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Get Optimal Performance and Airflow with the Best Engine Air Filters

  1. Fram Extra Guard Engine Air Filter
  2. K&N Engine Air Filter
  3. Mann Engine Air Filter
  4. Wix Engine Air Filter
  5. ACDelco Professional Air Filter
  6. Buyer's Guide

A clean engine air filter helps to maximize efficient engine performance. When choosing a replacement air filter, it is important to first determine your needs. If you simply want to maintain a vehicle, an economical air filter is usually perfectly adequate. If you’re looking to improve air flow with the goal of boosting the efficiency and power output of the engine, more expensive filters suit this purpose.

We've focused on good all-around filters that will be suited to most typical driving needs, with good air flow and excellent filtration. With the exception of our high-performance pick, the K&N High-Flow air filter, all of the best engine air filters in 2022 are quite affordable to purchase and easy to find at most major retailers. With regular maintenance, these quality air filters can improve the performance and extend the life of your engine.

Best Engine Air Filters Worth Considering in 2022

Fram Extra Guard Engine Air Filter - Best Engine Air Filter Overall

Well-known for their high-quality and low-cost products, Fram’s Extra Guard Panel Air Filter is no different. Readily available at most major retailers and offering excellent value overall, this air filter effectively filters and prevents particles from entering your engine.  A new air filter can increase your car's performance by improving airflow, since dirty filters restrict airflow and can become prone to allowing damaging particles into the engine. Fram recommends changing your air filter roughly every 12,000 miles.

Note: Product shown is CA9073. Be sure to select the right part number based on your car's make and model.

K&N Engine Air Filter - Runner Up

K&N is one of the most popular brands of air filters amongst both driving enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike, a reputation earned by their high-quality products. The K&N High-Flow air filter is a good choice for enthusiasts, having been designed to boost performance. Users have reported noticeable differences in overall performance, including everything from throttle response to fuel economy.

K&N claims their air filters are also washable and reusable. Although some may choose to take advantage of this, it's not always worth the hassle over simply purchasing a new one. Despite being on the pricier side, the K&N High-Flow air filter is an excellent choice.

Note: Product shown is 332304. Be sure to select the right part number based on your car's make and model.

Mann Engine Air Filter - Honorable Mention

Replacing an old, clogged air filter can drastically improve fuel economy and overall performance, such as horsepower and throttle response.Mann air filters maintain good air flow while efficiently filtering out particles that could harm your vehicle's engine, improving performance and extending engine life. With solid overall performance and affordable pricing, Mann air filters are easy to find and simple to install, making them a good all-around option for a replacement air filter.

Note: Product shown is C 25 114/1. Be sure to select the right part number based on your car's make and model.

Wix Engine Air Filter - Consider

Wix is known for producing solid, affordable air filters for those who want a step-up from their vehicles factory air filter. The Wix air filter does a good job of not restricting air flow, leading to better performance overall from your engine while providing good filtration to keep potentially damaging particles from entering the engine. As with any filters, it is a good idea to replace your air filter regularly but with a soft sealing gasket for a better fit and easier installation, this model filter offers good value for money.

Note: Product shown is 46116. Be sure to select the right part number based on your car's make and model.

ACDelco Professional Air Filter - Best Engine Air Filter

The AC Delco Professional air filter maximizes air flow while effectively filtering out the particles that may harm your vehicle's engine. Its air flow management optimizes performance, allowing your car to get better horsepower and fuel economy. The air filter seals tightly in place to keep unfiltered air from making its way into the engine, thereby extending its working life. This air filter from AC Delco offers good overall value, with solid performance and quality for a reasonable price.

Note: Product shown is A3141C. Be sure to select the right part number based on your car's make and model.

Buyer's Guide

Best Engine Air Filters Buying Guide

Your vehicle's engine, among other things, must be well-maintained for it to function at its best. But how can you keep an engine in good working order? An effective engine air filter guarantees that only clean and filtered air enters the engine, which is essential for optimal performance. Simply put, the engine probably wouldn't be able to consume the gasoline without air. The filter's job is to keep contaminants out of the engine and safeguard it from depreciation. There are a variety of engine air filter alternatives available on the market, making choosing one difficult. To make things easier, we have put up a buyer's guide to assist you in selecting the best engine air filter.

How do engine air filters are beneficial for your vehicle?

Improve your vehicle’s performance

Best engine air filters aid flow by preventing contaminants from entering the gear system and combustion chamber. In order to consume gas and function properly, your car's engine requires adequate ventilation. Purchase one of the top engine air filter manufacturers if you desire greater horsepower.

Engine life is extended

If you are not using an air filter, filth, garbage, and some other particulates can get into the engine block and fuel injector. Cylinder liners, pistons, and exhaust valves, among other interior engine parts, could be destroyed as a result. Engine protection is provided by the best engine air filters.

Save money

A blocked engine filter makes it difficult for air to pass through. As a result, the engine has to put forth more effort. This will eventually damage your gas mileage, costing you extra money.

Environmental protection

To decrease pollution, clean or replace your filthy air filter regularly. When airflow is restricted, it might impair your vehicle's emissions control, causing pollutants to be released into the atmosphere.

What are the types of engine air filters?


The finest paper air filter is not too costly, and it filters your engine enough to run the vehicle smoothly.

Paper filters must be replaced after 15k to 30k miles, based on where you travel. If you often travel on dirt roads or reside in a polluted region, for example, you may need to change it more frequently.


Performance filters are generally custom-fit based on the type and brand of your car. The greatest high-performance air filters may be reused if they are cleaned correctly. These replaceable air filters are aimed at helping your engine achieve its maximum capabilities by increasing performance and fuel consumption. They are more costly than paper filters, but they are better.


Oil is used to coat this sort of air filter. It holds dirt and particles in place, preventing them from flowing through the oiled layer. Other types of filters do not give as clean an engine performance as an oiled filter, and it is also reusable. These replacement filters will need to be cleaned and re-oiled on a regular basis, but they should last the life of your vehicle.

What are the factors to consider while buying an engine air filter?


You have to use the same filter that is fitted with your vehicles. You will need a performance filter if you change your engine, such as adding a turbo or supercharged. Cone-shaped cooler air inlet or inducement systems are commonly used in a variety of vehicles and called just that.


Pay close attention to the air filter's overall structure. This covers the materials utilized in the product's construction. Examine the filter to determine if it will withstand normal wear and tear. Air filter brands that are good will be built of high-quality materials and will last longer.

Surface area

More grooves are found in the best engine air filters. They will be able to capture more pollutants as a result of this. Filtering dirt and debris is less effective with air filters with flatter surface areas. Find an air filter with numerous pleats or folds if you want the finest air filter replacement.

Which features of engine air filters should you consider?

Temperature resistance

The finest OEM air filters and the best replacement air filters vary with respect to temperature resistance. If you live in a hot environment, this is very crucial to consider. It's a fine decision to pick an air filter with greater temperature resistance if you often put your automobile to the sunlight.


When deciding who manufactures the finest vehicle air filter, you should also think about if the company offers a warranty. The majority of businesses provide one-year warranties. If the filter is defective or displays any difficulties during this time, they may fix or replace it for free.

Easy installation

Thankfully, most engine air filters are simple to install. You typically don't require a mechanic to do the task. Keep in mind the manufacturer provides friendly and concise directions so you can fit the air filter appropriately.

What are some tips to maintain an engine air filter?

  • The air filter in your automobile must be changed or cleaned on a frequent basis. If you don't, you risk causing damage to your Emissions Control System as well as horsepower and fuel efficiency issues.
  • Consult your owner's handbook or check for a sizing chart online to ensure you are using the correct air filter for your vehicle's make and model.
  • There are filters capable of preventing the water and air contaminants to enter the engine of your vehicle. If there is a lot of rain, ensure your filter is capable of keeping water out of the engine.
  • If you are going to utilize an oil-based filter, be sure it is thick. You would not want the lubricant to mix with the contaminants that are supposed to keep off the engine.

Best Engine Air Filters FAQs

Q: How frequently do I really have to replace the air filter in the engine?

A: As per specialists, you must replace your paper filter after 3 years if you do have one. Over time, they might degrade. You could be able to maximize a performance filter for up to 50,000 hours prior to actually service it.

Q: How can I determine if it’s time to change the air filter?

A: If you experience sluggish acceleration, poor throttle control, or ignition issues, your engine's air filter may need to be replaced. It's also possible that you'll notice a drop in gas efficiency or horsepower. If the maintenance light pops up to be on or dark smoke comes out of the engine, you might want a fresh air filter.

Q: How would I replace my vehicle’s engine air filter?

A: To begin, open the hood and look for the air filter housing close to the engine. Remove the old filter and, if it's paper, dispose of it. If the filter is a performance filter, clean it and re-oil it if necessary. After that, replace or clean the filter. When you're switching from a paper to a performance filter, be sure it suits your vehicle.

Q: How much do engine air filters cost?

A: The majority of disposable engine air filters cost between $10 and $15. You may get a decent product at a cheap price from the internet or at an auto repair shop, however, these filters must be replaced on a daily basis. Reusable air filters are a little more expensive, costing approximately $50 to $60, but they last as long as your car.

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