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Perform Your Best With the Best Football Cleats

  1. Nike Land Shark 2 Low Football Cleat
  2. Adidas Filthy Quick Low Football Cleat
  3. Nike Alpha Pro TD Low Football Cleat
  4. Under Armour Nitro Icon Low Football Cleat
  5. Adidas AdiZer 5 Star 2.0 Football Cleat
  6. Nike Alpha Pro TD Mid Football Cleat
  7. Adidas Filthy Quick Mid Football Cleats
  8. Under Armour Men's UA Nitro Icon Mid MC Football Cleats
  9. Adidas Adizero 5 Star 2.0 Mid Men's Football Cleats
  10. Under Armour Men's UA Saber Mid D Football Cleats
  11. Buyer's Guide

Cleats are an integral piece of equipment in the game of football. Regardless of position or level of play, every player on the field must have a reliable pair of football cleats suited to their specific position in order to perform at their best.

We've assembled a list of football cleats below that will help anyone from novice to professional find the right pair in the right price range. Peruse our list of the best football cleats of 2022 to take your game to the next level and upgrade your performance.

Here Are the Best Football Cleats of 2022

Nike Land Shark 2 Low Football Cleat - Best Football Cleat Overall

Nike has been a dominant force in the world of performance sports footwear for decades and their consistent quality and innovation should keep them at the top for the foreseeable future. The Land Shark 2 low cleat is a perfect example everything Nike does to give their customers an edge over the competition on the football field. This cleat is comfortable, delivers great support and helps improve performance. The Land Shark 2 is super lightweight, which keeps running backs, receivers and mobile quarterbacks out moving the competition for four full quarters without getting tired or losing a step. These high quality low cut cleats also feature a durable, rubber outsole which is designed to improve traction on any surface to help keep you on your feet. These cleats are fast, comfortable, durable and affordable – the perfect combination to make for the highest quality cleat.

Adidas Filthy Quick Low Football Cleat - Runner Up

Adidas has truly taken everything into consideration when developing this top caliber low cut football cleat. The Filthy Quick Low has features that maximize both comfort and performance on the field of play. The Filthy Quick low cut cleat is lightweight and contains a high quality lining to make it one of the most comfortable low cut cleats on the market. Adidas doesn’t skimp when it comes to performance either. This professional quality cleat features three different types of stud for ultimate grip of the playing surface regardless of the conditions on the field. This cleat has excellent support, great traction to help improve both straight line and lateral speed.

Nike Alpha Pro TD Low Football Cleat - Honorable Mention

The Alpha Pro TD Low is Nike’s second entry on our list of the best low cut football cleats. This excellent effort from Nike literally has it all – from looks to comfort and fit to performance. The Pro TD Low is one of the lightest cleats out there - when compared to many of the other cleats on the market these feel almost like you’ve got no additional weight on your feet at all. This feature keeps you one step quicker than the competition from the opening whistle until the final horn sounds. This pro quality cleat also features excellent traction to help keep you where you belong, on your feet, so you can hit those openings and spend more time in the end zone.

Under Armour Nitro Icon Low Football Cleat - Consider

Under Armour seems more focused on performance than flash with their Nitro Icon low cut cleat. This excellent effort may not be as bold or bright as some of the other entries on the list but it does have features that are even more important to the athlete who will be wearing them. The Nitro Icon starts out with a high quality foam that forms to your foot. This provides a custom type feel and makes this cleat one of the most comfortable on the market. Under Armour also managed to make this cleat incredibly durable despite the fact that it weighs in at under ten ounces, which will help to improve your speed during long routes, especially later in games. This cleat grips well, provides solid support and feels good – the only possible prohibiting factor here is the price tag.

Adidas AdiZer 5 Star 2.0 Football Cleat - Best Low Top Football Cleats

Adidas has achieved something they are well known for with this top caliber cleat – consistency. The AdiZero 5 Star 2.0 features the perfect amount of support and comfort to make it one of the best all purpose low cut football cleats on the market. The AdiZero 5 may not blow you out of the water with any one particular feature, but it will help improve your route running, increase speed and help you make faster, cleaner cuts to beat opponents. The AdiZero 5 Star 2.0 also features a unique cleat shape. This design makes for improved traction on both grass and turf which may just give you the advantage you need to explode passed your opponents when the game is on the line.

Nike Alpha Pro TD Mid Football Cleat - Best Mid Top Football Cleats

The Nike Alpha Pro TD mid cut cleats have a number of unique features that helped land them in our top five list. For starters they are incredibly light, allowing you to keep running full throttle for the duration of the game, continually beating defenders. These cleats are also very breathable. The mesh upper creates a cooler and more comfortable environment for your foot even when the conditions outside are hotter than normal. The Nike Alpha Pro TD mid cut cleats are also close to the very top of the heap in terms of performance. The multi level cleats create the perfect traction for all playing surfaces to give you the boost you need to get past your opponents.

Adidas Filthy Quick Mid Football Cleats - Best Mid Top Football Cleats

Being at the top of the heap in football requires a high level of speed, great agility and quick cuts. You’ll get improvements in all of those areas and more by strapping on the Adidas Filthy Quick mid cut football cleats. This mid cut football cleat features incredible ankle support without feeling cumbersome or obtrusive at all. The Filthy Quick mid football cleats have the right amount of support in the mid-sole and the perfect amount of padding to ensure a solid yet comfortable fit. Adding these cleats to your arsenal will improve your cuts, your lateral movement and your speed on all surfaces.

Under Armour Men's UA Nitro Icon Mid MC Football Cleats - Best Mid Top Football Cleats

The Under Armour Nitro Icon are all about keeping you comfortable while you are performing at your best. The high quality foam along the foot bed ensures a perfect fit while minimizing any pressure associated from the cleats digging into the turf below. This means that you stay comfortable while you are making all of the cuts and moves necessary to get by your opponents. In addition to being one of the most comfortable cleats available today, the Nitro Icon also feature great stability and traction. These are the perfect addition to your equipment arsenal if you run a fast paced offense like the read option.

Adidas Adizero 5 Star 2.0 Mid Men's Football Cleats - Best Mid Top Football Cleats

The AdiZero 5 Star 2.0 mid football cleat is crafted from a very durable synthetic material designed to boost speed on the field. This has a few advantages as it keeps the cleat light so you can move at your highest level on the football field while keeping the price below many of the other top of the line cleats on the market today. This high quality cleat also features a special construction designed to hold up to the sharpest of cuts on both grass and turf. Regardless of your position or level of play, the AdiZero 5 Star 2.0 provides the support and traction you need to be a bigger threat on the field. Adidas has crafted this cleat to go above and beyond expectations when it comes to performance without dramatically increasing the amount of money you’ll need to spend on equipment.

Under Armour Men's UA Saber Mid D Football Cleats - Best Mid Top Football Cleats

The Under Armour Saber Mid Cleat has a number of advantages over other cleats from top manufacturers. This cleat is lightweight, provides great support and is very affordable. Under Armour has designed this quality cleat to work for players at all positions. The slimmer cut eliminates any unnecessary fabric or material and keeps this cleat very light weight for the best possible speed and mobility on the football field. The high quality cushioning along the foot bed of the Saber helps give these cleats a tight, custom feel. These all purpose cleats feel great, look good and perform as well as just about any cleat on the market today.

Buyer's Guide

Why is it Important to Have the Best Football Cleats?

The number of people that have gotten into accidents or suffered ankle injuries because of the wrong-sized cleats is astounding. That is why it’s crucial to invest in a pair that will not only last you years but also provide the support you need to score a touchdown.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Football Cleats


Synthetic: A synthetic medium is common among numerous cleat designs. Not only are synthetic football cleats relatively inexpensive, but they also provide excellent endurance and reliability.

Leather: Besides harboring an exceptional breathability feature, leather cleats deliver first-class comfort coupled with remarkable sturdiness. Having said that, leather cleats are slightly on the pricier side as compared to synthetically made ones.


It’s essential to examine your cleat material before making any size decisions. Depending on the material of your cleat, you can guesstimate how much or how little the shoe will stretch over time. For example, cleats made from synthetic material will undergo a minute size change, therefore buying the exact size up front would be a wise decision. After checking the materials, you can try them on. Walk around in your potential cleats, notice how flexible they are, and if they suit your foot shape. It’s crucial to ensure that the area between the heel and the fore-shoe does not extend beyond a finger’s worth of space. This will prevent you from accidentally purchasing a too-large cleat size and save you the hassle of frequent shop visits to change shoe sizes.


Depending on which level you’re playing at you’ll need to buy cleats accordingly. Most recreational players prefer to get their hands on a pair that will fulfill the purpose functionality-wise however, they may not be so durable. You’ll find these cleats at a fairly affordable price point, ranging between $20-$40 dollars. Moving up a level, intermediate players usually go for decent-quality shoes that will survive a couple of game seasons. $50-$70 is the usual price range for a pair of cleats. If you’re really serious about your athletic future then we suggest investing in a proper cleat set that won’t need to be replaced as often. You can expect to spend anywhere between $60 to $120 for advanced cleats. Anywhere above $150 is considered to be the expected price for a professional-grade set of cleats.

What Are the Different Parts of a Football Cleat?


This is the bottom part of the shoe and is usually visible from the front. Classic outsole materials include rubber and plastic, among others. Along with providing stability, the outsole controls factors like acceleration and halting abilities.


The midsole is basically the cushiony part of the shoe and works to carry out impact absorption as well as provide comfort for your feet. Common materials include poron and phylon inserts to minimize any abrasion.

Upper cleat

The most visible and spacious part of the cleat is the upper portion. Manufacturers utilize either leather or synthetic mediums to create this portion. Factors like breathability and strength come into play here. Uppers also include the strap and shoelace portion of the cleat.


How the studs are cut and placed can affect the speed and breaks of the wearer. The studs also provide friction on the field for better control and movement.

What Are the Different Types of Football Cleats?

Detachable cleats

As the name suggests, detachable cleats have studs (cleats) that have the ability to be removed and replaced. This feature is extremely versatile if you’re required to change playing environments often and don’t wish to change shoes constantly. Long spikes can provide grip and stability on wet and corduroy surfaces, while shorter studs are perfect for harder playing grounds. Moreover, the cleats can be interchanged to suit the weather conditions and playing grounds, however, buying different sets of cleats can become costly over time.

Molded cleats

These cleats are permanently attached to the soles of your shoes and provide no possibility of replacement or modification. On the bright side, molded cleats are not only better at supplying traction but are also super low maintenance and much more affordable than its counterpart. They do come with the downside of being restricted to one single environment, although it won’t cause much trouble if you have fixed courts.

What Are the Different Styles of Football Cleats?

High tops

These designs provide ample ankle support along with better mobility on the field. This style is popular among linemen.


This model provides support without completely surrounding the ankle, leaving room for movement. Quarterbacks and receivers may prefer this cleat type.


With almost no ankle coverage, this cleat style gives the most flexibility and scope out of the three designs. The low-cut cleat model is optimal for agile players like running backs and wide receivers to name a few.

Best Football Cleats FAQ

Q: How do I maintain leather cleats?

A: Consider using mink oil to treat the cleats. The oil softens the leather and gives the shoes a waterproof finish

Q: What are turf cleats?

A: Turf cleats have soles with short rubber nubs that are particularly designed to be used on artificial turf grounds. You may also use these on regular hard fields and firm grounds.

Q: Can football cleats be used to play baseball?

A: You may use football cleats to play baseball, however, it’s not a good idea to use baseball cleats for playing football. Baseball cleats often contain metal studs which would become a danger for players around you due to the close proximity and nature of the game.

Q: Are slip-on cleats better?

A: Slip-on cleats do not contain any laces or straps and are mostly manufactured by elite companies. If you dislike having to retie or constantly re-tighten your cleats, then the slip-ons might be a good option for you. The absence of additional adjusting mechanisms allows for an effortless and snug-fitting while fulfilling its purpose completely.

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