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Best Dip Stations for Your Home Gym

  1. EFS E-Series V-Dip Station
  2. Bar Fitness Dip Station
  3. Body-Solid Best Fitness Dip Station
  4. Black Mountain Products Heavy Duty Dip Station
  5. Buyer's Guide

A dip bar is a fairly specific type of exercise equipment, but if you have the room, they’re an excellent addition to a home gym. Though their primary function is for triceps dips many of these machines can be used for other exercises like hanging pull ups, angled pushups, duck unders, and more. These best dips stations in 2022 were chosen as the best because of their impressive weight capacity, exceptional stability and comfortable hand placement, as well compact designs to help save space.

Detailing the Best Dip Station of 2022

best v dip station

EFS E-Series V-Dip Station - Best Dip Station Overall

This heavy duty dip station would look just as good in your home gym as it would at your favorite fitness center. It is a little more expensive than other dip stations, but that is because of its heavy duty frame that can hold more weight than you could ever throw at it; just to be sure, the E-series V-Dip station has pre-drilled holes perfect for mounting it to the ground. At 100 pounds this station is unfortunately not a very portable model, but it’s the price you pay for a dip station that will grow with you.

The V-shaped design isn't just for looks either as it has been specially designed to accommodate users of different sizes as well as opens up opportunities for adding variety to your exercise routine. This station doesn’t come with foam padded grips which may be a drawback for some, but its powder coating offers enough grip without being uncomfortable as well as resisting sweat-related corrosion. This dip station also comes in a variety of colors to best suit your individual style or the colors of your gym or school.

Bar Fitness Dip Station - Runner Up

This dip station debuts a new look for 2015 and boasts a light weight frame that breaks down for easy storage or travel. The unique design gives it ultimate stability while offering comfortable functionality for users up to 6’5” and 350 pounds. Not only does the bar itself offer a wide range of exercises, it also lets you attach straps for even more expansive exercise options. The foam covered handles feel comfortable but also keep your hands from getting slippery during your workout. This dip station is everything that you could ask for, down to the fact that its compact size won’t take up unnecessary space in your gym.

Body-Solid Best Fitness Dip Station - Honorable Mention

This dip station provides you with thick metal tubing and wide base which gives it a high amount of stability without needing to be bolted to the floor. Along with its great stability, this exercise device can sustain more weight than you could throw at it while still remaining a portable unit. The handles have a slight “V” shape which offers a comfortable grip for most shoulder widths and the station is tall enough to accommodate people well over six feet as long as you use a cross ankle position. The rubber grips extend over the entire handle to ensure a proper grip no matter where it’s held and the total body powder coating prevents exercise-related wear and tear. This dip station doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but is sturdy and reliable enough for those dedicated to building up their upper body.

best Black Mountain Products Heavy Duty Dip Station

Black Mountain Products Heavy Duty Dip Station - Consider

Black Mountain products are some of my favorites because of the quality and care put into every piece of their exercise equipment. This dip stand is no exception as it’s lightweight and portable yet can still sustain up to 3000 pounds. The only downside to this particular dip station is it has rather small handle area, but it’s slightly made up for by the entire handle being covered in soft foam for a comfortable grip every time. The wide base with rubber grips offers great stability with zero rocking or swaying which is impressive for a dip station of this stature. Its high weight capacity makes it perfect to perform many exercises, the only hindrance being the limited space between the bars.

Buyer's Guide

Training and exercising to get that athletic build is not a walk in the park. To build your muscles and strength, you need to engage in constant fitness routines on gyming equipment like dip stations.

A dip station is a great workout equipment because it can fit right in your home without taking up too much space, it is a lot cheaper than other high-end gyming equipment, and it can be used for many exercise routines.

Working out on the right dip station will put you on the right track to body perfection and protect you from injury while doing so. To get you started, we have written this buying guide that will walk you through everything you need to know before buying a dip station, as well as possible workout routines you can try out on it.

What are the factors to consider before buying a dip station?

Dip stations have many parts - parts that confer features, perks, and versatility, and you must consider each one to ensure that you get the best dip station for yourself.

Type of dip station

Dip stations come in a variety of types for building different users and workout routines. The major types of dip stations include regular dip stands, power towers, and assisted power towers.

If you are looking to perform only dips, a regular dip stand is your best bet. It features either a single stand with two parallel bars or two distinct stands of the same size that serve as parallel bars.

Power Towers are suitable for back and abdominal muscle exercises. Their components include a dip stand, a vertical bench to sit on, and a pull-up bar for arm and core exercises.

An assisted Power Tower is the best dip for you if you are just starting or finding it difficult to execute freehand exercises on your own. What makes it different from a regular power tower is the presence of a platform to support body weight.


The base of the dip station is another factor you must consider. Your choice of dip station must have a broad base that makes it firm on the ground, and the best dip station models come with angled bases for enhanced stability and balance. Dip stations with narrow bases are more likely to tip over during exercise routines, and you definitely do not want that. Also, the base should feature rubber bottoms to prevent the dip from moving while you’re exercising and protect your floors from damage.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of a dip station is the amount of weight it can sustain, which is a function of the frame material. Purchase only dip stations fashioned out of metals like steel or iron. Plastic dip stations give out way easier than the metal alternatives, and even when you select metal frames, check the weight rating and be sure it can bear your weight.


Dip station grips are usually made of metal or padded rubber, and choosing between either is based on preference. Metal grips are strong, durable, and offer superb hand traction during workouts. However, you may need to wear gloves to protect your hands from minor injuries like bruises and blisters while using them.

Rubber grips on the other hand are quite comfortable and they offer great hand traction too, but they are likely to tear or spoil while using them.

Some high-end dip stations come with special grips known as Olympic-style rings. These rings offer more exercise versatility and will not hurt your hands. However, handling them can be quite difficult at the start.


Height is not a concern for regular dip stations, but power “towers” that stand up to 7 feet may give you a headache. It is recommended that a gap of at least 1.5 feet separates the ceiling and the apex of the dip station, so compare your ceiling height to the height of the dip station and ensure that the distance is ideal before making that purchase.


In the future, you may need to add a couple of accessories or attachments to upgrade the body-building efficiency and potential of your dip station. So, consider this and choose a dip station that allows attachments.


What exercises can I do on a dip station?

Dip station exercises are great for building upper body strength and muscles and there are many exercise variations you can try out on them. Here are some dip bar exercises you can engage in:

Inverted Rows:

Here, you get under the dip bar with your face up, grab the dip station grips on either side and start pulling your weight up.

Dip Bar Push-ups:

The typical push-up routine, but with your body in a standing/slanted position.

Dip Bar Hip Extensions:

Dip station hip extensions will be part of some of your exercise routines as secondary exercises. Here, you lie on your back and place both your heels on a single dip. Then, you begin an upward thrusting motion to strengthen your posterior muscles.

Dip Bar Knee Raises:

Here, you place your hands on either side of the dip station and start pulling both your knees up to the abdomen level.

Dip Bar Bicep Curls:

This exercise routine is similar to a dip bar inverted row with a supinated grip, but the movement differs. In this case, you curl yourself up and hip extension instead of driving your elbows back.
Other dip station exercises include:

  • Negative Dips
  • Extended ROM Push-Ups
  • Static Holds
  • Bulgaria Split Squats
  • Scapular Dips

What are some examples of dip station attachments?

Plyo Step Attachment:

This accessory allows you to carry out ploy box exercise routines on a fully adjustable platform. It is perfect for box jumps, donkey kicks, running planks, step-ups, and many more exercise routines.

U-Link Attachment:

The U-link allows you to attach Body-Solid fitness training ropes to your dip station for enhanced MMA-style conditioning workout routines. It will help you build back, core, and arm strength.

Cannonball Grips:

Cannonball grips simply enhance grip strength on your dip, thereby making your workout more comfortable and effective.

Bar Holder Attachment:

This attachment allows you to hang a barbell on the exterior of your dip.

Pin and Pipe Safeties:

With a weight capacity of around 1,000 lbs. these attachments will reduce weathering of your dip station.

What is the price range of a dip station?

Dip stations are relatively simple, but highly effective workout equipment, and this simplicity is what makes them somewhat cheap. However, there are variations in terms of grips, weight capacity, type, and attachment ports responsible for the wide range of dip station prices. Dip stations can cost as low as $55 and as high as $200, or more. It all depends on the features you want in a dip station, so make a list of your specifications, and purchase one within that price range.

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