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Flea Control: Best Dog Flea Collars

  1. Bayer Seresto Tick and Dog Flea Collar
  2. Adams Plus Tick and Dog Flea Collar
  3. Sergeant's Pet Flea & Tick Collar For Dogs
  4. Zodiac Dog Flea Collar
  5. Buyer's Guide

There are a variety of ways fleas can infest your dogs, especially during the peak flea and tick season of every year (spring to early autumn). Even though you want to keep your canine free of parasites, you also don’t want to strap s omething on them that could be harmful or unhealthy. Furthermore, you want to avoid introducing fleas and ticks into your home. The following list of the best dog flea collars in 2022 is based on reviews posted online from customers who have used these products, the effectiveness of the collars, and the active ingredients.

The Best Dog Flea Collars Models of 2022 in Detail

Bayer Seresto Tick and Dog Flea Collar - Best Dog Flea Collar Overall

New to the United States, the Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar can stay on your dog for eight months and protects against fleas, ticks, mange and lice. This product combines two active ingredients for the most effective treatment possible, imidacloprid, a systemic insecticide, and flumethrin, an organic compound based insecticide. This collar is also odorless and does not leave greasy residue behind on your dog’s coat. A special release mechanism has been built into the Seresto collar in case the dog becomes trapped in it. If your dog is a regular swimmer (more than once a month), the collar’s effective period reduces to five months, however, infrequent exposure to water will not harm this product.

Adams Plus Tick and Dog Flea Collar - Runner Up

Waterproof and lasting for up to five months, fleas (in all stages) and ticks are killed off due to the active ingredients in this product, Propoxur and Methoprene. Some customers noted that this treatment did not work on dogs with thick coats (such as a Siberian Husky). Also, some users report a slight odor with the collar. This particular collar comes in two sizes, small and large. No reports of irritation or rash. Even if you enjoy taking your dog on outdoor adventures, users say this product is still extremely effective.

Sergeant's Pet Flea & Tick Collar For Dogs - Honorable Mention

Active ingredients in Sentry’s collar are Propoxur, Phenothrin, a chemical specially made to kill adult fleas, n-Octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide, a common ingredient in pesticides, and Pyriproxyfen, a highly effective insecticide. The collar is effective for up to six months. Reviewers state that even though this product claims to act fast, many have not found that to be the case even though the collar is effective in killing fleas overall. Other customers who have purchased this product share that it gives off a pleasing, powdery-fresh scent. Additionally, this product comes in three sizes (small, medium and large). Some users report that this product is more effective than the FRONTLINE brand treatment.

Zodiac Dog Flea Collar - Consider

The active ingredient in the Scalibor Protector Band for Dogs is deltamethrin, an insecticide, so all fleas and ticks are wiped out. Boasting a patented insecticide/acaricide release technology, the Scalibor band offers protection for six months whereas most other collars only guarantee protection for five months. Additionally, many other brands offer differing sizes of collars for dogs but Scalibor’s Protector Band is one sizes fits all. Be aware that some users report that the Scalibor band caused irritation, rash and hair loss with their dogs. Additionally, some people have found that if their skin will become irritated when it comes in contact with the collar.

Buyer's Guide

The following buying guide can help you pick the best dog flea collar that complements your dog and helps it stay safe.

What Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying a Dog Flea Collar?

A few key factors matter a lot in determining the success of your purchase. To buy the best dog flea collar out there, you need to keep the following things in mind.

Active Ingredients in Collar

One of the most essential things that can affect your little fur baby and impact people around the house is the active ingredients present in a flea collar. Usually, a dog collar consists of components like:

. Pyriproxyfen: Stops larvae from developing again.
. Deltamethrin: Kills the fleas without any notable effect on people.
. Amitraz: It is a highly useful anti-parasite.
. Tetrachlorvinphos: An effective ingredient in getting rid of fleas but can be dangerous to humans and pets.

When going through the active ingredients, your mind should be focused on your pets and the people around you.

Size of Your Dog

The size of your lad matters a lot when choosing a dog collar. Most manufacturers recommend you take proper measurements of your dog before buying one. They offer a size chart to double-check whether the collar is the right choice for your dog or not. You must check the:

  • Neck size of your dog
  • Breed (large or small)
  • Weight of your dog
  • Length of the dog’s torso

Effectiveness in Prevention

The flea collar must effectively kill more than one type of flea and any other insect infestation harmful to dogs and the environment. You need to keep in mind the collar's strength and its impact on a particular type of dog. Larger dogs may require a more potent chemical for fleas as compared to smaller breeds.


Fleas lay eggs on your dog's skin which can attract other insects and even cause infection. Most dog collars can prevent your dog from mites, larva, flea eggs, lice, and mosquitoes. Choose a suitable multi-purpose flea collar, and it will help you get rid of other parasitic infestations as well.


The perfect dog flea collar stays in action for a couple of months before you need to replace it. The formula takes a couple of days to spread on the dog, kill existing fleas and add a protective coat to the body. A good-quality dog flea collar may last up to 8 months.


Flea collars with strong chemicals may be effective for the dog and offer excellent protection against parasites but might have an intense smell. Opt for an odorless collar or something with added fragrance to keep the environment around the house fresh.

Organic vs. Inorganic

Having a chemical-based product linger around the house can be somewhat dangerous, especially if you have other pets and children. For that, you can buy organic dog flea collars. This may be effective for pups and small breeds but is predominately ineffective for big dogs.

What are the Types of Dog Flea Collars?

To get your hands on the best dog flea collar, you must be aware of the different types of dog flea collars present in the market.

Treatment Flea Collars

Treatment Flea Collars consist of active ingredients that spread over your dog's body to remove parasitic infestations. These collars are used for dogs that are already affected. Because of their chemical composition, you can see instant results within 24 to 72 hours, depending on the dog's size. One drawback of these collars is that they may have an odor because of dominant ingredients.

Repelling Flea Collars

Repelling Flea Collars are more of a precautionary measure to prevent your dog from any parasitic infestation. You can find these in odorless variants with a very mild formula that does not disrupt the environment. Since Repelling Flea Collars is only a precautionary measure, they may prove useless for a dog that already has fleas.

Treat & Repel Flea Collars

A more advanced version, Treat & Repel Flea Collars, serve both purposes with one collar. They are known to yield maximum results against fleas and other parasitic infestations. Although safe and straightforward to use, you may find a treat and repel collar pricier than the other two.

Why Should Dog Owners Buy a Dog Flea Collar?

If you are skeptical about whether you should buy a dog flea collar or not, here are a few reasons to invest in one:

. They reduce the risk of allergies and other skin issues in dogs caused by itching and scratching
. Flea collars for dogs are cost-effective as they reduce your vet visits and ensure a high-quality flea prevention system
. They last longer than other treatment options
. Dog flea collars help keep dogs away from other parasites and diseases such as anemia and tapeworms

Are Dog Flea Collars Better Than Other Methods?

Dog owners must know these pointers for making an informed decision.

Flea Collar vs. Vet

Taking your dog to the vet is a good option for spot treatment where they remove each flea from the body and give your dog adequate treatment. However, this can be quite a challenge for people who cannot afford vet bills. On the other hand, flea collars offer a reasonable yet equally effective treatment against parasites.

Flea Collar vs. Medicine

Flea medicine is consumed by your dog that ultimately kills the dangerous parasites lingering on their body. This can result in other health complications and even digestive abnormalities in some dogs. Flea collars are not consumed and hence are very safe.


Dog Flea Collars are a quick and long-lasting way for your dog to get rid of unwanted parasites. However, you need to choose an effective flea collar for your pooch to have a practical and harmless experience.

Other than understanding the principal considerations, keep in mind the different types of collars and a comparison against other prevention methods. Our buying guide can help you pick the perfect flea collar for your baby, who lights up your world like nobody else!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use a dog flea collar on my cat?

No, you cannot use a dog flea collar on your cat as it can be hazardous to use a flea collar designed specifically for dogs.

Q: What if my dog chews on its flea collar?

If your dog chews or ingests a flea collar, it must be taken to a vet immediately.

Q: Do I need to get my dog tested before putting on a flea collar?

It is always a good idea to ask your vet about running relevant tests on your dog before putting on a collar, as sometimes, dog flea collars can cause health issues like rashes and seizures.

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