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The Best Dishwashers For Clean-Up

  1. Faberware Dishwasher
  2. Frigidaire Portable Dishwasher
  3. Danby Countertop DIshwasher
  4. Black & Decker Dishwasher
  5. Buyer's Guide

After a meal, most people dread having to clean up and do the dishes. Dishwashers allow you to skip most of the manual labor, with modern technology allowing for even more convenience. These appliances offer power cleaning capabilities, with numerous features, stylish designs, and efficient performance for energy savings. Increasing use of sensors in modern dishwashers allow for an even less hands-on experience, with this technology handling more and more of the wash cycle and water temperature selection for you. Many current dishwashers no longer even require pre-rinsing, making doing the dishes as simple as placing the dirty ones in the dishwasher and pressing start. For more info on picking out a dishwasher for your kitchen, check out our list of the best dishwashers in 2022 and the buyer's guide provided below.

What are the best Dishwasher of 2022?

Faberware Dishwasher - Best Dishwasher Overall

Operating at a quiet 45 dBA, the LG LDF8072ST can be run pretty much any time, without having to wait until the dishwasher won't be at risk of overpowering conversation, the TV, or even keeping people up at night. Its tall tub can accommodate 14 place settings, but one of the stand-out features of this dishwasher is the sheer amount of adjustability it offers. The entire rack system includes height-adjustable third rack so you can enjoy utmost flexibility when it comes to maximizing your dish load.

Seven wash cycles and a variety of different options offer cleaning flexibility to match. These include a half wash mode, as well as the ability to vary the intensity in the upper and lower racks. There's also LG's TrueSteam technology which reduces the need for pre-washing, and can also be used to clean more delicate items. The LDF8072ST also offers the expected quick wash, delay start, and sanitary rinse options as well.

Although the LDF8072ST seems to be a very reliable dishwasher, you also have the added comfort of knowing LG's customer service is always very responsive should you encounter any issues. The dishwasher actually helps out in the event of complications, as it’s able to self-diagnose issues so you have accurate information to give the phone service center. Though this certainly isn't the cheapest dishwasher out there, it seems like a relative bargain when taking into consideration all the features, technology, and performance it offers.

best Frigidaire Portable Dishwasher

Frigidaire Portable Dishwasher - Runner Up

The Frigidaire FFPD1821MB portable dishwasher includes many of the features that can be found on a built-in dishwasher, but in a portable form. The FFPD1821MB is 18 inches wide, a compact size which makes it easier to fit in small spaces. This dishwasher holds eight place settings and includes a removable silverware basket. You have a choice of six wash cycles which include a china/crystal cycle for delicates as well as a no-heat dry option. The FFPD1821MB has a convenient delay start feature as well as indicator lights to let you know when your rinse aid is running low. Although this dishwasher is not the quietest at 59 decibels, it's certainly not excessively loud either. Easy to use and convenient, this dishwasher is a good overall choice for those seeking a compact portable model.

Danby Countertop DIshwasher - Honorable Mention

As one of the few non-Fisher & Paykel options, the Kenmore Elite 24 inch Double Drawer Dishwasher provides the option of buying your drawer dishwasher from Sears, giving you access to their customer service. This is a beautifully designed double-drawer dishwasher, in stainless steel and with hidden controls that will bring a sleek elegance to your kitchen.

The dual drawers give the ability to run two different cycles at once, or to limit use to just one drawer to conserve energy for smaller loads. This dishwasher has six cycles and several different options, such as sanitize, auto soil sensor, and delay wash. As with many drawer dishwashers, pre-washing is recommended, and it is best to avoid powdered detergents to ensure the best performance.

Though this dishwasher looks good and works great while it's performing well (including being very quiet at 54 decibels adjusted), there are reports of it having some of the reliability issues plaguing the drawer dishwasher design in general. Given that, many people are perfectly satisfied with their purchase.

Black & Decker Dishwasher - Consider

While generally not the fanciest, Kenmore appliances are typically a good option for those seeking a basic and affordable appliance. This portable dishwasher from Kenmore can accommodate up to ten place settings, while the inclusion of a wood grain top which gives you additional usable space to take advantage of.  This dishwasher has three cycles to choose from, including a one-hour wash cycle for quick loads. In addition to a built-in HE filter to prevent food particles from reentering and leaving dishes dirty, this dishwasher has an NSF-Certified sanitize rinse to ensure that dishes are as clean as possible. There's also heated drying included as is a control lock feature for safety. Quiet, efficient, and easy to use, this Kenmore model is a good choice for anyone seeking a simple and affordable portable dishwasher.

Buyer's Guide

Although dishwashers may seem simple on the surface, modern technology has given them all new features and capabilities. Dishwashers range from your standard built-in dishwasher to smaller countertop models as well as specialized models such as drawer dishwashers and portable dishwashers.

When looking for a new dishwasher, consider your needs such as whether you use your dishwasher frequently, how large loads tend to be, and if noise levels will be a concern. Also reflect on your budget before looking too much into the latest features and technologies.

Dishwasher Buyer's Guide


A standard capacity dishwasher can usually hold up to twelve five-piece place settings while a tall tub model usually holds up to fourteen five-piece place settings. Smaller dishwashers tend to vary more in terms of capacity, so be sure to check each individual model’s capacity to ensure it has enough space for your typical dish load.

Washer Types

Drawer Dishwashers

Drawer dishwashers stand out for their built-in look and offered in either single or double drawer models. Easy to load and unload, these dishwashers tend to have smaller capacities but double drawer versions offer the convenience of being able to run two different loads at once. Although early designs were plagued with reliability issues, these dishwashers have been greatly improved upon and are gaining popularity, especially in high-end homes.

Portable Dishwashers

These end to be smaller in size and sit on wheels, making them easy to roll in and out of rooms. Simply attach the dishwasher to the kitchen faucet, run the drain into the sink, and you’re ready to go. More expensive models will often have larger capacity, additional features, and modern styling.

Quiet Dishwashers

While higher end dishwashers are designed to be quiet, you still want to look for good noise insulation such as noise-reduction materials such as stainless steel tubs. Check to see if there’s a decibel rating for the dishwasher you’re interested in; most dishwashers are rated around 50 decibels while some will be whisper-quiet with decibel levels of 45 or under.

Budget Dishwashers

Budget-priced dishwashers tend to provide overall cleaning performance similar to more expensive models; however the tradeoff is they provide less operational flexibility, little to no special features, and run much noisier. If efficient space management, high-end features, and modern styling are important to you, spending more on a higher end model will be necessary.

Countertop Dishwashers

These are for small apartments or even office kitchens where there’s no space for even a portable dishwasher. These compact units sit comfortably on the countertop and are simple to hook up to the kitchen faucet. Although these aren’t ideal for larger families, one to two people may be able to get by with one of these as their primary dishwasher.

Portable Dishwashers

Portable dishwashers are perfect for small apartments or office kitchens without the space or hookups for a traditional or countertop dishwasher. These units can also be used for supplemental dishwashing at special events. Although they aren’t appropriate for larger families, one to two individuals may be able to get by with just one of these as their primary dishwasher.


Modern dishwashers have a multitude of cycle options and specialized features. Regardless of the price point, look for a dishwasher which includes basic settings such as delayed start, as well as adjustable racks and a cutlery basket.

All-In-One Prewashing/Cleaning/Drying

Many dishwashers now feature steam cleaning and sanitization to ensure dishes are completely clean. In an effort to eliminate the need for prewashing, some dishwashers are equipped with strong water jets, filtration systems, and built-in food disposal. When finished, they’ll even dry your dishes for you, eliminating unsightly water marks.

Smart Features

More expensive dishwashers often include sensors, touch controls, and even smart features. The sensors can detect the soil level of the dishes and proceed to adjust the water temperature and level, detergent amount, and wash times. Smart features vary by manufacturer and model, but refer to the integration of smartphones with your dishwasher.

These options usually involve downloading an app onto your smartphone, which allows you to monitor information such as the efficiency of the machine; some even allow you to adjust the cycle or other settings. This can often also help with troubleshooting any issues the dishwasher may be having; smart technology allows for sending diagnostics and other information to the manufacturer without even needing to make a phone call.

Touch Controls

Touch controls are popping up on most home appliances as modern technology is increasingly integrated into even mundane machines. Some people find them more difficult to use than traditional controls due to the lack of physical feedback, but they allow for a sleek and modern appearance.

Energy Efficiency

While most modern dishwashers are reasonably efficient, look for those that are Energy Star qualified for the most energy savings. An Energy Star rating may also make you eligible for local rebates on qualified appliances.


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