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Best Eyelash Growth Treatments for Healthy and Long Lashes

  1. VieBeauti Eyelash Growth Treatment
  2. RAPIDBROW Serum Eyelash Growth Treatment
  3. Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For Turbo Nighttime Eyelash Treatment
  4. Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum
  5. MATKAS Premium Eyelash Growth Serum
  6. Buyer's Guide

If you suffer from tiny, damaged, aging or fragile lashes you can now have thick gorgeous lashes with a little help from these amazing products. All you need is time and consistency. You have to commit to using these everyday as a part of your beauty routine in order to see results. Only using them occasionally will only delay the results and cause you to waste your precious time and money. Do not stop using any of these, no matter which one you choose and give each one about a month to show results. In the world of regrowth a month is a very short time period. All of these best eyelash growth treatment in 2022 have been chosen because they will give you quick results. They are all very safe and do not require a prescription. They will also help lashes grow without discomfort. With that said; if you do feel any discomfort terminate use immediately because this not the product for you.

Compare The Best Eyelash Growth Treatments of 2022

VieBeauti Eyelash Growth Treatment - Best Eyelash Growth Treatment Overall

Lashem has gotten rave reviews from its loyal users. This product will grow lashes quickly and they will start filling in with a thicker consistency. They also will stay soft, flexible and very natural looking. This product works quickly and has safe ingredients when compared to its counterparts. This product is so safe in fact that it comes highly recommended by eye professionals for cancer patients recovering from Chemotherapy. All you need to do is give this product about eight weeks to completely transform your browns and lashes. Watch them go from non-existent to a thick and full set of gorgeous lashes that may not even need mascara.

RAPIDBROW Serum Eyelash Growth Treatment - Runner Up

This product has been proven that it works to significantly thicken and grow lashes in as little as 4 weeks. Although this product is a bit pricy, it is only made with ingredients that are safe to use around the eye. Many beauty experts, magazines and gurus adore this product because it truly delivers results. It is ideal for any age or any skin type. You can also use this to enhance eyebrow growth. The growth process is not going to irritate itch or cause discomfort with this product. It soothes and nourishes lashes and skin while enhancing growth.

Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For Turbo Nighttime Eyelash Treatment - Honorable Mention

Ecrinal is designed to be used overnight. After you remove your makeup apply this right before sleeping. The product works on people who have damaged, thin, or weak lashes. The company hails from Switzerland and specials in beauty products that are designed to regrow fortify and strengthen hair, nails and lashes. Be sure to use this every night for a few weeks and then you are certain to see results. Those who consistently use this have seen significantly thicker, stronger lashes over time. This product is moderately priced and gives you a lot for your money.

Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum - Consider

If you do not see yourself shelling out a ton of money for a lash growth product and/or are turned off by a product that may take extra steps. Some require you to remove your makeup before it can do its work. You will love this easy to use, convenient, budget friendly option. Not only is this a quality brand that comes at an affordable cost but you really get two products in one. This goes on and wears like liquid eyeliner, meanwhile it will help stimulate, enhance and strengthen your lash growth. Now you can save money, look awesome and regrow lashes all at the same time.

MATKAS Premium Eyelash Growth Serum - Best Value for Money

Within only four to six weeks, MATKAS Eyelash Growth Serum is a popular and affordable approach to obtain longer, thicker, and fuller eyelashes naturally. It improves hair strength and elasticity while preventing fragility and breaks. And with as little as four weeks, this potent serum enhances the health and thickness of your eyelashes. It is delicate, clear, and aroma-free, and it lasts 4-six months based on if you are using it on both upper and bottom lashes. MATKAS Lash Enhancer Serum is clinically proven, alcohol-free, and made up of a potent yet delicate blend of substances that results in naturally attractive and stronger eyelashes in just a few weeks.

Buyer's Guide

When opting for an eyelash growth treatment, it’s important to rule out any allergies and irritants to minimize the chance of accidents and possible infections. Likewise, you also want to make sure you get your hands on a lash treatment that’s modified to best suit your individual needs and prerequisites. In this way, you’ll not only get an entirely customized product but also make the most out of your purchase with just a couple of wise choices.

How does an eyelash growth treatment work?

Lash treatments are often the targets for suspicion. The science behind the growth process is enough evidence to remove all doubts and clarify any questions you might have. The lash hair like any other hair on the body is made up of protein and therefore, requires protein to grow and flourish. Most eyelash growth treatment companies include protein as a key component of their formulas. However, the proteins in these solutions go by a different name called peptides which are the building blocks of proteins. So you’ll see the word ‘peptides’ written on the labels and not ‘protein’ so just know that they mean the same. Lash treatments are enriched with these peptides that combined with other ingredients, work to strengthen, nourish and elongate your lash hairs to help you achieve those thick, luscious eyelashes of your dreams.

What are some ingredients you should look for?


Biotin supplements are a key component of many women’s daily diet and play a major role in strengthening and nourishing the nails and hair. Some eyelash growth treatments also include this element to enhance and add length to your lashes.

Vitamin E

Any vitamin deficiencies can majorly impact your hair health and become a barrier between you and a voluminous set of eyelashes. The large antioxidant content in vitamin E has been known to drastically amplify hair growth as well as provide the nutrition and support your lashes need to prevent them from breaking at a rapid pace. Several lash formulas pair vitamin E with chamomile to further boost hair growth and promote fuller lashes.

Oil - the magic ingredient

The importance of oils in contributing to hair growth simply cannot be stressed enough. Along with stimulating rapid lash growth, oils also provide the essential omega 3 fatty acids required by the hair to grow and flourish. There are various oils you can look for in a lash treatment including almond oil, coconut oil as well as castor oil for hair conditioning and maintenance.


Penthasymines are basically active peptides that fortify the lash hairs and keep them looking long and voluminous. Their distinct nitrifying properties prevent the eyelashes from becoming weak and brittle while providing the support they need to become stronger and denser, at the same time.

B Vitamins

These are also called pro-vitamins and are commonly known for their deep moisturizing qualities. The most popular of these pro-vitamins is vitamin B5 which is a staple ingredient in the majority of high-quality eyelash treatments. Also known as panthenol, vitamin B5 offers a wide range of benefits including strength to minimize breakage as well as shine for glossy-looking lashes. Pro-vitamin B5 penetrates the shaft of the hair follicle and pulls moisture from the environment to heal and nourish the eyelashes.

How to use an eyelash growth treatment?


Start by removing any leftover makeup, dirt, and oil build-up from your face using a clean make-up wipe or a gentle facial cleanser, to make sure your face is completely clean and germ-free, before moving onto the serum application. Now, apply a thin stroke of the lash growth treatment to each one of your eyelids, just as you would with regular liquid eyeliner, being careful to not get any inside your eyes. The lash serum should be gingerly applied along your upper lash line, starting from the inner corners and working your way towards the outer part of your eyelids. After one or two minutes the solution will absorb into your skin after which you may continue applying any creams and lotions if you prefer.

How often should you use a lash treatment?

In order to see any noteworthy results, make sure to punctually apply the lash serum at least once a day for around three to eight weeks. It’s better to use the eyelash treatment at the same time every day to avoid missing days and create a routine (e.g: 10 minutes before bed).

How long does a lash treatment last?

An average 3.5ml tube of the product will last you just about six months while a 2ml bottle will provide three months of daily usage. This estimation is based on a regular application of once per day and the lifespan may vary depending upon the number of times you reapply the lash treatment. The standard shelf-life of a close-sealed package is approximately 3 years, whereas, an opened bottle will expire after 6-12 months of usage. However, storing the lash serum in hot environments may decrease its shelf-life causing it to expire earlier than usual.

Eyelash Growth Treatment FAQ

Q: Can I apply the eyelash treatment to my bottom lashes?
A: Attempting to use the lash serum on the lower lashes will only result in the product getting inside your eyes and causing agitation. The lower lash line has fewer lash hairs as compared to the upper lashes which makes it relatively easy for the product to seep into your eyes.

Q: how long does it take to see results?
A: The majority of people start seeing results within 3-8 weeks of consistent, regular application. However, everyone’s lashes are unique and each pair responds differently to the same product. This is why some people start seeing changes within just a week of usage while others may have to wait as long as 8-12 weeks to notice visible growth.

Q: Are lash treatments safe to use?
A: if you’re following the instructions properly and observing the correct application method then eyelash treatments should not inflict any harm. To stay on the safe side, make sure to scope out the product for any allergy-inducing ingredients. We recommend patch testing the product beforehand to rule out any sensitivities and allergies.

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