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Never Indulge in a Session of Post-Party Dishwashing With the Best Disposable Dinnerware

  1. Munfix Gold Disposable Dinnerware Set
  2. FOCUSLINE Rose Gold Disposable Dinnerware Set
  3. DaYammi Gold Glitter Disposable Dinnerware Set
  4. SIRSIMON Rose Gold Plastic Disposable Dinnerware Set
  5. Partylamb White & Rose Gold Disposable Dinnerware Set
  6. Buyer's Guide

Birthday parties, gatherings, and family get-togethers take place all year round. While the company of your loved ones is truly something you look forward to, the thought of dirty plates and cutlery can demotivate the best of hosts from throwing a fabulous party. You need to keep things in perfect order to avoid any dinnerware-related mishaps during the event. To maintain a clean kitchen without your sink overflowing with dirty dishes, disposable dinnerware sets can really help you keep things organized. We have keenly reviewed the best disposable dinnerware sets in 2022 that not only help you keep the kitchen clean but also eliminate the stress of someone breaking your favorite dishes.

Using low-standard disposable dinnerware can cause more frustration than assistance. Our thoroughly reviewed buying guide will help you plan the perfect party whenever and wherever you want.

Best Disposable Dinnerware Set Worth Considering in 2022

Munfix Gold Disposable Dinnerware Set - Best Overall

If you are looking for plastic dinnerware with a classy gold hue, Munfix disposable dinnerware is one of the best options out there. This set consists of 100 premium heavy duty disposable 10.25” dinner plates and 100 7.5” salad/dessert/appetizer plates. Adding to the elegance are 100 10 oz fancy disposable plastic party cups so that everything matches the theme. This elegant dinnerware made from a perfect combination of plastic and paper napkins is ideal for any event from birthday parties or just regular dinners at home. Additionally, they come with premium-quality cutlery featuring 100 gold-colored plastic forks, spoons, and knives to complete a flawless dining experience with added grace.

FOCUSLINE Rose Gold Disposable Dinnerware Set - Runner Up

Looking for something to match the elegant theme of your big day? FOCUSLINE has introduced disposable plastic dinnerware perfect for weddings. Ideal for an event of 50 guests, this 350-piece dinnerware comes with a complete table range along with napkins to match the theme. The classic rose gold design adds a touch of grace to your otherwise unerring event while maintaining health and quality standards with BPA-free 100% food-grade plastic. Each piece of this dinnerware is made from durable and scratch-resistant material, so you can enjoy all your favorite foods without compromising product reliability and quality.

DaYammi Gold Glitter Disposable Dinnerware Set - Honorable Mention

Perfect for all kinds of parties from banquets to weddings and family lunches, DaYammi has the ideal dinnerware for you. Gracing your tables with an ideal gold accent, they are made of heavyweight plastic, resistant to bending, snapping, and breaking easily. It consists of a complete dinner set featuring 40 dinner plates, 40 dessert plates, 40 forks, 40 knives, and 40 spoons, so everyone at the event gets a complete dining experience. Convenient and reusable, you can wash by hand and reuse them for upcoming events. Their elegant design can grace any kind of event effortlessly while the 100% food-grade BPA-free plastic meets consumers’ health and safety requirements.

SIRSIMON Rose Gold Plastic Disposable Dinnerware Set - Contender

If you are looking for a combo to cater for a small event of 20 to 25 people, this may be the perfect set for you. Available in a tasteful rose gold color, SIRSIMON disposable dinnerware is made from high-quality plastic so your guests can have a memorable dining experience without the host having to worry about doing the dishes. The pack consists of plates, cups, cutlery, matching straws, and napkins to match the rose gold theme. Made from heavy-duty, durable material, they can handle any kind of food. Moreover, SIRSIMON disposable dinnerware can grace different events like bridal showers, birthdays, and holiday parties.

Partylamb White & Rose Gold Disposable Dinnerware Set - Also Consider

No need to worry about dinnerware for your next party when you have Partylamb at your convenience. This 350-piece dinnerware consists of 9" disposable paper dinner plates, 7" compostable dessert plates, 9 oz paper cups, 6.5” paper napkins, rose gold plastic forks, knives, and spoons to serve a large party of 50 guests. Made from eco-friendly and food-grade plastic, it is available in 4 different colors: rose gold, gold pink, and black. It is made from heavy-duty, non-foldable paper that handles any kind of party food making it an ideal pick for your next gathering. Furthermore, being disposable saves you the hassle of cleaning up after the feast.

Buyer's Guide

Having sufficient information is mandatory for a well-informed decision. Our detailed buying guide will help you pick the best disposable dinnerware for your event.

Why is Disposable Dinnerware Preferred?

There are multiple reasons why people prefer using disposable dinnerware for their events instead of regular crockery at home.

Time Saving and Frustration-Free

You can save a lot of time and frustration after an exhausting event by eliminating the chore of washing dishes. Serving guests on disposable plates means that the only cleanup you need to do is throwing the dinnerware in the trash.

Match the Theme

While the dinnerware at home may not be able to suit the theme of your party, ordering disposable dinnerware can undoubtedly eliminate most of your problems. There are plenty of themes, from elegant, classy ones to more cartoonish and colorful tableware to match the theme of your event. All you need to do is find the right fit.

Complete Set

Disposable dinnerware sets are usually complete for a certain number of guests. You can order the package that meets your guest list to ensure everyone gets a food plate, a dessert plate, cutlery, glass, and even napkins in some cases.

Reusable Variants

Regular party hosts can have a sigh of relief as dishwasher-safe disposable dinnerware is available on the market that could be washed, stored and reused for other parties. However, you need to make sure that the quality of plastic is reliable and durable enough.

Things to Look for When Buying Disposable Dinnerware

Disposable dinnerware is a popular option among people who want to throw parties without the frustration of managing plates and utensils. Following are the key components to look for when buying disposable dinnerware.

Type of Party

The type of event you plan to host matters a lot when picking dinnerware. For instance, birthday parties for kids may require colorful plates and cutlery. In contrast, a wedding party has to have that graceful charm that comes with pastel hues.

Food Grade Material

Since you will serve food on these plates, make sure that the product you pick features material of food-grade quality. Plastic dinnerware must be non-toxic, BPA-free material, which is safe even after getting in contact with hot food.


Most people mention the hazardous effects of using disposable dinnerware. However, innovation in the industry has helped manufacturers introduce recyclable items made from biodegradable or recyclable materialss that do not contribute to landfills and reduce your carbon footprint.


When picking dinnerware, always opt for heavy-duty, durable products that do not fold or shapeshift once you put food on them.

Number of Courses

The number of courses determines the amount of dinnerware you require. Weddings may need a complete kit featuring cups, cutlery, and plates. On the other hand, a simple get-together at your place can be managed with just plates and cups. So, picking products based on the number of courses you intend to serve can save you money as well.

What Material is Disposable Dinnerware Usually Made of?

You will find disposable dinnerware made mainly of these materials:

Plastic and Paper

Plastic or a combination of paper and plastic are some of the most popular choices for people who look for disposable dinnerware. Other than being leakproof, their design is cut-resistant and extremely non-absorbent. Plastic tableware is reliable and durable, and it does not bend or fold due to the weight of food. Additionally, you can easily find reusable variants for future use with plenty of color options. However, it is a significantly expensive option than its other counterparts.


A far better eco-friendly option than plastic and paper, foam dinnerware is lightweight and reasonably cheaper. With their insulating abilities, you can carry hot food without burning your hands. However, it is very light and prone to bending. Most users don't prefer foam dinnerware because of its non-microwaveable properties.

Disposable Dinnerware FAQ

Q: Are components of disposable dinnerware sold separately?

A: Yes, you can buy different components separately depending upon the intention of use.

Q: Is all plastic disposable dinnerware reusable?

A: No. You must check the manufacturer's label to purchase disposable dinnerware. There are also instructions on things that are specifically dishwasher safe, so make sure to read all instructions before putting them in the dishwasher.

Q: Are all disposable dinnerware eco-friendly?

A: Not all disposable dinnerware is eco-friendly, but if you are looking for items that are reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable, there is a good variety out there for you to pick from.

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