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A Planet-Friendly Alternative: Best Reusable Sandwich Bags

  1. Party Ninja Safe Reusable Sandwich Bag
  2. Jagrom Leak Proof Reusable Sandwich Bag
  3. McoMce Freezer Reusable Sandwich Bag
  4. SPLF Leakproof Reusable Sandwich Bag
  5. Qinline Leakproof Reusable Sandwich Bag
  6. Buyer's Guide

What's a great way to save money and eliminate waste? Reusing bags when you go to the grocery store is a start. The same thought process can also be applied to something as simple as sandwich bags in your lunch. You can reduce the use of throw-away plastic bags by investing in reusable bags for your sandwiches and other snakcs. Here are some of the best reusable sandwich bags in 2022 for you to consider.

Here are the best reusable sandwich bags of 2022

Party Ninja Safe Reusable Sandwich Bag - Top Pick

Kids are going to love these reusable sandwich bags from Party Ninja. Not only will the parent feel good that you're helping the environment, but the kids will enjoy the fun designs on the exterior of each bag. There are many options to choose from such as baseball, basketball, race cars, cats, and flowers. These pouches are not only good for sandwiches but you can put anything you'd like in them such as pencils or other kinds of snacks.

Jagrom Leak Proof Reusable Sandwich Bag - Runner Up

The reusable lunch bags from JAGROM are a little more on the sophisticated side than our previous pick. Each bag has a heavy-duty double zip to keep all the contents inside and any liquids won't spill in or out. They are also see-through so you're never second guessing who's lunch you packed. You have many size options to choose from to fit whatever you're looking to hold. They are easy to clean as well.

McoMce Freezer Reusable Sandwich Bag - Honorable Mention

To be honest, there's not much difference between the McoMce bag set and Jagrom when it comes to the durability of the zippers, the see-through pouches, and easy-to-clean bags. They each offer similar sizes as well and are both are BPA-free. The one difference, that might matter to a lot of people is that each bag is color-coded to a specific size. Sure, you can look at one versus another and tell they're different sizes, but adding different colors just makes it a little simpler.

SPLF Leakproof Reusable Sandwich Bag - Contender

The SPLF sandwich bags are made of silicone and are leakproof. You can choose from different variety packs, but we recommend the 2 Gallon, 5 Sandwich, and 3 Snack mix. It's a great blend of all the different sizes. If you need a large of amount, spring for the 6 Gallon, 6 Sandwich, and 6 Snack. When you use these reusable bags, you're doing your part in reducing unnecessary plastic waste.

Qinline Leakproof Reusable Sandwich Bag - Consider

Leakproof, reusable, and color-coded. Sounds like some great reasons to purchase the Qinline Reusable Food Storage Bags. You have two options to choose from: 2 Gallon, 4 Sandwich, and 4 Snack or 5 Sandwich and 5 Snack if you don't need the Gallon bags. But you will, so just go with that one.

Buyer's Guide

There are many benefits to buying a reusable sandwich bag. One great one? You're saving the environment, another great one? You save money. But, saving money aside, studies have shown that at least 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year, causing death and injuries to sea life. Buying reusable plastic isn’t just about convenience or saving money, you’d be doing your small part to take care of the planet.

That said if you have never used reusable sandwich bags before, buying the right one can be a daunting task. If this is your first time, this guide will offer a smooth transition for you, and help you make the right choice. If it is not, you can new tips on how to buy the right reusable sandwich bag.

Choosing the Right Reusable Sandwich Bag
When choosing a reusable sandwich bag, consider:

How You Want to Use it

Will you be using it to store leftovers or pack lunch for yourself or for the kids? This is a very important question. For instance, if you are using it to pack lunch for the kids, you’ll need a sandwich bag that the kids can easily open and something that’s not bulky. The wrong kind of bag will have your kids struggling to open their lunch or even spilling it.

If you'll be using it to store leftovers, consider what leftovers. You should also consider how you'd like to have it clean. Depending on the leftovers you'll be storing, would you prefer something that you can rinse under the sink or something you'd like to throw into the dishwasher.

Yes, reusable sandwich bags can be thrown into the washer, it all depends on their durability.

Deciding what and how you want to use your reusable bag is important because it will help you maximize its use.


This is very important. The entire point of using a reusable sandwich bag is that it not only saves money but that it's strong enough to hold your food. The best reusable bags are made from food-grade plastic that is free from fabric, silicone, or BPA. They are also waterproof. Considering what you'll be using the bag for, that is an important feature that you cannot overlook.


Naturally, size should be a consideration. If you’ll be using it to pack lunch, then you’ll need something small and compact. If you’ll be using it for leftovers, then you’ll be needing something slightly bigger. Either way, get something that will suit your needs.

How to Clean a Reusable Sandwich BagCleaning a reusable bag is very easy. As mentioned, you can throw them into the dishwasher, or you can handwash them.

To Handwash

Simply fill up your sink with some warm water. Next, add your soap dish and soak the bags in for at least two minutes. That is especially helpful if you have stored something greasy or sticky in the reusable bag. After soaking, take it out and wash it with a sponge. Scrub, but not too hard. Reusable sandwich bags are durable, but unnecessary hard scrubbing can ruin them.

When you are done, rinse it in warm water and dry it. Also, make sure not to turn the bag inside out so that you don’t tear or weaken the edges. To dry, you can peg it on a line, so it can air-dry.

To Dish Wash

Clean out the bag for any food particles, then place the bag upside down inside the dishwasher. That way, the spray from the washer can reach the interior of the bag. Once you are done washing, you can peg it on the line so it can air-dry.

Regardless of what kind of reusable sandwich bag you buy, you can wash it with your regular soap dish.

Benefits of Using a Reusable Sandwich BagThese are some benefits of using reusable sandwich bags:

To Reduce the Problem that Comes with RecyclingIf you take recycling seriously, you should know that using reusable sandwich bags actually makes your recycling easy and effective. For example, plastic bags often get caught on the recycling machine and clog it. The more plastic you use that is not disposed of probably, the more poorly it will get recycled. With reusable sandwich bags, you don’t have to worry about that. You can use your bags repeatedly without worrying about how to recycle them.

Environmentally Friendly

We’ve covered this, but it cannot be said enough. Using reusable sandwich bags and grocery bags keeps the environment thriving and clean.

Having to use a regular sandwich bag every day to store food or pack lunches means having to constantly throw them out. That is waste that comes right into the landfill, seas, and forests, clogging up the environment and damaging wildlife.

However, the more you use reusable bags, the less that happens. What’s even better is that you can pass this habit down to your kids and have them do the same.

It is Strong and Durable

Unlike regular bags, you never have to worry about a reusable sandwich bag suddenly ripping. They are strong and built to last, and as long as you follow the weight guide, they can carry whatever you need.

FAQ For Best Reusable Sandwich Bag

Q1. Do reusable sandwich bags work?
Yes, they do. They are great for storing leftovers or packing lunch. Also, they are quite diverse and you can use them to store whatever kind of food you want. However, the best things about reusable sandwich bags are that they are eco-friendly and help you save money.

Q2. Can you put reusable sandwich bags in the freezer?

Yes, you can. They are durable and great for freezing foods like meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

Can you put reusable sandwich bags in the washer?

Yes, you can. When you do, put it upside down so the sprays from the washer can get into the interior of the bag. You can also handwash it if you want. Whichever way you choose, reusable sandwich bags are easy to clean.

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