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Bark Control: Best Bark Collars

  1. PetSafe Deluxe Bark Collar
  2. SportDOG Rechargeable NoBark Bark Collar
  3. Trainmate Shock Collar for Dogs – Best Waterproof Bark Collar
  4. Pet Union Premium Dog Training Shock Collar – Best Day/Night Long-range Collar
  5. Buyer's Guide

When your dog barks unnecessarily and incessantly it is not only annoying to you and your neighbors, but can also lead to fines. This undesirable habit can be unlearned, but it takes diligence and consistency. There are several options for bark deterrent collars on the market, with different levels of effectiveness including electronic stimulation (“shock”), citronella spray and ultrasonic. The best bark collars in 2022 on the following list were chosen because they are the most effective and safe options of citronella and electronic stimulation collars. Ultrasonic, though an option have not been rated well as a bark deterrent and were not included on the list. Bark collars are only effective and safe when used properly, so no matter which one you choose, follow the instructions carefully.

Comparing the Best Collars for 2022

PetSafe Deluxe Bark Collar - Best Bark Collar Overall

As one of the most popular and highly rated collars, PetSafe Deluxe Static Bark Collar will help you train your dog to not bark in the most effective way possible. With three modes, and six levels of correction, this is the collar that dog lovers use when they've hit roadblocks with others. What sets this one apart from others is the option to increase intensity of correction with each subsequent bark, ensuring your dog understands the connection between barking and the electronic stimulation. This collar is waterproof and easy to use.

SportDOG Rechargeable NoBark Bark Collar - Another Top Pick

SportDog caters to sporting and hunting dogs, and carries many products to train and improve behavior. The NoBark 10R is a highly rated product that will help you curve your dogs barking through a quick electronic stimulation that will repeat each time the dog barks, teaching your dog that being quiet will cease the stimulation. This product is no different than SportDog's many other high tech products using three modes, with ten different stimulation levels to deter your dog from barking. The patented DRYTEK waterproofing will put you at ease that your dog will be safe even in the rain or if submerged in water.

Trainmate Shock Collar for Dogs – Best Waterproof Bark Collar - Consider

With Trainmate’s training collar, there is no need to worry about training out in the rain. It is a long-range, waterproof training collar suitable for small, medium, and large dogs. The collar is designed with comfort and safety in mind. Its range spans 1200 feet with a remote to manage the 3 training modes: vibration, beeping, and shock. The shock setting is, however, only recommended for emergency situations and not as a form of positive behavioral training. Its long-lasting built-in 500MAH battery is rechargeable. The battery charger is included in the purchase. Fully charged collar batteries will last up to 12 days of training.

Pet Union Premium Dog Training Shock Collar – Best Day/Night Long-range Collar - Consider

This fully waterproof long-range dog collar can be used to help correct barking, for leash training, sitting, aggression, behavioral obedience, and walking. The large LCD blue backlit remote makes it suitable for spending time outdoors with your dog day or night. It spans a 1200-foot range with 4 modes including beeping and vibration. The shock setting is recommended for emergency situations only and not as a form of positive behavioral training. Pet Union’s Premium bark collar features a rapid charging lithium-ion battery and auto power-saving mode.

Buyer's Guide

Dogs are the most loyal and loving pets that one can have. However, there are times when the unnecessary barking of your dog can get you into trouble. You can help your dog get over the habit of barking by buying one of the best bark collars of 2021. The range of bark collars available in the market is numerous, and it can be a hassle to sort from the bunch. However, we have listed out the things you need to know and consider before buying a bark collar so that you can buy the best in the market.

How Does a Bark Collar Work?

Different bark collars have various methods to stop the dog from aggressive and unnecessary barking. One common thing in all the bark collars is that they all detect the dog’s barking through vibrations. Some of the bark collars have a microphone in them to detect suspicious activities of dogs like growling and aggressive barking.

Some bark collars emit ultrasonic sounds or static electric shocks to warn the dog to stop the barking. A dog has the speciality of detecting when its owners are happy or unhappy with them. Thus, they take these electric shocks as punishment and stop. Don't worry; the electric shocks are very mild, and they won't harm your dog. However, the shock level slowly increases to let the dog feel that the punishment is increasing, so he must stop. When you place the collar on your dog, make sure it is in the correct position so your dog can feel the punishment.

Some anti-barking collars send irritating sounds when the dog is barking, and only the dog can hear it. Many dogs realize that they need to stop barking as the noise only starts when they bark. Similarly, some collars produce a bad-smelling spray like citronella. When the dog gets the smell, he realizes it is because of his behaviour, so he has to stop to get rid of the smell.

What are the Important Features in a Bark Collar?

There are so many different types of bark collars, and each has specific variations in it. If you are buying a collar for the first time, it can be difficult to sort it out. It is also important to know about bark collar features because dogs differ in age, size, and breed, so you need to pick the one that suits your dog carefully.

The Weight of a Dog

The first and foremost thing to consider when buying the best bark collar is the dog's weight. Manufacturers design different collars by keeping in mind the variations in the size and weight of dogs. You can buy a bark collar for a dog with a minimum weight of 3 pounds, and the maximum can be 120 pounds. Rarely you can also find bark collars for dogs that weigh above 120 pounds.

If you have a little pup with less than 3 pounds, you should strictly not make them wear a bark collar because it is not safe for their health. They cannot even take mild shocks or irritating sounds.

The Circumference of a Dog's Neck

Although the fitting of a bark collar is similar to the fitting of a regular dog collar, still you need to buy a bark collar that is a perfect fit for your dog. To measure the circumference of your dog's neck, take an inch-tape and measure from the front to where the dog’s neck meets the back. You can compare this value with the collar length to find the one that it perfectly fits.

The description or details section of the product will contain the information whether the bark collar is for small dogs like Beagle and Chihuahua or is it for large dogs like Bulldog and German shepherd. If you can't find a perfect match, it is best to buy a slightly longer collar but with adjustable straps.

False Trigger Feature

If the bark collar that you buy works via sound, it is crucial that you have a false trigger proofing feature in the collar. A collar that works via sound cannot differentiate whether your dog's barking sound is being produced or not. For instance, your dog is playing with other dogs in the garden and all of a sudden; the other dog starts barking; the bark collar of your dog will stimulate the device and punish the dog. However, as your dog has done nothing, he will be confused, and if the situation continues, it may affect his health. Thus, a false trigger feature is essential in such devices to detect and differentiate sounds of your dog from others.

Sensitivity Adjustment Feature

Just like the false trigger feature, sensitivity adjustment is also very essential in the best bark collar. You would not want to punish your dog to the level that he gets hurt. Thus, a collar should have a sensitivity adjustment feature through which you can adjust the level of punishment according to your dog's sensitivity.

Bark Collar FAQ's

Q: Is it safe to make my dog wear a bark collar?

Yes, bark collars are safe for your dogs. They are just temporary devices that help in stopping the unnecessary barking of your dog. It may be possible that your dog resents wearing it, but it is only because the collar can get annoying when he is constantly interrupted on barking.

Q: How long does a dog need to wear a barking collar?

There is no definite period to wear the collar, but it is usually recommended to use it quickly. As soon as your dog rectifies his behaviour, you should remove the bark collar and shift to the everyday collar. Keep in mind that you should never use a bark collar unnecessarily.

Q: Are bark collars effective for howling and whining of dogs?

Yes, bark collars help to reduce the howling and whining of dogs as well. Mainly, these collars are used for barking, but they can work well for howling if they can detect sound. Sometimes, the vibration detecting bark collars are also effective in removing the whining and howling of dogs.

Q: Can I use a bark collar for the small breed?

Yes, you can use a bark collar for small breeds but make sure he weighs more than 3 pounds.

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