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Easily Tighten Those Hard-to-Reach Objects with the Best Strap Wrench

  1. BOA Constrictor Aluminum Strap Wrench
  2. OTC Multi-Purpose Strap Wrench
  3. Ridgid Strap Wrench
  4. Klein Tools Grip-It Strap Wrench
  5. Reed Tool SW12A30 Pipe Capacity Strap Wrench
  6. Buyer's Guide

A strap wrench is a handheld tool that uses a large strap to tighten and loosen objects. It works by gripping an object and holding tight with the strap, thereby preventing slippage via friction. The tool is most often used with oil filters and awkwardly shaped objects, as well as things that are in tight or hard-to-reach places.Strap wrenches are useful to keep around the home because of the way they tighten and loosen objects.

Given the right sized strap, the tool can fit around and loosen most objects without scratching, denting, or leaving behind any sort of mark. This makes them great for use with DIY projects where the aesthetic quality of something needs to be preserved such as bathtubs, painted furniture, showerheads, or vehicles. The following best strap wrenches in 2022 are all heavy duty with a solid metal handle. They also all feature a durable strap, rubber or nylon, as well as some type of protective warranty.

The Best Strap Wrenches Models of 2022 in Detail

BOA Constrictor Aluminum Strap Wrench - Best Strap Wrench Overall

The high quality  BO13010 Constrictor Aluminum Strap Wrench by BOA is the best of the best when it comes to easy and cheap strap wrenches. It has a heavy-duty aluminum handle with a soft grip handle, meaning it won't fall apart on you. The strap is made of thick rubber, which is strong and won't break no matter what job you decide to use it on.

The best part though is the tool's overall size as it’s the perfect length to fit comfortably in your hand. With a range of 1 to 6.5 inches, the strap will fit virtually any size object you wish to tighten. This is a versatile tool perfect for individuals who don't need a strap wrench for anything specific, but rather have one for multiple tasks.

OTC Multi-Purpose Strap Wrench - Runner Up

The heavy duty 7206 Multi-Purpose Strap Wrench by OTC is an excellent choice for those looking to buy a multi-use strap wrench. It has a lightweight handle weighs only a pound and the nylon strap provides extra strength and durability. The nylon strap that comes with this wrench is 53 inches long which might be a bit too long if you just want a strap wrench for smaller things around the home. However, for tightening and loosening things around the garage or in the yard, an extra long, durable strap can be a lifesaver.

Ridgid Strap Wrench - Honorable Mention

The Ridgid 31335 2-Inch Strap Wrench is ideal for smaller jobs around the home. It features a 2-inch pipe capacity, so it’ll work with most pipes found in your bathroom or kitchen. The 17-inch strap is made of woven nylon and coated in polyurethane, giving it extra strength. Additionally, the lifetime warranty covers both defects and workmanship. This is great if you want a tool that you can be confident will last for years.

Klein Tools Grip-It Strap Wrench - Consider

The Klein Tools S-12H Grip-It 12-Inch Strap Wrench with 1-1/2-Inch to 5-Inch Capacity is great for professionals because it’s lightweight. It’s just as strong as any other wrench on this list, but only weighs a little over a third of a pound. The tool also has a cam-action design, which makes it easier to apply even amounts of high torque. It can be picked up for less than $25 which is good news if you’re on a budget. Like the Ridgid wrench, this tool’s warranty also covers both defects and workmanship.

Reed Tool SW12A30 Pipe Capacity Strap Wrench - Best Strap Wrench

The Reed Tool 02250 SW24A Strap Wrench is on this list because of its extra-long length and heavy-duty construction. At 2 feet long and weighing in at five pounds, this strap wrench is hefty. It features a large pipe capacity range of 2-12 inches, making it versatile and capable of handling any job. The only downside to this wrench is it’s on the pricier side so hose on a tight budget should check out the Klein wrench instead. However, if you need an extremely heavy-duty job done that requires lots of torque, this wrench is perfect for you.

Buyer's Guide

A strap wrench is a versatile tool that you can use for a variety of tasks. Changing or repairing oil filters, showerheads, glue joints, faucets, sinks, taps, stubborn jar lids, PVC junctions, and so much more, this unsung hero can come in handy in all tasks. The handle comes with a lengthy strap, which you loop around the object and then relax using leverage. To help you make the best choice, we have scoured this detailed buyer’s guide.

What Are The Benefits of Having Strap Wrenches?

Strap wrenches are useful tools because their jaws may be adjusted. It enables you to work with items of various sizes without having to switch between tools at each stage of your project.


Strap wrenches are popular because they are versatile tools that can be utilized in various job applications. A strap wrench can come in handy whether repairing your car or a leaking faucet.

Keep surfaces safe

One of the most significant advantages of a strap wrench is that it is toothless. This means you won’t have to be concerned about the tool leaving markings on the item you’re working on.

What Are Different Materials Strap Wrenches Made Of?


If you want to ensure that you have a secure grasp on whatever object you’re attempting to loosen or tighten, a rubber strap wrench is great. Rubber is the stronger of the two materials frequently seen on strap wrenches, and it works best with goods having a rough surface.


The other typical material utilized in strap wrenches is nylon. Nylon is normally recommended for working on tasks where you don’t want to risk damaging surfaces, even though it’s also a robust material with a tight grip. Nylon is a softer material than rubber, and it’s known for its non-scratching and anti-marring features.

How Much Can Strap Wrenches Cost?


A quality strap wrench with a length of 500 millimetres can be found below $20 for budget-conscious shoppers. The majority of the models are constructed of rubber. Two-pack sets with 500- and 600-millimetre strap wrenches are also available.


Wrenches in this category range from $20 to $50. This is the most common price range you’ll encounter while shopping at your local home improvement store or online. Rubber strap wrenches are still the most popular option in this price range, although nylon strap wrenches are becoming more common.


You should expect to pay more than $50 to get a strap wrench from high-end brands. Nylon strap wrenches are more common in this category.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Strap Wrench?

Purchasing a strap wrench is not difficult, but you must first determine what features you require in your strap wrench. You must first align all of your requirements before deciding which one is the most valuable in terms of your wants and needs.

The Dimensions

When choosing the correct strap wrench, you must first choose how long you want the strap to be. The length will decide the type of work you can do with the tool you purchase.

You will not, however, always require a long strap for your work. There are occasions when the shorter one is more appropriate when little nuts and bolts need to be removed. You can’t pull this small stuff out with a long strap; a shorter one will be significantly more beneficial.


We already know that the most significant aspect of this wrench is the strap. As a result, you must be quite cautious about what you choose for the work at hand. The improper strap material could end up costing you more than you realize.

Rubber, rather than any other material, is used for the majority of straps nowadays. The reason for this is simple: they are far more durable than most other materials that may be utilized for the job. It will be able to withstand a lot of power without breaking because it is stronger.

Rubber also indicates that it has a greater grip on most items than other materials. It’s unlikely that it’ll slip or that you’ll lose control of the wrench.

There are certain reasons why you might want to buy a nylon strap wrench, just as there are some reasons why you would want to buy a rubber strap wrench. The main reason for this is its non-scratching and anti-marring properties, which make it a desirable option. You won’t have to deal with messed-up surfaces as a result of using the incorrect tool.

The Handle

People underestimate the importance of the wrench’s handle, but this should not be the case because the handle is responsible for a great deal of the work. When it comes to handles, there are two things to consider: first, the appropriate length, and second, the design and comfort.

Both of these factors are critical to consider since, first and foremost, the length is what you’ll need when you require leverage. The longer the handle, the more leverage you’ll have with the tool. A strap wrench with a longer handle, on the other hand, will be heavier than one with a shorter handle.

Let’s discuss the comfort of the handle design now. After holding on to anything for an extended period, many people have hand cramps. The same is true of strap wrenches. However, if you can find one with a cushioned handle, you’ve discovered a winner.

You will be able to select the greatest strap wrench for the job if you are able to get all of your requirements in order.

Best Strap Wrenches FAQs

What kind of material is often utilized to construct the wrenches’ straps?

In most situations, the straps of the wrenches are constructed of rubber because it is the toughest and most effective material for getting the task done. Nylon, on the other hand, is frequently used for this purpose.

Is there a warranty on these wrenches?

Yes, you will see that the majority of manufacturers offer a warranty on their products. It could last anywhere from two to five years.

What is the maximum diameter that they can wrap around?

The majority of medium-sized strap wrenches can be used on objects with a diameter of 6 inches or less. Longer ones are available for larger objects, while shorter ones are available for smaller items.

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