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Best Car Polishes for Long-Lasting Sheen

  1. Meguiar's M21 Mirror Glaze Car Polish
  2. Wolfgang Deep Gloss Car Polish
  3. 3M Performance Finish Car Polish
  4. The Last Coat Premium Car Polish
  5. Shine Armor Car Polish
  6. P21S Paintwork Cleanser Car Polish
  7. LIFEWTR Premium Purified Water Hangover Cure
  8. Buyer's Guide

A lot of people use these products on their cars instead of a traditional wax because they’re easy to apply, produce a great shine, and last for months. If you’re not a car hobbyist, then one of these best car polishes in 2022 is probably what you are looking for. However, you must have the car very clean before you use one of these products because they are sealants, not polish, and therefore have no abrasives. These are basically what you use after the car is clean to make it shine.

These are all modern synthetic products designed to work with today’s clear coat automotive finishes. With almost no work by traditional standards, you can get an impressive shine that will last for months. Although they range in price and availability at major retailers, each of the following best non-abrasive car polishes will deliver shine and protection for your vehicle's paint. They might not be true polishes, but they all offer extra depth, shine without abrasives, ease-of-use and overall excellent results.

Compare the Best Car Polish Of 2022

Meguiar's M21 Mirror Glaze Car Polish - Best Car Polish Overall

Meguiar's M21 Synthetic Sealant was an excellent product and their 2.0 formula has been updated to include the latest technology in synthetic polymer paint protection. This new formula results in better water beading and a deeper gloss, thanks to its water-repellant ability.

Despite being non-abrasive, this product reduces the appearance of light defects such as scratches as swirls, resulting in a deeper and shinier finish. Meguiar's M21 Synthetic Sealant is easy to use by hand or with the help of a machine, and delivers results that last for several months.

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Car Polish - Runner Up

The original Deep Gloss Paint Sealant formula was developed as the basis for the entire Wolfgang collection of products. This product was made to provide the warm, liquid look of natural carnauba wax with the durability of a synthetic sealant.

Many users believe this lofty goal has been achieved, even more so with the latest update to the formula, the Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0. This product is meant to be used on a clean car, and produces the deep, glossy, wet-like look most car owners are after. Wolfgang claims that this product gives the most gloss and depth of any other synthetic wax or sealant on the market. Whether this is true or not, it’s an excellent car care product regardless.

3M Performance Finish Car Polish - Honorable Mention

 The 3M Performance Finish is technically a polymer-based synthetic wax. However, this allows the product to act as a sealant, providing protection and shine for up to six months which is longer than most natural waxes. Application is faster and easier than other products, with no need to allow the product to dry before wiping it off. The 3M Performance Finish can be applied by hand or using a machine, with either method producing a reflective finish that lasts for months.


The Last Coat Premium Car Polish - Consider

This low-abrasive car polish adds gloss and clarity to your paint, hiding small imperfections such as swirls and light oxidization. Adam's Revive Fine Hand Car Polish is, as the name suggests, meant to be applied by hand, with a separate product being available for those who would prefer to use a machine.

This cleaner polish is to be used before applying wax to help make your paint appear more vibrant and uniform. Adam's Revive Fine Hand Car Wash is effective, doesn’t stain trim, and is simple to use. The company offers excellent customer support and has a good reputation amongst detailers and car circles in general.

Shine Armor Car Polish - Best Car Polish & Cleaner

This German company was founded in 1936 with the goal of making the best car polish possible. The Einszett Paint Polish reduces swirl marks and haze, bringing gloss and shine back to dull paint. This product both cleans and conditions, removing the results of even years of neglect, including light oxidization, grime, and dirt.

This car polish and cleaner can be used by hand or with a machine, leaving behind a durable, glossy shine and improved paint uniformity. For best and longest-lasting results, it's best to follow up this product with a good wax.

P21S Paintwork Cleanser Car Polish - Best Car Polish & Cleaner

P21S is one of the several German brands that make high-quality car care products. Their Paintwork Cleanser is an excellent choice to properly prepare your paint's surface to maximize a wax job. This car polish and cleaner reduces water spots, swirl marks, and other minor imperfections, while removing debris from deep in the crevices of your paint. This results in a gentle but effective cleaning and polishing, leaving behind and smooth and shiny surface. The P21S Paintwork Cleanser is easy to apply either by hand or using a machine; this is an excellent, high-quality pre-wax cleaner and polish.

LIFEWTR Premium Purified Water Hangover Cure - Consider

A great combination of flavor and refreshing minerals. Lifewtr is a premium bottled water brand committed to advancing and showcasing sources of creativity ph balanced purified water with electrolytes added for taste. Each bottle contains six (1 litre) bottles of lifewtr Premium Purified Water, which features three limited run label motifs designed by lilian martinez, tofer chin, and sarah zapata.

Buyer's Guide

If you take pride in the way your car looks, you definitely want to invest in a car polish that is really going to make your vehicle pop. This is the best way to preserve the paint job, enhance the finish and ward off all that dirt your car inevitably picks up while on the road. In fact, good car polish may just be the most important factor in making your car look as attractive as possible - and yes, cars can look attractive!

But which is the right car polish for you? There are plenty of things to consider before rushing out and picking a can off the shelf.

Make sure you check our buying guide below to help you make the right decision.

What is car polish?

Not to be confused with car wax, car polish is an abrasive solution that is formulated to remove the finest layers of your car's paintwork to make it appear smooth. After a car has been treated with car polish, it will look shiny and sparkling new. If you want your car to look like it has just come out of the showroom, you may want to consider using some.

What are the benefits of using car polish?

Take it from us, a high-quality brand of car polish will make you feel incredibly proud of the automobile sitting outside your home. Some of the benefits of using polish include:

Fix paint issues

As you are probably already aware, the paintwork on your car will develop some problems as time goes on. However, these can usually be sorted with a simple car polish application. It is designed to create a smooth surface area on your car’s body, making it look brand new.

Remove scratches

You don’t just get tiny dents in your windscreen - you get them in the body of your car as well. By using car polish, you can fill these scratches in. This won’t work if the issues are too large, but car polish is a godsend for all those annoying little imperfections caused by those small stones.

Make the car look glossy

Car polish is like a 3-in-1 solution. It buffs the car, fills in scratches, and smooths the paintwork. As such, it leaves your car looking just like it did on the day you bought it - unless you got it second-hand from a dodgy dealer! If you apply a coat of wax afterward, you’ll maintain that glossy look for even longer.

Cut down on car wash costs

It’s a little-known fact that the more you polish your car, the less you will need to physically wash your car. An effective polish and wax routine prevents dirt from sticking to your vehicle. All you’ll need to do is give your car a quick wipe to remove accumulated dirt.

Things to consider before buying car polish?

There are a number of things you may want to keep in mind to help you find the right car polish for your needs. These include the following:


It should be obvious, but not all polishes are suitable for every paint job. For example, a lot of products are just your run-of-the-mill car polish, which requires the wax to be purchased separately. However, you can find other products which combine both polish and wax in one tub, which saves you a great deal of time. That being said, most experts would tell you to buy the separate polish and wax, taking the time to give your car the treatment it truly deserves.


You’ll want to consider how you are going to apply the polish to your car. Some polishes respond better to cloth over a mechanical buffer and vice versa. If you are using liquids, you’ll have an easier time applying them by hand, but they’re not as useful when it comes to filling in scratches. Paste products require more elbow grease or mechanical assistance, but they’ll give you better results.


Many car polishes contain added abrasives which help break down thin layers of the paintwork while buffing into the body. These elements get progressively finer as you work them into your car. You should always check that a car polish is safe to use on your car’s finish - you don’t want to do irreparable damage to your vehicle.

Color of your car

You may not think to consider the color of your car when purchasing car polish, but it is vitally important nonetheless. Light-colored cars are more capable of taking very abrasive formulas and polish pads. On the other hand, darker cars fare better with less abrasive products.

Paint type

You should always check which paint has been used on the body of your car to ensure you can polish it safely. For example, metallic or pearlescent paints are more likely to show marks from where you have polished, which means you’ll have to be careful with your polishing technique. Solid color finishes will fare much better with pretty much any polishing product.

Car polish price range

Car polish can cost anywhere from $20 to $50, sometimes even more. Most high-quality products can be bought relatively cheaper, but if you want professional-grade polishes, you should expect to pay a lot more. That being said, you’ll be able to tell the difference?


What is the difference between car polish and car wax?

The difference is pretty simple. Car polish is the first product you apply, which buffs, fills, and smooths the paintwork. Wax is the product you put on afterward, to hold the polish in place and stop the build-up of dirt from the road.

How often should I polish my car?

Ideally, you should polish your car every six months. This helps keep the paintwork looking fresh and shiny, although you will want to wax the car as well. If you polish your car too much, you’ll ruin the finish.

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