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10 Most Important Appliances in the Kitchen

10 Most Important Appliances in the Kitchen

A kitchen is never complete without tools and appliances. It’s what makes a kitchen a kitchen. Adding tools and appliances to your kitchen setup can really spice up your cooking, and can make every meal more enjoyable to prepare. But with so many new appliances made every year, which ones should you get first? We’re here to give you some of the best suggestions for kitchen appliances so you don’t have to go window shopping beforehand.


This is, without a doubt, one of the most important appliances you could ever have in your kitchen. The great thing about microwaves is that they’re incredibly easy to use, and you don’t need to supervise them nearly as much as you would with other appliances. They can cook many different types of meals, ranging from instant noodles to popcorn. However, you’ll probably use it mostly to reheat already cooked food. Microwave ovens have some sort of bad reputation for being used to cook unhealthy food, but they’re also great for reheating perfectly healthy meals, too. Microwaves are loved by college students and working adults alike, so if you’re a busy person, get a microwave - you won’t regret it.

Air Fryer

One of the most popular kitchen appliances in recent years has to be the air fryer. And it’s not hard to see why - it can fry food without oil, making it not only easier and safer to cook but also healthier. Air fryers also operate using a timer, so you can just leave your food to cook while you go about your business. Of course, because air fryers don’t actually use oil, the taste of many types of food may differ from slightly varied to completely different, but if you can get behind the differences in taste, air fryers are great. If you’re sick of oily foods on a daily basis, the air fryer can get rid of any oil usage while maintaining that crispy, crunchy goodness that fried food is known for.

Rice Cooker

Depending on where you live or what your food preferences are, rice cookers should either be the first or last thing you should get. Rice cookers are incredibly popular in Asian countries due to their large consumption of rice. On the other hand, Western countries don’t really eat rice nearly as much, and people there may not have a use for it other than the occasional rice meal.

But rice cookers can be used in more ways than one. For example, many rice cookers have a steaming functionality, allowing you to steam food in them instead of using it as a rice cooker. This added versatility may just be what you need in your kitchen, especially if you love trying out new cuisines on a regular basis.


One of the best ways to really improve your diet is by getting a blender. Blenders are great for making fruit and vegetable shakes. You can follow popular recipes online or experiment for yourself and try unique combinations. You’d be surprised what you’d be able to make with a blender. Blenders are also great if you want to make food for people who can’t eat solid food, either due to a medical condition or impairment.


Who doesn’t love baking? Ovens are very useful in many households, especially if you love baking and oven roasting. There are just two problems to owning one. Firstly, ovens are large, and you may have trouble fitting one in your living space. Secondly, they must be attended to, as many accidents have occurred due to people leaving their oven on for too long. Other than that, though, they’re a must-have if you want to do any form of baking, and they’re also a healthier alternative to frying food. They’re well worth the cost if you have the space.


Another baking must-have is a mixer. Sure, you could mix your ingredients together by hand, but not only is that more tiring, but it also wastes time that you could have spent on other parts of the recipe. You’ll shave off a lot of extra time if you just let a machine do the work for you while you work on something separate. Efficiency is key in the kitchen, and mixers, while situational, are great when needed.

Slow Cooker

There are just some meals that taste best when slow-cooked. Slow cooking is a process that requires plenty of time, and without a slow cooker, you’d need to tend to your stove or oven at all times to prevent any accidents. Slow cookers allow you to do other tasks as your food slowly gets prepared. Ideally, you should still check the slow cooker every now and then to see if everything’s alright but other than that, they’re very low maintenance.


Bread is enjoyed by pretty much everybody, and while some countries make them differently, almost all of them have some form of sliced bread. Toasters are a great addition to any kitchen, as sliced bread just tastes better when hot and crispy. They’re also great for making quick sandwiches when you’re pressed for time in the morning.


Dishwashers are really handy appliances that, while not directly helping your cooking, can give you more time to work with after meals. Washing the dishes by hand is a long and tedious process, so having a dishwasher lets you enjoy some quality time with your family and loved ones.

Kitchen Scale

If you’re the type of person who loves following recipes by the book, you should really get a kitchen scale. Even if you’re more of an improvising type of person, you’ll still find scales useful for getting the weight of substances that are hard to estimate by just looking at them.


Kitchen appliances are incredibly useful, as they not only allow you to cook in more ways than one, but they also make certain tasks easier to do. A modern kitchen with modern appliances is fun to cook in, so it’s worth investing in a few of these appliances to really spice up your everyday life.

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