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Best False Eyelash Adhesives To Secure Your Lashes All-Day

You could have the finest pair of false eyelashes but the lash adhesive you use will either enhance or detract from their appearance. Using the wrong adhesive can cause your false lashes to loosen, or even fall off at a very embarrassing and inconvenient time! There are many different types of eyelash adhesives available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Whether you prefer a dark, clear, or waterproof lash adhesive, it should apply comfortably and offer long lasting performance. Refer to our buyer’s guide below to help you decide which false eyelash adhesive best suits your preferences and beauty needs. We've compiled the best false eyelash adhesives in 2021.

Compare The Best False Eyelash Adhesives Of 2021

Duo Strip Lash False Eyelash Adhesive

As the world's best-selling last adhesive, DUO Striplash Adhesive has been used by professional makeup artists for decades. It securely holds your false lashes in place without using any parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes, or other harsh ingredients. This latex-based adhesive is designed for all-day wear, lasting several hours. You can also use it for individual lash application. DUO Striplash Adhesive dries clear and goes a long way, making it a great value.

Kiss Strip Lash False Eyelash Adhesive

Ever EZ Lashes Strip Lash Adhesive by Kiss is the perfect solution to your false lash dilemmas. Firstly, this adhesive has no odor and contains no latex. Another bonus is it dries quickly and keeps lashes in place throughout the day and night. One user claims it lasts for over 24 hours! If you're tired of the corners of your false lashes lifting, this adhesive also solves that problem. It securely holds down those inner corners of your lash strips. Ever EZ Lashes Strip Lash Adhesive dries clear and performs wonderfully for a drugstore adhesive.

best false eyelash adhesive

Sephora False Eyelash Adhesive

If you want a safer lash adhesive, check out Georgie Faux Lash Adhesive. This non-toxic adhesive is dermatologist tested, vegan certified, and approved by PETA. You also won't find any synthetic fragrance, formaldehyde, or phthalates in this popular lash adhesive. Instead, this formula contains premium quality natural latex, while organic blue chamomile imparts a soothing effect on your eyelids. Although the adhesive is naturally white, it dries clear. One bottle of Georgie Faux Lash Adhesive costs $8 and lasts for approximately 50 applications.

Duo Water Proof Eyelash Adhesive, Dark Tone

For a dark adhesive that blends extraordinary well with dark eyeliner, look no further than DUO Striplash Adhesive Dark Tone. DUO is a leader in false eyelash adhesives, and its Striplash Adhesive is a best-selling product. Although latex-based, this dark adhesive does a fantastic job at securing false lashes without taking forever to dry. It's also waterproof and formulated without many harsh ingredients including parabens, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, and many others. Users claim DUO Striplash Adhesive Dark Tone beats every other eyelash glue on the market and won't leave eyelids sticky.

Ardell LashGrip Eyelash Adhesive

Ardell Lashgrip Strip Adhesive is popular with users because it simply does its duty - keeps false lashes in place! This dark, latex-based adhesive is designed for direct application on strip lashes. It's also waterproof, which is a huge advantage! Uses claim this adhesive stays on all day, yet is not difficult to remove. Some cons, according to a few users, is that it smells unpleasant out of the tube and it stays sticky. Overall, Ardell Lashgrip Strip Adhesive is a decent product at a reasonable price. A tube of this dark adhesive will last you quite a while.

Kiss iENVY Strip Eyelash Adhesive Glue Odor Free Jet Black

If you want a dark adhesive that's really going to last, check out iEnvy by Kiss 16hr Strip Eyelash Adhesive. This dark, odor-free adhesive dries quickly and provides at least 16 hours of flexible, waterproof hold. That means your lashes with stay on throughout the entire day and most of the night! Although some users claim this adhesive is kind of runny, it is easy to use and very affordable. It's also suitable for individuals who wear contact lenses. A tube costs around $3.

Star Eyelash Glue for Strip Lashes - Dark

Star Glue - Dark is a waterproof eyelash adhesive that fits into any budget. This affordable adhesive provides a dramatic look while firmly securing your lashes in place. The bond is so secure, in fact, a user claims it holds like nothing else. It can be difficult to remove, but a lash glue remover can take care of that. Another con is its thin consistency, which tends to be a bit messy. On a positive note, Star Glue Eyelash Adhesive - Dark is very effective and seems suitable for sensitive eyes.

House of Lashes Eyelash Adhesive

House of Lashes Eyelash Adhesive is perfect for contact lens wearers and individuals who can't tolerate latex. This latex-free lash adhesive is designed to keep your false lashes held down securely all day. It's also waterproof and, unlike any other adhesive, has a light floral scent. This adhesive is only available in clear, making it perfect for newbie lash wearers and individuals who prefer an adhesive that's invisible on lids. Lastly, the brush-on applicator allows for easy and precise application with as little mess as possible.

PPI Add-A-Lash Adhesive

If you want a latex-free eyelash adhesive that dries clear, look no further than ADD-A-LASH. This brand isn't as well-known as others, but it seems to perform really well. ADD-A-LASH is a waterproof adhesive featuring a thin, contoured wand tip for the most precise application ever. Removal is just as easy as application - just gently peel off the lash strip starting at the outer corner of your eyelid. One downfall about ADD-A-LASH is that it's only available in clear.

Buyer's Guide

False Eyelash Adhesive Buyer’s Guide

False eyelashes can instantly enhance one’s features but without the proper adhesives they’re useless. Although many false eyelash kits come with adhesive products, they aren’t as effective as separately purchasing a quality adhesive which provide professional-looking results. Whether you prefer a clear, dark, or waterproof eyelash adhesive, you’re sure to find one which suits your personal preferences and performs to your beauty standards.

Ease of Use

While applying false eyelashes isn’t the easiest beauty task to perform, you’ll find some lash adhesives are more use-friendly than others. Many quality adhesives often come with thin brushes or wands allowing you to control and precisely apply the adhesives to the eyelash strips. A quality lash adhesive should dry quickly, usually within 15 to 20 seconds, while creating minimal mess. When it’s time to remove the lashes, they should come off easily without leaving behind any tacky residues.


Since you’ll likely be wearing your false eyelashes for hours at a time, comfort is very important when choosing a lash adhesive. Premium false eyelash adhesives are made of natural, non-irritating latex although some are formulated without latex to suit individuals with skin sensitivities or allergies. A few lash adhesives even go a step beyond and contain soothing chamomile for added user comfort.


How a lash adhesive looks when it’s applied is just as important as how the actual lashes themselves look. Quality lash adhesives may go on white or black, but they should all deliver a seamless, natural-looking lash line. The focus should remain on your lashes, not the glue holding them onto your eyelids. A quality adhesive should not leave ugly residues on your false lashes either.


You also need to consider how long the lash adhesive will remain on your eyelids since you don’t want lashes coming loose or falling off at the wrong time. A quality lash adhesive should keep your false lashes secure on your eyelids for 16 to 24 hours. Waterproof lash adhesives are also notable for their especially long hold times

Adhesive Types

Clear False Eyelash Adhesive

Ideal for beginner false lash wearers, clear lash adhesive are versatile and easy to use. Clear false lash adhesives are virtually invisible when used with false lashes, so don’t worry if you make a mistake during application. It’s also perfect for on-the-go application when you don’t have much time to worry about precision. However, clear eyelash adhesives will not conceal the rubber lash strips on false lashes.

Dark False Eyelash Adhesive

These adhesives deliver a dark, satiny finish that hides rubber lash strips on false lashes but require more expertise during application. When properly applied, this smooth finish imparts the appearance of enhanced volume and more natural-looking lashes; however, application mistakes may be more evident with dark adhesives.

Waterproof False Eyelash Adhesive

Ideal for active individuals, waterproof false eyelash adhesives prevent you from having to worry about your lashes coming loose when you’re swimming, sweating, or out in the rain. Their resistance to moisture allows them to remain tightly secured to false lashes for up to days at a time. Waterproof lash adhesives come in both clear and dark styles to suit any preference or experience level.

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