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Best Finish Nailers for the End of Your Project

  1. BOSTITCH 16GA Smart Point Finish Nailer
  2. Paslode Cordless 16 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer
  3. Metabo HPT 15 Gauge Finish Nailer
  4. Freeman Pneumatic Finish Nailer
  5. CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Finish Nailer

Most finish carpenters work with two types of nailers, finish nailers and brad nailers. If you look at the door casing in your home, you’ll see there’s a row of nails close to the edge of the trim, by the door opening; these are done by a brad nailer. Then there’s another row of nails farther back and these have been done by a finish nailer. If you look closely, you’ll see the finish nailers made larger holes than the brad nailers did.

The longer finish nail is intended to go through the trim, drywall and well into the framing of the home. In contrast, the brads used on the edge of the door casing only have to go through the lip of the casing and directly into the door frame. Thus, the nails don’t need to be anywhere near as long nor do they have to structurally hold the trim since the finish nails going into the framing accomplish that.

For more info rmation about selecting a finish nailer, check out our list for the best finish nailers in 2022 and the buyer's guide listed below.

Best Finish Nailers Worth Considering in 2022

BOSTITCH 16GA Smart Point Finish Nailer - Best Finish Nailer Overall

Bostitch's updated angled finish nailer has added some nice features that aren't commonly found on the competition's nail guns. This is another oil-free design, which when coupled with the rear air exhaust, helps to eliminate oil stains on the woodwork. It has an integrated air blower, to clear dust away from the targeted part of the wood. What really sets it apart is the new nose design, which is much smaller than other nailers, making it much easier to get accurate shot placement. Depth control is dialed in with a tool-free adjustment and the trigger is selectable for bump-fire or sequential mode, without changing triggers. Finally, it has a 16" on-center gauge for spacing your nails, without having to use a tape measure. This is a great tool all around.

Paslode Cordless 16 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer - Runner Up

Paslode is another old-timer in the air tool market and like Senco, they’ve been producing professional nail guns for years. This is essentially an upgrade from Paslode’s 900600, changing the batteries out to Li-Ion, instead of Ni-Cad. That gives you more work time per charge and a faster recharge time. While there’s no particular feature that makes this cordless brad nailer stand out, it’s an excellent tool overall with quality evident in every line. At 4.9 pounds, it’s not quite as light as the Hitachi, but it’s still very comfortable to use. With Paslode's long-standing reputation for quality, you can't go wrong with this option.

Metabo HPT 15 Gauge Finish Nailer - Honorable Mention

This nailer weighs in at only 3.7 pounds, making it the lightest finish nailers I’ve seen. That makes a lot of difference when you’re doing a whole day’s work. This nailer also has an on-board air duster, which nobody else has started including yet. Just bump the button and a blast of compressed air clears the debris in the way of driving your nail. It also has selectable trigger mode, saving you from having to change out triggers to switch from sequential fire to bump fire. Depth of drive adjustment is accomplished by an easy to use dial and besides that, Hitachi is simply known for their excellent product quality and longevity.

Freeman Pneumatic Finish Nailer - Consider

With this nailer, depth and exhaust are adjustable without using any tools, as well as opening the nose to removed jammed nails. The nailer uses an air filter to reduce dirt in the tool and increase life. All the O-Rings are Teflon as well and it comes with a reversible belt hook and an over-molded comfort grip. The really impressive thing about Freeman's line of nailers is they all come with a seven year warranty. That's says a lot about their quality, considering the company wouldn't dare put a warranty like that on their tools, if they weren't sure that they would survive constant use.

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Finish Nailer - Best Pneumatic Straight Finish Nailer

As one of the old-time manufacturers in the business, Senco has produced a lot of great compressed air tools. This one is designed for high volume work, with a very comfortable soft-grip handle and only 4.2 pounds of weight. It comes with a sequential actuation trigger and if you want bump fire, you’ll have to buy that feature as an accessory. The reversed safety foot helps improve visibility of the shot area as well as a tool-free depth of drive adjustment and an easy-clear nosepiece. The magazine has a large window in the side to see how many nails you have left.

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