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Fix Plumbing Issues Around the House With the Best Faucet Tools

  1. Moen Kitchen Faucet Tool
  2. Ridgid Change Faucet Tool
  3. IRmm Bathroom Faucet Tool
  4. Buyer's Guide

Faucets around the kitchen or bathroom may deteriorate over time, leading to problems like leaks. A faulty faucet can become really frustrating for the users because of their inability to deliver smooth running water. To avoid any inconveniences, you must have the right tools to manage kitchen or bathroom faucet emergencies. A faucet tool is designed to handle such disruptions in an otherwise smoothly running water flow. This article features our list of the best faucet tools in 2022 that are used for installing, removing, and adjusting your sink problems at home.

A good-quality faucet wrench provides a gripping, pivoting head on top of a long shaft to easily handle nuts without much effort. Having an understanding of the key factors involved in making a successful purchase is mandatory. This is why we have compiled a detailed buying guide to help you successfully select a faucet tool for your home.

What is the best Faucet Tools of 2022?

Moen Kitchen Faucet Tool - Best Overall

This simple tool by Moen can solve your kitchen faucet problems without taking a lot of space in your toolbox. Measuring only 1.25 x 1.1 x 7.75 inches with 0.01 Oz weight, this is a perfect tool for those who do not have a lot of space behind their sink. It is made from durable, high-quality plastic that ensures longevity while managing specific faucet models. However, this tool is useful for a limited number of kitchen faucets, mainly Moen, so you must confirm model compatibility before purchase.

Ridgid Change Faucet Tool - Runner Up

This professional faucet wrench by Ridgid is a perfect example of what professionals and DIY aficionados like to have in their toolbox. Made from high-quality, durable aluminum, the Ridgid 57003 EZ is ideal for 2, 3, 4, and 6 tab mounting nuts. Measuring 10.5 x 2.25 x 2.5 inches, it is the perfect tool for clearance in tight spaces. Whether you are dealing with tight shut-off walls or some loose nuts causing leakage, its 5/8“ deep-welled socket allows the users to reach complicated angles without added strain. Additionally, the strainer basket attachment helps in managing minor water leaks as you make adjustments.

IRmm Bathroom Faucet Tool - Honorable Mention

Different faucet styles and designs are not an issue as long as you have IRmm at your service. Made from durable plastic and sturdy aluminum alloy, it handles even the most stubborn faucet jobs without using a lot of force. Used easily for 2, 3, 4, and 6 tab basin nuts, this faucet tool is an ideal choice for people who have to deal with different sink types daily. Because of it's versatility, it can be used on a variety of jobs from shut off valves to supply line nuts.

Buyer's Guide

Confused about how to look for the perfect faucet wrench? It definitely can become a daunting task if you don't know what to look for to make a successful purchase.

Things to Consider When Buying a Faucet Tool

Following is the list of key components that you must look for in a high-quality basin wrench.


A lightweight tool is more convenient as it ensures an easy grip while tackling different pipes and lines. You can easily find faucet tools made from heavy-duty aluminium and plastic to ensure that users have a lightweight experience with added durability.


Most faucet tools come with an open-slot spring mechanism that automatically adjusts to the size of your nut. The spring engaged with every move to avoid readjusting the tool while you fix the issue.


The length of a faucet tool plays a crucial role in determining the amount of effort you will be implementing to get the job done. A long adjustable faucet tool is ideal because it is compulsory to fit through tight spaces and reach certain areas.


Torque is a critical element of consideration as it determines the efficacy of your faucet tool. You can check with the manufacturer or read the product description to determine the torque of your wrench. An adjustable faucet wrench with good torque is an ideal choice as it helps you handle the most stubborn nuts efficiently.

Nut Size

The size of nuts helps you choose the right faucet tools. Now, most people don't realize this, but the size of nuts depends on the brand and faucet size. Buying an incompatible tool may limit the usage. Make sure to measure the nuts before picking a faucet tool. Additionally, there are adjustable wrenches that can handle multiple nut sizes at once, but you must ensure that the nut size of your sink is mentioned on the list.


Otherwise known as the handle, the shaft of your faucet tool determines the intensity of force you must apply to remove a nut. Experts recommend the length of the handle between 11 to 12 inches is ideal for reaching nuts while maintaining a sturdy grip.

What are the Types of Faucet Tools to Choose From?

There are different types of faucet tools present in the market, but the ideal tool for you depends on how you plan to use it.

Fixed Faucet Tools

Similar to your average spanner but much more helpful in the kitchen, a fixed faucet tool is handy when it comes to removing nuts from sinks and taps. Although durable and made from high-quality material, a fixed wrench can only be used on a specific size of nuts. They are heavy-duty tools and may require additional force to work.

Adjustable Faucet Tool

An adjustable faucet tool is a much more contemporary version of your regular wrench that has the tendency to accommodate more than one size of nut and type of basin. They are an ultimate choice for DIYers because of their multiple fitting sizes and adjustability. However, it may take a while for you to understand how it works.

Adjustable Faucet Tools with Interchangeable Jaws

An interchangeable jaw means leaving the standard tools to enter the premier league of faucet wrenches. Being able to accommodate all sizes of nuts and fittings, they are an ideal choice. Still, you need to make sure that the body can manage multiple sizes.

Faucet Tools FAQ

Q: Are all faucet tools made of stainless steel?

A: Fixed faucet tools consist of a stainless steel body mainly because of their heavy-duty use. However, modern-day tools come in an ABS plastic or aluminum body which is much more lightweight and adjustable for various plumbing jobs.

Q: Can a faucet tool be used under the sink?

A: Yes, you can use your faucet tool under the sink but apply the least amount of force for maximum output by investing in a long shaft and high torque product.

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