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Go Glam Or Go Home: Best False Eyelashes

  1. Ardell Multipack Demi Wispies False Eyelashes
  2. Ardell Natural 172 4 pack, False Eyelashes
  3. Buyer's Guide

False eyelashes are a finishing touch that enhance the look of any eyelashes. They add length and volume along the entire lash line or just where needed, and they can be used to create both natural and dramatic looks. Available in full strips, partial strips, and individual tufts for both the upper and lower lashes, the key to beautiful results is application. With practice (and always trimming full strips to fit the length of your lash line), it’s easy to get instantly longer, lusher lashes with false eyelashes. Check out our list of the best false eyelashes in 2022.

Here are the best false eyelashes of 2022

Ardell Multipack Demi Wispies False Eyelashes - Best False Eyelashes Overall

These three-quarter false eyelashes naturally enhance your own lashes in two ways. The strips feature varying lash lengths; they also have longer lashes on the outer corners and shorter lashes on the part that sits in the center of your lash line. These shorter strips are also great for novices who aren’t ready to face the world in full strips of false eyelashes.

Ardell Natural 172 4 pack, False Eyelashes - Runner Up

These false eyelashes lend a natural look because of the varying lengths found in each strip. They add fullness by filling in gaps while enhancing length, but they aren’t too dramatic unless paired with a few coats of mascara. One of the pros of these lashes is that the lashes are shorter on the inner corners and longer on the outer corners - for the most natural result.

Buyer's Guide

To plump your eyelashes for fuller flutter, you need to choose the best shape and size lashes to compliment your features. Identifying your own eye shape and type is the first step to choosing false lashes that enhance your natural look with a small touch of drama. From there you can consider the lash length and style. In this guide, we’ll help you choose the best false eyelashes for your eyes and also help you determine whether lash extensions or false lashes are a better fit for you.

False Eyelashes vs Lash Extensions

Which are Better?False eyelashes are a small strip of lashes adhered on top of your natural lashes using a special lightweight lash adhesive. Lash extensions are individual lashes attached to your lashes using lash glue. Each lash is individually placed. Although both eyelash options give you a fuller, longer lash look each has its own pros and cons.

False eyelashes are lightweight and range from natural-looking whisps to full, long strips for glamorous occasions. They can be worn every day but are usually applied once for a single event or day at a time. This short-term lash solution is great because it only takes about 5 minutes to apply and will handle a layer of mascara well. If you take care of false eyelashes when removing them, you can reuse them two to three times.

Lash extensions are more expensive and time-consuming to apply but they also last much longer. An initial full set will take 60 to 90 minutes to apply and last for two to three weeks. Having them filled again will take between 20 to 45 minutes. If you are traveling or really busy and don’t have time to pfaff with lashes every day, this is a great option.

The downside to having lash extensions, besides the cost, is that you have to be careful in which position you sleep and when removing eye makeup to avoid irritation and rubbing on the lashes. Do not ever cut your natural lashes. Always take care in looking after your natural lashes and never let a beautician trim them either.

How to Choose Eyelashes According to Eye Shape

Almond-Shaped Eyes

Based on the shape of an almond, almond-shaped eyes are fairly common. The eye is slightly narrow and pointed towards the outer edge. Around the eye both the eyelid and crease are visible.

Best false eyelash type:

Individuals with almond-shaped eyes can wear almost any type of eyelash. Pick an option that suits your style and the occasion.

Round Eyes

Round eyes are more curved than almond eyes but similarly have a visible lid and crease. If the whites of your eyes are visible below and above your iris, and you get remarks that you have big eyes, chances are you have a round eye shape.

Best false eyelash type

Choose false eyelashes that elongate your eye shape such as cat-eye lashes. These are slightly longer at the outer end of the lash line. Alternatively, you can add a pair of demi-lashes on the outer corner of your eyelid for a similar effect.

If you want to accentuate your round eyes, opt for round lashes instead. These lashes are longer in the center, making your eyes look big and bold.

Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes have a similar shape to that of almond eyes except that they pull slightly downwards towards the outer corner. If you have downturned eyes you may need to trim your lash extensions before applying them so that they do not hang past your lash line. If lashes hang past your lash line, they will accentuate the down curve even more.

Best false eyelash type

Since cat-eye lashes are the longest at the outer end, they will give your eyes a lifted look and are your best go-to.

Upturned Eyes

As opposed to downturned eyes, naturally upturned eyes curve slightly upwards at the outer edge. They’re versatile to work with and can either be accentuated for their much-loved look or balanced out.

Best false eyelash type:

Try any lash type that you like. Voluminous and round lash shapes will slightly balance out an even look while cat-eye lashes will emphasize the upturn and can even give an appealing elf-like look.

How to Choose Eyelashes According to Eye Type

Hooded Eyes

When the crease of your eyelid is a little fuller it obscures a definitive eyelid line. With hooded eyelids, consider the lash density more than the shape of the false eyelashes. Opt for feathery natural looking lashes. Avoid lashes that are clustered, or that look spiky with bigger gaps between clusters since these will be too harsh and can overwhelm your look.

Close-Set Eyes

If your eyes are spaced fairly close together you can use your lashes to space out the look slightly. To achieve this you want to choose a pair of lashes that have short fibers near the inner part of the eye with progressively longer lashes towards the outside. Cat-eye and voluminous-style false lashes are both suitable if the inner corner fibers are short.

Wide-Set Eyes

In contradiction to the above, if your eyes are far apart, you can use false lashes to make them seem closer by choosing a lash with an even length all the way across. Round false eyelashes are a good choice. If you have wide-set eyes, avoid cat-eye styles.


Monolids refer to eye types where the eyelid has no visible crease. When choosing lashes for monolids, look for a thin and flexible band so it will sit comfortably along your lash line. You may also want to avoid overly large lashes that can overwhelm your eye, but this varies from person to person.

Cat-eye, voluminous, and round lashes are all options, although some individuals prefer to avoid overly large lashes to prevent overwhelming the eye.

False Eyelashes FAQ

Q: Will false eyelashes damage my natural eyelashes?

A: No, false lashes will not damage your natural eyelashes as long as you do not tug or pull at them. Always take care when applying and removing your lashes gently to ensure your natural lashes remain healthy.

Q: Should you apply false eyelashes to your eyelid skin or to your natural lashes?

A: Press the lash strip down onto your lashes at the very edge of your eyelid so that you don't end up with any visible skin between your natural lashes and the false eyelashes. Use your fingers or eyelash tweezers for more precise placement.

Q: How do you remove false eyelash glue?

A: Soften the adhesive with a cotton swab soaked in high-quality makeup remover. You can also use coconut or sweet almond oil and run your swab carefully along the lash line.

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