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Best Garage Heater For Keeping Your Vehicle Warm

  1. Mr Heater Tank Top Infrared Propane Garage Heater
  2. Holmes Products Milkhouse Garage Heater
  3. Mr. Heater Buddy Portable Propane Garage Heater
  4. Broan-NuTone High Capacity Wall Garage Heater
  5. Lasko Ceramic Adjustable Thermostat Space Garage Heater
  6. Mr. Heater Vent Free Blue Flame Natural Gas Garage Heater
  7. Dimplex DCH4831L Electric Garage Heater with Built in Thermostat
  8. Fahrenheat FUH5-4 Ceiling-Mount 5000 Watt Electric Heater
  9. Cadet Rcp502s Commercial 240 Volt Portable Unit Heater
  10. Buyer's Guide

Whether you are a car enthusiast or a hobbyist, attempting to work in your garage during the cold winter months can create a challenge, especially if your garage is unfinished and lacks sufficient insulation. Conventional space heaters cannot produce enough heat to warm a large area, and the lack of insulation in the garage will fail to retain whatever heat a small space heater does produce. The following lists of the best garage heater in 2022 highlights different styles of garage heaters designed to produce enough heat to make even the largest garage more comfortable during the winter. Choosing the right garage heater depends on the size of your garage, how you intend to power the heater, and whether you are looking for a portable heat source or one that is permanently installed.

Compare The Best Garage Heater Of 2022

Mr Heater Tank Top Infrared Propane Garage Heater - Best Garage Heater Overall

The Mr. Heater 28,000 BTU Tank Top Infrared Propane Heater is an excellent choice for an open garage where rapid heat loss occurs. The open garage requires a heat source that can provide a high number of BTUs to keep your work area warm and this heater can meet that requirement. Connected directly to any propane tank, up to 20 pounds, the two burner heater quickly provides anywhere from 2,000 to 28,000 BTUs an hour.

The heater gives you the option to only use one of the burners, but when using both burners, the heater provides you with six different heat settings. Operating the heater on the highest setting will provide you with the highest number of BTUs for 15 hours when connected to a 20 pound propane tank. The heater is provided with two safety shut-offs and a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Only operate this model in open, well ventilated garage areas.

Holmes Products Milkhouse Garage Heater - Runner Up

Designed to be simple, durable, and effective, milk house heaters were originally used for keeping dairy barns warm in the winter. The Patton PUH680-U uses this milk house heater design to offer this same simplicity and durability at a very budget-friendly price. The PUH680-U uses a rugged steel housing with a fan and convection coil heat on the inside and the automatic thermostat provides effective temperature control, along with a choice of high or low settings.

The PUH680-U includes an automatic shutoff feature if it has been tipped over. Although this basic heater might not be the quietest or the most stylish, it’s extremely effective at heating an open space and at around $30, it offers some of the highest heat output per dollar.

Mr. Heater Buddy Portable Propane Garage Heater - Honorable Mention

The Mr Heater Portable Buddy Heater can be used both indoors and outdoors, using radiant heat to warm a space up to 200 square feet in size. Although this isn't likely to be the best choice for a large garage or workshop, those with a smaller space will appreciate the budget-friendly price and portability of this unit.

The Portable Buddy Heater uses a small propane cylinder or optional connectors for a larger propane tank, and features the choice between a low setting of 4,000 BTU/hour or a high setting of 9,000 BTU/hour. This heater is lightweight and includes a built-in handle for easy portability, while being rugged enough to be used in tough outdoor and workshop environments.

The Portable Buddy Heater includes several safety features that automatically shut the unit off if it is tipped over, if the pilot light goes out, or if it detects low oxygen levels. This simple heater is an excellent budget-friendly choice for use in a garage, workshop, or even as an emergency or portable heat source.

Broan-NuTone High Capacity Wall Garage Heater - Consider

The Broan 6201 offers both extremely durable steel construction and effective performance. This utilitarian heater has an industrial appearance along with a large built-in carrying handle, and rounded corners to protect any surfaces it might get bumped into.

The 6201 uses ceramic heating elements to produce heat, and a fan to force air circulation. A 1,500-watt high setting is used for fast warm up, while a 1,200-watt low setting provides efficient temperature maintenance. There’s also the option to use only the fan for simple ventilation when heat is not needed.

The Broan 6201 features both automatic shut off if tipped over, and overheat protection which shuts off the heater and activates a "caution" light to alert you to the problem. Although some of the metal housing does have a tendency to heat up somewhat, and the fan does create some noise, this rugged heater is an excellent choice for a garage, workshop, or other space that requires portable, heavy-duty heating.

Lasko Ceramic Adjustable Thermostat Space Garage Heater - Best Budget Garage Heater

This utility heater from Lasko is well-suited to a variety of tasks, although it is most effective at heating a small space. The 675919 includes a pivot feature to direct heat, allowing you to point the heater at the specific area in your garage, basement, or work area where the warmth is needed most. An adjustable thermostat allows for controlling heat levels, and you have a choice of high, low, and fan-only settings.

This durable heater features a rubberized grip handle for easy portability, as well as overheat protection to ensure safety. The Lasko 675919 is an excellent choice for those with a room to a draft to those needing to warm an unfinished garage, while also being budget-friendly and easy to use.

Mr. Heater Vent Free Blue Flame Natural Gas Garage Heater - Best All-Around Garage Heater

The Mr Heater Big Buddy Portable Heater uses propane to warm a space such as a garage up to 400 square feet in size. The heater can be connected either to two one-pound propane cylinders or two 20 pound tanks when using the optional propane hose assembly. Three heat levels can be selected with the control knob, and range from 4,000 to 18,000 BTU/hour. A blower fan can be powered using the AC adapter or batteries to increase air circulation and warm an area faster.

The Mr Heater Big Buddy heater includes several safety features, such as low oxygen shutoff, a built-in thermal protection probe, and safety shutoff in the event that the unit is tipped over. This heater is safe for indoor and outdoor use, but as with any propane heater, it is important to always shut off the propane first and let the heater run until all the fuel in the lines is burned off. The Mr Heater Big Buddy produces a lot of heat in a durable, portable package.

Dimplex DCH4831L Electric Garage Heater with Built in Thermostat - Best All-Around Garage Heater

The Dimplex Electric Garage Heater with Built in Thermostat provides your garage with the same amount of heat a permanently installed garage heater can, but with the convenience of portability. The 4,800 watt heater comes with a six foot power cord that plugs into any 30-amp 240-volt outlet. The heavy-duty construction of the heater’s cabinet makes it safe to use anywhere in your garage or at a construction site.

The heater offers six heat settings allowing you to choose a heat setting right for your garage and the built-in thermostat maintains said setting until you change it. Additional features of the heater include a 160 CFM fan, overheat protection and a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Fahrenheat FUH5-4 Ceiling-Mount 5000 Watt Electric Heater - Best All-Around Garage Heater

The Fahrenheat Ceiling-Mount 5000 Watt Electric Heater is great for large garages doubling as workshops. The power fan inside the heater can project heat up to 16 feet across the garage while the louvers on the front of the heater can be adjusted to blow the air from the heater in any one of four different directions.

The built-in thermostat is manually adjusted in order to select one of the 10 different heat settings. The heater provides up to 17,065 BTU/hour to easily maintain a comfortable temperature in a large garage. Mounting the heater requires a permanent electrical connection to a 240-volt circuit. The heater comes equipped with a thermal cut-off safety device and a 12 month parts and labor warranty.

Cadet Rcp502s Commercial 240 Volt Portable Unit Heater - Best All-Around Garage Heater

The Cadet RCP502S portable garage heater features rugged construction that would not be out of place on a commercial unit, ensuring that it can meet the demands of being used in a garage or workshop environment. Although this heater is a bit pricey, it does an excellent job of warming reasonably large, un-insulated spaces such as a garage.

The RCP502S comes with a wall-mounting bracket or it can simply be set down on the floor. A high/low switch allows for choosing between 5,000 watts and 3,333 watts, so the unit can provide the most efficient performance for the space it's in. keep in mind the RCP502S does require a 240-volt outlet.

This portable garage heater has multiple features, such as an automatic fan delay to allow the heating element to heat up before distributing air, a built-in thermostat, and manual reset thermal protection. This means that if the unit detects it's too hot, it shuts itself off; then requires a manual reset to operate again, ensuring safety.

Buyer's Guide

With the winter season just around the corner, investing in a garage heater is an ideal option. You might wonder how to figure out if there are variants in garage heaters or what things you might consider while buying one. To ease you a bit, we have compiled a detailed buying guide to keep your garage at a perfect temperature all year round.

Are there any specific types of Garage heaters?

If you are not a happy shopper, getting a garage heater can be a lot of hassle for you. It might get confusing with all the types and specifications. After careful consideration, we have jotted down the different types of heaters to keep your garage hot in the cold winter.

Infrared heaters

Electricity powered; infrared heaters use electromagnetic radiation to warm up the space. They are used for particularly small spaces to heat up a localized space around them.

Electric heaters

As the name suggests, electric heaters are plug-and-play. They use electricity to heat any space. You just have to turn on the switch, and voila. They are also cost-effective and require minimal maintenance.

Propane heaters

The propane heaters come with a tank and a connection to a gas line. It runs on propane liquid which is obtained from any gas station. It can be used for both large and small spaces. Like any other garage heater, propane heaters come with safety concerns. Always maintain a safe distance of 24cm or 3 feet between your heater and any combustible item.

Natural gas heaters

The natural gas heater is best for homes that already have a gas line installed to run appliances. It is a more viable option than electric heaters when it comes to financial costs.

Fan forced heaters

Fan forced heater comes with a built-in fan to heat the space. They are the most convenient option with minimum cost and easy usage.

What to consider while choosing the best garage heater?

Getting an appliance for your home is a one-time investment. You must carefully go through different features while buying the best garage heater for you.

Noise level

Make sure you go over different specifications of the garage heater before getting one. It will be a cause of significant disruption with excessive noise. Get yourself a garage heater that is quiet as a mouse.

Temperature control

Temperature control is also a significant factor while making a purchase. The overheat shutoff function and a thermostat will help you maintain your desired temperature and act as a safety measure.


If you are looking for something that can be repositioned in the garage and inside your room, look for a portable heater. A portable heater is easy to carry from one place to another. Electric heaters are often portable and compact in size; you just have to unplug the switch and carry it with you.

Safety Comes first

When it comes to any heating appliance, safety measures are the priority. With the upgrade in technology, many manufacturers are adding safety features like a cool-touch exterior made of either plastic or fiberglass, overheat protection, and automatic shutoff to avoid any mishap.

Availability of heat Source

The heat source will also affect your decision. If you have an oversized garage to eat up, always go for natural gas heaters as they are cost-effective. Heat output also depends on BTUs and the wattage the heaters consume. The increase in BTUs will have an ultimate impact on the increase of your budget.


Last but not least, installation of garage heaters is easy. Electric heaters require a direct electric supply and are adjusted anywhere in the garage. In contrast, the wall or ceiling garage heaters are tricky to install. They come with an instruction manual and often require extra hardware like a mounting bracket.

Lifetime of the best Garage heater

Although all these garage heaters come with a manufacturer’s warranty of one year, one must wonder how long a garage heater can last? With proper maintenance from time to time, your gas heaters will last for 16 to 20 years and even more. Feels like a lifetime, right?

When it comes to an electric heater, it will last for 20 to 30 years as well. The only problem that occurs is blown fuel. You can easily fix this issue by calling in a technician.

Best Garage heater Price Ranges

The price ranges of garage heaters vary depending on the type of heater and the size of your garage. Homeowners spend thousands of bucks to install a garage heater.

On average, it costs 1000$ -- 4000$ to install a garage heater, but the warmth is priceless. Plus, this is a one-time investment. You can get an electric garage heater which will cost you around 500$-1200$.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Are garage heaters safe to use?
A: It is considered efficient to install a carbon monoxide detector to reduce the risk of poisoning. A proper ventilation system before installing a garage heater makes the venting easy. Keep your garage heater away from all combustible material to avoid any mishap.

Q: Can you leave the garage heater on all the time?
A: Yes, you can. Garage heaters come with a protective barrier that will keep you safe if you accidentally touch them. When the room achieves the desired temperature, the heater turns off with automatic shutoff features.

Q: Are garage heaters expensive to run?
A: Garage heaters are expensive but will keep you warm during chilly winters. An electric garage heater has the ability to quickly heat up your garage, but you will see a surge in electricity bills after using it.

Q: How far should you place your garage heater from the wall?
A: The ideal distance of 3 feet should be maintained between the heater and the wall for safety measures.

Q: Can you install a garage heater by yourself?
A: The answer is obvious. Every garage heater comes with an instruction manual which makes it easy to install. You can always hire a professional to get the job done.

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