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The Best Space Heater For All Day Warmth

  1. Delonghi Ceramic Tower Space Heater
  2. Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater
  3. Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater
  4. Dr. Heater Infrared Space Heater
  5. Vornado AVH2 Full-Room Vortex Space Heater
  6. De'Longhi HMP1500 Panel Radiator Space Heater
  7. Buyer's Guide

Whether shopping for a space heater to help supplement your home’s heating system, or just help you save on your winter heating bills, finding just the right space heater for your situation can be confusing. Heater choices seem endless, and with each one offering slightly different features, knowing what to look for when choosing a heater will ensure you get a space heater that best fits your needs.

The following list of space heaters and in-depth buying guide should help you narrow your search and take some of the confusion out of your next space heater purchase. For more information on what to look at in selecting the best space heaters in 2022, make sure to check out our space heater's guide. It will tell you the most important specifications to watch out for and what they mean to you.

What are the best space heater of 2022?

Delonghi Ceramic Tower Space Heater - Best Space Heater Overall

The De'Longhi TCH7915ER offers good quality build and design at a reasonably affordable price. This ceramic space heater is suited for heating relatively large spaces, while offering energy savings that are claimed to be up to 40 percent compared to similar heaters from other manufacturers. The heater has a dedicated eco setting for efficient performance, along with two regular heat settings. This unit also includes a fan-only setting and an oscillation feature. Although it can get a bit noisy at times, air flow is excellent and the room warms up quickly. A digital readout contributes to ease-of-use, with features such as a 24-hour timer and included remote control. Lastly, the TCH7915ER has a tip-over switch and overheat shut off for safety purposes.

Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater - Runner Up

This simple space heater is a great budget-friendly option for those who only need to heat a smaller space. The Lasko 754200 might not have multiple features like the more expensive models, but it does deliver solid, basic performance at an affordable price. This portable space heater includes two heat settings and a fan-only mode, with manual controls that are simple to use. Although it’s only suited for smaller spaces, the compact size and built-in carry handle make it easy to move from room to room. Automatic overheat protection and cool-touch housing offer added safety over comparable budget-friendly options. This reliable and quiet space heater is an excellent choice, with many people choosing to purchase multiple units for use around the house.

Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater - Honorable Mention

Lasko has a proven track record of making excellent space heaters for reasonable prices, such as the 755320. This ceramic tower space heater offers performance suited to even a relatively larger space, thanks largely to its elongated heating element and oscillation feature. A digital display and push-button controls are easy to use, while overheat protection gives peace of mind. Additional features include a programmable thermostat that helps maintain temperature and automatic mode, an eight-hour timer feature, and included remote control. Best of all, this quiet and efficient space heater is also affordable to purchase.

Dr. Heater Infrared Space Heater - Consider

The Dr. Infrared Heater DR968 is very effective at heating larger spaces, claiming to be suitable for rooms up to 1,000 square feet. Beyond warming up a room, this space heater adds visual warmth with its attractive cherry wood cabinet which stands out amongst other relatively affordable space heaters. It features a two-hour auto shut off timer, and the electronic thermostat can be programmed anywhere in the range of 65 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The built-in air filter can be cleaned using water or a vacuum, and casters are included for easy portability. This reliable space heater also includes a remote controller for added convenience. The DR968 is on the pricey side, but offers excellent performance and convenience for the money.

Vornado AVH2 Full-Room Vortex Space Heater - Best Electric Space Heater

Despite its compact size, the Vornado AVH2 Plus is capable of taking the chill out of a medium-sized room thanks to its Vortex technology. This feature efficiently circulates the air and results in even heating with none of the cold air pockets you'll encounter with a traditional heater. Although newer and more advanced models exist, this particular space heater retains its popularity for its ease-of-use and simple, effective performance. The AVH2 Plus has an LCD display and simple controls, with the ability to adjust between two heat settings, as well as a fan-only mode. The automatic climate control allows the unit to maintain a chosen temperature, while safety features include both tip-over protection and automatic shut-off.

De'Longhi HMP1500 Panel Radiator Space Heater - Also Try

The De'Longhi HMP1500 is a panel-style heater. Panel heaters have lost popularity due to the design lending itself to people burning themselves on the open grates. However, for those who prefer the performance or appearance of this style of heater, it is a great low-profile option for a home without small children or pets. Safety features include a power light to let you know when it's on, as well as thermal cut off and a tip-over switch. The HMP1500 includes a carry handle and castors for easy portability, and is lightweight and very compact. There’s an adjustable thermostat, two heat settings, and the unit runs extremely quiet when on. Despite not lacking a fan to disperse warmth, this heater can effectively warm a decent-sized room although where it’s positioned will make a difference in performance. It can also be mounted on the wall much like a picture frame thanks to the unit's back panel which stays cool while in use.

Buyer's Guide

On chilly nights, a good space heater can be a life-saver. When choosing a space heater, choose the right type for your heating needs as some have fast spot heating just for one or two people while others can quickly warm up an entire room. Also consider the size of the space where you’re going to use the heater the most as there’s no need to purchase a heater larger than required. On the flip side, purchasing a heater that’s too small will drive up energy costs, as it will need to be left on all the time.

Make sure any space heater you purchase has at least basic safety features, and use common sense when setting it up in your home; try to avoid using extension cords, set the unit up away from drapes/furniture, as well as keeping it out of reach of children and pets. Many models still get hot enough to risk burns if touched so look for models that ideally keep the hottest surfaces tucked safely out of reach.

Space Heater Types

Electric Heaters

Convection model are best for heating a larger space as a fan spreads heat much faster, but also makes operation noisier. Radiant models use an electric-ribbon element or a quartz tube, and are better-suited for spot heating, meaning they’re good for just one or two people versus heating up an entire room.

Propane and Kerosene Heaters
These heaters are capable of producing a lot of heat quickly but come with more risks for indoor use than electric heaters due to the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. As such, these units are typically reserved for well ventilated garage spaces or outdoor use only.


UL Rating

A UL testing rating verifies the heater has been built to meet voluntary US safety standards. Space heaters which carry this rating will have a prominent label denoting it as meeting these standards.

Power Cord and Carrying Handle

A long power cord provides versatile placement options so it’s less likely you’ll be limited to installing the heater in a hazardous area such as directly under drapes or close to furniture. Space heaters with a built-in handle make it easier to move these units from room to room while avoiding the risk of burning yourself.


A thermostat ensures the desired temperature is maintained in the space where the heater is located. Although not all space heaters have one, it’s worth the added investment to purchase a model which includes a thermostat, especially if you’re planning on heavy use.

Auto Shut-Off

This feature will save the day if the unit is overheating or if it’s tipped over. Auto shut off is essential, especially if you plan on leaving the heater on overnight or have children/pets in your household.

Energy Efficiency

The potential energy savings from using space heaters will depend on your usage. If you’re using space heaters instead of your main heating system, chances are you’ll save a good deal of money. If you’re using space heaters as supplemental heat, you’re unlikely to see much in savings. There are many energy-efficient models available, so look to see if the units you’re interested in qualify as such.


The price for electric space heaters varies widely, depending on the size, design, and included features. Quality space heaters can be found from as low as around $20 and premium models can go up to several hundred dollars. More expensive models will tend to be more stylish in appearance, having been designed to fit in better with modern décor; they also tend to have more features, such as a built-in thermostat, timer, air filters, and even a remote control.

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