s very possible that the next blowout will happen exactly when you’re boarding on a flight. Therefore, you need to be ready to deal with whatever scenarios may arise and you’ll want to have key essentials at hand so you don’t have to pack up and go home at the last minute.

We believe, the right question in this scenario would be, “Do I need two diaper bags or a single one would do?” And we’ll get to that in a while.

What Types of Diaper Bags Are There?

As the goal here is to ease your lugging exercise, you may skip on the diaper bag and get your hands on a traditional backpack, tote, or even a messenger bag for that matter. As long as the carrier-gadget you’re choosing can serve as an epicenter of not only diapers, but also the bare essentials, baby gear, and is loaded with extra compartments for bottles, feeders, and other accessories, you’re good to go!

Here are a few types of baby-gear-friendly bags to help you float your boat:


The traditional backpack, in this regard, will always be a life-saver as long as it has padded straps, plenty of pockets, and is roomy and sturdy enough for your rug rat’s essentials.

Messenger Bags

If you’re used to wearing a bag with the strap across your body or over one shoulder, then perhaps it’d be a good idea to have your baby’s daycare essentials in a messenger bag.

Convertible Bags

There are some diaper bags that you can wear as a messenger bag, backpack, or even a tote. These convertible bags are normally a bit bigger in size and it’s always a good idea to have one of these in your collection.

A Diaper Clutch

This would ideally be a compact pad that can hold a few diapers, garments, and mini-sized bare essentials – ideal for a quick run to the store, perhaps?


If you aren’t the one to plan ahead of your fuss, a tote featuring two long straps to help you carry the bag over your shoulders is a great idea.

How To Choose The Best Diaper Bag?

If it’s your first baby or you never decided to buy a proper, dedicated bag for your baby’s diapers or everyday essentials before, you are likely to be in a bit of haze about the definition of ‘good’ out there. Knowing what you want in a diaper bag or aligning your preferences can help you narrow down the selection process, especially when the stores out there are filled with diaper bags of all shapes and sizes!

Here are a few factors to consider before you make a purchase:


Although it varies from one brand to another, some diaper bags can be crazy expensive. We’ll never ship the idea of spending a car payment's worth of money on a bag. But we'll never suggest you go cheap on your purchase either. Remember, it’s just a bag. As long as it’s practical and durable, you’re good to go. In other words, budgeting is important. Decide on an amount you’re willing to spend and then go for the one that will best suit your lifestyle!


While this is mainly a matter of personal preference, it’s also a great idea to have at least two diaper bags within your reach. As we’ve mentioned earlier, get a larger one for day trips, vacations, or weekend getaways and a smaller one (perhaps, a diaper clutch) for a quick run to Walmart.


Are you looking for a light-weight, soft bag? Do you want a bag that's durable in the long-term? Or would you prefer a bag that’s easier to clean? You’ll need to decide on the material accordingly. If you prefer a bag that’s easier to clean, you will want to stay away from certain types of materials.


A bag that needs to be loaded with baby-gear needs to have a couple of handy pockets! Bottles, socks, napkins, diapers, baby powder, lotion, and more! You’re going to need those dedicated compartments if you want to fit in all the goods and chattels nicely.

How It Closes

Diaper bag with drawstrings, zipper top, or a snap top? It’s you who has to make the choice ultimately. A zipped top will prevent your things from falling out but it’ll be difficult to close the bag once you’ve stuffed everything in there. With drawstrings, it makes the closure relatively convenient but your things have a tendency to fall out.


Diaper bags with bright colors and pretty pinkish patterns are always eye-catching and look good. A baby diaper bag that packs a beautiful, candy-floss blue undertone or features any light color also goes well with cute little baby garments.

Changing Pad

Many bags come with a separate changing pad that is made of plastic, foldable, and stored inside the bag. A dedicated diaper bag allows you to have a diaper-changing plastic cushion at your disposal which is super handy when you’re out and about.

How Much Does A Diaper Bag Cost?

While you can easily get a well-stitched, durable bag for $30 - $80, some designer bags can run you well over even $300. In some localities, brand outlets, and high-end shops, you may even be surprised to find these same bags costing over a thousand bucks.

The truth is that most cost-effective bags can be just as fashionable. You can get your hands on a functional, great-looking diaper bag without having to break your bank!

For the totes, clutches, and diaper backpacks, you can find these at Walmart or Amazon easily in the $20 - $100 price range.

Best Diaper Bag FAQ

Q: How long will I have to use a baby diaper bag?

A: It’s safe to say that you’ll be using a diaper bag as long as your baby is unpredictable in terms of blowouts and spoils. Normally, this tenure lasts from birth through the toddler years. Your diaper bag is going to stick around for a while so be sure to make a purchase that counts.

Q: What can I use instead of a diaper bag?

A: You can go for a regular backpack, a diaper clutch, or even just a tote instead of your diaper bag. If you’ve got a creative eye, you can always go for a DIY solution and put a bag together as well, maybe out of that sturdy tote that’s been lying around for a while.

Q: Can any bag be a diaper bag?

A: As long as it ruffles your truffles, you can use any bag as an alternative for your diaper bag. Just make sure it’s functional enough to fit in all your essentials and doesn’t leave you anxious in the middle of the mall when your baby starts to shoot spoils and the diaper foils.

Q: How do you pack a perfect diaper bag for baby?

A: The perfect bag will be loaded with your baby’s essentials. These essentials include but are but not limited to: Diapers, wipes, baby cream/ointment, changing pad, small empty sacks, pacifiers, burp clothes, wash clothes, rash ointment, and some plastic bags to help you keep the wet clothes separated.

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