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Enjoy the Love for Hockey: Best Table Hockey Games

  1. Stiga NHL Stanley Cup Table Hockey Game
  2. Franklin Sports Rod Table Hockey
  3. Carrom 435.01 Signature Stick Hockey Table with Pedestal Table Hockey Game
  4. IdealSure Shot Hockey Tabletop Table Hockey Game
  5. ICE Super Chexx Non-Coin Deluxe Home Bubble Hockey Table
  6. Buyer's Guide

As the NHL seems to have a work stoppage every few years, it appears that the only way to be sure to have the sport you love in your home all the time is to buy a table hockey game. YOU control when the players play and, best of all, it's hockey season all year long at your place. Like most games of this nature, they come in a variety of sizes and accessories, and can provide hours of fun for die-hard fans or those who are casual observers of the sport.

Buying a table is a little easier than settling on a new CBA, though there are still some items you need to negotiate. How much do you want to spend? Who's the game for, children or adults? Do you want a simple unit that you can prop up on a table, or a free-standing machine that has all the bells and whistles of an arcade-style game? You'll find these options and everything in between on our list of Best Picks below. Soon enough, you'll be dropping the puck at home long before the owners and the players come to an agreement on the real thing.

These tables have all made our list under the careful consideration of certain criteria. For starters these tables offer durable cabinets and playing surfaces to ensure each one holds up to repeated and intense use. These tables also feature playing rods that are made of strong materials like fiberglass or steel, and move with fluid motion which allow players to pass and shoot the puck with ease. While some of these products are table-top versions that rest on any counter or folding table in order to play, the bigger models feature strong, well-constructed legs so the unit won’t wobble to ensure the playing surface stays perfectly level. Lastly, many of these tables also include lights and sounds to make game play more fun and exciting. We've compiled the best table hocket games in 2022.

Here are the best table hockey games of 2022

Stiga NHL Stanley Cup Table Hockey Game - Best Table Hockey Game Overall

The Stiga table has it all. The three-dimensional player figurines are interchangeable from the rods so you're not stuck with the same old teams for every game. The official NHL insignias give it an authentic game-day feel, with all thirty team logos emblazoned on the boards and uniforms. There are even Plexi-shield protectors at the ends of each the table to keep the puck from flying off the ice on a slap-shot.

Playability on this one is the best you can find for the money, as players can actually move behind the nets and the goalies are fully functional in the crease, just like the real thing! The metal playing rods are effortless to use and move players smoothly all around the game surface with top-notch puck control. For about a hundred bucks, it's the closest thing you're going to get to having a real live NHL hockey recreational game in your home.

Franklin Sports Rod Table Hockey - Runner Up

This table-top game from Franklin uses a tabletop design similar to the Stiga, even down to the use of a Plexi-glass enclosure surrounding the "ice" just as you would find at any real-life hockey game. The rods are made of fiberglass and come five to a side, one for each player on the team and use a polished gear system to ensure every movement of your “players” is as fluid as possible. But let's face it, when the game gets heated we don't always realize the force we're exerting in our frustration and that can lead to some snapped rods. It's not a common occurrence with fiberglass material such as this, but it can happen.

The Ultimate also has electronic scoring to keep track of your goals scored and the bright LED's on the side of the unit keep track with total accuracy. There is one other drawback on this product as it takes forever to assemble. You'll need a lot of patience and a little bit of engineering know-how to put this together exactly as intended. The game comes with two hockey pucks (because you know you're going to lose at least one) and uses 2 AAA batteries to keep the scoreboard running.

Carrom 435.01 Signature Stick Hockey Table with Pedestal Table Hockey Game - Honorable Mention

The Carrom 435.01 Signature game is the first pick on our list that comes as a table instead of a table-top structure. The cabinet is made of bright blue Melamine, so it can withstand the constant shock and jolts of players banging against it as they move the rods back and forth during gameplay. The rods are made of strong fiberglass; precision injection-molded gears keep the figures on the ice moving smoothly and accurately. Yes, there are even cup-holders included.

Electronic scoring is built into the game system, so every time someone puts the biscuit in the basket, the scoreboard announces it with lights and sound - just like at the arena. It also keeps time with a fully functional game clock. The players are pretty simple, again with one red team and one blue so don't expect NHL insignias on this unit. But after you get the puck on the ice, you likely won't care because of all the fun you're having.

In terms of the playability factor of the 435.01, you get exceptional puck handling capability with a custom-coated styrene playing surface. Passing and shooting doesn't get much better than it does on this Carrom unit. One thing to keep in mind, the price tag is a bit high for a consumer game but you get what you pay for on this pick.

IdealSure Shot Hockey Tabletop Table Hockey Game - Consider

Ideal's table-top unit measures twenty inches in length, making it one of the smallest games on the list. So it's well-suited for younger children to use, with easy grip levers, bright colors, and a playing surface that's been manufactured to look just like the ice at any major arena, complete with red face-off circles, blue lines and two goals at either end for scoring. Speaking of scoring, keeping track of goals is easy with two scoring slides at either end of the unit.

Game play is about what you'd expect from a unit of this size and price range. It's certainly good enough to keep the puck moving from figure to figure and scoring is challenging without becoming a frustration. The size of the game makes it portable, so you can move it from room to room or even take it to Grandma's house for the weekend.

ICE Super Chexx Non-Coin Deluxe Home Bubble Hockey Table - Best Table Hockey Game

The Super Chexx may look a lot like the Carrom with its high dome and pedestal base but there are some major reasons why this machine is almost double the price. This one offers arcade quality gameplay with the durability and functionality of a machine for professional use. The bubble dome is made of heavy duty Lexan to withstand high impact abuse while the resilient, lightweight aluminum cabinet making it the strongest choice on our list. The players on the ice are fully-formed three-dimensional figurines with good detail and easy maneuverability; for an extra few hundred bucks, you can get real NHL logos and color schemes if you'd prefer to have your favorite team at your control.

The Super Chexx is chock full of features to make your game look and sound just like the real thing, including sound effects to imitate a night at the arena along with legendary Buffalo Sabres announcer Rick Jeanneret doing play-by-play. The fully electronic scoreboard at the top of the dome displays goals, shots, period, and a clock to let you know how much time is left in the period. There's even a button you can push to make the fans "boo" when your opponent scores while an automatic puck return and eject system gets the game going again. Best of all, when you buy one of these you're getting free lifetime technical support and a one year warranty on all parts.

Buyer's Guide

When shopping for the best table hockey game, there are a few things to keep in mind. Of course, the type of game (bubble or tabletop) and size and weight are all important considerations. These will influence the game's storage and playability. We have curated this table hockey games’ guide to give you an insight into all these deciding factors.

Which factors should you consider while buying the best table hockey games?

Who's in the game

The first thing that you should consider while buying the table hockey games is who will be playing the game more often. For example, you might need to buy a table as a birthday present for a hockey-obsessed youngster.

Different players have different requirements, so keep this in mind when making your table hockey purchase. For example, you might want a robust table for your children that can withstand vigorous play and long periods.

FreeStanding or tabletop

To begin with, there are two varieties of table hockey. The first is the tabletop model, which you may recall from your youth. Because these versions are smaller, they can be stored while not in use. They'll have enclosures on each end because they're smaller, but they won't be completely enclosed. They may also be placed elsewhere in the house and pulled out and played anytime you like.

The full table hockey game or a bubble hockey set are the other options. You should fix them permanently in a place to get the best playing experience. That is why they are so popular in game rooms and man caves since they provide all the excitement of an arcade in the comfort of your own home. They're also frequently equipped with bubble tops, making them even safer by preventing the puck from flying out. They aren't for you if you don't enjoy the thought of a table being continually set up in your house.

The type you pick is determined by who will use it. If it's for your children, a tabletop version will suffice. However, if it's in a separate area for adults, the free-standing table version will be more appropriate.


It's a good idea to measure your area whenever you introduce a new toy or game into your home! Nothing is more frustrating than buying a new gaming table or air hockey table, such as these finest tiny air hockey tables, only to discover that it is way too large for the space you have. Measure the play area and the storage area for the game. Verify these dimensions against the product's specs to confirm that there is sufficient space.

Which are the key features that your table hockey game should have?

Materials and construction quality

Of course, you want a long-lasting, high-quality table hockey game. As a result, it's critical to investigate the materials used in your prospective game possibilities.

Steel and PETG are both strong and long-lasting materials. Polystyrene, on the other hand, is recognized for being a more fragile and brittle material. Because the durability of plastic varies, it's a good idea to read both the item's description and customer reviews.


The word "screwdriver" is too much for some people. Whatever your choice is for how much assembly is necessary for your new tabletop hockey game, keep that in mind as you consider your alternatives. Bear in mind that when you get rod hockey tables, you usually have the option of having them assembled for you by specialists!

Options for Customization

By integrating your favorite teams, do you want to spice up your basic rod hockey or bubble hockey game? Perhaps you'd like a more practical alteration, such as the addition of cup holders for convenience.

Maybe you're looking for a high-tech scoring system with a variety of lights and sound elements.

What are the different types of hockey table games?

Stick or rod hockey game

These table games are different from air hockey tables in that they do not utilize an air blower to power the game. Instead, players in both rod and stick hockey must spin, push, and pull rods or sticks to manipulate their opponents, just like they do in foosball.

Classic ice hockey influenced the playing surface and the players themselves. It is not necessary to be a professional rod hockey player to enjoy stick or rod hockey–even youngsters may participate and win!

Bubble or a dome hockey game

The terms "bubble hockey" and "dome hockey" refer to the same sort of table hockey game. The primary distinction is that bubble or dome hockey utilizes a large bubble to cover the playing surface, which is often constructed of plastic. This bubble prevents pucks from being taken or misplaced.

Generally, the bubble or dome may be opened easily for cleaning and maintenance. Due to its traditional arcade vibe, many people consider bubble hockey or dome hockey the finest table hockey game.

How much do table hockey games cost?

Let's talk about the cost now. The cost of your table hockey game will have a major influence on your purchasing decision. The first step is to define a spending limit for your table. How much money are you willing to spend on the table hockey game? Once you've decided on that, you can start narrowing down your options.

You'll see that if your budget is less than $200, you'll have to settle with a tabletop version of the game. If you have more money to play with ($500 to $1000), you may acquire a full table game if that's something you're interested in.

Bear in mind that conserving money does not equal compromising on quality. You can obtain high-quality boards at a reasonable price. Before making a purchase, check out some customer reviews to have an idea about their experience.

Best Table Hockey Games FAQs

Q: Is a dome hockey game or a tabletop hockey game better?
A: This is debatable. A dome or bubble design could be perfect for you if you have a lot of room and want a durable, independent hockey game. A model that can simply be put on top of an existing table is excellent if you require something smaller and more portable.

Q: Is it necessary to have an electric rod hockey table?
A: No, not in most cases. They don't require any electricity to function as games. Some of the choices with an electronic scoring system may necessitate the use of batteries.

Q: Is it safe for children to play table hockey?
A: Yes, table hockey games are completely safe for children; the only thing to be aware of is the presence of some small, possibly dangerous pieces. The pucks, for example, can be quite tiny and pose a choking threat to little children.

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