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Catch the Ball with the Best Football Gloves

  1. Cutters Game Day Football Glove
  2. Nike Men's Superbad 4.5 Receiver Football Gloves
  3. Cutters C-Tack Receiver Football Gloves
  4. Under Armour Men’s UA Blur II Gloves
  5. Adidas AdiZero Smoke Receiver Glove
  6. Cutters The Reinforcer Football Gloves
  7. Under Armour Men's F7 Football Gloves
  8. Palmgard Grip-Tack II Black & Gray Lineman's Superior Grip Football Gloves
  9. Nike Hyperbeast Hydragrip Lineman Glove - Men's
  10. adidas Big Ugly 1.0 Youth Padded Lineman Football Gloves
  11. Buyer's Guide

Football gloves are one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment in the game.  This piece of equipment may not provide the same protection to the player as other important pieces of equipment but they can do quite a bit to improve the on field performance of just about any player on the field. 

Linemen, receivers, running backs and members of the secondary can all reap the rewards of the proper gloves.  Check out our list below to find the best football glove in 2022 for your position so you can be ready when football season begins.

The Best Football Glove Models of 2022 in Detail

Cutters Game Day Football Glove - Best Football Gloves Overall

Catching a fast pass in the cold weather can be incredibly difficult, even if you are wearing a pair of gloves. This problem was the primary focus in the development of Cutters Winterized receiver gloves. Cutters has always been a top name in football gloves and this particular upgrade has undoubtedly put them head and shoulders above the competition, especially when it comes to teams who play the majority of their games where the weather is cold. These gloves feature a soft and comfortable fleece liner that keep your hands warm and capable of performing despite frigid conditions. While they are designed for the chillier weather, the Winterized receiver gloves are also very breathable allowing receivers in any area to wear them comfortable all year round. These gloves are very comfortable and have a great surface for gripping and hanging onto the ball making them a great addition to any receiver’s repertoire.

Nike Men's Superbad 4.5 Receiver Football Gloves - Runner Up

Nike consistently focuses on things like performance and quality. It shouldn't really come as any surprise then that they are right near the top of the list of a piece of equipment for an athlete that relies on performance in big time plays. The Superbad 2.0 is an upgrade version of the Superbad receiver gloves and Nike has made the right adjustments in all the right places. The Superbad 2.0 has an improved grip that allows receivers to grab and hang onto the hardest and fastest of passes. This high caliber glove also features the perfect amount of padding to protect the hands from injury while receiving hard throws or going to the ground during blocking or while being tackled. As you would expect, this glove from Nike is high quality and high performance in every sense of the word.

Cutters C-Tack Receiver Football Gloves - Honorable Mention

Cutters is one of the most popular manufacturers of football gloves out there because they design gloves that help you hang onto the ball. Their C Tack gloves feature special technology to improve your ability to catch and possess the ball in just about any weather condition. This makes them an obvious choice for anyone who wants to maximize their potential and haul in more passes on the football field. In addition to superior grip the C Tack receiver gloves are also very comfortable. They are crafted from a highly breathable material that creates better air flow and keeps your hands cooler and dryer for the best possible performance on the field.

Under Armour Men’s UA Blur II Gloves - Consider

Under Armour has become a serious force in the world of sports performance equipment for very good reason. They consistently put out gear that has all of the features necessary to help you take your game to the next level. The Blur II is the latest in the line of their Blur series gloves and it will most definitely help to keep your hands protected and help keep the ball in them while you are on the football field. The Blur II feature a fully upgraded grip surface that extends beyond the palm to the fingers and thumbs. This valuable feature will help ensure that you grab more passes and help you keep the ball secure during runs after those catches.

Adidas AdiZero Smoke Receiver Glove - Best Receiver Gloves

Adidas is consistently getting accolades for their sports gear, sports clothing and performance equipment. After trying their AdiZero Smoke receiver gloves it becomes more clearly evident why those positive reviews keep coming in. The Adizero Smoke are crafted from nylon which stretches around the unique contours of any player’s hands. This ensures a snug, secure and comfortable fit that is essential for top level performance on the football field. These gloves also feature excellent grip to help you not only catch the ball better but hang onto it after the catch to ensure the most yards gained during each play. These gloves are stylish, they are comfortable and they perform exceedingly well on the football field.

Cutters The Reinforcer Football Gloves - Best Lineman Gloves

No list of football gloves of any variety would be complete without an entry from Cutters. This company continually delivers top notch, professional quality gloves for players at just about every position – including those big men on the offensive and defensive lines. Cutters Reinforcer features a special grip material that helps linemen on both sides of the ball in all aspects of the game. In addition to providing excellent grip for making tackles and grabbing the ball, these high quality gloves also help to protect the delicate parts of the hand. The Reinforcer contains the padding necessary to protect the fingers and the delicate bones in the back of the hand during rough sequences on the field.

Under Armour Men's F7 Football Gloves - Best Lineman Gloves

Under Armour’s influence on sports began with the highest quality moisture wicking garments available to keep players dryer and cooler on the field. The progression to other performance and safety gear seemed almost seamless and now the UA can be seen just about everywhere on the field – including on the hands of big bruising linemen on both sides of the ball. The UA Bolt delivers incredible hand protection to linemen who are constantly in the scrum or whose hands are always up in the air attempting to defend hard thrown passes. A major advantage of the Bolt is that they deliver this more than adequate protection without limiting the range of motion to the hand. This means that linemen can still use their hands to grab and hang onto the jersey of a fast footed running back who is trying to scoot by for a big gain.

Palmgard Grip-Tack II Black & Gray Lineman's Superior Grip Football Gloves - Best Lineman Gloves

Instead of focusing on flash, flare and an overabundance of advertising Palmgard focused their efforts on producing a top quality lineman glove – and as a lineman you should thank them. Their Dura Tack lineman glove has all the features necessary to compete with the bigger players in the game and it doesn’t carry on inflated price tag. The Dura Tack lineman glove is very comfortable and has superior finger mobility. This means that you can block, tackle and snag that interception to bring home the win in the big game. You get all of this comfort and mobility without sacrificing the protection that other gloves on the list provide. Palmgard Dura Tack gloves features excellent padding to protect your hands during tough tackles, hard blocking or on field pile ups.

best Nike Hyperbeast Hydragrip Lineman Glove - Men's

Nike Hyperbeast Hydragrip Lineman Glove - Men's - Best Lineman Gloves

Nike is at or near the top of the heap when it comes to footwear, headgear and just about everything in between. It should come as no surprise then that they have landed on our top five list when it comes to quality lineman gloves. The Hyperbeast linemen glove is everything you would expect from a piece of essential sports equipment. They are well made, provide great protection and they look and feel good on the field. The Hyperbeast gloves from Nike have padding in all the right places without limiting hand mobility at all and they work surprisingly well in virtually all weather conditions.

adidas Big Ugly 1.0 Youth Padded Lineman Football Gloves - Best Lineman Gloves

Adidas is a well respected name in sports equipment for good reason – they continually put out some of the best safety and performance equipment for just about every sport. This reputable company has really taken all types of game situations into consideration in the development of their Big Ugly lineman gloves. This top quality effort features a reinforced leather palm that will stand up to the regular punishment of tackling and blocking passes without breaking down. You also get the right amount of ventilation through the breathable material along the back portion of the glove for increased comfort during long, hot games. When you strap on the Big Ugly you can rest assured that you will be ready to perform at your highest level on the field and that you’ll be as comfortable as possible the whole time you are doing it.

Buyer's Guide

American football is a tactile sport that is responsible for 1.2 million injuries per year. You can avoid many of these injuries by simply using proper equipment. This sort of gear includes shoulder pads, helmets, thigh and knee pads, shoes, mouth guards, jockstraps, compression shorts, protective cups, and gloves.

That’s right - if you want to take care of your hands when you play (and improve your catching abilities), you will need to invest in a decent pair of football gloves.

We’ve put together this handy buying guide to cover everything you need before buying your next pair of football gloves.

Continue reading to learn more!

What are football gloves?

Football gloves are items of clothing specifically worn to play American football. They are usually designed to increase a player’s grip and to defend against hand and finger injuries.

What are the benefits of using football gloves?

There are many benefits to using football gloves. Here are just a few.

Maximize your catching ability

Football gloves are made from thin material that is sticky on the outside. This allows you to feel the ball and increases your chances of catching a pass. If you want to ensure you can turn that hail mary into a touchdown, you’ll need a decent pair of football gloves.

Protect your hands

The extra padding of football gloves protects your hands from injury and stops your fingers from snagging on another player’s equipment. The extra padding also prevents your hands from becoming too cold in the winter and stops them from becoming too slippery in the rain.

Express yourself

Unfortunately, the uniform you must wear doesn’t give you much opportunity to show your individuality. If you are a part of a football team, you may wish to stand out with a funky pair of football gloves.

Things to consider when buying football gloves

With so many football gloves on the market, you may struggle to find a pair that fits your requirements. Keep the following things in mind if you want to make an informed decision.

Here are some of the things you need to consider before making a decision.

Type of glove

There are numerous football gloves available depending on your position and duties in the team.

Receiver gloves are made for players in skill positions such as quarterbacks, receivers, tight ends, and running backs. Receiver gloves give sticky palms and fingers for good grip in any weather. These gloves are lightweight, with padding on the back of the hand to absorb shock, causing injuries.

Lineman gloves are made from thicker and stronger materials than receiver gloves because linemen are more likely to sustain a nasty injury. These gloves have extra padding on the back and palm, as well as a reinforced interior. Lineman gloves offer better wrist support than receiver gloves.

Basically, if you play in a defensive position, choose a glove with extra padding. If you play in an offensive position, choose a glove with extra grip.

Are you still confused? You can also purchase all-purpose gloves that will provide adequate grip and padding.


Measure from the base of your palm to the top of the middle finger to measure the length of your hand. Measure below the knuckles to measure the circumference of your hand. Like most other clothing brands, football glove brands use different sizing methods from each other. This means that you may be a small in one brand and a medium in another. Have your measurements ready whilst you shop so you can easily work out your glove size.

Ventilation system

We suggest buying football gloves with good ventilation. Ventilation between the fingers is essential. Without this feature, you may suffer from sweaty hands, and it could ruin your performance.


Find football gloves that are made with a synthetic stretchable material. Your gloves should have a reinforced seam or be completely seamless.


There are tons of different styles and colored football gloves to choose from. You can stand out from the crowd or choose entirely practical gloves.


Obviously, you want your football gloves to last a long time. Find out how long the gloves last before they need replacing. If the gloves are cheap and need replacing often, you will save money in the long run if you buy a more expensive pair that will last longer.

Try them on

If you are going to a store, try your gloves on. Only buy the gloves if they are a comfortable fit. The gloves should feel snug but should not prevent you from moving freely. If you buy your gloves online, order them with plenty of time before a big game, so you have time to wear them in or return them if necessary.

USGA rules

Make sure the gloves you wish to purchase conform with USGA rules. This information should be in the product description. If it is not, you can contact the glove manufacturer to find out.

Football gloves price range

If you are purchasing adult football gloves, you can easily spend between $25 and $265. If you are looking for a mid-range pair of adult football gloves, you should budget between $60 and $160.

For children’s football gloves, budget between $17 and $25 for a decent pair


How long do football gloves last?

Football gloves can last 3 to 4 years if they are looked after properly. If you play often, you should probably change your gloves every season. Football gloves lose their grip over time, especially if they are cheap.

Why do football gloves smell bad?

Football gloves often smell bad because you sweat profusely in them. Try using a product like Drysol on your hands before you put on your football gloves. Drysol will absorb some of the sweat on your hands. You could also try talc powder or climbing chalk.

Clean your gloves after every game by letting them soak in water and detergent for a few minutes. Take them out, rinse them with clean water, and let them air dry.

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