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Review: Best Floor Polishes

Cleaning your floors can be a daunting task, but taking the time to do so and finishing with a fresh coat of floor polish afterwards can leave your home looking like a whole new place. Using floor polish can be hard work, yet it is often rewarding and can be one of the most effective tools out there to give the inside of your household the “facelift” it might be due for. These best floor polish in 2021 products were chosen based on their ability to remove scratches, dulled looks, and streaks to greatly improve the appearance of your floors. In addition to that they were picked for their ability to dry quickly and cover at least 300 square feet of space with not only a new shine but a protective layer as well. It is important to note that the amount of foot traffic your floors receive will directly affect how long the polish will last.

Best Floor Polish

Pro Shot Industrial Re-Newing Floor Polish

As far as floor polishes that last the longest, Pro Shot Industrial Re-Newing Floor Restorer has some of the best longevity compared to its competitors as one use of this product can last you several months. It does a great job of filling in scratches and bringing some life back to the more dull areas of your floors without leaving behind a sticky residue after it is applied. This product works well on all types of surfaces and can take care of up to 500 square feet with just one bottle, leaving behind a protective layer to help keep new marks and scratches away. Previous customers were amazed at how shiny and clean their floors looked after using this pick, so rest assured it will leave you more than satisfied with its results. This polish isn’t harmful to children or animals and works the best when applied to floors with the help of a sponge, but it still dries completely within about an hour.

Bona High Gloss for Hardwood Floor Polish

Bona Hardwood Floor Polish is made by a Swedish company that has been around for over nine decades, so this is a quality product that has stood through the test of time. It’s specifically designed for use on hardwood floors and is recommended to be used every two to three months to keep them looking great. As far as eliminating signs of wear and scratches, it is extremely effective and uses a very sturdy urethane high gloss shine for its finish. This is also non-toxic and GREENGUARD certified polish that completely dries within an hour after its application, and does not leave any waxy buildup or residue after use.

Weiman High Traffic Hardwood Floor Polish

Weiman High Traffic Hardwood Floor Polish & Restorer is specifically formulated to put some life back into your hardwood floors as it effectively removes any scratches or damage to their appearance with the aid of a Micro-Filling technology. This polish applies a nice protective layer that prevents new marks from forming too quickly which prolongs the renewed look of your floor. This pick is said to cover at least 500 square feet of surface and doesn’t leave any sticky residue or texture after it completely dries. Weiman High Traffic Hardwood Floor Polish & Restorer is formulated for homes with lots of feet running through them, and its non-toxic formula is safe to use around both children and pets. It is also one of the cheaper options on the market so you won’t be breaking the bank each time you want to treat your floors to a makeover.

Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Polish

One of the nice things about the Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish product is the 64 oz bottle can typically cover up to 1200 square feet of area in one shot. This pick is a very rich and long lasting polish that gives floors a great protective glow on it to eliminate existing scratches and prevent any additional signs of wear after each use. It has an easy to use container with a squirt spout that allows you to use it as needed without creating more messes or additional containers to mix it in either. This polish is ideal for a variety of different surfaces including wood, tile, vinyl, ceramic, and stone, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not it will work for any part of your home. Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish is also a safe substance to use around animals and kids and dries completely in just about an hour.

Pledge with Future Shine

SC Johnson Pledge Floor Care Multi-Surface Finish is one of the best floor polish and finishers on the market, as its reputable brand promises to get rid of scratches and last longer than most of its competitors thanks to its premium wax finish. This product is easy to use and can take care of up to 500 square feet of any regular surface, and also applies a protective acrylic layer to prevent further damage or marks to your floors. This polish is safe to use around youngsters and animals, as it’s formulated without any harmful ingredients. Another benefit of this pick is the fact that you won’t have to deal with sticky floors after each use and it dries fairly quickly within an hour after its application. It is a little pricier than some of the other polishes out there, but that can be justified by how well and effective this item is.

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