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Review: Best Garment Steamers

A handheld garment steamer is an essential tool for those who need their clothing looking crisp and smelling fresh while on the go. Although irons also important, delicate fabrics often can't stand up to the harsh, direct heat of an iron. Whether for quick touch-ups at home or the office or for looking sharp while traveling, a handheld steamer is a great way to accomplish small and quick touch-ups.

The following garment steamers will not be well-suited to steaming large amounts of garments, but they all heat up quickly so you don't need to wait for steam, produce enough steam for most quick wrinkle and odor-removing tasks, and are compact and portable enough to be packed safely in a suitcase. These small garments steamers tend to be quite affordable in general, so price was not a major factor in our selection process.

For more information on what to look at in selecting the best Garment Steamer in 2021, We have listed below the garment steamer available for you to help you decide what product is best to buy.

Best Garment Steamer

Jiffy Travel Garment Steamer

The Jiffy Steamer Esteam is perfect for traveling being lightweight, compact, and even having the option of being purchased with a converter kit and adapter plugs. Made in the USA, this durable handheld garment steamer has a powerful 600-watt heating element that allows it to be ready for use in about one minute.

The wide vent design lends itself to good steam flow for easy smoothing out of wrinkles and effective odor removal, while the water tank can produce 15 minutes of steam with regular tap water. Although not the cheapest handheld steamer available, for around $60 the Esteam delivers excellent performance and convenience.

Rowenta 800-Watt Hand-Held Brush Garment Steamer

The Rowenta DR6016 is technically a steam brush, but can be used with or without its removable fabric brush and lint pad, making it suitable for all types of fabrics. Its 800 watts provide plenty of heat, allowing the DR6016 to be ready to use in under a minute. Although the water tank in any handheld steamer will not be large enough for big tasks, the DR6016 has a removable and transparent tank for easy filling and keeping track of how much water is left.

The compact and ergonomic design is easy for home use and travel, using a trigger for steam and even coming with an included travel pouch. For around $30 at online retailers, the Rowenta DR6016 is a convenient way to quickly touch-up garments at home or on the go.

Conair Extreme Steam Hand-Held Garment Steamer

The Conair GS23 handheld steamer is about the size of a hair dryer, making it an excellent choice for steaming garments on the go. The compact and portable size of the garment steamer does not translate to poor performance; the GS23 uses technology that produces extra hot dry steam that can better penetrate heavy fabrics, meaning faster and easier wrinkle and odor removal. A slide switch allows the choice between high or low temperature settings, and the steamer heats up in a minute or less.

The water tank is easy to use, accepts regular tap water, and holds enough fluid to produce 15 minutes of continuous steam. Included attachments are a standard brush, creaser, and a soft cushion brush. Great for home or travel use, this lightweight and easy to use handheld garment steamer can be had for around $30 at online retailers.

SteamFast Compact Garment Steamer

Steamfast's SF-435W offers an affordable way to pick up a compact and lightweight garment steamer. This handheld steamer has an 800-watt heating element, allowing it to heat up quickly, while the 7-ounce water tank produces 12 minutes of continuous steam.

As with most garment steamers of this size there is no on/off switch, the SF-435W produces lots of steam and effectively removes wrinkles and odors from all sorts of fabrics. Included attachments are a fabric brush and lint remover. Although some users have had issues with leaks, for around $30 the Steamfast SF-435W is a solid purchase for those needing a portable garment steamer for occasional use.

Jiffy Steamer J-2000 Residential Series Garment Steamer

Jiffy Steamer has long been a leading manufacturer of excellent garment steamers for both personal and professional use. Their J-2000 steamer is a very popular model for several reasons. Its 1300-watt heating element allows the steamer to heat up in under two minutes, while the water tank is large enough to provide one and a half hours of continuous steam.

The J-2000 can be had in a choice of a plastic or metal head; while the metal head is more durable, the plastic head does a better job of staying cool to the touch. Whatever option you choose, this garment steamer is durable and well-built, as well as having been made in the USA. The metal head is slightly more expensive, but both can be had for under $200 at major online retailers.

Singer SteamWorks Pro Garment Steamer

The Singer SteamWorks Pro garment steamer has much of the performance and features of more expensive models, while still costing easily under $100. This garment steamer has a 1500-watt heating element allowing it to heat up in under a minute, while the removable water tank provides 90 minutes of continuous steam.

Although it's not the most compact when stored, the SteamWorks Pro has a telescopic hanger pole and an easy-to-use hanger system including a dual clip system for holding creased pants in place. This is especially useful when using the crease attachment. The auto-off feature ensures enhanced safety, and overall this easy-to-use and convenient garment steamer is an excellent choice for those who want great bang for their buck.

Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Full Size Garment Steamer

Rowenta has a long history of excellent garment care products, both in terms of performance and build quality. The IS6200 can be had for less than $100 at major online retailers, while a 1500-watt heating element allows this garment steamer to heat up quickly so it's ready to use without a long wait. An extra-large water tank holds enough water to produce one hour of continuous steam, while the soft touch handle stays cool to the touch.

The IS6200 has a built-in hanger with clips to hold garments in place, as well as three included attachments - a crease attachment, fabric brush, and lint pad. The foot-operated on/off switch and telescopic pole to adjust height make it easy to use, and the pole can also be pushed down for compact storage.

Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer

The Steamfast SF-510 delivers excellent all-around performance for under $100. This garment steamer is effective and gentle on all fabrics, reducing the need for using a harsh iron and prolonging the life of your garments while gently removing wrinkles and odor.

The SF-510 has a 1500-watt heating element that gets the steamer ready to use in 45 seconds, while the removable water tank can hold enough water to produce up to 50 minutes of continuous steam. The telescopic pole makes adjustments simple, along with an included attachable fabric brush, clothes hanger, and an integrated cord wrap. The SF-501's insulated hose stays cool when in use, making this user-friendly and effective garment steamer an excellent and convenient option.

SteamFast SF-407 1500-Watt Fabric Steamer

The Steamfast SF-407 is a best seller for its compelling combination of performance, quality, and a low price. Available for comfortably under $100 online, the SF-407 heats up in under a minute thanks to a 1500-watt heating element. The removable water tank makes filling and emptying the tank easy, and holds enough water to produce steam for a continuous 45 minutes.

Although this garment steamer includes a telescopic pole, some users have commented it tends to be a bit short, resulting in having to tug on it and making the unit wobble. However, this doesn't keep the SF-407 from being an excellent garment steamer, working extremely well to gently remove wrinkles and odors from clothes and other garments, while including useful attachments and being reasonably priced.

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