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Review: Best Fabric Softeners

For most of us, laundry is a chore we dread. One way to make the job a bit more enjoyable is with the right supplies. For your convenience, you'll find our recommendation for the best fabric softener in 2021 listed below. We've selected a few new products, with scents you may have never heard of, and included a few of our old favorites as well. Each one of these fabric softeners will leave your clothes smelling fresh and clean, and feeling ultra-soft and comfortable. If you've never used a fabric softener before, you have likely never experienced clothes that feel so soft before! Simply pour it in during your washing machine's rinse cycle to get the softest, freshest smelling clothes you've ever worn.

Best Fabric Softener

Downy Simple Pleasures Liquid Fabric Softener

If you're tired of the same smelling fabric softener, try something completely different with Downy Simple Pleasures Fabric Softener. Available in five luxurious scents, you'll love the way your clothes smell and how soft they feel when you use this fabric softener. With scents like Lavender Serenity, Almond Cream Bliss, Orchid Allure, Water Lily Radiance, and Spice Blossom Dare, you're bound to find a fragrance that suits you. Try something exotic and musky with Orchid Allure, or enjoy the clean refreshing scent of Water Lily Radiance. Each Downy Simple Pleasures Fabric Softener scent is unique and different than anything you've ever experienced before. Not only do they smell heavenly, but they leave your clothes feeling soft and fresh with just a small cap full.

Gain Ultra Original Scent Fabric Softener

This is a fairly new product that just hit the market. Consumers that enjoy the fresh, clean scent of Gain laundry detergent, can now get that same fragrance for their liquid fabric softener. That's TWICE the clean scent as before! Best of all, it softens laundry without having to use a lot of product. The jug has a built-it measure cup, with indicator lines that tell you how much fabric softener to use for the size of load you're washing. By adding just a bit to each wash, your laundry comes out smelling and feeling great. Clothes, blankets, sheets, and towels will smell cleaner and feel softer than ever before with NEW Ultra Gain Fabric Softener in Original Fresh scent.

Downy Ultra Concentrated April Fresh Scent Fabric Softener

Downy Ultra is one of the best selling fabric softeners on the market. Consumers enjoy the fresh scent of Downy April Fresh, which has been a favorite for many years. When you add a cap full of Downy to your rinse cycle, you're are, quite literally, adding a cap full of softness to your wash. This container has a built-in measure cup right inside the lid, which features an indicator line so you add just the right amount of fabric softener to each load. Clothes come out feeling ultra-soft, even if you have hard water in your home. To use, just wait for your washing machine's rinse cycle to begin and pour in the product. Then, allow the cycle to continue.

Gain 2x Ultra Joyful Expressions Apple Mango Tango Fabric Softener

Gain Joyful Expressions Apple Mango Tango Fabric Softener has one of the most unique scents around. Lightly scented with the fragrance of fruity mango and tart apples, clothes come out smelling absolutely wonderful! Use with Gain Apple Mango Tango laundry detergent and your laundry will smell fresh and fruity all day long. The scent is pleasant, without overpowering, and the fabric softener leaves clothes feeling super soft and comfy. The formula is compatible with all washing machine types, including HE. To use, simply pour into the measure cup (built into the cap) and add to your rinse cycle.

Seventh Generation Natural Fabric Softener

Seventh Generation Natural Fabric Softener is an eco-friendly choice as it doesn't contain the same harsh chemicals that many other fabric softeners do. The formula is unique in that it is canola-based, and free of harmful dyes. This is a non-toxic, biodegradable, and hypo-allergenic liquid fabric softener that does not contain any animal ingredients and has not been tested on animals. Those with sensitive skin or skin allergies, may benefit from using Seventh Generation Natural Fabric Softener, as it will leave clothes feeling static free and soft, and smelling fresh. It also won't irritate most skin types.

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