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Review: Best Dodgeballs

  1. Fitness Factor Perfect Rubber Bouncy Dodgeball
  2. GoSports Inflatable Multicolor Dodgeball
  3. ToysOpoly Premium Playground Dodgeball
  4. AppleRound 8.5-inch Playground Dodgeball
  5. Buyer's Guide

Ah, dodgeball: reminiscent of school gym class yet a fun activity for all ages. Many may remember playing dodgeball as a little kid with friends at school, whether in gym class or during recess. Others may be more familiar with playing competitive dodgeball as a teenager or an adult. Either way, dodgeball is a fun activity for everyone. But, to play, you’ll need the best dodgeballs in 2022— you can’t just use any random ball.

Dodgeball is a great way to engage in a bit of physical activity and some friendly competition with friends. Here, we have listed the top dodgeballs available on the market that are essential to your next dodgeball match. Read on to find the best dodgeballs from this year and how to purchase the perfect one.

Detailing the Best Dodgeballs of 2022

Fitness Factor Perfect Rubber Bouncy Dodgeball - Best Overall

Our first pick is an official size all-for-one dodgeball. Made with rubber and designed with a woven texture, this ball has the perfect amount of bounce and is easy to catch and throw. And, it won’t easily slip from your fingers because of the grippy outer texture. With a 10-inch diameter, it is perfect for any dodgeball game, as well as other outdoor activities or simply playing catch. Plus, a pump comes with the ball so it can be perfectly inflated at all times. This ball is available in red, green, blue, black, and yellow as well.

  • It is available in a wide range of colors
  • Perfect texture for throwing and catching
  • Its texture can become scratchy over time when worn down

GoSports Inflatable Multicolor Dodgeball - Runner Up

This pack of dodgeballs is perfect for a tournament. The balls have a 7-inch diameter, which is standard regulation size — also perfect for kids. A unique blend of rubber makes the product lightweight and easy to grab and throw without stinging or scratching your skin. Each ball is a different, bright color and all of them fit in the included carrying bag, which is perfect for traveling and storage. Also included in this set is a pump so you can keep the balls at the perfect inflation on the go.

  • The rubber surface holds up well over time
  • The ball’s no-sting surface makes it an ideal pick for gyms and backyards
  • It comes with a mesh carrying bag
  • There is some variance in the ball sizes when inflated

ToysOpoly Premium Playground Dodgeball - Honorable Mention

We all know how important the grip of a ball is, and these still have great grip even when wet. Its surface is perfectly textured to prevent slipping and while enhancing durability. There are six 8.5" diameter balls in this pack, which can all fit into the mesh carrying bag. The balls weigh just 4 ounces each and have plenty of bounce, perfect for other activities other than dodgeball, too. And, to keep these balls lasting many dodgeball tournaments, there is a pump included.

  • Inflate quickly with included pump
  • The non-slip surface provides great grip
  • Non-toxic material
  • The balls are slightly heavier than typical

AppleRound 8.5-inch Playground Dodgeball - Contender

These balls are brightly colored and measure 8.5 inches in diameter. There are four balls and one pump in the pack, making it perfect to supplement your existing dodgeball supply or start your collection. The balls are bouncy since they are made of strong PVC and are very durable — they won’t pop or rip easily. Even though the balls have some bounce to them, the size and texture still allow you to catch them with ease. They’re just a bit larger than regulation-sized dodgeballs, but that makes them great for kids to play with too as a kickball for instance.

  • The non-foam texture allows for better bounce
  • Its no-slip design makes the grip far more convenient
  • It does not have a no-sting surface and can cause some irritation to the skin

Buyer's Guide

Dodgeball is a fun summertime activity for people of all ages to enjoy with some friends. While there are typical things to consider, there are some other things you’ll have to think about too, especially if young children are playing. There are even more uses for dodgeballs than you may think, such as for fitness exercises or playing kickball or four square. No matter your needs, this buyer’s guide will direct you to make an informed purchase.

What to Look Out for in the Best Dodgeballs

Materials Used

Material is the most important factor to consider when purchasing dodgeballs. Because the object of the game is to throw the ball and hit your opponent, you’ll want to make sure of two things: that the ball has enough grip so it won’t slip out of your hands before you throw, and that the ball doesn’t hurt when it makes contact with skin.

Dodgeballs are typically made of rubber or foam. Rubber balls are very common and provide an ideal texture to play with. The surface helps the ball bounce more and also aids in improving your throw and long catches. Foam balls, on the other hand, are lighter and are ideal for younger kids. These dodgeballs are commonly used when playing inside.

There are also cloth balls that are soft yet firm, a perfect mix for dodgeball that won’t hurt upon impact but is easy to throw. These are commonly used in official dodgeball tournaments.

Ball Surface

Dodgeballs can have a smooth or textured surface — rubber balls usually fall in the latter category but can prove to be irritating to the skin. Thus, we suggest looking into options that are latex-free and non-sting. These features not only enhance your grip on the ball but also make the entire experience more comfortable.


Well, this seems obvious, doesn’t it? However, many people do not realize how the perfect-sized dodgeball can impact their game. Regulation dodgeball size ranges between 7 and 8.25 inches. Most of the options on our list fall within this range, so you can find the ball that suits you and your other players best. Balls are inflatable, too, so you can slightly alter the size of your dodgeballs as necessary.

Value For Money

Team spirit and interaction are two qualities that define the essence of sports. You can’t really play dodgeball alone, so it’s always better to go for a pack of balls rather than a single one. It not only adds more variety to your dodgeball gear collection but also provides a much better value. This helps you save money on the purchase!

To play a game of dodgeball, you’ll need about 6 balls. Buying a pack of 6 dodgeballs will make sure you have a full supply for your next tournament, in addition to likely saving you money.

Additional Features

Other important features include the color of the balls, a complimentary air pump, and a storage bag to protect and carry the balls around. An air pump helps maintain the integrity of the dodgeball over a longer period so you don’t have to worry about losing air. The mesh bag keeps the balls safe and all in one place, making them easy to store and bring along with you, no matter where you want to play.

Dodgeball FAQ

Q: How much does a pack of dodgeballs cost?

A: A pack of 6 balls can cost somewhere in the range of 15 to 25 dollars. Some options are more expensive and can even demand up to 60 dollars. However, if you go through our picks, you’ll find the best options in the most reasonable price range — you certainly don’t need to spend a fortune on dodgeballs.

Q: How many dodgeballs do you need for a game?

A: An official game would require 6 balls. Each team would stand behind a line and the balls will be lined up in the center of the playing area where players from each team run as fast as they can to the center to grab as many as they can to throw at their opponent.

Q: Is it safe to play with dodgeballs indoors?

A: This depends upon the kind of ball you’re using. Most foam balls are safe to use indoors, however heavier rubber balls can have rougher textures and thus cause some damage. If you choose to play indoors, make sure you play in a space away from breakable objects and other hazards to avoid injury and damage to the space. If you play at an indoor recreation center or basketball court, they will typically use rubber balls.

Q: Is dodgeball an aggressive sport?

A: We would rather call it an energetic game! There’s certainly a chance of getting minor injuries, but ample measures are taken to prevent that from occurring. When played right by following the rules and using a bit of caution, there will be little chance for drastic injuries.

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